25 Reasons to Move to Springfield, OH

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Springfield!

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Haley Wisniewski


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Springfield, Ohio.

Are you looking to move to Springfield, Ohio? Do you need some tips and reasons? This article will give a few reasons why moving to Springfield is worth it. Springfield, Ohio, is located in Clark County and has approximately 60,000 people. A few fun facts about Springfield:

  • Many names know the city. The nickname Champion City stems from the Champion Reaper farming equipment produced in Springfield in the 1800s. The nickname City Roses stems from the 33 greenhouses that produced more roses than any other city in 1919.

If these facts aren’t convincing, read on for twenty-five reasons why moving to Springfield is a great option.

1. Springfield is Affordable

The cost of living is everyone’s fear in today's world; having an affordable option is something everyone yearns for.

Springfield offers homes that are affordable for individuals of all walks of life. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

The cost of living in Springfield, Ohio indices are based on a U.S. average of 100. Any rating over 100 indicates the cost of living is higher than the national average and vice versa. Springboro has a ranking of 102.5, meaning the cost of living is a little higher than the national average. This is based on an income of $40,000 per household resident, the median income of people in the United States. One reason Springfield is so affordable is that there is a great diversity of available homes in the area. You can often find a place with everything you need without paying for anything you don’t need. 

Forbes Magazine recognized Springfield’s affordable living and, as a result of this, ranked the city as the 8th best, cheap place to live in the U.S. Whether your dream home is a home situated in a tree-lined, close-knit neighborhood or a country estate with a few acres of land, Springfield’s rich inventory of homes will help you find your desired dream home at a competitive, affordable price.

A mural in Springfield, Ohio
There are many great places to enjoy a fantastic meal in Springfield. Image courtesy of Fresh Water Cleveland.

2. Amazing Food Scene

If you are someone who loves food, this is an excellent area for you to move to!

Coffee and chocolate are two items that taste good and are great pick-me-ups if you are having a bad day. Image courtesy of Facebook.

32 N Fountain Ave| Springfield, OH 45502|12.winanschocolatescoffees.com/

New restaurants and food pairings have been recently added to Springfield. These restaurants offer unique food combinations and creations that locals love. The food scene comes prepared with in-house options that are local and freshly made every day. Many restaurants in Springfield have been operating long enough to find their footing and serve delicious meals, and there are many unique restaurants as well. 

If you like exploring and finding new restaurants, moving to Springfield, Ohio will keep you happily occupied for a long time! Food is a big part of life, and the food scene plays a huge role in deciding where to move. Springfield is packed with many delicious options that will make you and your family want to move immediately.

3. Education and Career Opportunities

The future is up to our youth, which is why The Springfield district offers so many excellent opportunities to its students.

A sign outside of Springfield High School
Springfield High School offers distinct concentrations in many subjects. Image courtesy of The Blade.

In Springfield, students are offered educational opportunities that allow them to understand how they can contribute positively to society. The Springfield City School District holds classes in ten elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools. Springfield High School offers various advanced placement (AP) courses and an International Baccalaureate program

Another high school in the school districts, named the DOME, is home to a regionally renowned STEM school and a state-of-the-art tech and learning center. In addition, Wittenberg University and Clark State Community College help pioneer higher education opportunities in Springfield. These opportunities are an essential aspect of finding and furthering a career.

4. Moving to Springfield, OH, could be good for your health

Everyone needs a fresh start once in a while; what’s holding you back?

With new places come new adventures. Image courtesy of City of Springfield.

The health of a city relies on different factors. These factors can include air quality, water quality, and risk of disease. Other people in close vicinity can also affect overall health as some places have lower or higher rates of exercise, increased consumption of alcohol, smoking, and obesity. The cost of healthcare in Springfield is significantly lower than the U.S. average at 89 out of 100. 

Superfund is a program that funds cleanup sites for some of the most contaminated land in the United States. Superfund gave Springfield a phenomenal rating of 93 out of 100 on a cleanliness scale. Overall, the health and cleanliness of Springfield ranked very high, which is a great boon when moving to a new city.

5. Springfield is “The City at the End of the Road.”

It’s named for  where many settled after the construction of the road stopped.

A black-and-white image of the End of the Road
National Road had the most significant influence on Springfield’s settlement. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Springfield has gained notoriety over the years, thanks to the National Road. This road still runs through the city today and made its way through Springfield in 1839. Unfortunately, a lapse in federal funding caused the construction of the road to stall for over a decade. When travelers reached the end of National Road, they had nowhere else to go, so they settled. During this time, the city became known as “The City at the End of the Road.” This is one piece of Springfield’s rich cultural history. There is a lot to discover when you move to Springfield! 

6. Springfield has a rich aviation history

Up up and away in Springfield, OH!

