Have No Regrets and Eat Your Way through Restaurant Week in Columbus

Are you looking to do something in Columbus, Ohio, but not sure what to do? Well, make sure to check out Restaurant Week on January 25th through the 30th!

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Sara Nuss


Jan 21, 2021

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Main image courtesy of Columbus on the Cheap. 

Columbus is a very popular city in Ohio with so many things to see and experience. With Columbus being the capital of Ohio and being home to Ohio State University, and so much more, this city is majorly popular to visit and take in what it has to offer. Besides those things, there are many different kinds of restaurants to try out, shops to see, and museums to explore it can be hard to experience everything this amazing city has to offer.

If you are around Columbus, we understand that all that touring and walking around can get you tired and hungry. Now that we think of it, are you going to be in the area between January 25th through the 30th? Yes? Well, then you’re in for a treat! January 25th through the 30th is going to be Restaurant Week in Columbus, an exciting event that is held twice a year where you can get great deals on food and be able to explore the restaurant scene in Columbus. Are you interested in going? Well, here’s some more information pertaining to the event to get you hyped!

What is Restaurant Week in Columbus?

Get excited about all of the different restaurants that are going to be featured at this event!

restaurant week
Come to Columbus to be able to experience Columbus’s Restaurant Week for something fun to do, while eating lots of food! Image courtesy of 614 Now.

Do you love food? We do too, that’s why we think that you need to go and check out Restaurant Week in Columbus, an event that is held twice a year that is full of so much food to choose from! From January 25th to the 30th in 2021, you can experience over 100 different Central Ohio restaurants offering a prix fixe menu for a deal that you just can’t beat that ranges anywhere from $15 to $40 and you even get three course meals too.

This event is super easy to go to and you don’t even have to purchase a ticket to attend. It is completely free and all you have to do is go to a participating restaurant and ask for their Restaurant Week menu. What is even better is that there is so much customization that comes with this event. Although the restaurants’ menus will be limited, for each course you get to choose between two to three different kinds of dishes, making it a unique choice of dishes for you to enjoy. 

Columbus’s Restaurant Week is presented by a 614 Magazine, a magazine that specifically focuses on all of the highlights of Columbus, people, places, and so much more. They have partnered with Revolution Mortgage, and a charity partner called Service to help them get this event started and get the hype that it deserves to start off 2021 right. This event has an important theme to it and it’s to support your local businesses and to know that food is something that keeps everyone connected. With connecting to the business owners, managers, and employees of these restaurants in Columbus, it also helps to keep the city prosperous and to remember to support your local businesses.

What Are Some Unique Features About Restaurant Week?

Know everything that you can before you decide to go to Restaurant Week in Columbus!

food at restaurant week
Make sure you know everything about Restaurant Week in Columbus to fully prepare for your experience there! Image courtesy of Eater.

There are lots of unique things that come out of going to Restaurant Week in Columbus. Not only are you able to explore some of the best local restaurants all around Central Ohio, but you get to meet some amazing people, and much more! With supporting small businesses, it’s important to treat the employees there with respect and tip them. Tips aren’t included in any of the meals during Restaurant Week, so it’s important to give a generous tip to your servers, especially during these hard times with the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing. 

Are you still not fully comfortable with dining indoors or even outdoors just yet? Well, don’t worry about it because many of the restaurants offer carry out even during Restaurant Week! All you have to do is check out Eat614.com for all of the information pertaining to what the menus are, what restaurants are going to be participating, and where you can get carry out at. It’s just that easy!

You’ve heard of OpenTable right? Well, not only do many of these restaurants feature carry out if you’re in a rush, or just don’t feel comfortable with dining in just yet, but they also do offer a dining-in option through OpenTable. OpenTable makes it super simple to be able to make a reservation by picking the restaurant, date, time, and how many people are coming with you. Dining in during Restaurant Week is the best way to experience this fun event, but we recommend only doing what makes you comfortable during this time.

One last thing we think you should consider is how busy these restaurants are going to be. It’s important to stay considerate and patient during this time. Restaurant Week in Columbus may be the saving grace that helps many different local businesses survive because of the backlash that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused to restaurants around the country. 

Be kind and courteous to all of the employees, tip well, and of course, enjoy yourself. Restaurant Week is all about staying connected with your community and the people that are within it. Supporting local restaurants is the best way to do this, but enough of being sappy, let’s get on with more information about this exciting time in Columbus!

What Restaurants Are Participating in This Event We’re All Looking Forward to?

Get acquainted with some of the local restaurants around Restaurant Week before you head out!

restaurants participating in restaurant week
We know you’re dying to know what restaurants are going to be participating in Columbus’s Restaurant Week, so read on! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

Are you just as curious as we are to see what restaurants are participating in Columbus’s Restaurant Week? We hope that you are! To help ease your nerves to see if your favorite restaurants are going to be mentioned, let’s take a look at some of the top ones participating today!

Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill

beer barrel pizza and grill
Get some tasty pizza, wings, and more at Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill today! Image courtesy of Visit Dublin, Ohio.

3993 Morse Crossing | Easton | beerbarrel.com

Pizza is a great option for restaurant week. We think that you need to try out Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill because three different locations are participating!The Dublin Green, Easton, and the Hillard locations are all participating and serving tasty dishes such as buffalo and bleu cauliflower buds, a 10” two topping original beer barrel pizza, and New York Style cheesecake all for just $15. What a great deal right? Check out Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill during Restaurant Week!

Condado Tacos

condado tacos
Want some tacos and margaritas during Restaurant Week in Columbus? Stop by Condado Tacos for the best around! Image courtesy of Detroit Metro Times.

1227 N High Street | Short North | condadotacos.com 

Are tacos on the mind like they’re on ours? We read your mind! You have to try out one of the six participating Condado Tacos locations in Columbus for some of the tastiest tacos and margaritas you’ll ever have! For a drink you can choose to have a house margarita, traditional guacamole and chips, and two of their famous tacos all for $25. There are so many ways to customize your order here, so make sure to check out Condado Tacos!

Bru Burger Bar

bru burger bar
If you want a one-of-a-kind burger, then you need to try out Bru Burger Bar during Restaurant Week! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.  

691 North Cleveland Avenue | Polaris | bruburgerbar.com

Are you struggling to get your mind off of a delicious juicy hamburger? Well, if that’s the case, we got just the right thing for you. Why not check out Bru Burger Bar during Restaurant Week in Columbus! Bru Burger Bar, as you guessed it, is known for their hamburgers, and also their delicious fries, milkshakes, and salads too! If you take a look at their menu for Restaurant Week, you can choose from a bowl of chili, a classic Bru burger, soft pretzels and beer cheese, a bourbon burger, and so much more. Try out Bru Burger Bar as soon as you can for some tasty stuff!

Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse

kyoto japanese steakhouse
Are you craving some delectable and unique Japanese food? Make sure to check out Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse during Restaurant Week! Image courtesy of Uber Eats. 

5874 Sawmill Road | Northwest | kyotojapanesesteakhouse.biz

In the mood for some Japanese favorites? Well, if that’s the case, why don’t you stop at Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse today for some delicious food that is participating in the Columbus Restaurant Week! They specialize in hibachi, sushi, and other Japanese cuisine and you can choose dishes such as spring rolls, hibachi chicken and filet mignon, sashimi appetizers, hibachi chicken and shrimp, mochi ball ice cream, and so much more. You can get a three course meal from them for only $30, so why not try out Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse today!

Soulshine Tavern and Kitchen

soulshine tavern and kitchen
Do you want to go to a simple gastropub with a big flavor in their food? Check out Soulshine Tavern and Kitchen when you go to Restaurant Week! Image courtesy of Columbus Navigator. 

266 E Main Street | New Albany | soulshinetavern.com

We got it figured out. You’re looking for some American-fare food at a unique and fun gastropub. Did we get it right? Even if we’re not, we think that you need to check out Soulshine Tavern and Kitchen today! If you stop here, you can enjoy some local flavor of some inventive and delicious American dishes. You can indulge in dishes such as deviled eggs, buffalo chicken dip, hot honey mac n’ cheese, short rib sliders, a Soulshine soul burger, lemon cake, and so much. Why not check out Soulshine Tavern and Kitchen for Restaurant Week in Columbus!


Indulge in some steak, seafood, pasta, and so much more with a glass of wine at Tucci’s! Image courtesy of Zomato. 

35 N High Street | Dublin | tuccisdublin.com

We are sure that for the Columbus Restaurant Week that you want to enjoy something that is super delicious. If you’re in the mood for some steak, seafood, pasta, and so much more with a glass of wine for a tasty dinner at a discounted price, then you need to go to Tucci’s in Dublin, Ohio that is participating in Restaurant Week! They have many tasty dishes to choose from, such as lemon chicken artichoke soup, shrimp and sausage rigatoni, filet mignon, seared salmon, tiramisu, and so much more good stuff. We know you want to try them out, so stop at Tucci’s and dive deep into a delicious dish you’ll never forget during Restaurant Week!

The ever-so-anticipated Columbus Restaurant Week is approaching at a rapid rate. It feels like it came so fast and it will be over before you know it if you don’t make it over there! Don’t miss out on some amazing deals, dishes, meeting new people, involving yourself in the community, and of course, supporting local restaurants. You showing up to the Columbus restaurant week means a lot to the people that own these local businesses, so make sure to help them out during the COVID-19 pandemic and indulge your taste buds in some delicious food!

Make sure to mark it on your calendar! The Columbus Restaurant Week starts on January 25th and runs through January 30th. Have fun eating some tasty food no matter where you go!

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