Moving to Anna, Ohio? Here’s What You Need to Know

Looking for a place to raise a family but unsure of a town that would fit? How about this charming little village with loads of heart- what’s not to like?

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Jan 21, 2021

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As Anna’s welcoming sign indicates, this village has been around since 1878. Centuries of American conflict eventually led to the thriving Anna we know today. Why not join its rich history? Image courtesy of LINK.

Anna, Ohio Welcome Sign

If you’re considering a move to Anna, Ohio, look no further. This tiny village, brimming with personality, awaits you and your family. With beautiful infrastructure, lovely parks, and town activities for everyone, Anna is a great place to raise a family and live a life of comfort and ease. If you’re religious, even better- Anna is home to many large churches that love new members.

An hour and a half from Columbus, Ohio, and forty-six minutes from neighboring Dayton, Anna rests in an accessible place to other major populations of Ohio. Why not live in Anna, a calm homely village, and be free to explore everything else Ohio has to offer?

Here we’ll cover the village’s history, school systems, opportunities, and much more. This adorable town could become your home- let’s find out if it’s the perfect fit.

We will cover:

  • Anna’s Rich, Wild History
  • Government and Community Involvement
  • A Quality School System
  • A Community Thriving on Religion
  • Facts and Figures
  • Fun and Games
  • Weather
A main road in Anna

This small town has history stretching back centuries, a history that informs the town’s personality today. Every road you walk on, every house you cross, may have been a vital piece of American history. Image courtesy of LINK.

Anna’s Rich, Wild History

A crazy past to a peaceful, productive present

Anna and the area surrounding it was initially owned by the Native Americans until 1669, when the French started invading and exploring the land to claim as their own. The British and the French fought over this territory for a great while, escalating into a fight dubbed ‘The French and Indian War’ that went on from 1754 to 1763. In the ending treaty, the British claimed ownership over territory east of the Mississippi. As we all know from high school history, this didn’t last. The colonists declared independence and the land became theirs to cultivate.

In 1803, Ohio was officially considered a state. Early arrivers included John W. Carey, who would come to name Anna. The village was first called Carey’s Station, until he changed it. Can you guess who Anna was? Carey’s daughter. This family-focused atmosphere naturally became important to the little town as it grew larger.

The village of Anna is best known for, historically, the production of grain and lumber. 1861 saw Anna’s first saw mill, and the development boom that followed paved way for the town’s reputation in Ohio.

Today, Anna is most known for its contribution to the auto industry. Anna houses the Honda of America Manufacturing Plant that currently employs more than 2,800 people from Anna and its surrounding areas. The plant opened in 1985 with only one hundred employees. With massive growth, it is now the second largest Ohio Honda plant in operation. Their parts are used all around North America.

The American flag

Fancy some politics with your small-town life? Anna has many opportunities to engage in local politics and committees. With the aid of your peers, you can make a real difference in the lives of those in town and elsewhere.

Government and Community Involvement

Fancy yourself a committee member? Or why not run for office?

Anna’s government is run locally, from the bottom up, employing many current residents. The government is comprised of elected officials but there are plentiful opportunities for community members to contribute and join in. There are a handful of active boards, commissions, and councils to sink your teeth into if you want a taste of local government. It’s a great way to make the place you live even better.

Village committees are generally small and meet at seven p.m. every first Tuesday of the month in the Village Hall, a center of Anna’s social and political life. What better way to introduce yourself and meet your neighbors than a council to help the village out?

There’s also the Anna Civic Association, founded in the 1960’s. It’s a not-for-profit organization that plans community activities, gives scholarships and donations to individuals and other organizations, and otherwise promotes do-gooding. They host one major fundraising event a year, the Anna Homecoming Festival. If interested, you can find their contact information here.

A school in Anna

Anna’s schools educate elementary, middle, and high school students. With one school for each of these levels, all children of the same age will know each other- talk about small-town community. Image courtesy of LINK.

A Quality School System

Accessible education for all

If you move to Anna, Ohio, you don’t have to worry in the least about great school opportunities. Anna sports an elementary, middle, and high school, as well as a community college with online course offerings. The middle and high school are close together in the center of the village, with the elementary school to the north part of town.

The high school boasts impressive career services, with classes in many specialized areas that they call ‘Career Programs.’ If your child has a particular aptitude or interest, they’ll be sure to have the time and attention needed to foster it here. Possible programs include Culinary Arts, Exercise Science, Electrical Trades, and more .This setup provides the perfect platform for any child to succeed and explore.

Students have access to a large amount of extracurricular activities- clubs, sports, and the like. There are also many college prep and special education services, including the local schools’ affiliations with the Upper Valley Career Center, Urbana University for College Credit Plus, and the Midwest Regional Educational Service Center, to name a few.

