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Allison Shearer


Jan 21, 2021

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Columbus, OH has the most exciting and adventurous places to discover, learn, and create. This guide gives a comprehensive view inside the most unique and inspiring places Columbus, OH has to offer. Explore Columbus, OH and get involved in the community.

Center Of Science And Industry

Challenge Yourself and Solve Scientific Problems

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Join the adventures at COSI and explore a diverse realm of science and technology.

Center Of Science And Industry| 614.228.2674

333 W Broad Street, Columbus, OH

Mon-Tue: Closed| Wed-Sun: 10am-5pm

Facebook| Instagram

Learn new interesting facts about science and technology. Put your thinking cap on and enjoy the wealth of knowledge the Center of Science and Industry offers. Find out your burning questions regarding space, dinosaurs, and chemistry. Perfect for all ages, the whole family can be entertained and educated on a wide variety of fun activities.

The museum is known for its planetarium and dinosaur exhibit. Exhibits include interesting topics from how waves form in the ocean to exploring mechanics with gadgets such as old computers. Children and adults will be able to solve problems containing subjects such as physics, chemistry, and engineering.

“This is a fun and enjoyable experience for people of all ages. I especially love the fountains in the ocean area and the towns from the different decades area. There is a variety of attractions for various areas of science- truly something for everyone! I really enjoyed my visits to COSI!”- Liberty L. Yelp Review

Columbus Museum of Art

Discuss And Study Your Favorite Works Of Art

Image Courtesy of Facebook

The Wonderball raises money each year to support creative initiatives at the Columbus Museum of Art such as Teen Open Studio and Sparking Imaginations.

Columbus Museum of Art| 614.221.6801

480 E. Broad Street, Columbus, OH

Mon: Closed| Tue-Wed:10am-5pm

Thu: 10am-9pm| Fri-Sun: 10am-5pm

Facebook| Instagram

Unleash your creativity and observe the most fascinating pieces of artwork. Be inspired and interpret different forms of art from the most innovative artists. The collection of art contains late 19th and early 20th century American and European pieces. Collections from local Ohio artists are on display to encourage creative expression in the community. The museum also covers contemporary art, American social commentary art, photography, and folk art.

The Columbus Museum of Art includes fun creative activities so that you can make your very own piece of art. Think Like An Artist Thursdays is an event on the first Thursday of every month. The event allows visitors to create art projects with live music, cocktails, and beer. Wednesday’s at two features interpretations of the most current exhibitions to explore the history and meaning behind works of art that have changed a nation. Summer art workshops are available for young children to play, create, and learn. The art escapes travel program allows you to go on a trip with the Columbus Museum of Art to further experience art in different regions.

The Museum includes free general admission on Sunday’s to provide knowledge to the community.

“This is a great art museum! Not only is there gorgeous art (local and international), but the building is beautiful! It's light and airy, you could make a whole day out of exploring it. They have a little cafe which is nice, plus a little shop. There is parking in the back (aka entrance side), as well as meters on the streets around. Visit on a Sunday when admission is free!” –Kay K. Yelp Review

Ohio History Connection

Discover Ohio’s Rich History And How It Affects The Present Day

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Scott Hamilton, an Ohio native, competed at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo where he won the coveted gold medal.

Ohio History Connection| 614.297.2300

800 E. 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH

Mon-Tue: Closed| Wed-Sun: 10am-5pm

Facebook| Instagram

Enrich your knowledge and learn what shapes our way of life today. Knowledge is power and learning about different topics in history can change the future. Learn about the civil war, natural history, archeology, transportation, politics, and space all in one museum. The Ohio History Connection has fun events and exhibits to bring you the most interesting facts about your favorite topics. The Apollo 11 mission, a World War I display, and Learning More About Your Family Photographs are just some of the cool exhibits that the museum offers.

The Ohio History Connection is unique and provides interesting facts about Ohio’s rich history. Some of the exhibits include Ohio’s Olympic History, Ohio Champion of Sports, and Female Artists from Ohio. Learn about Ohio’s impact on sports, art, and entertainment.

Join in on the action and receive a history lesson about the unique state of Ohio.

“A very nice museum to learn about the natural history of the land as well as historic events of Ohio. I particularly like their fossils and gemstones collections. The layout is open and well designed with plenty of room to view all the displays.”- Joe R. Yelp Review

National Veterans Memorial and Museum

Honor Those Who Have Served Our Country

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Over 20 million veterans live in the United States that display bravery and strength. The National Veterans Memorial and Museum gives veterans a voice.  

