25 Reasons Why you should Move to Coshocton, OH

There’s no other town in Ohio that matches the hype of Coshocton

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Brandie Lorenzen


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of The Toledo Blade.

Are you tired of the suburbs? Maybe the city has been getting on your nerves lately and you are looking for an escape. Well, if you are looking for a small town that feels like a city, you have found the right place. Coshocton, OH, although small and quiet, has the amenities for both you and your family.

From shopping to the great outdoors, there is always something to do in this upbeat town. However, before you consider and commit, be sure to visit and stay in all of the towns you are considering moving to, especially Coshocton, the town you will want to move to even if you are just driving through. Still not convinced? Here is a layout of some things we will point out and hope you can consider after:

One of the few reasons is for their getaways. Even if you are already residing in Coshocton, or are seriously committing to the idea, you will not only fit right at home, but it will feel like you are on vacation every day! Another great reason to consider Coshocton? They are known for their affordability, which means more fun for everyone in your family!

Nestled between Lake Erie and the Ohio River, the town of Coshocton, OH, was originally called Tuscarawa, after an Indian civilization that lived in the area. The name changed its name to Coshocton, OH, in 1811. The town saw a bump in population around 1880. After being the only city in Coshocton County in the twentieth century, the town quickly became the largest city in the county, with a boosting population of just twelve-thousand people, reported in 1995. Along the way, Coshocton began to absorb parts of the area into its expanding city. Now, the town is made up of Roscoe Village, a small canal town from the mid 1800s, they still hold their original character today.

With much experience and education, there is a lot of history that’s carved into the history of this gorgeous small town. Now, if the background story is still not getting your mind buzzing with the fascinating history, perhaps some of these fun facts will help persuade you:

  • What Makes Coshocton So Great?
  • Places to Go and Things to Do
  • 6 Restaurants and Bars We Love
A store in Coshocton, OH
Imagine walking the original brick streets of Roscoe Village. It is like taking a step back in time in this charming town. Image courtesy of Cincinnati Magazine.

1. Small Town Charm

Whether you enjoy the country or the city, Coshocton has a little bit of both. From its gorgeous architecture in their downtown area, to the original brick road in Roscoe Village, we can’t get enough of how close-knit the community feels, and how eager everyone is to meet new people, whether they are visiting or moving in.

This community makes you feel right at home, and compared to many other historical towns that still keep some of their original brick or building structures, Coshocton still has a good majority of their original buildings still standing around. Most of it now transformed into museums and bed and breakfasts.

2. Convenient Stay

We all know that cities are convenient, despite the elevated levels of air and noise pollution, and many other qualities that attract many, cities are always at the top of everyone’s lists of potential places to move. Luckily, Coshocton can provide that comfort for you. Especially since they are considered the most affordable town in Coshocton County.

Located just a little over an hour from Columbus, commutes to and from the city can be easy, especially if you live in the outskirts of a major city. Aside from Columbus’ bustling cityscapes and outstanding restaurants and neighborhoods, Coshocton has that affordability for you, and the commuting will not cost you an arm and a leg if you are commuting back and forth from the city.

Two kids and three women.
Roscoe Village is a town fuming with history, and just enough to keep you coming back. Image courtesy of Visit Coshocton.

3. Plenty of history to go around, and it will always keep you entertained

Now, when we said there would be so much history here, we were not kidding. The focal point of Coshocton is Roscoe Village, and of course many of its other amenities, but what keeps bringing visitors back, is Roscoe Village. With many outlets to explore the town’s history, here are a few we highly encourage you to check out:

4. Spend a day at Canal Boat Landing Monticello III

An interesting difference to this compared to other boat rides, is that horses are actually helping pulling this boat. You heard it here first, this is a horse drawn boat. Voyagers of this boat will be able to take a peaceful, yet educational, forty-five minute trip around the canal. The other major point is the captain will entertain you with the ideals of 1800s life on the canal with tall tails of some of the original settlers of this gorgeous town, and of course its history. The boat trip will feel like you are gliding into the 1830s. Here’s a little hidden gem that’s awaiting your visit.

