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14 Top Bakeries in Columbus Ohio

Delectable cupcakes, mouth-watering cakes, and cookies that will melt your mind; check out the top bakeries that you can’t risk passing up.


Michael Calhoun


Dec 23, 2019

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Whether you want something savory or sweet, something to enjoy with your family during dinner or wolf down a cookie on your lunch break, in a way you’re taking part in a ritual that has become directly tied to the human experience on this planet, something that connects each and every one of us. Every baker has their own personality, and with so many amazing bakeries to choose from, you’ll find endless satisfaction perusing this list of the finest bakeries Columbus has to offer.

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Laughlin’s Bakery

This gem in the Short North Arts District has it all.

Pear shaped pie

Creating this list without including Laughlin’s would have been a joke. This behemoth in the baking community has been featured on the cover of Ohio magazine, and with good reason. Since 2014, this little bakery has rocked Columbus with expertly crafted cakes, cookies, breads, and pastries. The menu is CRAZY, with literally dozens of different items to purchase and enjoy for whatever party size you like. The owner is extremely friendly, and started the bakery after his career in the opera was unfortunately compromised by a severe cold. You can’t go wrong by trying this bakery that mixes European classics and Southern culture. Check out Laughlin’s today!

Desserts from Laughlin's
Images courtesy of Laughlin's Bakery

Kittie’s Cakes

This German Village favorite is a must for one signature treat.

star and ice cream shaped sugar cookies

Checking out their website, it’s clear that Kittie’s Cakes has a secret weapon to delight your taste buds. Their cinnamon buns were voted the best in all of Columbus by Columbus Monthly, and just thinking about their flakey, spongy cakes are enough to make my mouth water as I write this. But once you’re there, don’t stop there (after your 4th cinnamon bun, of course), check out their awesome cupcakes with different flavors every day! Whether it’s coconut cream, PB&J, or ooey gooey chocolate, their cakes stand out with originality and full-bodied flavor that are impossible to resist. Kittie’s Cakes are a must.

Cupcakes, coffee and breakfast at Kitties Cakes
Images courtesy of Kittie's Cakes

Patty Cake Bakery

Located in Clintonville, this vegan bakery refuses to sacrifice flavor in their baked goods.

Chocolate cupcales

It’s a great thing that vegan food has been on the rise in recent years. Not only does it allow people with specific food requirements a way to get the food they need, with more people cooking it there has been a renaissance in learning how make vegan products absolutely delicious. PattyCake Bakery is leading the charge with conscientious baking, with organic, locally-sourced ingredients, recycled and biodegradable packaging, and delivering their products to coffee shops and grocery stores on bikes instead of cars; what’s even more impressive is that they’re able to do this while also making delicious treats that don’t break your wallet either. Definitely try out Lauren’s snickerdoodles while you’re there.

pumkpin roll, pie, and cupcakes
Images courtesy of Patty Cake Bakery

Omega Artisan Baking

This North Market bakery will impress you with their expert breads, croissants, and muffins.

ginger thyme bundt cake

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Paris, but never wanted to leave Columbus, you’ve probably faced a little difficulty fulfilling your plan (not to mention failing geography class). Thankfully, Omega Artisan Bakery can transport you across the world with some of their famous croissants, like the cinnamon twist croissant, the ham and swiss croissant, or even the classic butter croissant. Make sure to get the blueberry cream cheese one too, it sounds so good it’s making me want to head out there right now and get one. They’ve also got a whole range of other foods though as well, from scones, muffins, and cinnamon rolls to delicious ciabatta and challah. If you’re in the mood for some delicious and “transportive” food, Omega Artisan Baking is where you need to go!

Eggs benedict, fresh bread, and ice cream sandwiches
Images courtesy of Omega Artisan Bread

Resch’s Bakery

If you’re looking for a cake, muffin, or other baked goods, this Columbus classic has what you need.

Donuts with hearts
Image courtesy of Resch's Bakery

If you’re looking for bakeries to try out, then you might already be familiar with this really wonderful category of baked goods called cakes. Now, cakes come in all different forms dozens, if not hundreds of different occasions. Weddings, birthdays, graduations, birthday showers, to really stand out they all need a proper cake. Resch’s Bakery has been around since 1912, and believe me, they know everything you need to know about how to make a perfect cake for any event you could possibly host. With their deep history of providing Columbus with cakes to suit everyone’s needs, this bakery has earned its spot in this list, and it’s absolutely worth a visit.