National Veterans Memorial and Museum| 833.200.3746

300 W. Broad Street, Columbus, OH

Mon-Tue: Closed| Wed-Sun: 10am-5pm

Facebook| Instagram

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum honors those who have battled and protected our country. The Museum includes veterans experiences from films, letters, pictures, and exhibits. The experience educates others to appreciate the sacrifices and humility that veterans have displayed to fight for the safety of our country.

“At times the memories hit. Keeping an open mind helps. It's not just about murals and flags, but more how connected we seem to forget.”- Vladimir R. Yelp Review

Thurber House

Observe The Famous Writing Pieces of Author James Thurber

Image Courtesy of Thurber House

Take a tour of James Thurber’s home, a multifaceted writing talent from Ohio.

Thurber House| 614.464.1032

77 Jefferson Avenue, Columbus, OH

Mon-Sun: 10am-4pm

Facebook| Instagram

If you are a writing enthusiast, this top place to visit in Columbus, OH is for you. The Thurber House was the home of cartoonist, playwright, author, and humorist James Thurber of Ohio. The house is a non- profit literary museum. The Thurber House celebrates James Thurber and his innovative career.

Thurber attended Ohio State University and quickly began his career as a versatile literary author. Thurber moved to New York and started writing for the New York Evening Post. The New Yorker then hired Thurber where he released a multitude of books and cartoons.

Fun events pay homage to James Thurber and recognize new talent at the museum. Programs include summer literary picnics, evenings with authors, adult writing workshops, and year of Thurber events. A variety of youth programs provide a platform for other aspiring authors and literary talent to flourish.

Take an educational tour to remember one of the most famous authors of our time.

“Fantastic historical review of the life and times of James Thurber, one of America's great satirists. If you love dogs, humor, or Columbus history, you have to do this tour. Paul was a great guide and had me laughing aloud often with some wonderful stories.  The house is also haunted, so there's that.”-Ian M. Yelp Review

ZipZone Outdoor Adventures

Escape The Bustling City And Take An Outdoors Adventure

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Participate in an adventure the whole family will love at ZipZone Outdoor Adventures in Columbus, OH.

ZipZone Outdoor Adventures| 614.847.9477

7925 N. High Street, Columbus, OH

Mon-Fri: Closed| Sat-Sun: 9am-5pm

Facebook| Instagram

Venture on to the outdoors and experience nature with a new adventurous activity. View beautiful skylines and Columbus in an adrenaline rushing zip line tour. The ZipZone Outdoor Adventures is Ohio’s first hands free zip line tour. The two-hour tour starts in the trees of Camp Mary Orton.

“What a fun way to soak up nature, right in the middle of the city!  The kids really enjoyed their time on the youth course, which is just perfect for little ones who are still very adventurous!” –Angie M. Yelp Review

North Market

Satisfy All Your Cravings With Endless Options Of Food

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Dos Hermanos Taco Truck provides mouth watering $2 Tacos to celebrate Taco Tuesday at the North Market.

North Market| 614.463.9664

59 Spruce Street, Columbus, OH

Sun-Mon: 10am-5pm| Tue-Sat: 9am-7pm

Facebook| Instagram

The North Market is a public market that features all types of authentic cuisines from different countries. The fresh produce and merchants from all over the world provide a diverse atmosphere. The affordable produce includes meat, baked goods, olive oil, donuts, cheese, spices, herbs, and many more.  

The quality products and items that the farmers and merchants provide give the market diverse options. The farmers market is every weekend and includes produce, flowers, vintage items, jewelry, and fine art. Fun events are coming up at the North Market such as the Ohio Wine Festival, Mix and Shake, and Sip and Stroll.

“Great market in the Short North of Columbus. They have craft and food vendors from all over in the market, and a nice farmer's market outside! They have all different types of food for you to try, from Polish, to Deli, to Nepalese. I highly suggest coming and checking it out!”-Patrick Y. Yelp Review


Learn More About The State Government  

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Test your knowledge of the state government and learn more about how Ohio passes state laws.  

Statehouse| 614.752.9777

1 Capitol Square, Columbus, OH

Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm| Sat-Sun: 11am-5pm

Facebook| Instagram

Get a free- guided tour to learn about the state capitol building and the U.S. National Historic Landmark. The tours provide a history lesson about the Statehouse and encourage visitors to get involved in the government. The government offices host many meetings and events such as the Ohio General Assembly.

