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Don’t be disappointed with take out again tonight, come find your next favorite hotspot in Logan, OH!

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1502 Chestnut Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812
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Jan 21, 2021

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We hope that you came hungry. Logan, OH is not only filled with rich history, but it’s also home to some amazing hidden gem restaurants that are a must try in Ohio. From barbeque to traditional American classics, these small family-owned restaurants will be making your list after the first bite. While eating at your new favorite spot, be sure to look for your dream home through HER, REALTORS®, where they are dedicated to finding the right home, at the right price, and the right location. And not only that, but they will make sure to be within walking and driving distance to your new favorite hotspot.

The Millstone BBQ

A taste of local barbeque made well.

Brisket With Potato Salad and Macaroni and Cheese
Enjoy a meal that will melt in your mouth. Image courtesy of The Millstone BBQ.

12790 Grey Street, Logan, OH 43138 | (740) 385-5341 | themillstonebbq.com

Located in the Southeastern region of Ohio, Millstone BBQ prepares the best barbeque dishes that will do more than fill you up, they will have you coming back a second time. Each slathering of meat that is served here is smoked for fifteen to seventeen hours. Each platter that is served with meat will have a pink hue ring around it, this shows how tasteful the hickory smoked meat is before and after you take a bite. There are dishes for everyone, including vegetarian options. We recommend the Texas Beef Brisket; slow cooked to perfection for eighteen hours, and hand cut to fit on your plate with a pairing of pit baked beans, and a side of your choice. If they offer you corn muffins while you wait for your main course to come out, accept it and eat it! You will not regret trying the corn muffins.

While we waited for our appetizer we were brought complementary corn muffins. These little jewels were delicious, warm and sweet! I especially liked the sweet and tangy bbq sauce served on the side. The main course was beef brisket, baked beans and Mac n’ cheese. - Yelp Review

Olde Dutch Restaurant

Come have a taste of Amish life and food made locally from Amish farms.

Noodles, Chicken, Potatoes, and a Salad
Locally grown and old recipes you will wish you could have. Image courtesy of Olde Dutch Restaurant Yelp Review Page.

12729 Street, Route 244 South Logan, OH 43138 | (740) 385-1000 | theoldedutchrestaurant.com

If you are a fan of Amish Country, or enjoy a nice family-style home cooked meal served buffet style, you might want to try out The Olde Dutch Restaurant. With a history that dates back to the American Civil War, this restaurant once held a reunion event for local Union veterans. There was over one-thousand in attendance, and among the attendees was Governor, and later President, William McKinley. It was an ideal location because the trains came from all four directions. 

Every meal here is made with love and care. The one dish we recommend trying is the ham loaf. Locally fresh ground ham and pork in the restaurant's special recipe. The dish is also baked with crushed pineapple and honey. If you are eager for a taste of Amish recipes and locally grown Amish food ingredients, The Olde Dutch Restaurant is your next stop, and potentially your new favorite restaurant.

We were on a road trip and stopped in for lunch. Everyone was very nice. They had family style as well as a regular menu. Prices were good. Food was very good. We will stop in there again. - Yelp Review

Cristy’s Pizza

Enjoy a slice of fresh, and locally made, pizza.

Vegetable Pizza on Plaid Tablecloth
Fresh ingredients that you don’t need to feel bad for eating. Image courtesy of Cristy’s Pizza Yelp Review Page.

1320 West Hunter Street, Logan, OH 43138 | (740) 380-1901 | cristyspizza.com

With seven locations scattered around the Greater Columbus area, and near Logan, OH, this locally owned restaurant is committed to serving the best pizza with the freshest ingredients. One popular benefit at Cristy’s Pizza is their rewards program, which will reward you free food for every fifty points you earn. For the pizza, each type has a layered out list of prices depending on the size, and they do charge for additional toppings, but it is no more than two dollars per extra topping. For your next pizza night, we recommend getting the Cristy’s Classic, which consists of ham, pepperoni, sausage, onion, and much more. You will not be disappointed in the quality of the pizza, as it’s made with fresh ingredients, including the other menu items as well.

We were staying in the Logan area for a weekend getaway and got in the mood for pizza on a Saturday night. Cristy's was conveniently close and sounded as good as anything. The pizza was delicious, I really liked the crispy crust, and it was also possibly the best pizza ever for eating the cold leftovers the next morning. - Yelp Review

Hungry Buffalo

A restaurant that is proud of its country and offers axe-throwing? Count us in!

Chicken and Waffles and Onion Rings
Come hungry and mad, leave relaxed and full! Image courtesy of Hungry Buffalo,

12762 Grey Street, Logan, OH 43138 | (740) 380-0088 | hungrybuffalo.com

We hope you’ve come hungry and mad, because we’ve got the ultimate mix to offer up at this local restaurant and general store! Over the years, you have probably seen a trend that has piqued many interests--tossing an axe at the wall in the hopes that it will stick. If you do plan on throwing some axes at nearby targets, consider eating first, and then come. There are reservations required before you can participate. For more information, visit the Axe Throwing tab on the Hungry Buffalo website. Don’t forget to look over the rules before partaking in Axe Throwing. For menu options regarding drinks and food items, check out the Menu tab on the Hungry Buffalo website.

