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Enjoy the nightlife in the great town of Galloway.

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Jan 21, 2021

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Galloway, Ohio is located in Prairie Township, Franklin County. It is a comfortable suburb filled with nice, newer homes. It is a city filled with young people eager to start their lives on their own. They are finding their way in life and looking to have fun while they do it! You’ll feel comfortable in Galloway and not easily be bored. There are multiple venues that offer different modes of fun, which makes Galloway a great place for people who like to have a good time. You get to be in a comfortable suburb and still have the benefits of the fun activities nearby.

There is a whole lot to do when you’re in Galloway. The nightlife is very lively. People often flock to the multiple bars in the area to have a good time with their friends. Each bar has their own unique offerings and atmosphere. When you want to have drinks and enjoy your night with some good friends, many different places would be a great fit. These bars offer something for everyone. Here are the places you should visit in Galloway for a fun night out. 


Billiard balls inside triangle rack.
Play a fun game with your friends. Image courtesy of Yelp

5599 Hall  Road | Galloway |

Boulevard is a casual bar perfect for having a chill night out. They sell cheap drinks, so you won’t break the budget if you buy a few more than you originally intended. Boulevard gives you great opportunities to have fun. They have three different pool tables, so go ahead and challenge one of your friends! Make things more challenging and opt for a group game if you're up for it. 

This place is usually packed on the weekends, you’ll have no problem finding game partners if you’re not there with a large group. There is even a dance floor available. You can let loose and move your body whenever you’d like. This bar is great to visit if you want to have a good time. 

“The New and Improved Boulevard...New Manager...New Bartenders and Servers. They are upgrading the sound system and dance lighting… Rumor has it that they have hired a “Real” DJ. They are bringing back ladies nights on Thursdays!!!”. - Yelp Review

Ten Mile Inn

An open hamburger with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions next to fries with ketchup.
This bar has an extensive menu. Image courtesy of Yelp

7229 W Broad St | Galloway |

This bar is a great place that sells cheap food as well as drinks. The food is a newer addition to the menu. Drinks are still their priority, but they have a wide array of food options. You can order from a breakfast menu and a dinner menu. They have eggs with steaks, burgers with fries, and many other offerings you’d be happy to try. The food choices are perfect for filling up on after having a few drinks. Their drinks are unique and have even more interesting names. You can tell that this place draws a fun crowd.

This place is a dive bar that used to be a biker bar. Far before that, it was an Inn. It has a long history and continues to thrive in the present. This is a regular hang out spot for the people who live here. Prepare to meet a few people from around the neighborhood if you choose to go there to hang out often. 

“I have always loved the Ten Mile Inn as a bar, but I am happy to say the food is now just as amazing! (It’s a dive, so know what you are getting into). So few places in Columbus have hand cut french fries...thank you! Cold beer, fun crowd, bikes...can’t go wrong. Must stop for bikers and/ or thirsty/ hungry people.” - Yelp Review

Burnzie’s Old Trail

Two pairs of over easy eggs next to potato hash and bacon topped with bread.
This is the perfect plate to have after a long night of drinking.

72 S Grener Ave |

Burnzie’s Old Trail is a friendly dive bar with great drinks and even better breakfasts. There are many regulars who frequent this place. And it's easy to see why. It’s an old and charming location that prioritizes what it offers over appearances. They offer breakfast that is really substantial, but you can also order wings and burgers. All of the offerings are delicious. The food here is your average American diner fare. You can get plenty of eggs and bacon for your breakfast.

Don’t let the looks of this place keep you away! The outside doesn’t look like your typical bar, but there is no need to worry. The inside is friendly and full of savory food that goes great with their drink menu. You can have your fill and leave satisfied. This is the kind of place you visit to relax in a comfortable setting.  

“Burnzies is legit. Cheap drinks. $2 beers during happy hour, and they have the best wings in Columbus. They open at 8 AM and serve their full menu all day for those times when you need a shot and wings for breakfast.” - Yelp Review

Oak Grove Tavern

Different spirits in front of a mirror behind a bar.
There is plenty to drink at this fun bar. Image courtesy of Yelp

8340 Alkire Rd |

Oak Grove Tavern is a cozy dive bar made for people who want to have a nice drink with some great tasting bar food. They cater to many regular patrons who find camaraderie with each other when they visit. They will make you feel welcome even if you’re the new face at the bar. Oak Grove Tavern supports bikers of all kinds. There is motorcycle parking for the many patrons who ride, and they have “fun to bike” nights on Sundays. They have indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating is filled with picnic tables that contribute to the casual atmosphere. 

They have karaoke on the weekends, so you can sing your heart out whenever the mood strikes you. They are known to have really good breakfast as well as excellent steak dinners. Patrons rave about the quality of food they can get at this bar. The food is also very affordable. You can have your fill of it with no issues. Don’t miss out on all the fun you could have at this place!

“I love this place! The people are super friendly and nice. And the food is actually pretty damn good. I’m becoming a bit of a regular. Definitely recommend it for a low key hang out spot. Karaoke on the weekends. Rib night on Monday’s, walking taco Thursday’s, steak night Fridays. Seriously, check it out!” - Yelp Review

Mugsy’s Pub

Mugsy's Pub's logo.
This place has a fun theme. Image courtesy of Yelp

1040 Hilliard Rome Rd |

Skyview Drive-In has been showing movies outdoors for 73 years. It was built in 1948 and has been giving high quality service ever since. Since 2011, they have been the first drive-in in Ohio to show HD movies. The movies are shown primarily at night. You can get your tickets after 8 p.m., and then catch a movie that shows around 9:15 p.m. It is very affordable and convenient. 

