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Jan 21, 2021

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Hero image Courtesy of Facebook

Newark, OH sits just 30 minutes from Columbus, OH providing a suburban and cozy atmosphere. The city is proud of its rich ancient history and strives to enrich the community on several different topics from art to the ecosystem.  The following fun things to do in Newark, OH will send you on an unforgettable journey to make long lasting memories.

Dawes Arboretum

Stop And Smell The Unique Flowers And Learn About Conservation Efforts

Image Courtesy of Dawes Arboretum

The Dawes Arboretum is the perfect place to learn about native plants and walk down the trails to see flowers in bloom.

Dawes Arboretum| 740.323.2355

7770 Jacksontown Rd SE, Newark, OH

Mon-Sun: 7am-8:30pm

Facebook| Instagram

Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful grounds of the Dawes Arboretum. Established in 1929 by the Dawes family, the gorgeous Arboretum encourages scientific research and strives to provide education to the youth in the community regarding horticulture. Horticulture is the preservation of plants to improve the quality of agriculture.

The 2,000 acre arboretum hosts an array of environmental activities to give back to the community and enrich people’s knowledge about the ecosystem, gardening, and floral design.

The Japanese garden at Dawes Arboretum includes a reflecting pool, trees, and flowers to provide serenity. The Azalea garden is a gorgeous collection of azaleas and rhododendrons. The Woodland Garden trail is a big attraction for hikers and adventurous community members who appreciate a fact or two about native plants such as the buttonbush and wild geranium.

The Dawes Arboretum conservation efforts include reforestation, invasive plant control, and natural resource management. Learn fresh information about how you can help establish a healthy ecosystem in the community.

“Gorgeous location that is hidden out in Newark. Came out here for family photos in August at the Japanese Garden the Arboretum has. It was very pretty and we had great photos taken. I hope to visit out here again and go for an extended walk with the family to explore the grounds. Highly recommended if you are a nature person! 5/5 stars.”-Nick D. Yelp Review

The Works Museum

Build And Test Your Own Experiments With Your Family

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Gain knowledge at this top rated Museum for art, history, and technology in Newark, OH.

The Works Museum| 740.349.9277

55 S1st Street, Newark, OH

Sun-Mon:Closed| Tue-Sat: 9am-5pm


The Works Museum includes fun activities on topics such as history, art, technology, engineering, and science to learn fun facts. The Smithsonian Institution is an educational journey that provides hands on learning for every age group. Appropriate for families and corporate events, the museum offers cutting edge technology to educate visitors.

The one of a kind Scidome Planetarium educates families on biology, astronomy, earth sciences, and physics.

The Tyke lab is dedicated to young ones under the age of six to entertain and discover new information. This lab uncovers fun activities where children decide what occupation they would choose when they become an adult in the future.

The Go Lab for all ages is where you can build your own vehicle and race with other car creations while you learn about forces and motions.

Activities for adults include an art gallery, glass blowing classes, guided history tours, social events for fundraising, and private jewelry parties.

Invite the whole family out to discover and learn at the Works Museum.

“A jewel in the middle of a small town! The Works provides family entertainment mixed with education! My two girls ages 6 and 8 loved the hands on science discoveries. We spent over and hour playing. We could have stayed longer and still would not have exhausted all the exhibits. We will make certain to have another day at the Works very soon!”-Tara S. Yelp Review

National Heisey Glass Museum

Embark On A Heisey Glass History Lesson During The Early 19th Century

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Marilyn Monroe sips from a Heisey champagne glass in the famous movie “Some Like It Hot”.

National Heisey Glass Museum| 740.345.2932

6th & Church, Newark, OH

Mon:Closed| Tue-Sat: 10am-4pm

Sun: 1pm-4pm


The National Heisey Glass Museum is a museum holding a collection of fine glassware and archives of beautiful pieces of glass art. The Heisey family became the first glass company to make fancy pressed stems and advertise glassware in magazines. Throughout the war in the nineteen forties and fifties, the Heisey company closed due to increasing costs. However, the Heisey Glass company leaves a legacy behind due to its unique designs.

Marvel at the gorgeous collections the museum offers such as the Heisey Mould Collection, Krall Heisey Glassware Exhibition Cabinet, and the Louise Ream Library.

“What a neat little gem in the middle of Newark! With more than 4,500 pieces of historic glass it's quite the collection. I learned a lot about glassmaking and even discovered some Heisey pieces in my family's collection of glass. The curators here are extremely attentive, and you can really tell they're passionate about the collection and history of Heisey Glass.”-Jennifer S. Yelp Review

Sand Hollow Winery Speakeasy

Learn About Prohibition And Taste Fine Wines

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Ladies dressed up as women from the prohibition era for a fun filled themed party.