“Such a hidden gem! I finally had the opportunity to try their donuts and they are AMAZING!”

Katie M. Canal Winchester, OH - Yelp

Belle’s Bread

This Japanese- and French-inspired bakery in Kenny Centre is sure to surprise and delight.

Strawberry cheesecake from Belle's
Images courtesy of Belle's Bread

Baking is such a staple for cultures all around the world, that there’s no shortage of amazing recipes from practically every people on the planet. Since there is already so much history that comes from baking, it’s a true delight when someone sets out to join two different visions side-by-side: Belle’s Bread at the Kenny Centre Mall has just that vision with their distinct combination of Japanese and Parisian baking styles. Whether it’s the infamous macarons, or their sweet red bean roll, you’ll be able to experience the best of both countries’ baked goods while staying close to home.

"Authentic Asian-style desserts in Columbus, Ohio?
Who would've believed it?!"

Gene W., Camas, WA - Yelp

Beautiful cake that looks like a baby tree and rose cupcakes

Mozart Piano Bakery and Cafe

Enjoy this Austrian-themed bakery with friends, family, or random strangers.

Beef stew with fresh bread

Looking at this list, it’s clear that Columbus has a huge number of bakeries with inspirations from foreign lands and peoples. Mozart’s Cafe is no exception, with their Austrian bakery offering delectable European treats like cream horns, coconut rum balls, and truffles. They also have traditional cookies like florentines, lebkuchen, and ischler, but also American favorites like chocolate chip and peanut butter. The bakery also offers gluten free options in the forms of coconut macaroons and truffles, which aren’t easy to come by in bakeries. In addition to being a bakery, the cafe also offers a full restaurant menu, with delicious options that also carry their distinctive Austrian and European flavors. If you’re curious about some Eastern European cuisine, Mozart’s can deliver.

"For the past 3 years, my wife has ordered my birthday cake from Mozart's cafe. I am of Hungarian decent and used to enjoy Dobos torte when I was younger."

Chris G., New Orleans, LA - Yelp

Chocolate cake, heart shaped sugar cookie, fruit tarts
Images courtesy of Mozart Piano Bakery and Cafe

Suisse Shop

The Polaris Neighborhood Center is lucky to have this award-winning bakery in its midst.

Wonder woman birthday cake!
Image courtesy of Suisse Shop

Another specialty cake shop in Columbus, this bakery is known for its truly amazing creations. Voted the best wedding cake bakery in all of Central Ohio, The Suisse Shop was actually voted into the top 2% of the country’s wedding cake bakeries in 2018. Their gallery shows cakes shaped like the Titanic, ornate christmas decorations, football helmets, and even a monkey. Where The Suisse Shop really shines is in the creation of custom cakes that you can tailor to any occasion, or even just for fun! Another favorite is what they call the cute cake, a two-layer, 5-inch cake that comes in 22 different flavors. Check out The Suisse Shop for your new favorite cake creations!

Decorative pink flower cake, a funny cake with a unicorn drunk on sprinkles, and a classy white wedding cake
Images courtesy of Instagram #suisseshopbakery

Pistacia Vera

This Columbus bakery serves both North Market and German Village with its amazing pastry creations.

pistacchio dessert

This delectable pastry shop has delicious options with some of the best-sounding dishes I’ve seen. I was drawn in by the blueberry almond frangipane, tomato galette, and chocolate coconut feuilletine; I have no idea what any of those even are, and now I’m dying to taste them! This restaurant prides itself on its high quality bakes, something that isn’t widely available with budget-friendly bakeries. Luckily, Columbus has Pistacia Vera to provide patrons with high-end baked goods that will leave you hooked and begging for more.

"What a great place for gluten free desserts. I had the raspberry torte and it was prepared so beautifully; it had visible layers of chocolate that just melted in my mouth."

Alexander P. Cincinnati, OH - Yelp

Gluten free bakery treats
Images courtesy of Pistacia Vera

Fox in the Snow Cafe

A one-of-a-kind bakery/cafe that’s taking German Village by storm.

Cream cheese pumpkin cupcake
Image courtesy of Fox in the Snow Cafe

Fox in the Snow is a truly unique place, and its atmosphere is apparent from just one look at the interior of the space. The founder Lauren Cully wanted a space where she could go and get homemade pastries and an espresso and hang out for hours talking with family and friends; since Columbus had nothing like this yet, Cully decided to build it herself! Their menu features less options than other bakeries on this list, but what they lack in quantity they more than make up for in the mastery of the pastries they do make, as well as the delicious flavors they infuse into everything they create. Fox in the Snow is the perfect place to wile away a few hours during the blazing summer heat, make sure to stop by.