5. Enjoy the beautiful Coschocton Scenery from the Three Rivers Wine Trail

Three Rivers Wine Trail has got it all, and by all, we mean one of everything for everyone. With six unique wineries and a brewery, everything is within driving distance in this East-Central Ohio wine country. We also encourage you to stay as long as you can. This trail takes about an hour to finish, and we know you’ll want to hit every winery and the brewery before you head back home. One of the many things you can do here is sip wine at a California-style wine bar, while overlooking the breathtaking backdrop of the Appalachian Foothills.

6. Visit historic Helmick Covered Bridge

Who doesn’t like bridges? This bridge, being built in 1863, is one of those historical landmarks you will not have to travel terribly far for. Before reopening in 1996, the bridge had fallen into decay and was closed in 1981. The community came together to raise two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars to restore the bridge in 1996. Talk about a community that loves to restore its rich history and keep maintained for years to come! If community is another element you are looking for, Coshocton is most certainly on your radar.

School in Coshocton, OH
School is one of those things that’s always encouraged. However, in Coshocton, education is found everywhere you look, especially at Muskingum University. Image courtesy of Common App.

7. Education is always encouraged here in Coshocton, OH

For school, there are many options for students to choose from. Although not ranked high nationally for high school and elementary education, there are still many teachers that are passionate about their craft and are always there for their students. If you or your children are considering college, consider a school like Muskingum University, only a forty minute drive from Coshocton, it makes commuting back and forth smooth and easy, and you won’t have to worry about paying for room and board.

Founded in 1837, Muskingham, like Coshocton, believes education should be affordable for all. Just like Coshocton, the university was founded when the state of Ohio was just developing in the late 1830s. The university first began as a school to help educate sons of local farmers in surrounding villages. By the time 1854 came around, women were encouraged to attend and be treated as an equal to men. The university, at first called Muskingum College, was renamed to Muskingum University, the name change was to reflect the breadth and depth of the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs.

8. Home Ownership is a Possibility (and Affordable) in Coshocton

House of Coshocton, OH
We can all live in Coshocton because of its affordability and amenities. Coshocton has affordability for all in regards to realty. Image courtesy of Pexels.

Approximately 75.3% of people living in Coshocton own their home. Average commute time is 22.6 minutes. Ownership for Coshocton is a reality, and with a steady income and affordable realty properties, you’ll be able to afford a home in Coshocton.

If this is enough convincing for you, go to HER Realtors to view these gorgeous properties in Coshocton right now and come back to check out the rest of this article to convince you some more.

A man is working at office
All of these services are at your disposal. Image courtesy of Pexels.

9. Emergency Services, and many other services at your Fingertips!

Coshocton is proud to provide all of the best services to help attend to you in your time of need. For emergency notifications, such as national and local alerts, are provided by Code Red. Their services are the best in the area and they take every problem and complaint seriously and will be happy to help in any way.

10. Consider working in Coshocton, OH -- Employment is booming!

Employment rating for Coshocton is 50%. Image courtesy of Pexels.

The household income for Coshocton is right around $54,533, a little lower than the average national household income. However, in a town known for its affordability, the low income will not be an issue when seeking out a home in this small town. Coshocton has always been community-oriented, and so has always made an active effort to make all affordable and equal. This is another reason to show their dedication to community and economic strength.

Flags in front of a building
There is so much you can do in Coshocton, the list just might be endless. Image courtesy of Deans Jewelry.

11. Love Antiques? Coschocton has you covered

From C&M Collectibles to the Village Crafters Shop, there is never an end to the many activities that are offered in this town. The shops range from the trendiest to the more traditional, and also to the most artistic. If hunting for cool treasure is fun, check out Treasure Hunt Antiques. Their finds happen to be treasures that have an interesting history behind them. Whether it’s a mirror, vase, or maybe a piece of jewelry, each one was handed down and narrates a story of its original owner, and will continue on with yours.

