5 Trends For Home Decoration In 2022

The ones listed are the most prevalent and essential in the industry.

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Bridget Houlihan


Jan 21, 2021

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Home redecorating and remodeling is an almost $500 billion dollar industry in the United States. Millions of people upgrade their homes in big and small ways to make them more livable, comfortable, or just to look better. In many cases, upgrades are made since the style trends have changed since the last time the home was renovated or redecorated. 

If staying on top of the current trends is important to you, then you certainly don’t want to go through your home improvement project without knowing what those styles are. Not only that, but you don’t want to be behind on anything since they will evolve over time. Here are five trends for home decoration in 2022 so that you can keep up with the times. 

Back To Nature

We’ve been spending so much time indoors over the past couple of years that it’s no wonder so many people want to connect more with nature. You will see that playing out with interior design trends this year. For example, go with natural materials like stone, terracotta, and marble. These are great materials for counters, bathtubs, tables, and shelving. 

Wood furniture is also a big part of this trend. Natural grains and imperfections provide that natural feel of things. You can get custom Amish furniture in Pearland, TX that has those elements but is sturdy and strong and finished how you like. Wood furniture combined with clay accessories and table adornments can provide a strong green and eco-friendly vibe to a space. 


For a few decades, heavily patterned window treatments and upholstery were considered a taste only for older folk. However, that has changed in a big way. Floral treatments are very popular, as well as having floral prints on sofas and pillows. Whereas in the past, your grandmother might have had muted blues and browns, the idea now is to have bold colors to cheer up the space and make it seem as comforting and welcoming as possible. A great way to bring florals is to match tablecloths with drapes and couches to provide a cohesive look that pulls everything together. 


Curves are becoming more popular for furniture because of the feelings of comfort and friendliness that they can convey. After the last couple of years of being so far apart from each other, having gatherings and being welcoming are more important than ever. There are several ways to incorporate curves into furniture. For example, you can have smooth, curve-shaped legs on the kitchen, side tables, or even chairs. While traditionally, the surface of a dining room table is rectangular since you need that space, you can incorporate curves into the surface of your coffee tables or even bookshelves. You are no longer obligated to have rectangles or straight lines. Do what feels right for you and your space. 

Indoor Plants

With the rise of minimalism, having plants indoors became less common. People might have a single potted plant on a dining room table which may or may not have been real, but not much else in the way of greenery. It tends to give spaces a more crowded look, and look away from the functionality of a flat surface. 

However, with natural vibes being so important and the move to recreate grandma’s living room, indoor greenery is making a comeback. You don't have to have walls covered in hanging plants, but carefully selected accents will do. Small potted plants on window sills and side tables will be perfect. Of course, you should still leave room for putting down a drink or your book but still have that nice natural vibe that greenery gives. 

Dual-Purpose Rooms

Covid-19 sent us all into our homes for long periods. Family members were tripping over one another, trying to work, study, attend classes, and live life. We all had to adapt and figure out how to use the spaces in our homes differently. Many people remain working from home, but even for those who aren’t, there were lessons learned about how to use space. 

That is why rooms specifically designed for more than one purpose are gaining popularity. There are several ways that this is achieved. For one, you can replace your small dining room table with a large farmhouse table. This gives more space for it to act as a meeting place or working and homework spot. In addition, multiple people can spread out their papers and other necessary items. Dining rooms can also have storage along the walls, such as for wine or pantry items. Home offices can also double as guest rooms when the company comes. That way, the space isn’t just idle and unused when there are no guests. 

As you can see, Covid-19 has greatly impacted not just how we live but also how we will define our living spaces at the current time. Natural beauty and coming together as people have shaped the current trends, and these ideas will help you keep up.

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June 10, 2022
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