The beautiful architecture of the building is a Greek revival style to represent democracy. The Ohio State Museum Education Center includes exhibits to strengthen people’s knowledge of the state government and inspires them to participate in major key decisions that affect their future.

“Great statehouse in Ohio. For anyone who is a history buff or just loves old buildings this is the place for you. I would recommend staying at the Sheraton if you are going to be visiting. Take a tour it is simply a must when in Columbus.”-Harrison G. Yelp Review

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Interact With Your Favorite Animals And Learn About Their Habitat

Image Courtesy of Facebook

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium features exotic animals from all over the world that are unique and endangered.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium| 614.645.3550

4850 Powell Road, Powell Ohio

Mon-Sun: 10am-5pm

Facebook| Instagram

Experience the wild and learn about different species around the world. With over 10,000 animals, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has a wide variety of wildlife to interact with and learn from. Events such as Sunrise on Savanna allow visitors to enjoy breakfast followed by a tour of the cheetah habitat. Another event known as breakfast with the animals includes a special tour of the most rare animals at the Columbus Zoo. Weddings are even booked at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium due to the breathtaking scenery and wildlife. Programs offered include traveling with the zoo to explore and study wildlife on a memorable excursion.

“Best zoo ever!! My family always gets a season pass and it's completely worth it. This zoo is so great because the exhibits make you feel so close to the animals!”-Shelly Z. Yelp Review

Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum

Learn About Famous Cartoon Art Works At The Ohio State University

Image Courtesy of Facebook

View your favorite cartoon artists at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum in Columbus, OH.

Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum| 614.292.0538

1813 N. High Street, Columbus, OH

Mon: Closed| Tue-Sun: 1pm-5pm

Facebook| Instagram

The Ohio State University campus contains many educational wonders for visitors. The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum is the world’s largest collection of cartoons and comics. Billy Ireland, an Ohio native, drew cartoon illustrations for the Columbus Dispatch. His editorial cartoons captured Ireland’s thoughts and opinions about politics, the community, and humor. The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum is open to the public and admission is free. Search for your favorite illustrations and topics in the OSU Library Catalog. The educational experience is inspiring.

“Went back yesterday for the Calvin and Hobbes exhibit.  Glad I did.  It's just one room, but there are a lot of strips, plenty of background on C+H and Watterson, etc.  A nice small, free museum.  There's a research library in the same building, for all your cartoon doctorate needs.”- Mark K. Yelp Review

Easton Town Center

Enjoy A Beautiful Shopping And Dining Experience

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Easton Town Center features countless retailers and restaurants to have a luxurious experience in Columbus, OH.

Easton Town Center| 614.337.2200

160 Easton Town Center, Columbus, OH

Mon-Thu: 10am-9pm| Fri-Sat: 10am-10pm

Sun: 12pm-6pm

Facebook| Instagram

Shop until you drop at Easton Town Center. The shopping district features 300 retailers, a movie theater, comedy club, and quality dining options. You can never run out of stores to go to in this famous shopping complex.

“Fantastic shopping. Retail option comparable to Chicago nestled in Columbus, OH. Conveniently located just off the highway. A couple of hours of shopping, then an impeccable meal at Smith & Wolensky.”- Charina C. Yelp Review

The Book Loft

Enjoy The Perfect Reading Oasis  

Image Courtesy of Shawnie K. on Yelp

Read away and escape into your imagination at The Book Loft in Columbus, OH.

The Book Loft| 614.653.7992

631 S 3rd Street, Columbus, OH

Mon-Sun: 10am-11pm

Facebook| Instagram

The Book Loft is located in the German Village of Columbus, OH. The independent bookstore contains 32 rooms of books at bargain prices. If you love reading, this is the perfect oasis to get your materials at a discount.

“Hands down one of my favorite places to go in Columbus. Each room of this historic gem is filled with a different genre of books. Little signs with arrows guide you through the maze that is this store. I've lost hours of my life browsing fun and unusual titles upon titles and haves loved every minute of it. Great place to go after a brunch in German Village on a weekend when you have time to kill.”-Nickie F. Yelp Review

Columbus, OH has a wide variety of fun filled unique places to visit for the whole family to enjoy. If you are thinking about moving to Columbus, OH, HER Realty will guide you throughout the process of finding a home.

View homes for sale in Columbus, OH

April 24, 2019
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