Millennials Heading to the Suburbs

A real estate trend you don’t want to miss

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Lydia Bernardo


Jan 21, 2021

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Moving is stressful, no matter what age you are. Whether you are moving from your childhood home to your college dorm, or from your starter home into your forever home - it can be a lot to handle. Millennials are the individuals who were born between the years of 1981 and 1996, and recently have been setting a trend for their generation - moving to the suburbs.

While not all millennials are moving into the suburbs, those with families or steady jobs surely are looking into it. After the global pandemic, many people are seeming to enjoy the suburbs more than a big crowded city. So if you are a millennial or are looking to settle down in your forever home, let’s look at some reasons many are considering moving to the suburbs and some great areas near Columbus, OH.

Reason Why Millennials Are Moving

Unfortunately, there are some bad stereotypical beliefs about millennials. But not all ideas and things millennials do are bad. In fact, millennials are pretty genius. But since we are living in a world very different from the past, we guess it’s only typical to get some criticism from the past generations. To prove that millennials' ideas are pretty smart, we’ll share some reasons why they are choosing to move to the suburbs.


By looking at statistics, it’s no big secret that millennials are fleeing the cities, but the bigger question is why. Most of it has to do with price. According to Business Insider, millennials of all income brackets are moving out of cities. Finding affordable housing in the city is very rare.

Millennials who choose to reside in a place like New York City, Chicago, or San Francisco will find that the cost of living is outrageous. In big cities like those, it’s common to hear stories about people living in their car or owning a houseboat. Because of this accommodation that millennials make whenever living in a big city - many are starting to move to the suburbs to find homes.  

Regardless of where you currently reside, if you compare the price of housing in the city to the price of housing in the suburbs, you’ll realize you could be saving yourself hundreds, or in some cases even thousands. Another article from Business Insider that takes statistics from the Wall Street Journal states that millennials believe the savings are worth the longer commute to work.

Job Market

Since the country is facing the repercussions of a global pandemic, the unemployment rate isn’t too great. But generally speaking the typical unemployment rate for millennials is around 8.8 percent. When thinking about this, we must also consider that the generation of millennials is also known as the “Job-Hopping Generation”. So to give them the benefit of the doubt, since their unemployment rate is higher than the ideal for the U.S., they may just be transitioning jobs.

For the millennials who do have steady jobs, 92 percent of those select individuals desire a work from home option, even if it is just one or two days a week. Therefore, moving to the suburbs becomes even a wiser choice for those who don’t have to commute five days of the week.


Another reason why many millennials are moving towards the suburbs is that many are starting families. Since millennials are currently between the ages of 24 and 39, and individuals are starting to have children later in life - the perfect age to begin settling down. For millennials who are passionate about starting a family want to make sure their children will have the best school district and a great community to be raised in.

Additional Benefits

While looking at the price of housing, the job market, and the family values of millennials - these are some strong reasons why they consider moving to suburbs. In addition to these great reasons, the suburbs typically offer more to young people. Life seems to be more enjoyable whenever you can go on a morning jog and stop at your favorite coffee shop on the way home. Living in the suburbs gives people a stronger sense of community and welcoming, rather than a busy city.

Now to narrow the scope, let’s look at the best suburbs near Columbus, OH


outside image of a two bedroom home. beautiful front yard with landscaping located in Clintonville
Spacious two bedroom room with a beautiful yard. Image courtesy of HER, REALTORS®.

Average Age: 32.4

Average Income: $32,056

Average Home Cost: $102,900

Average Commute Time: 21.9 minutes

Clintonville or Clinton Township is a great place for millennials. Whether you’re a young professional couple or planning to start a big family - you can find the perfect home. Millennials who live in Clintonville, just north of the city, are close enough to the city but far enough to have a great sense of community. Clintonville gives its residents the perfect mix of green space but also has plenty of trendy coffee shops and bars nearby.

