25 Things to Do in Anna, OH


Kyle Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Trip Advisor.

Anna, Ohio, is a small village located in the heart of Ohio. Anna’s proximity to both Dayton and Columbus opens up loads of very drivable activities in both of those cities, and there is a lot to do around Anna, as well! Be sure to check out everything you need to know if you are planning on moving to Anna!

1. Tavolo Restaurant

Drive to Sidney for an Unbeatable Italian Meal

101 South Ohio Avenue | Sidney | facebook.com/tavolomodernitalian

Distance from Anna, Ohio — 15 minutes

Tavolo dominates the Italian scene for many miles, creating an exquisite dining experience from the decor and service to the food and drink. The short trip to get to this restaurant is absolutely worthwhile, and it is the perfect place to go celebrate a special occasion or just to enjoy some great food!

2. Tawawa Park

Enjoy the Beauty of Ohio at Sidney’s Best Park

12 Tawawa Drive | Sidney | sidneyoh.com/Tawawa-Park

Distance from Anna, Ohio — 20 minutes

Tawawa park is a beautiful, 220 acre green space perfect to enjoy a day outside. There are big fields perfect for sports like soccer, volleyball, and baseball, and long hiking trails around a pair of lakes to take in the scenery. 

3. Downtown Sidney

Browse Local Businesses at Sidney’s Downtown District

1234 Main St | Sidney | sidneyalive.wpcomstaging.com

Distance from Anna — 15 minutes

Downtown Sidney is a great place to go shopping at boutique stores and eat at family-owned restaurants! This nearby town has a lot of fun shops to spend a day wandering around in. Between April and October, Downtown Sidney also hosts a Farmer’s Market on Sunday Mornings. 

4. Piqua Public Library

Books, Architecture, and Art Await at the Piqua Public Library

1234 Main St | Piqua | piqualibrary.org

Distance from Anna — 20 minutes

Now, we know what you’re thinking. A library, really? Yes! The Piqua Public Library has much more than shelves of books. Situated in the renovated Fort Piqua Plaza building, the architecture on the inside and outside of the building is worth checking out, and they also have a small art display on the inside. This library is pretty close, and a great place to spend a few hours!

5. Farrington Reserve

Hike Through Beautiful Nature at One of Piqua’s Many Reserves

1594 West Peterson Road | Piqua | miamicountyparks.com/farrington

Distance from Anna — 20 minutes

Farrington reserve is a beautiful destination just a short drive from Anna. Situated right on the Great Miami River, this reserve is a great place to go for some spectacular hiking, biking, and boating. Anna is near a lot of parks and reserves, and this one is crucial to add to your list!

6. Allen County Museum

Learn About Allen County’s Rich History

620 West Market Street | Lima | allencountymuseum.org

Distance from Anna — 30 minutes

Are you a fan of history? Allen County Museum is the place to be! Their mission is to preserve the culture of Allen County, and their museum contains many bits of history unique to the county. This is a great place to explore to learn more about Ohio!

7. Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit

Walk Around a Historic Steam Engine at one of Lima’s Parks

Locomotive in Lima, Ohio
Lincoln Park’s Locomotive is a sight to see! This, alongside the park’s other pieces, provide a great peek into Lima’s history. Image courtesy of Trip Advisor.

199 South Shawnee Street | Lima | cityhall.lima.oh.us/Facilities

Lima’s Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit showcases the last steam engine built at Lima’s Locomotive Works alongside a variety of other historic vehicles. Alongside this showcase, there is a lot of green space and areas perfect for a picnic or to enjoy some time outdoors. 

8. Vino Bellissimo

Grab a Drink at a Local Winery

2412 Cable Court | Lima | vinobmo.net

Distance from Anna — 30 minutes

Lima’s Vino Bellissimo is a great place to stop for a glass or two of wine. They have an excellent selection of wines and serve appetizers to go with them. Vino Bellissimo is a small business that’s grown into itself in Lima, Ohio. While their main store is under construction, they are just doing takeout wines there, but they are operating out of another location called Somewhere in Time at 804 West North Street, just a few minutes down the road. 

9. ArtSpace Museum

Showcasing Local Art in Rotating Galleries

65-67 Town Square | Lima | artspacelima.com

Distance from Anna — 30 Minutes

The ArtSpace Museum in Lima is an organization that provides visual art to the greater Lima area. They work to cultivate new and interesting galleries for local art, and wandering through is a fun activity, regardless of how much you know about art! Walking through a museum with friends or family is a great way to spend a weekend.

