11 Best Coffee Shops in Columbus’ Art District, Short North

11 Amazing Places to Get Your Caffeine Fix

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Jan 21, 2021

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For those who are unfamiliar with the artsy neighborhood just north of downtown Columbus - you should consider visiting Short North. If you fall in love with it just like the 1,721 people who reside there, check out HER's listings.

So whether you are a new resident, a lifelong Buckeye fan, or just driving by - we have compiled a list of the best coffee shops in the area. If you’re looking for a morning boost or a tasty sweet treat - we have you covered.

Since we don’t want your tastebuds to wait any longer. So without further ado here is the list of the 10 best coffee shops in Short North.

Mission Coffee

latte with heart shape design.
Stop by Mission Coffee and try a cappuccino made with love. Image courtesy of Mission Coffee on Yelp.
latte with heart shape design.
Stop by Mission Coffee and try a cappuccino made with love. Image courtesy of Mission Coffee on Yelp.

1051 N High St Columbus | missioncoffeeco.com

While Mission Coffee may appear as your usual hipster coffee shop, they are all about promoting their message. Mission Coffee believes in craftsmanship, collaboration, and education. That's why your coffee is always brewed fresh with the best coffee beans from around the world. The people behind Mission also believe that we are all learners and every cup of coffee is a chance to show what you have learned. So if you're craving a delicious cup of excellence - stop by Mission.

Absolutely lovely! I adore Mission. A great open space tucked in a side street of the short north... Mission, you have the heart of so many locals! Keep it roastin. - Yelp Review

One Line Coffee

small glass of hand poured coffee with a bakery item on a place next to the coffee.
Come try a hand poured coffee and a bakery item. Image courtesy of Valerie C. on Yelp.

745 N High St. | onelinecoffee.com

One Line Coffee is one of a kind. The way they make and serve their coffee is truly an art. Each cup is made when you order, that way you are always guaranteed fresh hand-poured coffee. One Line cares about sourcing locally and sustainability. Therefore their process is easy, “to farmer, to roaster, to you.” Check out One Line if you’re looking for a locally sourced cup of joe.

Columbus has a lot of amazing coffee shops. One line is hands down my favorite. From their perfectly crafted cappuccinos to delicious pour overs, I know that whatever I get at this shop will be good. - Yelp Review

Roaming Goat Coffee

A sneak peak of the trendy workspace in Roaming Goat Coffee. Image courtesy of Jayme H. on Yelp.

849 N High St. | roaminggoatcoffee.com

Roaming Goat is a great place to get work done. Their Short North local is the coziest place to enjoy a hot coffee or latte. If you have a pup, feel free to invite them too! Roaming Goat allows dogs in the cafe. If you stop by and fall in love with their coffee, you can join their Coffee Club. It is a monthly subscription of their coffee which is delivered to your home. Therefore you’ll never run out of great coffee!

Great coffee! Better atmosphere! Even better bagels!! This place is awesome, I'll definitely be back often. The baristas are always helpful and knowledgeable. The environment has a little noise but not too much that you can't focus. - Yelp Review

Short North Coffee House

Delicious Cafe Mocha with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. Image courtesy of Ryan S. on Yelp.

1203 N High St. | shortnorthcoffee.com

Short North Coffee House is a cute little place with a large menu. They have a wide selection of drinks, but make sure to look at the food too! They have breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and vegan-friendly food too. Make sure to check out the menu before going - it’s a lot to digest (figuratively and literally)! When stopping here you won’t leave hungry. They are open from 9 am to midnight - because coffee is good at all hours.

This place is the absolute best coffee shop in Columbus. No BS or judgmental coffee snob baristas, just the most friendly staff and delicious coffee at fair prices. The menu has everything you could ever wish for. Plenty of teas and pastries as well. The breakfast sandwich is to die for. The owners promote local art all over the shop, too. I love it here! - Yelp Review

Stauf’s Coffee Roasters

Get a Stauf’s Summer Passport to make sure you visit every location. Image courtesy of Jameliah B. on Yelp.

59 Spruce St. | staufs.com

Stauf's Coffee Roasters is a coffee chain in Columbus with one located in Short North. Stauf’s is all about serving the community which can be seen on their menu in the Short North location. It reads, “Roasting good coffee for the good people of the North Market.” Whether you get a latte, espresso, or tea, you’ll be served by the friendliest and greatest baristas around. If you order a latte - make sure to take the lid off before your first sip to see what beautiful design they gave you!

Got a coffee here while walking around the North Market. I got an ice coffee and it was delicious! Has very good coffee and great service! Baristas were very friendly and helpful! Would definitely go back. - Yelp Review

Pistacia Vera

lattes and sweet treats
Make sure to try Pistacia Vera’s famous macarons. Image courtesy of Pistacia Vera on Facebook.