For extracurriculars, any sport your child could dream of is available- football, cross country, volleyball, golf, and more. The school boasts large sports fields and facilities, as well as the local park, to run around in. Their football team is prominent in Anna’s social life, commonly seen on local newspaper pages and sports websites.

The close-knit nature of the community shines through in their school systems, which serve the village by providing quality education and activities to Anna’s growing population.

A cross on top of a church

Anna’s community is very church-centric, as religion is quite important to the community members. With so many churches to choose from, your options for faith are endless.

A Community Thriving on Religion

Small town feels with a big religious heart

Anna, Ohio is a majority conservative town with an emphasis on family values. The layout of the village is old-style Americana, with a community park, local library, post office, and five churches. It can feel like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, minus all the puppets. The village is self-sustaining, all that you need within Anna’s limits.

The village was built on strong religious values. Three of Anna’s five churches are within the Anna School District- the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, the Immanuel United Church of Christ, and the Anna Church of Christ. The other two churches, St. Jacob’s Lutheran Church and Anna United Methodist Church, sit within the village limits.

The wide variety of churches provides ample opportunity for exploring or furthering your faith. The community thrives on religious values that tie families and friends together, and the churches each hold a multitude of fun events where you can get to know your neighbors. You can even try out every church, see which one fits you best. Why not take advantage of these options?

A spreadsheet with graphs on it

Statistics about Anna prove the village to be of great economic value, and always growing.

Facts and Figures

Want the nitty gritty?

Anna’s unemployment rate is slightly lower than the American average at 3.7%. There are plentiful job opportunities in local business and government, as well as opportunities at Anna’s well-known Honda of America Manufacturing Plant.

Anna’s cost of living is 15.2% less than the American average. Who doesn’t love saving money?

Anna’s population currently sits at 1,547 people, but is steadily growing at a rate of 15.8% since 2010. It’s one of those cozy Hallmark-esque towns just screaming for more residents to give it warmth. It’s not too big, it’s not too small- it’s just right.

A group of friends laughing

Social life in Anna never stops, with new people and activities to engage with at every corner. Join a committee, a club, or even a sports co-op! You never know who you’ll meet.

Fun and Games

Never a dull day in Anna, Ohio

If you move to Anna, Ohio, you’ll never be bored. The community sponsors and holds a multitude of activities to keep you active and busy. Considering that Anna’s springs and summers are full of wonderful weather, you’ll surely want more excuses to be out and about.

Have a green thumb? The Anna Garden Club meets the third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. to discuss upcoming fundraisers and planting times. They plant and take care of flowers and plants all over the village, keeping it beautiful year-round.

Perhaps you fancy yourself a history buff. Look no further than the Anna District Historical Society, a group of people dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich history of Anna and its surrounding areas. They research, plan history-based activities, and generally promote awareness of Anna’s interesting past.

If you love tennis but can’t find any ladies to play with, the Anna Ladies Tennis League has you covered. Whether you’re a beginner or Serena Williams, the League hosts tournaments throughout the summer where you can hone your skill and get a tan while you’re at it.

For kids, the extracurricular activities available are endless through the school system. Clubs, sports, and after-school events galore will keep your children out of hair for however long you need it- so you can go play tennis!

A blue, cloudy sky

With snow and rainfall akin to the rest of the United States, you won’t have to worry about many natural disasters. Definitely no tsunamis. Weather in Anna is pretty average- not too hot, not too cold. The perfect bowl of porridge.


A small detail, but vital to comfort

June, August, and September are the most comfortable temperatures and humidity in Anna, the summer high in July around eighty four degrees. The winter low temperature is around nineteen, with an average of nineteen inches of snow a year. It won’t be too chilly, with winters not unbearably long and harsh, and the wonderful summers make up for it. Not too bad!

Anna gets roughly the same amount of rain as the United States average, forty inches per year. No need for hardcore umbrellas, but the village does get some showers.

The sun is high in the sky roughly one hundred and seventy-eight days a year, a little less than the United States average of two hundred and five days.

All considered, moving to Anna, Ohio may be a great choice for you and your family. The village is rife with history that has led it to today, as the auto industry thrives nearby in Anna’s Honda factory. The churches are plentiful, with innumerable options for exploring and furthering your faith. No matter what age your kids are, or will be if you plan to have some, the school system can support them well into young adulthood.

And let’s not forget the fun! Anna’s weather is great for sports, summer barbeques, and all other outdoor and indoor activities. Community buildings and organizations are always open to more people, so don’t be shy and put your foot in the door! This community is very close but always growing, as statistics show Anna to be an accessible, lower cost option than other towns in America.

Finding a new home can be hard. With a tight-knit community like the one in Anna, the transition can be easy. This village is one ready to welcome you with open arms.

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February 28, 2020
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