29 Reasons Why Living in Columbus is Awesome in 2022

From food and entertainment to hiking and universities, you will love living in Columbus!

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Kyle Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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Thinking about moving to Columbus, Ohio? There are tons of reasons as to why you should consider living in Columbus, and we’ve compiled our top 29, from our favorite food places to the amenities and entertainment this city has to offer. Without further ado, here are 29 reasons to live in Columbus in 2022!

In this guide, we’re going to discuss

  • Our favorite food spots when living in or visiting Columbus
  • All the amenities Columbus has to offer
  • Must see places if you’re living in Columbus
  • Why living in Columbus is awesome

Columbus has Dozens of Delectable Eateries of All Shapes and Sizes

1. Rodizio Grill Brazilian Steakhouse

Grab your friends and come hungry to Columbus’s Prime Steakhouse

125 West Nationwide Boulevard | Columbus | rodiziogrill.com/columbus 

Rodizio Grill is an all-you-can-eat steakhouse with an amazing selection of meats and premium salads to satisfy everyone’s palette. If you have not had the pleasure of dining at a Brazilian steakhouse, they have servers walking around with huge cuts of meat on serving platters or skewers. They stop at your table and offer you a small serving, which you can accept or refuse. They have upwards of a dozen meats rotating around, so you better come hungry! 

Rodizio Grill is the perfect place to bring friends and family when they are visiting for an unforgettable dining experience. If you are not feeling the meat options, no worries — Rodizio has the best-stocked salad bar out there, well worth the trip. 

2. Fox in the Snow Cafe

Settle in for a cup of amazing coffee

210 Thurman Avenue | Columbus | foxinthesnow.com 

With three locations around Columbus, Fox in the Snow Cafe is a great place to go for top-notch, hand poured coffee and rich baked goods. Columbus is full of great cafes to explore and enjoy many delicious cups of coffee, tea, or cocoa. Many also have incredible bakeries, making each visit a treat. Fox in the Snow has a location in German Village, a beautiful historic district of Columbus. Sitting in the store, enjoying a cappuccino and looking out over the cobblestone streets of the Village is a great way to enjoy the day! 

3. Marcellas

Pizza, pasta, and over 50 fine Italian wines await at Marcellas

615 North High Street | Columbus | https://marcellasrestaurant.com

Marcellas is a fine Italian restaurant, a perfect place to bring a date! With beautiful decor, great food, and exquisite wines, Marcellas is an amazing restaurant — and amazing restaurants are a great thing to have nearby! Columbus is full of excellent and unique restaurants to try, each one with their own flair and style. Start at Marcellas, at Fox in the Snow, and at Rodizio, and go on from there! Try Indian one week and Thai the next. Living in Columbus is great for the diversity in foods at your fingertips. 

4. North Market

Columbus’s own farmer’s market is full of fresh produce, boutique shops, and more!

59 Spruce Street | Downtown Columbus | northmarket.org

Looking for one of Ohio’s best farmer’s markets? Look no further than North Market — Central Ohio’s Authentic Public Market. This famous destination serves over one million guests each year and is consistently ranked as one of the top public markets in the country. North Market is located in downtown Columbus, just a quick trip from your home. There, you will find a ton of food options, each place having its own flair. If you are making a trip into Columbus, plan a few hours to spend in North Market before exploring the rest of the city!

The People Living in Columbus are Great

5. Big City Amenities

With 913 thousand residents, Columbus is currently the 14th largest city in the United States. It is absolutely massive, and that is reflected in the quantity of things to do inside its borders. There are countless stores to purchase foods, beverages, and household items from superstores to artisan goods. Living in a big city has many advantages — one reason to live in Columbus is to have so much within a few blocks’ walk. 

6. Small City Community

That being said, Columbus manages to keep a small-city community. The people are welcoming, and kind. There is a real community in Columbus, and not just around the sports scene. There are many community events and gatherings, and before you know it you might make some new friends in the city! 