"Cute, lots of natural light, good coffee, friendly staff. Loses one star for no wifi."

Kevin G. Dorchester, MA - Yelp

Kolache Republic

This Frankfort delight offers delicious Central European baked goods for any discerning pastry lover.

Yummy treats fresh from a pan
Images courtesy of Kolache Republic

There’s nothing wrong with specializing in a specific dish; think of any pizza place you know that only serves pizza, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Spending your time honing your craft on a single kind of dish eventually makes you an expert on it, and with baking it’s no exception. Kolache Republic takes this exact approach with the baking of its titular dish, kolache. Originally a Central European wedding dessert, Kolache Republic has gotten creative and created savory dishes like kielbasa and cheese or bacon egg and cheese kolache, as well as serving classic sweet options like blueberry and cheese or sweet cheese (a lot of cheese). For a straightforward menu that’s mastered their craft, Kolache Republic is a great place to try a very special dish.

MEat pockets, coffee, chicken noodle soup

Fantasy Cupcake

These Canal Winchester cupcakes are nothing short of extraordinary.

peanut butter buttons dipped in chocolate
Images courtesy of Fantasy Cupcake

Fantasy Cupcake, despite its name, actually makes more than only cupcakes. They also serve cookies, cake pops, and homemade ice cream, as well as a variety of cakes. As the name implies though, their specialty is their huge variety of delicious cupcakes, ranging from chocolate mint, raspberry white chocolate, and cookie dough, to wedding cake, chocolate fantasy, and red velvet. Their cupcakes only run at $3 per cupcake, which makes them one of the cheaper cupcake vendors on this list, and with flavors as delectable and varied as any other artisanal bakery, Fantasy Cupcake is worth your patronage.

Milkshakes, pies, and coffee

Short North Piece of Cake

This bakery takes its name from its location in the Short North Arts District, and it carries its artistic roots through its beautifully-crafted baked goods.

Fancy forst cake with foxes and mushrooms posing on a log
Image courtesy of Short North Piece of Cake

As they’ll tell you themselves on their website, their specialty is cakes. Whether it’s wedding cakes, baby showers, birthdays, or even any of your numerous “liquor themed” events, Piece of Cake has the solution for you. They create extravagant, elegantly-crafted 3-D cakes that are absolutely stunning and sure to make an impression on anyone who has the pleasure of eating one. They have an entire menu devoted to food-shaped cakes, including cakes shaped like steak and a wheel of cheese. I’ve never been more in love with a cake shop in my life. If you’re looking for joy and whimsy in your baked goods, look no further than Piece of Cake.

"I got the cake for my quinceanera here and the staff is incredibly nice and I'm very glad I got my cake here."

Ella D. Columbus, OH - Yelp

Cak with antlers sticking out, cakes for parties, artist cake with easel and palate
Images courtesy

Cherbourg Bakery

Bexley baked goods bring best buds by (yay alliteration!).

Yummy treats
Images courtesy of Cherbourg Bakery

For the final bakery on this list, we’ve chosen a real humdinger for you. With savory treats as well as some options for those with a sweet-tooth (meaning me) the Cherbourg Bakery is a lovely shop filled with bright spaces and bright, cheerful people. A menu item that stuck out to me was their Zucchini Mini Loaf, served with hazelnut butter; I was also drooling over the double lemon bar option, which also happens to be their bestseller. And guess what: all of their products are gluten free! That’s right, even with all of their delicious options spanning all tastes and desires, their products are accessible to everyone, so if you’re looking for a gluten free bakery that also serves delicious, daily-made baked goods, there’s no better option for you than Cherbourg Bakery.

Muffins, coffee, and cupcakes

The Tip of the Iceberg

Columbus has so many amazing bakeries that make amazing food, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve created this list to share with you some of our favorite places for the best baked goods in town, but to really get a grip on just how good, and how varied, the bakeries are in Columbus, you’ll have to go and try them yourself. We hope you’ve enjoyed this list, and that you’ll use it as your starting point for exploring everything Columbus has to offer.

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It is a scientific fact that pastries and baked goods are mankind’s gifts to the universe. Whether its a flakey, buttery scone, or a dense pound cake, baked goods are enjoyable whether alone or with friends, at any occasion. Humans have actually been baking for thousands of years, and the traditions and cultural meaning have great significance for all of humankind, all over the globe.

June 27, 2018
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