The Restaurants in Sunbury, Ohio that Everyone is Talking About

Local businesses that are so rich on flavor you don’t want to miss them.

We have to eat every day, but how often do you spoil yourself with a good meal? Image Courtesy of Pixabay.


Javier Luna


Jan 21, 2021

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Sunbury is a nice, and small, village in Delaware County, Ohio, that has been growing significantly in the last couple of years. Small businesses bloomed, and more people around the area started to pay attention to what's going on in this village. 

As the world changes notably almost every day, a few things remain the same. For instance, our love and need for food. Whether we are in a 9-month-quarantine,  on a trip, or working 60 hours weekly, we must eat. And if eating is such an enjoyable experience, why don't we allow ourselves to try something new that is good, and that is made locally?

Here are some of the best restaurants you can find in Sunbury, Ohio. 

The Firehouse Tavern

Your Hometown Heroes Gathering Place

A nicely decorated tavern
A nicely decorated tavern where firefighters, and veterans can get together with friends and family. Image Courtesy of The Firehouse Tavern.

38 S Vernon St, Sunbury, OH 43074 | +1 740-965-2207 |

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This is a place that honors firefighters across the country who have been serving as heroes during difficult times. The concept of the restaurant is to have a place where these heroes can gather and enjoy a meal. The Firehouse Tavern is committed to delivering high-quality meals and preparing most of them from scratch, including sauces, soups, and dressings. 

The menu includes a variety of American classics like chicken wings, burgers, and sandwiches. One of the favorite ones is the Hero Burger, a ¼ lb. burger that is plant-based, but the flavor is almost as if you were eating beef! The burger comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions. Support this family-owned business that opened its doors in November 2007 and that has some of the best food in town!

This place has a great atmosphere, and the wait staff is very nice. My wife loves the wrap, and I like the blazing salad, mostly bar food. Yelp Review.

Big Walnut Grill

Daily specials for the whole family

175 OH-3, Sunbury, OH 43074 | +1 740-965-3618 |

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Many people in Sunbury love this place because it has different kinds of food for the whole family, you can watch football, and the price point is reasonable. You can have a country chicken tender dinner with french fries, creamy coleslaw, and jalapeno tartar sauce. Another popular one is the caramelized salmon with housemade whipped potatoes, fire-roasted mushrooms, corn, bell peppers, black beans, and fresh spinach. So good to miss it!

Big Walnut Grill was a fun place. If we lived in Sunbury, we'd be in here quite a bit. Parking was ample, and our service was great. I was very happy with the food served here. Yelp Review.

Good Fellaz Pizzeria

Known as the best pizza in town

Two girls are eating big Pizza with wine
Pizza is always a good idea, especially if you share it with a friend. Image Courtesy of Goodfellaz Pizzeria.

245 N Columbus St, Sunbury, OH 43074 | +1 740-965-6000 |

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One of the favorite pizza shops in Sunbury, Ohio, The crunchiness of this pizza, plus the great service and the variety of flavors, all adds up to a delightful experience that you and your friends must live! All specialty pizzas come in three different sizes, and each of them is special in its own way. The Garden Pizza comes with smoked provolone cheese, mushroom, onion, green pepper, black olive, banana pepper, and tomato. A very different but still interestingly good pizza is the All Meat Pizza, which comes with provolone cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, and bacon. Complement your pizza with a delicious baked lasagna, fettuccini Alfredo, or Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce and meatballs. A great option for a nice dinner.  

Best place in Sunbury. Buffalo chicken pizza and hot and spicy pizzas keep me coming back. Good Bosco sticks. Staff is good people. Yelp Review.

New China Express

Juicy Chinese food in the heart of Sunbury, Ohio

Chinese food
The fascinating flavors of the Chinese cuisine are now in Sunbury, Ohio. Image Courtesy of USA Restaurants.

165 OH-3, Sunbury, OH 43074 | +1 740-965-1888 |

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This Chinese restaurant offers great authentic meals with different proteins, served with ingredients that are fresh, juicy, and rich. Do you like pork? You can have it with vegetables, seasoned with garlic, with string beans, or covered with BBQ sauce. Do you prefer seafood? You can have sesame shrimp, hot pepper, Mongolian, curry, or stir-fry shrimp. This is a great place to bring people of all ages as there are many delicious options for you to try. If you are a big family or if you are having dinner with the squad, there are wonderful dinner specials that include large meals, egg rolls, and steamed rice. You are going to love it!

I frequent this location a lot, and am never disappointed! The food is always large in portion size, hot, and super delicious! The restaurant is also super clean and the staff is friendly. Yelp Review. 


No freezers. No microwaves. Only fresh food!

fresh meal
High quality ingredients to produce the freshest meals you can have. Image Courtesy of USA Restaurants.

6 E Cherry St, Sunbury, OH 43074 | +1 740-936-5080 |

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Many restaurants use the concept of freshness as a misleading message to attract clients to eat frozen vegetables. That's not the case of this restaurant, as it fully acknowledges the importance of a fresh and delicious meal. Sunbury is operated by veteran Joe Sauvie and has the goal of serving dietary needs for all, with the mission of making an atmosphere where all become friends, and friends become family. Some of the main plates include a grilled salmon with a choice of two sides, a roasted veggie pasta with roasted sweet potato, butternut squash, and cherry tomato tossed with pasta noodles or zucchini noodles. Curbside and takeaway service is available, as well as socially distanced service in place.

Enjoy the freshness of this place Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm!

