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Cincinnati’s Iconic Union Terminal

Visit the history of Cincinnati's transportation at the beautiful Union Terminal. One of the last greatest train stations built still stands for you to see!


Emma Holt


Jan 22, 2019

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History of the Station

Completed in March of 1933, Cincinnati’s Union Terminal was one of the last great American train stations and is an exquisite example of the Art Deco style. The station was designed to accommodate 17,000 passengers and 216 trains a day! $41 million was spent on the Union Terminal including the purchase of the ground and the readjustment of railroad facilities. Since it’s opening, the station saw much history from welcoming soldiers home from World War II, to become the home of three museums, an OMNIMAX theater as well as the Cincinnati History Library and Archives. Live near this iconic attraction and keep tabs on its amazing progression through the years.

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Significant Things to See When Visiting

If you live in Cincinnati and have yet to visit the station, then we strongly suggest you do so. Ask guest services about the whimsical whispering fountains. Have a friend or loved one stand at the drinking fountains on opposite ends of the Union Terminal rotunda and speak into the wall. Your voices will bounce up into the arch and back down to the other side, allowing you to have a conversation from 180 feet apart! This magical experience is one you’ll love! While you walk through, there’s plenty of intricate details and stores of the Winold Reiss mosaics to admire. Visit the original control tower of the Union Terminal in Tower A.


Restoration & Repair

Restoration began last winter and changes are being made nearly every single day. For instance, the wall of the building was chemically cleaned and stripped away to make it look like it did back in the 1930s. The restoration project includes cleaning, rebuilding, and brightening the landmark space with the goal of bringing it back to its original form. When the project is completed in the fall of 2018, the Union Terminal is expected to have a more vibrant look to it. As for now, many of the museums and attractions are closed from day to day so check before you stop by!

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