10 Creative Date Spots to Try in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Ultimate List for Dates in Cincinnati: From a Quiet Drive-in Movie to a Thrilling Ferris Wheel Ride

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Sunanda Tamrakar


Jan 21, 2021

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When it’s the first date, a night out at the movies or the burger joint down the street seems like the perfect night. But after a while, you need to take it up a notch. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Sometimes, after dating someone for a bit, it's hard to get the same “spark” going to the same date spots over and over. When life is hectic, each moment with your partner is special and can be rare with all that life throws at you. Here are some creative date ideas to keep the special moments coming.

Starlite Drive-In

Cuddle Under the Stars Old-school Style at a Drive-in Theater

Enjoy a beautiful and romantic night out at Starlite. Image courtesy of Vintage Drive In.

You’ve seen them in a movie a thousand times. Boy takes girls to a drive-in movie and lays a spread of blankets, food, and drinks and they cuddle and watch a cute movie. Well, why just watch it when you could live it! Pick from popular blockbusters and bring your date and a car to Starlite Drive-In.

Starlite offers their own menu with anything from a vintage burger to pizza logs to shaved steaks. Or, if you want to bring your own food, you can buy a food pass on the way in. For the same price of a regular movie, you can enhance the experience with a romantic night at Starlite!

Interested? Check out the full list of movie times and details.

Donut Trail

Fuel Your Secret, or Not-So-Secret, Sweet Tooth on a Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy some sweet treats (like these from Holtman’s!) and meet local bakers on the Donut Trail. Image courtesy of Cincinnati USA.

In the mood for an adventurous date? Cincinnati has some great spots for any sweets and that extends into Butler County as well. The Donut Trail is a scavenger-hunt styled game across the county. The 80-mile trail has 11 stops (one is optional) and can be completed in one day or over time.

At each stop, you look for the Donut Trail sign, buy a donut, and get a stamp in your trail passport. Most places are empty buy 10 A.M. so turn it into an early morning road trip or a Sunday morning tradition!

Up for the challenge? Get your Donut Trail passport here.

Contemporary Arts Center

Take Some Instagram-worthy Photos and Explore the CAC

This combination of trippy lights and mirrors is part of the Center’s Unmuseum floor. Image Courtesy of the Contemporary Arts Center.

If you and your date enjoy art but want to take it to the next level, then visit the Contemporary Arts Center. The CAC turns the concept of a regular museum on its head. Everything down to the building’s architecture is eye-catching.

They feature many exhibits which have included Ugo Rondinone’s piece which featured brightly painted walls and clowns and Firelei Báez’s piece which used vibrant silhouettes. Let your creativity run free in the Unmuseum which is housed year-round and features art you can touch.

Get directions and hours here.

One of Gorilla Cinema’s Concept Bars

Visit a Secret Speakeasy Behind a Video Store or a Japanese-style Karaoke Bar.

The video storefront is part of a Quinten Tarantino themed bar. Image courtesy of Gorilla Cinema’s Facebook.

Whatever you and your date’s interests are, Gorilla Cinema probably has a themed bar for y’all. Corilla Cinema has a few concept bars, one of which is a speakeasy hidden behind a video store and is called the Video Archive after a store with Quenten Tarantino worked. The bar is filled with references to him and his films.

The company also has a bar named The Overlook Lodge━ a bar based on the mysterious hotel in Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’. And, if you’re into Japanese culture or karaoke, Tokyo Kitty is the place for you. They have 7 private karaoke rooms, in-room robot delivery, and free mainstage karaoke.

Want to find out more? Look no further to find the spot for your next date.


Take Your Next Date to Some New Heights

Take your next date up a few floors on Skystar. Image courtesy of Skystar.

Ending your night at the top of a Ferris wheel has always been considered romantic but the Skystar is taking it to a new level. This Ferris Wheel is the largest portable one is the country. It rises nearly 15 stories tall and has 36 individual gondolas, in case you or your date is a little afraid of heights.

Take in the breathtaking views of Cincinnati, Kentucky, and the river and go for that romantic kiss at the top!

Find times, pricing, and location here.

Arnold’s Bar and Grill

A Fun Speakeasy for Good Times and Great Drinks

Have your next date at a historical speakeasy with charm. Image courtesy of Cincinnati Magazine.

Take a regular dinner date to the next level at this historic speakeasy! Arnold’s Bar and Grill opened in 1861 and is still a beloved spot for food and entertainment. Arnold’s still has many of its old-school fixtures and art adorned across the walls displaying its history proudly.

The open patio is home to live music five nights a week in its movie-like setting. Each night, they choose from local artists and genres so each experience is a little different. Enjoy famous classic American dishes and great drinks at Arnold's.

Ready to plan your next date here? Check out details here.

16-Bit Bar and Arcade

What’s better than free drinks and over 50 classic arcade games?

Choose from over 50 classic games like Donkey Kong at 16-Bit. Image Courtesy of TripAdvisor.

If you and your date are a fan of video games, 16-Bit Bar and Arcade is your next date destination. On the floor, they have over 50 classic games like Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Metallica Pinball, and Duck Hunt. And at the 16-Bit Bar, if you play any of the games, you drink for free! With custom cocktails and a selection of great craft brews, is there any better way to spend your time?

What are you doing sitting there? Start planning!


Enjoy a Fruited Ale, an IPA, or a Lager at Rhinegeist’s Taproom and Rooftop Bar

Have a special date at a Cincinnati staple. Image from Rhinegeist’s Facebook.

There is nothing more Cincinnati than a good ol’ beer. Well, maybe chili but can Skyline offer as good of a time as Rhinegeist? Rhinegeist first started in the past few years and has swelled into a crowd favorite. And they are so much more than a few good beers.

Rhinegeist now has a taproom and rooftop bar. Choose to take a tour or enjoy a beer and fresh pretzels or take it to the rooftop for a beautiful view of the city. With endless options for a good time, what are you waiting for?

Get all of the details here.

American Sign Museum

This Museum is the Perfect Spot for an Instagram-worthy Date

Check out the bright lights at the American Sign Museum. Image courtesy of the American Sign Museum.

Warning: this date spot is only for people with enough storage on their phones. The American Sign Museum is an Instagram-worthy date spot so plan your next date on if your phone can house a couple hundred pictures from this hot spot.

The American Sign Museum is 20,000 square feet of every sign imaginable: from pre-electric signs to fluorescent neon ones to modern plastic-faced lettering. Travel through time and colors and explore all this museum has to offer! And take some cute power-couple pictures while you’re at it.

Ready to plan your next date here? Find out more.

Findley Market

This Historic Location has Much More than Meets the Eye

Spend an enjoyable day at the Market with good food, drinks, and fun. Image courtesy of CityBeat.

Findley Market is Ohio’s oldest surviving municipal market house but it’s also so much more than that. It’s a part of Cincinnati’s history and is one of the best places to go to for any kind of food. But it’s also a great spot for a date.

Come down on a Saturday morning for the outdoor market vendors or during the week for a tour. Stop in at the Biergarten on a Thursday for a grill out and great beers or take a fried chicken and champagne class. Whatever your speed is, Findley Market has it.

Check out all that the Market offers here.

Sometimes date ideas are hard when people are busy thinking about the bills, work, their relationships. We’ve made having a creative date night one step easier with these ideas. Now you get to planning!

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