Top 6 Pizza Shops in Springfield, Ohio Locals Can’t Stop Talking About

Looking for a slice? Check out where to grab the best pizza in Springfield, Ohio.

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Jan 21, 2021

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If you love pizza, you know that some restaurants or take our businesses are better than others. Recipe’s matter and, well, when it comes to ingredients, sometimes pizza chain establishments just don’t cut it.

There are no pizza worries for residents of Springfield, Ohio, though. The town isn’t just home to Wittenberg University and the 78 mile long Little Miami Scenic Trail. Springfield has a number of quality, local pizzerias that are perfect destinations for a late night bite or a family pizza dinner.

To guide you through all the delicious options Springfield, Ohio has to offer, here is a list of the 6 best pizza shops locals love.

1. Russ and Joe Catanzaro’s Pizza and Subs

Not only has this shop been family owned and operated since 1951, but they use some of the freshest ingredients available. 

A woman wearing a grey uniform happily cuts a pizza in half with a large slicer.
Made with pride and tradition, these pizzas are all you could ever want. [Photo Courtesy of Springfield News-Sun]

The Catanzaro family pride themselves on their expert customer service, quality ingredients, and the fact that they are open 7 days a week. They are experts at making delicious pizzas and providing authentic italian bites because they not only work hard, but they’ve been in the pizza business for decades.
Russ and Joe Catanzaro’s Old World Style Pizza and Subs has a long history of serving Springfield residents some of the best italian food in the region. The family first opened their business in the Old City Market of Springfield in 1889-- yes, you read that right. They sold fruits and vegetables and were a trusted name for produce for years. 

In 1911, the family opened a second location on West Main Street and continued to sell produce. It would be another 40 years before their current location on Dayton Avenue would be erected. At this point, their shop sold pizzas at night and continued their vegetable and fruit sales during the day. 
After a short period of halting pizza sales beginning in the 60s, Joe Catanzaro re-introduced their famous pizza in 1995 and made their old world style pies a mainstay of their establishment. Today the shop has a market attached to it and, in addition to pizza, sells subs, pasta dishes, and much more. 
Their family history isn’t the only important part of the Catanzaro pizza shop. Their dedication to using recipes handed down from generation to generation is a major part of why their food is so delicious.

2. KNS Short Stop Italian Restaurant

Haiwain and gluten free pies, buffalo wings, salads and hoagies-- say no more! This grocery store/pizza shop has it all.

A worker at the local Ohio pizza shop KNS Short Stop shows us one of their signature pies.
Take a long pause at Short Stop to get the full experience of their pizza pies. [Photo Courtesy of Springfield News-Sun]

It isn’t a long shot to say that KNS Short Stop Italian Restaurant in Springfield is one of the best quick bites pizza shops in the area. Serving amazing food since its inception in 2000 after Rob Koons and Sharry Haerr acquired the then closing Short Stop grocery story and reopened it to sell pizzas in addition to groceries. Now, after adding an extra section of the building, a full service restaurant/pizza shop functions beside the market.

The market itself offers fresh cheeses, meats, and vegetables that are cut deli-style everyday to showcase their ultimate quality. For the KNS Short Stop Italian Restaurant, its slogan is “A Slice A Day Keeps The Sad Away!” and focuses on providing Springfield residents with original pizza recipes, chicken wings, salads, hoagies, burgers, soups, pasta, and delicious specialty sandwiches, in addition to fast delivery options for a cozy pizza night at home. 

Short Stop also offers online ordering options. Not to mention they also have a 4.4. Star rating on their Google reviews page!

3. Cassano’s Pizza

With a long history of serving pizza, today Cassano is the pizza king of Ohio with a diverse menu to appease any appetite. 

Cassano’s Pizza chain started in Ohio and continues to satisfy residents in Springfield and Dayton. [Photo Courtesy of Pinterest]

Founded on June 4th, 1953, the first Cassano’s Pizza Shop was a 20 foot by 15 foot room that was connected to a grocery store located on Schantz Avenue in Kettering, Ohio. 

Today, Cassano’s has multiple locations around Ohio that all provide customers with an array of pizza pies and subs. Try their veggie, ham & cheese, or BBQ subs-- or the Cassani, Cassano’s own original meditaranian flatbread piled high with toppings. 