Sand Hollow Winery Speakeasy| 740.345.5542

57 S 3rd St, Newark, OH

Sun-Thu: Closed| Fri: 4:30pm-9pm

Sat: 12pm-7pm


Sand Hollow Winery Speakeasy is a fun spin on the prohibition era. The speakeasy focuses on serving whiskey and gin from distilleries that were still undercover throughout the prohibition. A password is required to enter the speakeasy and themes for parties are prevalent at this unique winery. Wines are made from Italy, Chile, and America to give a wide variety of flavor.

Wines consist of Bad Day Gone Good, Castel del Papa, Girls Night Out, Malbec, and Sangiovese. The clever names of the flavorful wines depict a story of the owner Jim Young’s travels around the world. Diverse in culture, this speakeasy winery stands out among the crowd and will lead to a fun night out.

“Great winery. They are an A+ in every category. The property is beautiful. Setting is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by woods. Nice pond with gazebo. Outside seating. Nice cozy winery. All the grapes are imported from Italy. Wines are GREAT! I love dry reds, they have a great selection.”-Heath N. Yelp Review

The Licking County Historic Jail

Learn About Former Inmates And The Haunted Ghosts That Reside In This Historic Jail

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Get a guided tour of all the ghosts that reside in this haunted jail.

The Licking County Historic Jail| 740.345.5245

46 S 3rd St, Newark, OH

Sun-Thu: Closed| Fri-Sat: 7pm-12am

Facebook| Instagram

The haunted Licking County Historic Jail has heavy paranormal activity and preserved artifacts to tell the tales of the prisoners that once were held at the jail in the 19th century. The historic jail has fun events to learn about ghosts that currently reside in the building. Perfect for thrill seekers, the Jail of Terror event takes you through a scary tour of the living quarters the prisoners once utilized. The Flashlight tour takes you on an adventure through the cell blocks and dungeons prisoners were once held. Don’t miss out on this adrenaline filled tour.

The Jailhouse Rock Beerfest allows visitors to have a good time and party with the ghosts that exist today. The beerfest welcomes visitors to obtain a history lesson while listening to bands such as the Tantric and Black Coffee. Food is also provided for the fun event.

“This tour was worth the 4 hour drive! Beautiful old building and so much energy running through it! And a shout out to the knowledgeable staff who taugh us Illinois dwellers a great history lesson on the building and ghosts alike.”-Kristi Burroughs Facebook Review

Buckeye Winery

Bottle And Cork Your Own Wine For Your Favorite Special Events

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Sticks and Stones perform live music at the Buckeye Winery to provide a fun environment.

Buckeye Winery| 740.788.9463

25 N 3rd St, Newark, OH

Sun-Mon: Closed| Tue-Thu: 12pm-7pm

Fri-Sat: 12pm-9pm


The Buckeye Winery features wines from all over the world to ensure a tasting you will never forget. You can even make wine yourself for special occasions. You can also customize your label and bottle the wine of your choice. Just put the cork on top and you have just created your own wine ready to be enjoyed by your friends and family.

Specialty wines are the star of the show such as apple pie, cotton candy, jalapeno, peanut butter, pina colada, and pumpkin pie flavors. The winery includes desert, fruit, blush, white, and red wines to captivate your taste buds.

“Great place to go to in Newark !! Made our own wine - so much fun   Made our own labels, bottled and corked each one for a birthday celebration. Highly recommend to commemorate a special day this way.”-Theresa P. Yelp Review

Newark Earthworks

Visit The Ancient Landmark Created By The Hopewell Indians

Image Courtesy of Facebook

Dancers of the Eastern Shawnee tribe from Oklahoma perform for visitors at the Newark Earthworks.

Newark Earthworks| 740.344.1919

99 Cooper Ave, Newark, OH

Mon-Thu: Closed| Fri-Sun: 12pm-4pm


This state park is a national historical landmark and was built by the Hopewell Indians between 100 B.C. and 500 A.D. Newark Earthworks is a sequence of mounds and the largest geometric earthen enclosures that exist globally. The Earthworks were built to honor the rising and setting of the moon. The region is sacred to the Hopewell culture and native rituals take place today to honor the Newark Earthworks. The architecture remains one of the wonders of the world and captures the beauty of the Hopewell culture.

“How do you rate something like this? The Newark earthworks is beautiful. Great place for a walk and to see the sun set! Well maintained and cared after. The little money OSU gets to fund this project is well spent.”-Roab P. Yelp Review

Newark, OH offers exciting activities to enrich yourself and have fun with the whole family. This list of things to do in Newark, OH will pique your interest from the many attractions Newark, OH has to offer. If you want to move to Newark, OH, agents at HER Realty will help you throughout the process of finding a home that fits your needs.

April 26, 2019
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