10. Brukner Nature Center

Swing by for Some of Ohio’s Most Beautiful Hiking Trails

5995 Horseshoe Bend Road | Troy | bruknernaturecenter.com

Distance from Anna — 35 Minutes 

Brukner Nature Center is a wildlife conservation center that prompts the appreciation and understanding of wildlife conservation while offering beautiful hiking trails through nature at only $2.50 for a day. The nature center in Troy is a cool place to go to get a mixture of hiking, as you would at any park, and a bit of a guide through it. The staff who work at the Nature Center love talking about nature, and will happily answer any questions that you have. 

11. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Wander the Wilds at the Columbus Zoo, Ohio’s biggest zoo!

4850 Powell Road | Powell | columbuszoo.org

Distance from Anna — 1 hour and 15 minutes

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is the perfect destination for a day trip with the whole family. Although it is a bit of a drive, it is worth it to see all the animals they have there! On top of boasting many exhibitions, they also host many events and special days throughout the year. Going on days when they are hosting an event means it will be more crowded, but if you find an event you are really excited about, it is worth it! What animal are you most excited to see on your next visit?

12. Columbus Museum of Art

Beautiful Exhibits of Famous Art

480 East Broad Street | Columbus | columbusmuseum.org

Distance from Anna — 1 hour 30 minutes

Are you a fan of art? If so, the Columbus Museum of Art is the place to go! It is a relaxing and amazing place to walk through. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the large rooms filled with excellent pieces. The Columbus Museum of Art is well worth the drive to get there! Who’s your favorite artist? Maybe you’ll see one of their pieces when you stop by!

13. Ohio Theater

Come see a show at Ohio’s premier theater

39 East State Street | Columbus | ohiotheatre.net

Distance from Anna — 1 hour 30 minutes

A fan of the arts? The Ohio Theater is your place to go for all of the biggest shows in Ohio. Featuring many Broadway classics, this theater is beautiful on the inside, only adding to the experience of seeing a show! The theater in Columbus puts on incredible shows day in and day out. Looking for a truly art-filled day? You can pair a museum trip with an evening show! If you are looking for a unique theatre experience, you can always check out La Comedia! Keep reading for more details!

14. Penn and Beech Candle Company

Head to Penn and Beech for Worthington’s finest candles — and make one yourself!

646 High Street | Worthington | pennandbeech.com

Distance from Anna — 1 hour 15 minutes

Penn and Beech is a boutique candle store located in Worthington, Ohio that lets you experience the candle-making process yourself. This is the perfect spot for a friend’s night or a place to bring your family when they visit. Candle-making is a fun and affordable activity for all ages. The cost to create your own candle starts at $22 and lets you design a blend of up to three premium oils of the 100 in-store options. After you make your candles, they have to sit for 90 minutes or so, making this a great first stop before exploring what Worthington has to offer!

15. 2nd Street Market

Stop by Artisan Stalls for Great Food and Trinkets

600 East 2nd Street | Dayton | facebook.com/2ndStreetMarket 

Distance from Anna — 45 minutes

This artisan marketplace is a great place to stop by this holiday season. 2nd Street Market is prepared for this winter season with indoor vendors and stalls, giving you a reprieve from the cold. Local artisans and businesses have the chance to show off their wares, and there are loads of different goods that make perfect presents or additions for a special meal or treat.

Have a weekend where your calendar is open? Stop by 2nd Street Market for great shopping, a fun environment, and pick up some gifts, food, and drink to share with friends and family, or treat yourself! This is always a great place to go shopping. 

16. Lily’s Dayton Restaurant

Escape Ohio’s Winter With a Tropical Dinner at Lily’s!

329 East 5th Street | Dayton | lilysdayton.com 

Distance from Anna — 45 minutes

Lily’s is a new restaurant to the Dayton scene with an extra serving of personality. Lily’s is a great place to stop by for some great food and excellent cocktails. At Lily’s, they have created an atmosphere like you are going on a tiny vacation between the time you step through their doors and when you leave. 

Lily’s is a great place to go and take a short moment to relax and enjoy a fine meal in Dayton. For the few hours you are there, you can focus on the artsy, botanical interior, the tiny umbrellas that garnish your drinks, and having a great time with friends, family, or your date. 

17. Warped Wing Brewing Company

Drive to Dayton’s Finest Brewery

26 Wyandot Street | Dayton | warpedwing.com

Distance from Anna — 45 minutes

Warped Wing Brewing Company has been a mainstay in Dayton since 2014, providing the city and anyone who travels in with an excellent menu of craft beer, relaxing, modern scenery, great service, and great bar food to go with it. Warped Wing is a great place for beer lovers everywhere. You can even get it delivered to your doorstep! 

18. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine bar

Enjoy Dayton’s Finest Steaks at Fleming’s

4432 Walnut Street | Dayton | flemingssteakhouse.com/locations/oh/dayton

Distance from Anna — 1 hour

Celebrating a special occasion? Only a bit of a drive, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse is a great place to dress up for a date, with family, or with friends. Their extensive wine list and exquisitely cooked steaks make this one of Ohio’s finest restaurants. 

19. Brewdog Brewery

Enjoy some of Canal Winchester’s finest beers at Brewdog Brewery

96 Gender Rd | Canal Winchester | brewdog.com

Distance from Anna — 1 hour 30 minutes

Brewdog Brewery is your go-to place for microbrews in Canal, Winchester. Great beer, great food, and an awesome modern style make this brewery a great place to hang out and relax on any night! They have an extensive indoor bar and table setup as well as space outside to enjoy the fine Ohio weather on days where the sun is shining. It is a fair drive, so make a day out of it! There is a lot to do in the Canal Winchester area, so grab some friends and check out Brewdog today! 

20. German Village

Enjoy Ohio’s rich history in this quaint town

588 South 3rd Street | Columbus | germanvillage.com

Distance from Anna — 1 hour 20 minutes

A trip to German Village is a great way to spend a weekend. It is full of many small businesses serving you food and drink, and there is plenty of shopping to do as well! On top of that, this historic district’s incredible maintenance means you can walk through cobbled streets full of beautiful architecture, manicured landscaping, and inviting stores. The German Village Society oversees the care of this district and hosts many fun, family-friendly events throughout the year. Be sure to keep an eye out for their next event!

21. North Market

Upper Arlington’s own farmer’s market is full of fresh produce, boutique shops, and more!

59 Spruce Street | Downtown Columbus | northmarket.org

Distance from Anna — 1 hour 20 minutes

Looking for one of Ohio’s best farmer’s markets? Look no further than North Market — Central Ohio’s Authentic Public Market. This famous destination serves over one million guests each year and is consistently ranked as one of the top public markets in the country. North Market is located in downtown Columbus, about a. 80-minute drive from Anna. There, you will find a ton of food options, each place having its own flair. If you are making a trip into Columbus, plan a few hours to spend in North Market before exploring the rest of the city! 

22. Magnolias on Main

Grab Some Fashionable Apparel at This Trendy Boutique

245 S Main Street | Springboro | magnoliasonmainspringboro.com 

Distance from Anna — 1 hour

Magnolias on Main is always rotating in new apparel and accessories, making it the perfect place to bring your friends when they stop by, or to pick out a new outfit for yourself. This store is absolutely perfect for a ladies’ day out, or to browse for something special with the help of their excellent staff. 

23. La Comedia Dinner Theatre

Spend a Night at Springboro’s Famous Dinner and a Show Venue

765 West Central Avenue | Springboro | lacomedia.com

Distance from Anna — 1 hour

The staff at La Comedia combines great shows with an amazing meal — going to La Comedia always makes for a memorable night. They rotate through casts and plays so you will never get tired of stopping in. La Comedia is a famous theatre in the area, a reputation they’ve built up through years of amazing food, service, and music. 

La Comedia endeavors to give you a “Taste of Broadway” every time you go. Their mixture of fine dining and Broadway-style entertainment makes it a perfect place to visit when you are in the Dayton area. Check out their musical schedule to find a show you like!

24. Powell Village Winery and Tasting Room

Enjoy a Beautiful Tasting Room and Help Yourself to a Flight in Powell’s Finest Winery!

50 South Liberty Street | Powell | powellvillagewinery.com

Distance from Anna — 1 hour 20 minutes

Located in downtown Powell, this urban winery is a great place to spend an afternoon — tasting wines, finding which ones you like the best, and enjoying their indoor and outdoor seating. 

Powell Village Winery also has a wine club, letting you choose a monthly box of two, four, or six wines to pick up or get delivered to you. With 20 varieties, there are sure to be wines for every palette! 

25. Ill Mannered Brewing Company

This Nano Brewery is Packed Full of Unique Beers Waiting for You to Try!

38 Grace Drive | Powell | illmanneredbeer.com

Distance from Anna — 1 hour 20 minutes

Four passionate beer crafters banded together after brewing beer at home and founded their nano brewing experience — Ill Mannered Brewing Company. They brew their beer in 186-gallon tanks, leaving them plenty of room to experiment with new flavors. 

Chances are, every time you stop in (and you’ll want to come more than once!) there will be something new on tap. Also, the owners of this brewery will happily show you around the place, from their taproom to their six-barrel electric brewery. With some friends and some snacks, this is an amazing place to spend a day. Beer, space outside on a nice day, and pleasant company is a great way to spend a day in Powell. 

Although it isn’t the biggest town in Ohio, there is a lot to do around Anna! What are you most excited to see in the surrounding area? Let us know in the comments!

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