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Live Your Best Life in These Luxurious Columbus Homes

An introduction to a few of the luxury homes available in Columbus, Ohio


Claire Rhode


Dec 23, 2019

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Looking for a luxurious life in Columbus, Ohio? At HER Realtors, we always want to work to your convenience, so we’ve gathered a few of our favorites to showcase. These are the kind of homes that will have you dreaming of heading home from the moment you leave to head to work, because they’re just that amazing. Whether you’re looking for great nightlife or adventures filled with gorgeous art and hikes with beautiful scenery, Columbus might just be the place for you.

View homes for sale in Columbus, OH

There are plenty of other great properties in the Columbus area, of course--we couldn’t feature all of our favorites. If none of these strike your fancy, check out some other HER listings.

649 South Fifth Street

a modern living room

This modern house is absolutely gorgeous, and has all of the style of a new home with the charm of being located in German Village. This space feels contemporary, with features like a media room and a bar that will let you throw amazing parties, or just have a quiet night at home watching movies. Also, there are terraces and walkways that are easily maintained but also make it feel like living in the midst of a regency novel! This property is absolutely gorgeous, and has all of the necessities for a modern life.

1 Miranova Place

a nice living room with an amazing view

This penthouse suite feels like living in a luxury treehouse, with its riverfront view and woodsy interior. Spending time on its balcony will let you really feel like a part of the city while also being able to sit back a bit and relax! It has thick oak paneling, moldings, and crown throughout, and features everything from a truly professional cook’s kitchen to a fully equipped media room. Plus, it’s a smart house, so if you’ve ever wanted to truly live in the future, this is your chance!

1145 N High St

there's a cool staircase in the back

This is another gorgeous penthouse suite that will feel like a home in no time! Located in the Jackson, a truly coveted location, this is the first time the penthouse has been available. It’s a two story with floor to ceiling and wall to wall windows, which will let you survey the whole city and appreciate its beauty from the comfort of your own home.

With other amenities like a fireplace and a comfortable terrace you can use to view the city and get some Vitamin D, this is a truly amazing place to get to come home to at night! Plus, the closet is so large that it has its own island. If getting dressed in there doesn’t feel like living in the ‘after’ of an HGTV show, I’ll eat my hat.

212 Park Drive

a gorgeous house with a lot of lawn

This stunning Georgian home feels like living in a fairytale, or maybe a Jane Austen novel. With four acres of surrounding well manicured lawn, it also feels like living in a park. With plenty of windows and outside sitting areas, there are lots of ways to appreciate the nature around you, even in winter.

And if you’re feeling like a cold day spent indoors, there’s plenty to do! The kitchen is large and perfect to host a couple of friends to cook a meal for a dinner party together, or you can relax with a warm, cozy fire and some of your favorite shows in the living room.

Whether you’re looking for a lovely new place in the city for a touch of variety, moving to Columbus for the first time, or just looking for a home to fall in love with, HER Realtors is happy to introduce you to some of the best homes available in the area.

View homes for sale in Columbus, OH

April 4, 2018
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