Kid-Friendly Places to Visit in Cleveland, Ohio

These 5 places in Cleveland, Ohio are fun to visit for kids and parents!

kids in yellow and red gather to complete an activity in cleveland ohio


Rebecca Geizura


Jan 21, 2021

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If you live in Ohio, looking to buy a house in Cleveland, or just visiting, you need to visit these places during the summer. No need to get a babysitter to have fun!  Parents and children can visit these attractions.  Here are some kid-friendly places to visit that are also for adults: 

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1. Great Lakes Science Center

The Great Lakes Science Center offers weekly demonstrations as well as daily science demos. Children can learn everything from how to make the biggest bubbles to why liquid nitrogen freezes objects.  Parents can create simple robotic machines made out of legos as well as learn about biomedical technology.  If you have young children, the Great Lake Science Center has early childhood workshops and a polymer funhouse for young scientists to climb, slide, and build with polymers.

Great Lakes Science Center

2. Playhouse Square

Watch everything from classic musicals to Dancing with The Stars.  Yoga and Tai Chi classes are also offered. Starting in October 2017, Playhouse Square will offer children’s shows. The first children’s play, Hansel and Gretelwill feature modern rock n’ roll music.

Playhouse Square

3. Cleveland Museum of Art

Although children may not be able to understand an artist’s vision for a painting, they can learn that art is made from everyday objects found in their house.  Parents can also register their children for summer art classes.  The first class is for children age 3 and lets the parents and child work together to create art.  Children up to the age of 17 can register for these classes.

children at museum

4. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Parents can reminisce about their favorite bands and artists and their children will love to make fun of the fashion trends!  Although there is not too many hands-on activities for children, the costumes previously worn by the musicians are a big hit.  Children can also learn about the history of music as well as fashion.  Any child under the age of five receives free admission.

rock n roll hall of fame ohio

5. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

 The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo offers educational programs for children such as zoo history and overnight programs. Children can learn about conservation and endangered animals.  The zoo houses a variety of animals from lions to seals to exotic birds.  Parents can purchase a family membership to come back to the zoo.  The membership gives 10% off at the gift shops and allows you to bring 1 free guest.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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June 13, 2017
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