Roscoe Village Takes You Back In Time

Don’t miss this sneak peek into a small piece of history.

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1502 Chestnut Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812
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Jan 21, 2021

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Coshocton’s Restored Canal Town

In Coshocton, Ohio, Roscoe Village shows its visitors what the town was like in its days as a Canal town in the 1830s. Visitors can explore the restored site and experience the town as it was when it was a major port along the Ohio and Erie canal. Tours, Canal boat rides, make-your-own crafts, historical gardens, festivals, shops, and restaurants attract tourists from all over the state.

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Tours that Immerse you in History

Historic Scavenger Hunt

Costumed interpreters act out 19th-century life in Roscoe. The tour includes making Canal-era crafts, watching the “Ditches of Destiny” video, going through an interactive museum featuring a local lock model and aqueduct.

blacksmith shop
‍The Blacksmith Shop

A Roscoe Christmas

At this candlelit tour of the Living History Buildings decorated for Christmas, you can learn about the evolution of the Christmas card and print your own 19th century Christmas postcard. Kids can play with Canal-era toys and make a toy to take home. You can learn how 19th century Christmas decorations differ from ours, and you’ll get free samples of Christmas treats.

Special Event: An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Christmas Candle-Lighting

In December, you can celebrate the holiday season with the lighting of a Christmas tree along with lit candles as you softly sing “Silent Night.” It’s a calming, ceremonial end to a historic tour on Christmas in 19th century Roscoe.

Make-Your-Own Crafts

All Crafts Used to be Hand-Made

You can transform tin foil into a decorative ornament, make your own candles, learn how to weave, learn how to make rope, paint a wooden top, and design a quilt square. You can take these home with you as a souvenir from your visit.

Vintage Toys

Toy Cellar

This 40-year collection of 400 toys includes kaleidoscopes, marbles, alphabet boards, comic characters, games, construction sets, electric trains, and more, all made by American manufacturers in Ohio.

toy cellar

Go Back Farther in History

Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum

See Native American artifacts, 18th and 19th century Ohio firearms and tools, Chinese and Japanese artifacts, and the Newark Holy Stones. The Newark Holy Stones were allegedly found at the Newark Earthworks, ancient burial mounds made by people of the Hopewell culture, by David Wyrick in 1860. The stones are controversial because the Hebrew words carved into them lead some to believe that they’re biblical artifacts, though there’s a wide consensus that they’re the subject of a hoax.

Coshocton, Ohio is a small town with a lot of history to explore. Roscoe Village takes you away from the current era and surrounds you with a glimpse at the canal town of the 1800s and what life was like at that time. Don’t miss this sneak peek into a small piece of history.


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