Our waitress was amazing! Our apps were amazing! But the wings were the best! We’re wing people and I’ve never had better juicy (not slimy) wings! Highly recommend it if you're in the area on vacation like us! It was definitely worth the wait! - Google Review

Rhapsody Restaurant

If you enjoy fine dining in a casual setting, Rhapsody Restaurant is your next hotspot.

Onion Rings on top of Burger
Enjoy savory and unique cuisines and dishes at Rhapsody Restaurant. Image courtesy of Rhapsody Restaurant Facebook Page.

18 Public Square, Nelsonville, OH 45764 | (740) 753-5740 | rhapsody.hocking.edu

This restaurant is unique, mainly because it is run out of Hocking College, a two-year college located near Logan, OH. The restaurant provides hospitality experience to each student that comes through the halls. Voted best Culinary School in Ohio, as of 2017, the main promise of this restaurant is to help deliver courteous service to each customer that comes through the doors of Rhapsody Restaurant. If you are new to the area, and are looking for hospitality experience, visit the Culinary Arts Program description for more information.

For dish recommendations, we recommend the Shrimp and Crab Rice. Served with Carolina Gold Rice, Crab, Shrimp, Bacon, Trinity Mushrooms, and smothered with Sauce Verte.

We have been dining here numerous evenings. The staff and manager  are fantastic. Food is tasty and priced right. Fish and chips has been my favorite lately. Fries were perfectly prepared, and the fish portion generous. There's never a rush to feed you and push you out the door. This is a place to relax and enjoy time with your date or friends. - Google Review

Ale House 1890

A bar and restaurant that looks to continue serving the best of times with your family and friends.

Blonde Waitress Holding Burger Entree
Ale House serves the best meals that are made from scratch. Image courtesy of Ale House 1890.

149 West Main Street, Lancaster, OH 43130 | Phone: (740) 277-6053 | alehouse1890.com

At Ale House 1890, you can expect to find more than just good food - you’ll find good company. Located in the Downtown Lancaster area, Ale House 1890 has been serving the area with fresh spirits and food for over one hundred years. When coming here, it’s guaranteed that you will find something you like, and you might even meet some new friends towards the end of the night! For food options, we recommend the Duck Creek Wrap, with pulled sous vide duck leg, wrapped with tender spinach, rich bleu cheese crumbles, warm bacon, and layered with a crisp house made apple slaw before it is wrapped in a flour tortilla.

For drink options, the menu has many options, ranging from cocktails to beers on tap. We recommend either the Indian Summer, a smoldering balance of smoky mezcal, sweet agave nectar and hornitos black barrel tequila. Or, The Forest Rose, made with Tito’s Vodka, St. Germain, Cocchi Rosa Rose and a splash of grapefruit juice. Have a go with either of these drinks and pair it with a dish of your choice. Go ahead, here at Ale House 1890, you are treated like family.

Took our son and daughter in law for dinner after a long day of hard work. Seated immediately, and served very quickly. All the employees who helped us were very nice. All of our drinks, food, desserts were fantastic. Thanks again for a great meal. - Yelp Review

Urban Grille

Come treat yourself to a golf outing and a delicious meal afterwards.

Stuffed Chicken with Croutons
Come and enjoy a delicious stuffed prime rib with a delightful pairing of mixed vegetables. Image courtesy of Urban Grille.

14405 Country Club Lane, Logan, OH 43138 | (740) 385-8966 | theurbangrille.com

Located in the beautiful Hocking Hills Golf Club, Urban Grille offers a relaxing atmosphere and pairs it with great food at an affordable price. These prices are so good, and the food and views are so good, you won’t want to go anywhere else. Come to a town where you can have a gorgeous golf course and a delicious restaurant all in one. For dishes, we recommend the King Cut Prime Rib, which is gorgeously paired with two sides of your choice.

Such an amazing elegant place for the Hocking Hills! The food is excellent and the staff are so sweet and amazing! Love everything about this place! Honored to know Kim the owner, she is so wonderful! - Google Review

Wild Ginger Asian Bistro

Come shake up your night with sushi!

Dumplings With Ribs and Sweet and Sour Chicken
Delish ribs paired with egg rolls, sweet and sour chicken, and dumplings. Image courtesy of Wild Ginger Asian Bistro Yelp Page.


1130 North Memorial Drive, Lancaster, OH 43130 | (740) 422-8378 | wildgingerlancaster.com

Satisfy your taste for Asian food with Wild Ginger Asian Bistro, where they serve all of the best in Japanese and Chinese dishes. Their food ranges from sushi rolls and sashimi to noodle dishes. We recommend the Shrimp Apple Salad if you are looking for something new to try. Wild Ginger Asian Bistro has been recognized many times as having the best Chinese cuisine in the Lancaster, OH, area. All ingredients that are used are fresh and come directly from the local community.

Food & staff was amazing. Ordered General Tso's and was pleasantly surprised by the size and juiciness of the chicken. First time going and will definitely be coming back. - Google Review

When it comes to the right selection of restaurants, you also need to make sure it is in an ideal location, and if you don’t drive, if it is within walking distance. With HER, REALTORS®, they will help you with just that. And with that being said, as soon as you have found your go-to restaurant in or near the Logan area you will want to find a nice home to go along with it, so you are within driving or walking distance. For your home search convenience, we recommend HER, REALTORS®, where they will not only look for a home for you, but also make sure you are satisfied in your home selection. HER, REALTORS® will be there with you through every step in the process.

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