7. Vibrant Downtown

Full of stunning views, a healthy nightlife, and a killer food and drink scene, downtown Columbus is the place to be! There is so much to do and explore when living in Columbus, and heading downtown is a great place to start. 

8. Cost of Living

Living in Columbus lets you have the nice big city amenities and a vibrant downtown without being one of the most expensive cities in the states. It is no New York or Los Angeles, fortunately! There are a lot of well-priced restaurant options and bars, as well as affordable activities all throughout the city. 

9. Hot Housing Market

Another great thing about living in Columbus — NBC ranked Columbus as the fifth-hottest housing market in 2022. It is a good time to be in Columbus. There is a booming job market, a lot of great school districts and universities, and a variety of large employers headquartered in the city. 

10. Opportunities to be Active

Another great amenity that Columbus provides is plenty of opportunities to be active. There are a plethora of gyms from the traditional big, open room to class-based memberships. There are free outdoor yoga sessions, plenty of places to hike and bike, and much more! Living in Columbus, you can easily find the right place to be active!

A Great System of Schools and Universities

11. Ohio State University

OSU is a great state school in Columbus, Ohio, with a great roster of sports teams, a huge student body and all the benefits that come with that. They have a lot of majors to choose from, just shy of a million clubs to join, and all in all it’s a great place to go to university to have resources, options, and plenty to do!

12. Ohio State Schools

Living in the state of Ohio has its perks as well. There are a lot of great state colleges and universities like Cleveland State, Ohio State, and Ohio University. You can enjoy their in-state tuition if you are living in Columbus. 

13. Public School System

The public school system in Columbus is very robust. In the city itself and in all of its suburbs and districts there are many school options to choose from. Schools like Bexley, Olentangy, and Dublin Jerome are all the High Schools of some of Ohio’s best school districts. Having a strong set of districts in the area is a great reason to live in Columbus.

When You’re Living in Columbus You’ll have Plenty to Do!

14. Short North Arts District

Although Christmas is behind us, the Short North Arts District is still the place to be! The “Art and Soul” of Columbus, this vibrant neighborhood was revitalized in recent history to become a culture-rich district of this great city. Home to art, dining, nightlife, fashion, and boutique shopping, spending the day at Short North is always a great time. 

There is so much to do around Columbus. Whether you are planning a trip with friends or going out on a date, you will not be wanting for things to do in and around Columbus!

15. Live Music Scene

There is live music every night in Columbus, Ohio! Local music venues and bars often host musicians in Columbus. If you are a fan of live music, you will not be wanting for performances! 

16. Venues Big and Small

From a bar with a dozen patrons and a guitarist in the corner to national acts taking the stage, there is music everywhere in Columbus. When you are living in Columbus, you can find live music on both ends of the scale, from touring pop stars to your friends in a band. 

17. Sports

Columbus is not leaving anything behind in the sports scene, either. At the college level, OSU dominates the scene with an incredible football team and many other competitive and fun teams to watch. The city of Columbus also has an ice hockey team, the Blue Jackets, and a soccer team, the Crew. These games are an absolute blast to watch, and it is fairly easy to acquire tickets, as well.

18. Festivals

Through the summer and fall months, Columbus almost has a festival going on every weekend! These festivals cover a diverse range of topics, from Oktoberfest to food to Latinx heritage to Pride to arts to jazz, to name a few. This is to say — not only are there a lot of events and festivals going on during the summer and fall, they also inhabit a whole spectrum of interests, meaning there is absolutely something that will catch your eye during Festival Season.

19. Columbus Museum of Art

Live next to an amazing art museum

480 East Broad Street | Columbus | columbusmuseum.org

Are you a fan of art? The Columbus Museum of Art is a relaxing and amazing place to walk through. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the large rooms filled with excellent pieces. Having an art museum so close by is an exciting and affordable trip and a great reason to live in Columbus!