You will have a cozy, intimate experience at this outdoor theater. You’ll get to sit in the comfort of your own vehicle with your friends or family to enjoy your time together. It is a lot simpler than having to travel in and out of a car and the theater with your companions. You are free to do whatever you want without any worry about disturbing other patrons. You can also enjoy whatever food and beverages you’d like! As long as you bring five dollars to pay for an outside food permit, you can bring any food and drinks you’re in the mood for! There is an indoor concession stand available for anyone who would prefer to get their snacks from the theater. 

“Great dive local bar. Moved in down the street a few weeks ago and came in on a random weeknight for a few drinks, and was sincerely impressed. The drinks were standard, but the service was way beyond impressive. The  bartenders are friendly, attentive, and make great (albeit not unwelcomed) conversation. I left here wanting a job, they made it look so fun. If you're in the area, this is a great stop, or destination!”- Yelp Review

Hop Yard 62

A see through fridge stocked with various beers.
This bar has lots of amazing beer options. Image courtesy of Yelp

4057 Broadway |

Hop Yard 62 is the perfect spot for beer lovers. They have 21 rotating taps of craft beer, so that there is always a wide selection of options. They love to serve people who love beer as much as they do. But there is something for everyone, they also offer great wine and mead. Not too many bars serve mead. This place is full of unique offerings. They have wine tastings and “tap takeovers,” they do their part to make trying new beers and wine a fun experience. They even have food truck Fridays!

When you visit Hop Yard 62, you have the option to order 64 or 32 ounce containers of beer, wine, and mead. They have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating to best accommodate anyone.  If you’d love to visit a bar with live music, this is the place to visit. You can catch a great live show while you experience unique beverages. And they love beer so much, they put on three home brew contests every year for fellow beer lovers to show off their creations. Don’t miss out on this place if you’re a beer lover.

“Nice music. Good seating. Friendly staff. Delicious drinks. I tried the blueberry jam sour. Was refreshing with a hint of berry! Don't know what's next too many options but quick service and ambience is very pleasant. Parking on street. Cash and credit. Good growlers!”- Yelp Review

Zassy’s Tap Room & Home Decor

Six different amber colored drinks with two apples in between.
These drinks are craving worthy. Image courtesy of Yelp

3940 Grandview Ave |

This bar is a great place with a gorgeous atmosphere. The decor is a mix of fancy and comforting. It looks like a well decorated farmhouse on the inside. This place clearly cares about style and shows it off well, but also has a rustic country look to it that’s comforting. They have options for cheap, simple drinks, and more expensive designer drinks. They also have good options for food. You won’t ever have to go hungry at this bar!

Zassy’s Tap Room makes sure to make a fun environment for their patrons. They have dart boards, pool tables, and giant jenga. There are not many bars out there that offer giant jenga! There is home decor on sale in a back room. If you want to drink and get some new decorative pieces for your home, this is the perfect place for it. 

“Wow just wow! I spent the day exploring Grove City and decided to start off with brunch at Zassy Tap Room. We could not have picked a better place.

The food was absolutely fabulous! Mimosas, bloody Mary's, French toast, chicken and waffles and that Repurposed Plate. Oh my that sucker was piled up high with everything you could possibly want for breakfast.

The food was absolutely amazing and the entire place was so welcoming. You can bet we will be back very soon.”- Yelp Review

Madden’s Bar

Lights that spell out "bar."
This bar is made for your comfort. 

346 Hubbard Rd | Galloway |

Madden’s Bar is a small, cozy bar made for a comfortable time. They offer simple drafts and domestic beer. There are spirits available to have with mixers if that is more your speed. They don’t offer food, but you can bring your own! That leaves you with a variety of choices for food. You can go to any nearby place you desire to grab a meal if you’d like to have some with your drinks.

Madden’s Bar is a great place to visit with a group of people. They have plenty of space and accommodations to make sure you have a good time. They have pool tables and even an electric jukebox so you can have a good time choosing the music. If you visit this place, you will experience a very relaxed and fun environment. 

“The local watering hole!! Bring your horse or your dog!! Everyone is welcome!! Don't expect any of that fancy craft beer!!! Liquor and domestic bottled beer. Bring your own food and enough to share!!.”- Yelp Review

Royale Cigar Lounge

The front of the Royale Cigar Lounge.
Caption. Image courtesy of Yelp.

297 Georgesville Rd | Galloway |

Royale Cigar Lounge is an upscale cigar lounge and bar. Their drink options are high shelf, and are higher priced than many other bars in the area. This place is there for when you want to have an upscale experience and are willing to spend a bit more for it. Though there are a few cheaper options if you need it. There is also a limited menu filled with amazing foods. This is the kind of place you’ll want to dress up to visit. The atmosphere is so put together, you’ll want to look good to match it.

This place prioritizes their cigars. There are extensive cigar options for cigar aficionados. Even if you’re not very interested in cigars, you can still have a good time there. They have an advanced air filtration system that keeps the air clear of any strong smoke smell. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. You can also catch live performances there!

“Brand new upscale cigar lounge with full bar, walk-in humidor, beautiful indoor area and also four season room.  Limited food menu now but they said they are adding more as they are still on soft open phase.  My wife and I both really enjoyed this place and the service.  Right across from Hollywood Casino.”- Yelp Review

Galloway, Ohio is filled with fun night life that you’ll be eager to experience whenever you can. When you’re there, you’ll always have the option to grab a group of people you like, pick a bar with the right vibe, and have a fun night out!

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