Most of their menu items are from scratch. Meat is cut in-house. I had a burger, it had had good flavor. It was very filling and the prices were respectable. Yelp Review.

Galena Diner

A Relaxing Place to Have Breakfast

A cute local business where you can have delicious breakfast either indoors or outdoors. Image Courtesy of Galena Diner.

13 W. Columbus St. | (740) 965-9357 |

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This family-owned business offers a special breakfast and lunch menu that is delicious and delightful, plus a nice place with kind hospitality so that you can enjoy your meal in a relaxing space. Visit Galena Diner this weekend to have some of the house recommendations, like the Southwestern Chicken Scrambled eggs with chicken, onions, jalapeños, peppers, and home fries. Catering is also available for small, medium, and large gatherings, so call in advance to reserve your meal if you're planning to organize a small gathering. 

Great place to stop by for brunch after a morning at Hoover. The staff was very friendly and social distancing protocols were adequate. We had an omelet and the Chicken Benny.  Yelp Review.

Mi Sombrero

Sunbury's Newest Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant
A colorful and warm place to have delicious Mexican food. Image Courtesy of USA Restaurants.

488 W Cherry St, Sunbury, OH 43074 | +1 740-965-1313 |

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This restaurant arrived in Sunbury, Ohio, to show everybody what authentic Mexican food looks like and tastes like. The mix of flavors, the traditional processes, and the use of spices and salsas make an extraordinary dish that it's driving Sunbury's residents crazy! You will find dishes with chicken, beef, seafood, or a combination of these. From steak quesadillas with grilled onions and cheese sauce to a big burrito stuffed with beef or chicken, rice, beans, and pico de gallo, Mi Sombrero will become one of your favorite restaurants because you will find something new to try every time you visit. 

Another highlight of this place is that there is live music on Wednesday and Saturday nights, and all-day Thursdays, Margaritas are 50% off! If you are not a Margarita fan, you can try some of the imported beers, cocktails, or wines. You will definitely find something that you love!

Our favorite Mexican food by a landslide! Best salsa! Best guacamole! Best fajitas! We recently moved to FL and have been counting the days down to visit this place again! Mi Sombrero has our loyalty! Yelp Review.

District 13

Health, fresh, and delicious food with carefully selected drinks

Meatloaf with fresh mashed potatoes and lava chocolate cake
District 13 seeks to surprise you with something different. Meatloaf with fresh mashed potatoes and lava chocolate cake. Image Courtesy of District 13.

 45 E Granville St, Sunbury, OH 43074 | +1

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The owner of the social media remodeling company JHolderby is also the brilliant brain and general manager of this restaurant. Jassen Holderby opened this restaurant based on all the things that he liked and really disliked about other restaurants, with the mission of making a better version of them. The menu was carefully selected by people who wanted to provide a healthy and fresh meal that the client deserves. 

For instance, the Bacon Chicken Ranch Wrap comes with fresh grilled chicken with bacon and topped in housemade ranch dressing, tomatoes, and lettuce. As fresh as it can be! The drinks are really special as well, as they are carefully selected by the Bar and Beverage Advisor, Shawn Ford. Ford is an award-winning hospitality trainer with over 25 years of experience who has trained and rebranded stores in different countries like the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the Virgin Islands. There is definitely a lot of thought and history behind the drinks that you will order at the bar!

You can also visit on Sunday morning for brunch or visit during the week to have your meal indoors or outdoors with social distancing measures. Some days you will also get to see live entertainment in District 13, so it is a great opportunity to treat yourself for a moment, enjoy a fresh meal, and listen to music. 

We are in awe of this delicious restaurant in an unexpected location. The bar. The bar. The bar. These guys work hard to serve interesting yet delicious drinks. Service was spot on attentive.We have an 8 and a 12 year old and both enjoyed their meals (miracle!). Even dessert was an unexpected surprise. Yelp Review. 

Oak Hill Barbecue

Serving Smoked BBQ in Sunbury, Ohio since 2014

Voted as the best barbeque in town. Do you want to try it? Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor. 

60 N Columbus St, Sunbury, OH 43074 | +1 740-965-4227 |

View homes for sale in 43074>

The owner of this restaurant and longtime Sunbury resident, Clint Long, grew up in a family of talented cooks, so he knew that he wanted to be a chef at a very early age. This is why in 2014. he decided to open this restaurant that introduces Wood Fired Barbecue and prepare pulled pork, chicken, and brisket. There are different ways in which you can order your food, depending on your preference and how many people go with you. For instance, you can choose your favorite smoked meat by the pound, and each order comes with three buns. You can also ask for an order of ribs or individual tacos.

Add an extra layer of flavor with the homemade barbeque sauces: Frank's Red Hot, Hot, Sweet, Malt Vinegar, and Mustard. They will load up any of your meat choices and make them even juicier and tastier! Everything is made from scratch, and the restaurant works with local farmers to source the best quality meats and produce that you deserve. In fact, this place is voted as the best barbeque in town!

Perfect customer service. Heavenly food. What else could you ask for? They want me to make my review longer, but I'm honestly gobsmacked. Yelp Review.

Are you already hungry reading about these tasty meals? As small as Sunbury might be, you noticed that there is a diversity of cuisines, flavors, and ideas that you can find in this village. Give yourself permission to explore some of the delightful meals that these local businesses have to offer you. These chefs and workers know what they are doing, and they have been around for a while because their visitors love them. Try one of these places this weekend and take a break from cooking or your go-to restaurant that you always visit. It's going to be worth it!

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