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Take a trip through historical Newark

Spend some time in your new home exploring all of the great history the area has to offer


Marissa Perino


Dec 23, 2019

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Rich in history, the town in Licking County is well known for dating back to Hopewell Civilizations, along with including more recent history from the past few centuries. Take stroll--inside or outside--this weekend to see all that Newark has to offer!

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part of a mound at the Newark Earthworks
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Starting at the very beginning, you can start your sightseeing at the Newark Earthworks, which are the “largest set of geometric earthen enclosures in the world.” These natural phenomenons can be explored through your own self-guided tour, or can be assisted by a guide. If the weather turns rainy, it is worth stopping into the Great Circle Museum as well, where you can “watch an interactive video explaining the significance of the site…”

The Dawes Arboretum

stone path and pond in Dawes Arboretum
Photo courtesy of Dawes Aboretum

Also outdoors, the Dawes Aboretum aims to conserve trees while also offering furthering love for nature and its flora. On a nice day, the aboretum may seem endless, including varying points of interest such as the Garden Gateway, Glacier Ridge, the Woodlands and Dawes Lake. From the ridge at the top of Oak Hill, you can look down into the beautiful valley which once housed a massive glacier. Whether you are on a date or bringing the whole family, the nature conservatory is an excellent way to spend some time in Newark.

The Works

The Works red brick building
Photo courtesy of Time Travelers - Missouri History Museum

Just outside the town center, The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology is “central-Ohio’s best destination for hands-on history, art, science, and glassblowing.” Admission is extremely affordable: adults are $10, seniors are $8, and children under 17 are only $6. The museum often offers fundraising events, and children can choose what they want to experience for their hands-on activities, whether it is watching glassblowing experts or a show at the new Scidome Planetarium.

National Heisey Glass Museum

display of red, green, and yellow glass works
Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Following a glass blowing demonstration at The Works, many locals would recommend heading to the National Heisey Glass Museum to see all that Newark history has to offer. The museum was established in 1972 to “display and promote the study of the products of the A.H. Heisey & Company” which was founded in Newark. The company worked to create beautiful colors and perfect designs, making any Heisey items today valuable collectibles.

Licking County Historical Society

street view of the Licking County Jail from 1889-1987
Photo courtesy of Licking County Records and Archives

Finally, the Licking County Historical Society offers five more locations to check out: The Buckingham Meeting House, the Sherwood-Davidson House Museum, the Alligator Mound, the Webb House Museum, and Robbins Hunter Museum. Each of these small museums or renovated areas has a different story, and they all make for enjoyable stops that take less than an hour. Whether it is in between appointments, in between viewings for houses, or in between meals, be sure to take a look at all of Newark’s historical spots!

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May 30, 2018
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