12. Coshocton, OH is a foodie's dream

For the foodie in your family, there is Marilyn’s Natural Foods, and Pearl Valley Cheese. Both stores serve some of the most delicious foods you will ever set your eyes on. Marilyn’s Natural Foods sells the most up to date and finest in nutritional products. Pearl Valley Cheese sells homemade cheese that is raised right on their farm. Ranging from Colby Cheese to Lacey Baby, and so much more, you might become a cheese connoisseur upon departing the store.

13. Roscoe Village in Coschocton is your one stop for the trendiest shops in town

For the trendsetter, there is Canal Cargo and Abigail Birch & Company. Canal Cargo is right in the heart of Roscoe Village, a small canal town that still holds its mid-1800s roots. Canal Cargo sells the most on trend fashion and handbags. As well as Abigail Birch & Company, located just a hop, skip, and jump from Roscoe Village. Their clothing is the current trend and will be your go-to for the latest fashion.

An under construction building
Position yourself under a structure like this and follow where the design starts and ends. Image courtesy of Coshocton Beacon Today.

14. Enjoy culture indoors and out

Whether you are a kid at heart or not, this park is an atmosphere of fun for all. Ranging from the most interesting projects, to the simplest forms, there is so much to experience in regards to culture in Coshocton. Not only is the Art Park one of the many fun parts of Coshocton, but it’s also one of the many places where it’s encouraged to act like a kid and be creative. Visit the Art Park website for more details.

15. Spend a night a the theater without leaving the charm of small-town Coschocton

Triple Locks Theater began as a three-hundred and forty-two member theater in 1949. At the beginning, the theater was inside of a primitive building at a local fairground with no heat or running water. Over the years, the theater has welcomed the likes of many fantastic performers. Some of which performed in plays like Night Must Fall, Blithe Spirit, and The Little Foxes. Most of which have been a huge success. Their continuous success has gone on now for over seventy years, and they still keep going strong.

16. Get involved in The Arts

The Pomerene Center for the Arts centers on community and the creative culture of Coshocton. In Coshocton, everyone is and can be an artist. There are visiting artists that make appearances and encourage others in the community to come out and be inspired. So, if you do live here, consider painting your next chapter of your life through The Pomerene Center for the Arts.

17. Understand Coschocton's History at the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum

Now, if you are at all curious about the history behind certain museums that are dedicated to  particular individuals, feel free to take a peek here at the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum. The museum explores the history of two brothers that traveled around collecting Indian artifacts and other things to help preserve the history of the town and the Native American history.

18. Family Fun for all

Bride and groom in a horse-drawn vehicle.
This picturesque park would be perfect to propose in or even have a small photo shoot. Image courtesy of Visit Coshocton.

There are many things that Coshocton offers for entertainment. Whether it is theater, an art show, a local park, or a community garden, there truly is no end to the family entertainment offered. One of the great places offered for families is Forest Hill Lake. Even if you are not interested in swimming, Forest Hill also offers fishing and picnicking. So, let’s escape into the sloping hills of Forest Hill Lake’s picturesque ground spring.

19. Coshocton is a hunter's haven

If you are a hunter, AEP Conesville Coal Lands is the place for you. With so much to offer, their services are always open, especially for those who are just starting out in hunting. Outdoor activities and other entertainments options are only a few feet from your new home in Coshocton.

Lake in Coshocton, OH
This beautiful body of water, called the Walhonding River, is what Coshocton is truly known for. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

20. Coshocton is Known for its River

The Walhonding River, known by other names as well, is one of many rivers that forms with the Mississippi River. The draining area is approximately 2,252 square miles. The entire county of Coshocton is the flowing length of the Walhonding River. It passes through Mohawk Dam and through surrounding communities. This river is perfect for lounging near on a warm Summer day.

Wine shop
A nice glass of wine from the vineyards of Coshocton with some Prime Rib and Potatoes makes the best lunch or dinner date. Image courtesy of Railroad Restaurant and Saloon.