541 S 3rd St. | pistaciavera.com

If you are a lover of macarons or have a gluten intolerance - their bakery items are a must try. Although Pistacia Vera is better known for their bakery items, their coffee is nothing to be ashamed of. Pistacia Vera has your usual hot coffee and espresso, but they have some unique options too. So check out the ordering online menu to decide what kind of beverage you fancy.  

Any time I'm near a Pistacia Vera (usually the one at North Market) I have to stop by and indulge. The chocolate bombe is AMAZING! The macarons are sweet and chewy and delightful. I've yet to try anything that I disliked. - Yelp Review

Poindexter Coffee

While you or your parents are staying at the Graduate - check out the awesome coffee shop. Image courtesy of Tess W. on Yelp.

750 N High St. (Inside the Graduate Hotel) | graduatehotels.com

While Poindexter Coffee is located in a hotel, it isn't a tourist trap. It is a great place to meet up with friends or grab a cup of coffee on your way to work or class. Since this coffee house is in the Graduate Hotel, it is a gathering spot for college students - so be careful if you aren't a Buckeye fan! Despite the team you cheer for make sure to stop by and experience the delicious drinks and relaxing atmosphere.

Confused by the other reviews, this place is a great addition to the neighborhood. Great seating inside and you can also hang out in the comfy couches within the hotel lobby. Great drinks and unique ambiance! - Yelp Review

MMELO Boutique Confections

MMELO’s famous Charcoal Honey Lavender Latte
MMELO’s famous Charcoal Honey Lavender Latte. Image courtesy of MMELO Boutique Confections on Facebook.

445 N High St. | mmelo.co

MMELO's is a candy store and bakery serving Short North and its surrounding areas. They have plenty of vegan friendly options readily available when stopping for a sweet snack. While most of their fame comes from their delicious treats, their lattes are pretty famous. Their Charcoal Honey Lavender Latte - made with active charcoal and a double shot of espresso was featured in USA Today. So make sure to try this famous beverage!

Wow..such a great new shop in Short North / Downtown. As an avid traveler, its the closest place I've seen that comes close to an actual Euro style shop... I suggest swinging by for a café and chocolate break! - Yelp Review

Tasi Cafe

photo of breakfast items and a cup of coffee on a wooden table
Enjoy breakfast or lunch with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Image courtesy of Carol Y. on Yelp.

680 N Pearl St. | tasi.cafe

Tasi Cafe is a unique adorable little place. It is a great place to get breakfast, lunch, a morning coffee, or an afternoon cocktail. They have plenty of food items to choose from for all hours of the day. If you are here for the coffee - you won't be disappointed. For those 21 or older, try one of their spiked coffee items. Take a look at their menu - there’s a lot to choose from!  

The first time I went to this place it was such a good experience that I was afraid to go back. I didn't want it to be a fluke. Fortunately, it wasn't... The perfect spot for an afternoon coffee date! - Yelp Review

Short North Piece of Cake

TV show Friends birthday cake with a cup of central perk coffee
Since there are no photos of their coffee online, here is a cup of Central Perk on one of their cups. Image courtesy of Short North Piece of Cake’s Facebook.

772 N High St. Ste 104 | shortnorthpieceofcake.com

Short North Piece of Cake is known for their beautiful cakes and pastries. Although this is a bakery, they sell coffee too. This shop has a few tables outside and inside to do work, but the majority of customers just grab a cup of coffee on their way to work. If you stop by for a cup, consider purchasing a pastry. If you find yourself with extra time during your commute, you could even pre-order your next birthday cake. Check out their Facebook to see more of their beautiful creations.

Holy cow, this place was amazing. I had a slice of Red Velvet Cake that was wonderful... My cake and coffee were only $5, so this is a really nice place to come for a quick sugar rush for not a lot of money. - Yelp Review

Native Cold Pressed

hot Adaptogenic Latte from Native Cold Pressed
Stop in to try hot Adaptogenic Latte. These are full of superfoods! Image courtesy of Native Cold Pressed on Facebook.

771-A N High St. | nativecoldpressed.com

Native Cold Pressed specializes in juice, smoothies, and smoothies bowls. While this shop doesn’t scream coffee by any means, they actually offer adaptogen lattes. Therefore, if you're a coffee lover or need a caffeine boost - you can finally get it in a healthier way. Native Cold Pressed offer both hot and iced lattes and a select few of them do contain coffee. Check out all of their adaptogen lattes and other juiced items on their menu. If you are making a lifestyle change - your diet can still include coffee thanks to Native.

"This may have to be my new coffee shop alternative, especially since they have free wi-fi! Thanks for offering a healthy option in the Short North!" - Yelp Review

Know that we’ve told you the top 11 places to get your coffee in Short North - try them out! Let us know what you thought! If you have a favorite coffee shop in Short North and is not on the list, comment below if you think we should add it! We can’t promise you’ll find your dream home in Short North, but we can guarantee your favorite coffee place is nearby!

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