Great walking community, great spirit, great shopping & restaurants, easy access to anywhere in Greater Columbus within 20 minutes! Must own a dog! - Niche Review

Grandview Heights

Duplex house in Grandview Heights.
Six bedroom duplex in Grandview Heights. Image courtesy of HER, REALTORS®.

Average Age: 34.7

Average Income: $82,007

Average Home Cost: $394,900

Average Commute Time: 17.1 minutes

Grandview Heights is a grand place for millennials to reside. This town is the best of both worlds making it a great place to raise a family, but it also offers a fun and lively nightlife to the young professionals in the area. Aside from being a very safe community Grandview Heights’ public schools have excellent ratings. Make this town home for any millennial by checking out the home listings in Grandview Heights.

Grandview is really small and has a lot of really nice people in it. There are also many local businesses that are really nice to visit. Grandview also has a really great school system and is very inclusive. - Niche Review


recently built three bedroom home in Hilliard
Recently constructed three bedroom single family home in Hilliard Ohio. Image courtesy of HER, REALTORS®.

Average Age: 36.1

Average Income: $88,203

Average Home Cost: $277,200

Average Commute Time: 22.6 minutes

Hilliard is a perfect town for millennials. With plenty of recently constructed homes in growing neighborhoods, this community is a perfect place to find your forever home. If you are passionate about starting a family, this community has a great education system including a handful of private schools. Your children will also be exposed to diversity since this town is welcoming and accepting of everyone. Everything you need is only a short drive away. Homes for sale in Hilliard are calling young millennials who are looking to settle down!

A smaller town that keeps growing. Amazing school systems and friendly environment. Old Hilliard is a great environment for just walking around with lots of food and events going on. - Niche Review


four bedroom two story home in Whitehall. front porch with lots of shade.
Four bedroom two story home in Whitehall, Ohio. Image courtesy of

Average Age: 31.9

Average Income: $34,348

Average Home Cost: $97,700

Average Commute Time: 21.2 minutes

Whitehall is an area where many find their starter home. With the median age of 31, you’ll most likely be neighbors with individuals just like yourself. While Whitehall doesn’t have the best ratings on their public schools, it does have two private schools closeby. If you choose to rent or buy a home in Whitehall you’ll find plenty of restaurants, shops, and parks in the diverse community. Living in Whitehall allows you to live close to the city but also find everything you need locally.

I love Whitehall Ohio. It's a very small city with a great community. I have lived there now for 3 years. The neighborhood I live in is very quiet and my neighbors are friendly and respectful. - Niche Review

New Albany

Large home in New Albany. Two door garage, red front door, white siding.
Large four bedroom home in a cute and welcoming neighborhood. Image courtesy ofHER, REALTORS®.

Average Age: 38.6

Average Income: $179,405

Average Home Cost: $531,900

Average Commute Time: 20.7 minutes

New Albany, a wealthy suburb not far from the heart of the city, is a place with beautiful homes. If you are an older millennial in your late thirties you would easily find your fit here. Since this community has such a high income, it is a little difficult for younger millennials to find their niche. But just because they may not live here doesn’t mean they can't come to the local restaurants and shops. There are many great places to work nearby and all the schools have excellent ratings. If you can afford to rent or own a home, this is the perfect suburb to reside in.

New Albany is a beautiful family oriented suburb with excellent schools. Family living at its finest. Community activities are plentiful and well as healthy related lifestyle. - Niche Review


Teal colored house in Powell Ohio. Gorgeous large window next to the large garage.
Gorgeous and spacious four bedroom home in Powell, OH. Image courtesy of HER, REALTORS®.

Average Age: 39.2

Average Income: $136,250

Average Home Cost: $374,800

Average Commute Time: 27.1 minutes

Powell Ohio is a great place to reside regardless of age. While the average income is a little higher compared to other suburbs, it is a great place to raise a family. It is also a little farther from the city than the other suburbs mentioned. It can be a little difficult to find an apartment or rental space in this area, but there are many beautiful homes for sale. When moving to Powell, you’ll experience tasty restaurants and many parks with biking and walking trails.  