Nothing but adventure awaits in the wide blue sky. Image courtesy of government technology.

Springfield has an extensive aviation history collection shown off in the National Museum of the U.S. Airforce. The museum researches, conserves, interprets, and presents the Air Force’s history, heritage, and traditions. Springfield is also a part of the Wright Brothers' infamous history. Harry Toumlin, a patent attorney from Springfield, wrote the first flying machine application for the patent that was ultimately granted to the brothers in 1906.  

7. Landmarks everywhere!

There are many must-see landmarks in the city of Springfield. Madonna of the Trail, one of many landmarks in Springfield, represents the pioneer women and their influence on the country. Currently, forty listings on the National Registry of Historic Places call Springfield home. Many walking paths in Springfield go through places like this and the rich nature that is easily accessible from the city. 

A welcoming mural in Springfield Ohio
This beautiful mural welcomes the guests and homeowners of Springfield. Image courtesy of WYSO.

8. Arts and Culture are a big part of life in Springfield, OH

A portion of what spices up life.

Springfield Museum of Art is the place to be if you are an art lover and want to spend the day admiring past and present art. Image courtesy of Top Brunch Spot

The legacy of arts and culture lives in Springfield. This legacy can also be seen  through the city’s symphony orchestra. Other vital pieces representing Springfield arts and culture include the Frank Lloyd Wright House museum and the Smithsonian-affiliate art museum. These amenities keep arts and culture alive in the city, and many city residents enjoy and support the vibrant arts and culture by attending festivals, concerts, and more! 

9. Get out and enjoy Springfield's many parks and trails

A little time outside never hurt anyone, and it’s easy to do when you move to Springfield, OH.

Are there any images with people in them we can use here? Caption. Image courtesy of Top Brunch Spots.

Springfield is home to one of the largest community parks in Ohio. The park connects the community to 212 acres of nature and recreation. You can connect with nature by embarking on hiking trails or participating in activities such as white water rafting, fishing, or paddle boarding. All these trails are a great way to get a change of scenery from Springfield. Walking through these trails is a great time to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or chat with friends and family during the warm seasons. Numerous trails and parks around Springfield are perfect for family or solo outings.

10. Enjoy pleasant weather and a comfortable climate

Experience the different seasons that Ohio has to offer

Ohio permits you to enjoy all the seasons and the ability to remain comfortable doing so. Image courtesy of Her Realtors Gahanna.

The weather is as typical as can be in Springfield. If you like the typically warm summer months and cold winter months, Springfield is just for you. June, September, and August are the most pleasant months, while January and February are just the opposite. The best places comfort index gives Springfield a seven out of ten on comfortability which is above the national average for the United States. In Ohio, you get all the seasons and a great mix of different temperatures. So while winter might not be your favorite, you get to wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy your favorite hot drink with a light activity like reading, watching television, or whatever your wintertime hobby may be! 

11. Enjoy Springfield's vibrant flowers

Nature’s environmental art

A beautiful rock garden in Springfield
The City of Roses gave Springfield world notoriety. Image courtesy of Day in Columbus.

Many know Springfield as the Champion City, but it also goes by other names. One of those names is the City of Roses. This name comes from the 1919 fact that Springfield was home to thirty-three greenhouses that produced more roses than any other city in the world. Today, you can still see the beautiful flowers delivered in Springfield at any local greenhouse. The flowers are a big enough reason to move to Springfield! However, the summertime flowers in Ohio are something else. The climate and the soil are encouraging for the growth of many flowers, and the workers at the greenhouse know precisely how to bring out the best in them. 

12. Spend a night out listening to Springfield Symphony Orchestra

A perfect night out for those who share a great appreciation for the musical arts.

The Springfield symphony orchestra in concert
The Springfield Symphony Orchestra offers great live, classical music. Image courtesy of Linkedin.

The Springfield Symphony Orchestra is a significant part of the arts and culture represented in Springfield. The orchestra educates, entertains, and enhances the lives of people in Springfield through live symphonic music. Orchestra concerts are a great activity in Springfield. Sure, some people think they are boring, but spending a night listening to scores of professional musicians making beautiful and complex melodies and harmonies is very impressive. 

13. Soak up some culture at Springfield Museum of Art

Admire your local culture and the work of local artists

The exterior of the Springfield Museum of Art
The Springfield Museum of Art was accepted into the Smithsonian Affiliates Program. Image courtesy of SmithsonianMag.

The Springfield Museum of Art seeks to engage the entire community through art and education. The museum uses exhibitions and art classes to give a new meaning to the appreciation and understanding of the visual arts. This is one place you want to visit! This museum is perfect for repeat trips, as talking about these artworks with different people and comparing what stood out to you creates a unique and engaging experience every time. If you move to Springfield, this can be an activity every time family and friends come to visit.