21. Grab a bite at Railroad Restaurant & Saloon

This fine restaurant and bar is the perfect getaway after a day of work. Whether it is the steak or the stem wine glasses that keep you returning, there is not one thing that can change your mind about this restaurant. Offering the best in wines, bottled local and imported, and the finest food you can imagine, the more we talk about this place, the more we want you to indulge in the finest restaurant in the area.

Be prepared to enter elegance, as you are greeted by an open bar, and a pool table that awaits to entertain you. Trust us, this will be your go-to after your first visit. We recommend trying the bacon wrapped scallops -- it is the tastiest dish you will ever have!

Nicely decorated cake.
Hannah Marie’s Bakery and Coffee Shop sure knows how to satisfy a sweet tooth! Image courtesy of Hannah Marie’s Bakery and Coffee Shop.

22. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Hannah Marie’s Bakery and Coffee Shop

Whether it is the coffee you are after, or it’s the sweets, you will not be disappointed in any of the selections here. There of course is no end to the choices here. From the sweet aroma that hangs around the bakeries lobby, to the drip of fresh brewed coffee that awaits to be sipped through parted lips. If you are not convinced yet, try their chocolate chunk cookies, and their mocha coffee, You will not be disappointed!

Slice of lasagna
If you could be anywhere right now, it would be here enjoying this slice of lasagna. Image courtesy of Sorrell’s on the Square.

23. Enjoy classic Italian fare at Sorrell’s on the Square

Whether you are in town for a snack, lunch, dinner, or are a new resident -- welcome to the neighborhood! -- Sorrell’s is the place to be for all of your eating needs. In a fun, joyous environment, you will be able to enjoy the nice flavors of the dishes. Each dish is prepared with patience and love. Locally owned, and family-oriented. This place was made not only for us, but for you too.

Restaurant interior
If it is the ambiance you are seeking, English Ivy will help serve you! Image courtesy of English Ivy Facebook Page.

24. Step back in time when you grab dinner at English Ivy

If fresh food surrounded by comfortable lighting, a warm fire, and friends for company, English Ivy might be your new favorite restaurant. Their menu has a nice fresh, light take on foods that are nice for a small get together with friends and family.

Stepping inside, you will feel like you are stepping into time in this serene beauty. The colors will for sure bring you comfort on your worst day, and will leave a smile on your face as you leave. Here at English Ivy, we are all treated like family, and they make the best company around. For comfort foods, we recommend the English Roast, it is eight ounces of pure taste, sided with a fresh garden salad, a side dish of your choice, and fresh baked bread.

Pizza like this is another benefit to moving to Coshocton. Image courtesy of Plus One Pizza - Coshocton Facebook Page.

25. Get dinner for yourself (and someone special!) at Plus One Pizza

A nice local chain restaurant, Plus One Pizza aims to bring fresh dough and fresh ingredients to your dinner table. We guarantee freshness, and the taste is rich with flavor. There is something that Plus One Pizza doesn’t do that most big chain pizza restaurants do, and that is to show love and respect to their pizzas before sending it out. This just means that each ingredient is grown and made onto the pizza with care.

Their mission is clear: they wish to delight every customer that comes through their doors and tries their pizza, and they desire to kill it in the customer experience game. This pizza chain is the best we have seen and had in awhile. You will not be disappointed. For pizza recommendations, we would suggest The Cowboy, it has bbq chicken and smoked gouda cheese -- a next step in the right direction for pizzamaking.

Spend the day here and you will not only feel like you have walked back in time, but you will feel right at home!

When you spend time in Coshocton, you are not only looking for a place to live, you are searching for community; a town that you can brag to your friends about, and maybe convince them to move right next door to you. The town of Coshocton, although known for its affordability, might seem a little small at first, but it will soon feel right at home come the time when the big move does come.

There are so many reasons to move to Coshocton, from educational opportunities to careers and shopping and fine dining, there is much more to this charming town that looks to continue growing in the future. Be sure to take a day trip here and find for yourself why everyone loves living here in Coshocton

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August 21, 2020
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