The town is an amazing suburb with nice homes, and many malls and shopping centers nearby, as well as parks and fun places to go. Not far from Columbus, so it is easy to go to downtown events as well. Very safe. - Niche Review

Grove City

small two bedroom, two bathroom home in Grove City. Built in a developing neighborhood.
Two bedroom, two bathroom home in a recently developed neighborhood. Image courtesy of HER, REALTORS®.

Average Age: 39

Average Income: $66,964

Average Home Cost: $189,500

Average Commute Time: 23.3 minutes

Grove City is a spectacular place for millennials. It is the perfect distance from Columbus. There is plenty to do in Columbus. Whether you're a mom of three or a bachelor - you’ll find your fit. For families, there are plenty of private schools in addition to the public schools. If you move to one of the newly established neighborhoods make sure to check out HER’s article on Grove City Gyms. Maybe you’ll find a fellow millennial friend at one of them!

Grove City is an excellent area with so much to do! If the shopping is done there are many parks to kick back and relax in. A great food, store, school, and entertainment city. Broadway Grove City is great! Farm markets every Saturday. - Niche Review


Dublin spacious four bedroom home built near the Muirfield Village Golf Club
Beautiful four bedroom house next to the 7th hole of the Muirfield Village Golf Club. Image courtesy of HER, REALTORS®.

Average Age: 39.7

Average Income: $117,860

Average Home Cost: $397,000

Average Commute Time: 24.3 minutes

Since the median age for Dublin is a little on the high end, it is a perfect place for families. The public schools in Dublin are very highly rated. If you are a younger millennial, there are lots of great bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. So whether you need a coffee for your morning community or want to go to a local bar for a networking happy hour - you’ll easily be able to find your favorite hangout spot.

Dublin is a safe area with good schools and lots of activities including the Dublin Irish Festival and Dublin 4th of July Fireworks. - Niche Review


single family five bedroom home in Pickerington
Single family five bedroom home in developed neighborhood. Image courtesy of HER, REALTORS®.

Average Age: 35.1

Average Income: $82,247

Average Home Cost: $250,600

Average Commute Time: 27.1 minutes

Pickerington is a perfect suburb for millennials to move to. While there are many apartments available for young professionals, there is also a vast majority of houses available waiting for older millennials to move in and make it a home. In Pickerington, you’ll always be able to find something to do. Whether you go out to a local restaurant or take advantage of $5 Tuesday at the nearby Cinema - millennials will find a way to call this quaint town home.

I love Pickerington. I moved here my sophomore year of high school and immediately felt welcome. The schools have very good academics and there is a lot to do in the area. - Niche Review


cozy three bedroom home in the heart of Bexley. red brick house and blue front door
Cozy three bedroom home in the heart of Bexley, OH. Image courtesy of HER, REALTORS®.

Average Age: 34.1

Average Income: $93,893

Average Home Cost: $401,600

Average Commute Time: 18.1 minutes

Bexley, OH is a great place to raise a family. When moving to Bexley you’ll be welcomed by the great schools and diverse community. Millennials who move to this town will be surrounded by others just like them. While living in Bexley, you still have the option to work in downtown Columbus since the commute time isn’t very long at all. In Bexley, you’ll find many diverse eateries, plenty of places to shop, and many parks. Find out more about Bexley!

As a student at Capital University, Bexley is a great area to be a part of. Very clean, lots of stuff to do, beautiful parks, and a very safe environment. - Niche Review

Overall, suburbs near Columbus are pretty great places for millennials. When compared to the national average, these suburbs appear to be more diverse, educated, safe, and employed. The average commute time in a majority of these suburbs is lower than the national average - 26.4 minutes.

Regardless of the age you are, if you are millennial - you’ll find your niche in any suburb. Don’t be afraid to set a new trend in real estate. Times are different and so are generations, so set the new normal. If a suburb near Columbus sounds like the right one for you - check out listings by HER, REALTORS®.

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August 7, 2020
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