20. Ohio Theater

Living in Columbus brings you close to Ohio’s premier theater

39 East State Street | Columbus | ohiotheatre.net

A fan of the arts? The Ohio Theater is your place to go for all of the biggest shows in Ohio. Featuring many Broadway classics, this theater is beautiful on the inside, only adding to the experience of seeing a show! The theater in Columbus puts on incredible shows day in and day out. Looking for a truly art-filled day? You can pair a museum trip with an evening show! No need to travel out to New York whenever you want to see a professional production, just head over to the Ohio Theater.

Columbus is Surrounded by Beautiful Nature

21. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Wander the Wilds at the Columbus Zoo, Ohio’s biggest zoo!

4850 Powell Road | Powell | columbuszoo.org

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is the perfect destination for a day trip with the whole family. On top of boasting many exhibitions, they also host many events and special days throughout the year. Going on days when they are hosting an event means it will be more crowded, but if you find an event you are really excited about, it is worth it! What animal are you most excited to see on your next visit?

22. Walkable City

There are a wide variety of neighborhoods in Columbus that are pleasant to walk through. The Short North Arts District is one of the best, but there are many other shopping and historical districts that can be on your list of places within the city to get some exercise and enjoy the weather. If you’re living in Columbus, make sure to check out the German Village, University, District, and the Italian Village on your travels.

23. An Abundance of Trails

Nature is King in the greater Columbus area. There are a wide array of parks and green spaces throughout the city and around it, making it easy to step into nature when the day-to-day of city living becomes a little too much. Having an abundance of options all within a short drive makes it easy to get out into nature whenever you want to, which is one more reason why you should live in Columbus!

24. Farmers Markets

Throughout the warmer months there are plenty of farmers markets popping up around the city to check out. Farmers markets in Columbus are amazing. They are full of booths with delicious fresh produce, food and drink, awesome artisanal creations, and much more. Wandering through farmers markets is a great way to spend late weekend mornings and afternoons.

25. Olentangy and Scioto Rivers

The Olentangy and Scioto Rivers run throughout the greater Columbus area, and they are often surrounded by parks, trails, and more! Walking along the rivers gives you a great view, and all of the hiking trails around there are beautiful. Walking along the river also gives you the opportunity to see some of Ohio’s vibrant wildlife meandering through their own daily lives. 

26. Scioto Mile

The Scioto Mile is a 175-acre downtown park that sits along the river of the same name. It is absolutely amazing to have such a large park situated so close to the city, and it's the perfect spot to go and enjoy a summer day. You can even rent a canoe or kayak to paddle down the Scioto River!

Columbus is Great for Homebodies and Travelers Alike!

27. Many Great Cities Within a Six-Hour Drive

Columbus has a great location in its spot in Ohio. Living in Columbus is awesome, but there are times when you are looking to go someplace new on a vacation, and Columbus’s central location makes that easy! There are a tremendous amount of cities within six hours of Columbus, like Pittsburgh, Chicago, Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Ann Arbor, and Nashville! These are a few and there are a bunch of vacation spots in and around Ohio as well! 

28. Columbus International Airport

The Columbus International Airport has plenty of direct flights to locations all over the world! It is one of three international airports in Ohio, and having one in your city is a great reason to live there. Living in Columbus, you are also only a few hours away from the Pittsburgh International Airport, as well as the international airports in Cleveland and Dayton. 

29. German Village

Enjoy Ohio’s rich history in this quaint town

588 South 3rd Street | Columbus | germanvillage.com

A trip to German Village is a great way to spend a weekend. It is full of many small businesses serving you food and drink, and there is plenty of shopping to do as well! On top of that, this historic district’s incredible maintenance means you can walk through cobbled streets full of beautiful architecture, manicured landscaping, and inviting stores. The German Village Society oversees the care of this district and hosts many fun, family-friendly events throughout the year. Be sure to keep an eye out for their next event!

Want to Live in Columbus?

Columbus is a great city, and there are plenty of reasons to live here! If you’ve been — what’s your favorite part about Columbus? Let us know in the comments!

Discover your dream home in German Village, OH.

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January 14, 2022
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