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1274 N. Court Street Circleville, Ohio 43113
(740) 474-7581
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Connor McCoy


Jan 21, 2021

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This town 30 miles south of Columbus may be small, but it has big things to offer! Read on to find out about local spots and attractions you can’t miss, whether you live in the area or happen to pass through.

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Circleville Pumpkin Show

Pumpkin Show
Photo courtesy of

The nation’s largest annual pumpkin festival has been held every year since 1903 by the people of Circleville, Ohio. It begins the third Thursday of October and lasts until the following Monday. It is also considered one of the largest festivals period in the United States, drawing recent crowds of 300,000 to 400,000 people. Every festival begins with the weighing in of large pumpkins from the area, some pumpkins having weighed in at over 1,000 pounds. The largest pumpkin to date was weighed in 2014 at an unbelievable 1,964 pounds. 

Several blocks of Circleville are blocked off for the festival, welcoming merchants and vendors. Seven parades are held during the pumpkin fest with themes that include a Baby Parade and a Pet Parade. There is, of course, a pageant for the pumpkin queen and a little miss pumpkin queen. The best part is the entire festival is free admission. Gaze upon the world’s largest and most beautiful pumpkins, free of charge.

Wittich’s Candy Shop

117 W High St Circleville, Ohio 43113

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Photo courtesy of Wittich's

Other than the nation’s largest annual pumpkin festival, what might Circleville, Ohio’s claim to fame be? The nation’s oldest continuously run family candy store, of course! Wittich’s has been in business for a whopping 178 years. They must be doing something right...what could their secret be? Their website states they “aim to please,” and please they have. Wittich’s serve a number of beautiful preservative-free chocolate treats, homemade fresh daily.

Young lady at wittich candy

Their products include gift boxes of assorted chocolates, buckeyes, peanut brittle, and sugar free hard candy and fudge options! For the DIY spirit in you, Wittich’s also has candy making supplies available, including molds, coloring for chocolate and icing, and packaging. Come in and sit at the candy bar complete with stools to sit on and order a delicious Sunday. Visit the Wittich’s Candy Shop Facebook page to see more photos of their lovely chocolates.

Scioto Valley Coffee

216 W Main St, Circleville, OH 43113

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Photo courtesy of Scioto Valley Coffee's Facebook Page

The Scioto Valley coffee shop is a little bit of a newer institution located in Circleville. They serve a variety of drinks like great tasting macchiato, espresso, and cappuccino. At the top of their menu lies the aptly named Scioto Valley Coffee. All of the Circleville shop’s beans are harvested thousands of miles away and sustainably brought to Ohio through the Friend2Farmer direct trade program. The great tasting coffee at Scioto Valley has been attested by many, including this Columbus resident who makes special trips to the shop in Circleville. The menu also offers simple fare for breakfast and lunch, like Egg & Cheese with bacon or a ham and turkey wrap.   The coffee shop has a spacious dining area on two floors, which is available first come first serve or for reservations for events like showers or meetings.

Keystone Books and Gifts

138 W Main St, Circleville, OH 43113

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Outside of Keystone Books Store

Want to check out an affordable bookstore while visiting Circleville? Keystone Books and Gifts is an independent bookstore that sells primarily used books. The thing that makes Keystone special is that the store’s other focus is selling books from authors from Pickaway County and the rest of Ohio. Keystone is a true community bookstore! Nowadays with tablets that our books can be read on, it’s getting harder and harder to enjoy the pastime of picking up a book, flipping through the pages, and owning it! Keystone Books enjoys this aspect of literature and would like to share in it with you.

A Woman in front of Keystone Books

The name “Keystone” is inspired by the abundant stone and brick in Circleville’s downtown shopping area in which the store is located. The “gifts” part of the name comes from the shop’s future plans to revive Newt’s Games, a card store once located downtown. Card decks and accessories, among other gifts, will be available for purchase in the bookstore. If you’d like to help, Keystone accepts donations of gently used books. Simply drop them off at their location.

Gibby’s Eatery and Sports Bar

126 W Main St, Circleville, OH 43113

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Gibby’s Eatery and Sports Bar
Photo courtesy of Gibby’s Facebook

Hungry yet? Stop by Gibby’s, a welcoming, family owned business begun in 2002. Located in the Eatery and Sports Bar is a great room for gathering and drinking with friends called the Buckeye room, which is decked out with Buckeye memorabilia. The menu includes delicious American eats like grilled chicken and roast beef sandwiches, cod, Southwest wrap, Philly Cheesesteak, and pizzas! There are also weekly lunch specials that are added to the menu. The bar side of Gibby’s is a great place to watch football this fall and winter. The sports bar offers 12 beers on draft including the seasonal Samuel Adams. Enjoy a basket of hot wings while you watch your favorite sport. Look out for live entertainment and keep up with what’s going on at Gibby’s by liking their Facebook page!

A Man at Gibbys Eatery

Now you’re ready to paint Circleville red! If you missed the Pumpkin Show this year, be sure to check it out next year! I’m sure the pumpkins just get bigger and bigger. Buy a book at a locally-minded bookstore and enjoy it over a cup of coffee at a coffee-farmer minded coffee shop. This lovely American town takes care of its residents and visitors alike!

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October 17, 2020
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