14. Conveniently located near other cities and towns

It’s convenient to day trip from Springfield

Jump into the car and see where the adventure takes you. Image courtesy of Best Places.

Springfield is strategically located between Columbus and Dayton. Springfield is an hour from Columbus and half an hour from Dayton. The job opportunities are fantastic, considering Springfield is located next to two major Ohio cities. Springfield makes it a great place to look for employment. 

Alongside the jobs, there are so many activities in Columbus and Dayton! These two cities are brimming with their own cultures, and they are each a new place to explore, just like Springfield. The larger towns are full of unique restaurants, shops, and boutique stores that are well within driving distance

15. Springfield is the perfect place to raise a family

Move to Springfield, OH and raise a family!

A family selfie
Jump into the car and see where the adventure takes you. Image courtesy of Best Places.

Springfield is a place where your neighbors feel like family. The close-knit Springfield communities make it a fantastic family-friendly living environment. Chatting with neighbors and offering a plate of cookies is a great way to get acquainted with neighbors. 

16. Springfield's residents practice a variety of religions

Religion helps to bring a balance into our lives.

Despite all religions being different they all provide a form of faith for everyone. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock,

Thirty percent of people in Springfield are religious. However, there are a variety of beliefs that are practiced in Springfield. Some religions include Catholicism, Baptist, Lutheran, Islam, Judaism, and many more.

17. Spend a day in Springfield's Recreation District

There is so much to see and do!

There are many parks, trails, and places to enjoy playing sports such as basketball, baseball, etc. Other activities include kayaking, hockey, rock climbing, and bouldering. Springfield is a reservoir of recreation.

18 Have a unique experience at Hartman Rock Garden

Enjoy beautiful artwork at this must-see garden

A stellar garden in Springfield, Ohio
The Hartman Garden is a wonderful place to visit after you move to Springfield, OH. Image courtesy of Atlas Obscura.

1905 Russel Avenue| Springfield, OH,45506| atlasobscura.com/places/hartmans-rock-garden

In 1932, Ben Hartman started building miniature stone statues when the Great Depression hit. He became inspired and created to build a sprawling rock wonderland in his yard. His creations still stand in Springfield today. The Rock Garden attracts thousands of visitors. Make sure to check it out.

19. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia,

85 South Greenmount Ave.| Springfield, OH 45505| westcotthouse.org/

The Westcott House is arguably the most important architectural project of the modern era. The house was designed in 1906 and built-in 1908. As a result, the Westcott House is a critical rediscovery, a notable, newly unearthed example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy.

20. Snyder Park Clubhouse

Family, friends, and fun in the sun

A children's playground in Springfield Ohio
Snyder Park is a family favorite. Image courtesy of National Trails.

Synder St.| Springfield, OH 45504 |ntprd.org/lost/

The Snyder Park Clubhouse has had many design improvements throughout the years. A creek has been added, several lakes have been formed, hundreds of trees have been planted, and roadways have been paved throughout. The Clubhouse serves as a vibrant space for the unrestricted use of Springfield residents.

21. Cool off at Clarence J. Brown Reservoir

Enjoy a hot day cooling off near the reservoir.

The Clarence J. Brown Reservoir
The United States Army initially used the Reservoir. Image courtesy of Kayaking Across Ohio.

C.J. Brown Reservoir is located two miles northeast of Springfield. The reservoir includes picnic tables, grills, and walking trails. While it is not exactly a beach, this lake is a fantastic place to spend a summer day. There is a lot of space to walk or set up a big cookout to enjoy the summer weather. 

22. Check out Champaign County Balloon Festival

Come see balloons float through the sky.

The autumn skies will be more colorful than usual this October. The Champaign County Balloon Festival is back and better than ever. The public will be allowed to view the balloons at 7 pm and see them glow as they are lit to circulate color and light.

23. Show off your skill at Simon Kenton Chili Cook-Off

Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of competition?

This family-friendly event has activities for both children and adults. They have salsa judging, a dunk tank, chili sampling, a pepper eating contest, and a corn hole tournament. There are also prizes for places first through fifth.

24. Splash around at the Rubber Duck Regatta

Rubber Ducks and fundraising fun!

The Rubber Duck Regatta is a fundraising event to help solve world hunger. All contributions help provide meals to hungry children and families in the Springfield community. They get all manner of rubber ducks, and the event is so wholesome and genuine that it is almost impossible to leave with anything but a big smile and a whole heart. 

25. Explore Springfield's beautiful homes

There are beautiful homes all around Springfield. If Springfield sounds like the place you could call home, consider checking out our latest listings!

What is Most Exciting in Springfield?

With so much to offer, it's no wonder Springfield is a famous home for Ohioans. So what's your favorite part about Springfield? Let us know in the comments!

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