Not only does Cassano’s have amazing sandwiches and subs, their pies are to die for. Their veggie, Hog Wild, and Big Cheese pizzas are expertly made with quality ingredients, in addition to their more affordable but still equally delicious single topping pizzas. 

If that wasn’t enough pizza for you, Cassano’s also offers a 30 inch Party Pizza available for delivery to your next big birthday party at home. The Party Pizza is perfect for large groups and can feed up to 20 people. 

4. Mikey’s Pizza

Born and raised into a pizzeria family, Mikey knows what it means to make good pizza. 

Try Mikey's thin crust pizza master piece and you'll never go back to thick crust again. [Photo Courtesy of Facebook]

Mikey’s love for pizza started at 5 years old. His parents owned a pizzeria, and he would help them clean tables, eventually realizing that the act of making those special pies with his family’s recipe’s was his one true calling. That’s when Mikey was inspired to open a pizza shop of his own on July 1, 2015 on Harding Road in Springfield.

Mikey’s famous pizza is a thin crust, St.Louis-style pie-- cooked to perfection and served with a variety of toppings-- Mikey encourages his customers to build their own pies from his large list of toppings.  

And as a traditional family-style, small business pizzeria, Mikey’s Pizza has some tried and true traditional takes on calzones, wings, salads, and cheesy bread. Mikey’s also offers rooms to host events and parties, in addition to delivery options using the DoorDash app service.

5. Fazoli’s

Though not necessarily native to Ohio, Fazoli’s is still a Springfield favorite.

A pizza pie from Fazoli's getting a pizza slice cut out of it.
With so many options, you won’t need to go anywhere else besides Fazoli’s. [Photo Courtesy of Fazoli’s]

Though Fazoli’s has nearly 220 restaurants across 28 states, their pizza is still a favorite of Springfield residents. Their location in Springfield specializes in pasta, sauces, breadsticks and salads that are freshly prepared throughout the day, as well as oven-baked dishes and subs. 
Though their food is “fast”, Fazoli’s is not fast food.They use 100% real mozzarella and provolone, vine-ripened tomatoes with their authentic marinara sauce and garden vegetables.

Their restaurant offers tons of amenities, too, including free wifi, catering, online ordering, drive through, take-out, vegetarian options, kid’s nights, and tons of employment opportunities. And watch out for their daily specials and lunch specials!

Oh, and did we mention unlimited breadsticks??? That’s right-- when you dine in at Fazoli’s, there’s no end to how many breadsticks you can get. And for those looking to use their drive thru, customers get 2 free breadsticks per entree item purchased. 

6. Crust & Company

What time is it? Well, it’s time to visit Springfield, Ohio and get a slice at this locally owned and operated pizza joint!

A blend of ingredients, like mushrooms, peperoni, cheese, and spinach, on the top of a pizza pie.
The only thing we love more than pizza itself  is Crust & Company's locally owned and operated pizza shop. [Photo Courtesy of Dayton Business Journal]

Crust & Company is the third restaurant in the Springfield area owned and operated by Dan and Lisa Freeman, and is located in the old Myers Market in downtown Springfield. Crust & Company opened in early February and offers customers freshly baked breads and authentic Roman-style pizza-- just what Springfield residents ordered!

The Freeman’s said that they took a chance with the downtown location in the past with their other restaurants, but that after receiving warm reviews and lots of positive feedback from customers, they decided to open another italian-style eatery.

Crust & Company is in line with their other business ventures, in their menu offers items that are uniquely their own and can’t be found anywhere in the area. The shop features kinds of pizzas the couple samples in Rome and will have airy crusts with hints of olive oil. 

“We felt this was something that was missing in Springfield,” Dan Freeman said to the Springfield News-Sun. In addition to serving up fresh pizza for the lunch and dinner crowd, the eatery will feature freshly baked bread in the morning. The goal is to bake up to several hundred loaves a day, depending on customer demand, and will range from traditional baguettes as well as sourdough and other specialty breads.

So if you are looking for delicious, fresh cooked italian food, Crust & Company is the spot for you. 

What are you waiting for?

Don’t sleep on all Springfield has to offer. When it comes to food and fresh italian favorites like pizza and subs and pasta, Springfield has an array of options, and these 6 are only the tip of the iceberg.

In addition, if you are looking for other things to do in Springfield, check out the HER, REALTORS® blog posts on the best places for tourists visiting, and also this article on everything you should know about the town. 

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