25 Reasons to Move to Sunbury Ohio

Sunbury is the sweetest suburb of Columbus. Come experience it today!

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Lydia Bernardo


Jan 21, 2021

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Sunbury, Ohio, located in Delaware County, is one of Columbus’ many suburbs. Sunbury, home to the 5,045 people who reside there - seem to enjoy this little slice of heaven on Earth. Sunbury is a great place for young individuals, families, and retirees.

If this article isn’t convincing enough, at least come check out what Sunbury has to offer. We promise you’ll find at least one thing to love about this sweet little suburb in the heart of Ohio.

Here are the 25 reasons why you should move to Sunbury:

1. Voted Second Best Place to Live in Delaware County

large four bedroom home in Sunbury Ohio
Beautiful four bedroom home built in 2007 with a large yard. Image courtesy of HER, REALTORS®.

According to Niche’s 2020 Best Places to Live in Delaware County, Sunbury was number two. Although Sunbury may not be as large as the other suburbs surrounding it, it gives its residents a “small town” feeling with a rapidly growing industry of restaurants, homes, community centers, and coffee shops nearby.

2. Sunbury is Safe

chart of crime index in Sunbury ohio
Crime rates are declining every year. Image courtesy of City-Data.com.

When moving to a new city, an important thing to keep in mind is safety. For those coming to Sunbury, it’s good to know that Sunbury is certainly a very safe area. According to Niche and Best Places, Crime Rates in Sunbury are significantly lower than the national average.  

3. You’ll Never Go Hungry

salad with oranges and poppyseed vinaigrette dressing from surve in sunbury ohio
Seasonal Salad with Orange Poppyseed Vinaigrette. Eat local while at Surve. Image courtesy of Surve Sunbury.

Sunbury is full of restaurants. Whether you’re in the mood for Chinese, Mexican, American Gastropub, or Pizza, you’ll be able to find your next favorite restaurant in Sunbury.

4. Education at its Best

new design plan for Big Walnut High School
New design plan for Big Walnut High School. Take the virtual tour on the district's website. Image courtesy of Big Walnut Local School District.

The seven public schools in Sunbury offer nothing but the best. If you’re looking for a preschool, high school, or anything in between - Sunbury has a school where your child can continue their education.

5. Stores Galore

Tanger Outlets with stores like coach, Michael kors, and Polo
Find stores like Victoria’s Secret, Banana Republic, Kate Spade, and many more at the Tanger Outlets in Sunbury. Image courtesy of ColumbusUnderground.com.

Sunbury is a great place for birthday, holiday, or back to school shopping. Aside from the strip malls, Sunbury is home to one of Ohio’s Tanger Outlets. Find whatever you need at 400 South Wilson Road in Sunbury Ohio.

6. Learn About Our Nation’s Past

Ohio Fallen Heros Memorial
Each cross represents a veteran. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.com.

Visit the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial located in Sunbury. This memorial is dedicated to Ohio veterans who have fallen in the war on terrorism. Visit this memorial to pay your respect to those who have fallen before us. Sunbury is proud to show their appreciation for veterans.

7. Enjoy the Outdoors

sign that says "J.R. Smith Park"
J.R. Smith Park has a multi-purpose field, walking track, and several meeting rooms for special events. Image courtesy of Sunbury, OH.

For nature lovers, Sunbury has several parks. Whether you are a bike rider, dog walker, or a babysitter who is always looking for a playground - enjoy the outdoors at one of Sunbury’s beautiful parks.  

8. Expand Your Knowledge at the Community Library

inside the community library of sunbury
Sunbury’s Community Library is the perfect environment for getting work done. Image courtesy of sunburyohio.org.

The Community Library is more than a place that stores books. At Sunbury’s community library, there are always many events. They offer different classes and clubs for all ages. The library will help you find your niche within the community. Check out the event schedule to find something you're interested in.  

9. Make Canning Your New Hobby

people canning at the glass rooster cannery
Interested in canning? Take a class to learn how to do it yourself. Image courtesy of Experience Columbus.

The Glass Rooster Cannery is all about local and sustainable food. At the Cannery, you can shop, book a tour, take a class, or even host your wedding there. Since there could be an article written on 25 things to do at the cannery and this is just one of the fun activities Sunbury offers, head over to the website to learn more.

10. Visit Fun in the Jungle

mini bowling area at fun in the jungle
Indoor mini bowling area. Bring the family to have a great time! Image courtesy of funinthejungle.com.

Fun in the Jungle is a great place for family fun. Take advantage of their arcade, mini bowling, play place, and mini cafe. You can book a private event, birthday party, or bring the family for barrels of fun!

11. Hogback Ridge Preserve

butterfly on yellow flowers
When at Hogback, keep an eye out for the beautiful wildlife. Image courtesy of Preservation Parks.

Hogback Ridge Preserve is an amazing Delaware County park. Once visiting, you instantly feel more connected to nature. Make sure to explore the trails, visit the pond, and take a picture at the observation area. Hogback Ridge offers lots of summer programs for the kids like art camp, and a photography contest. Check out the website to learn more.

12. Eat Dessert in Sunbury

four tier wedding cake with flowers on top
Layered wedding cake made by the best, Edible Endings. Image courtesy of Facebook.  

Whether you are stopping by or moving into your recently bought home in Sunbury, indulge in some sweets. In Sunbury, you’ll find Whit’s Frozen Custard and Edible Endings. Both are delicious and offer a sweet treat for everyone.

13. Shop Some More

handmade wreath with flowers and America fabric
Independence Day wreath made by Reclaimology. Stop by to shop or take a class. Image courtesy of Facebook.  

In addition to Tanger, Reclaimology is a store all locals in Sunbury love. This boutique refinishes furniture and home decor. If you choose to get a barn door from them, they’ll install it too! Take a class to learn how to refinish or create some new. This is a perfect place to shop when looking to decorate your newly bought home!

14. It’s Easy to Find Work

woman handing shopping bag to a couple over the counter
Find a retail position at your favorite store in Sunbury. Image courtesy of PointOfSale.com.

With many restaurants and Tanger Outlets in Sunbury, you can easily find a job. A job in retail is easy to find. To see more of the jobs offered in or near Sunbury check out a website like Indeed.

15. Tour the Myers Inn Museum

outside of the Myers Inn Museum
Visit the museum and walk the town square. Image courtesy of Sunbury, OH.

The Myers Inn Museum is a registered historical building in the heart of Sunbury. It is located in the village square. You can take a tour of this building from the 1800s and learn about the history of the town.

16. Stay or Swim at Sunbury/North Columbus KOA

aerial view of the pool of the KOA campground
This summer get a pass so you can enjoy this pool all summer long. Image courtesy of KOA Campgrounds.

KOA is an RV, cabin, and tent rental campground. The campground has several amenities including a pool, dog park, basketball court, fishing, and a workout room. This is a great place for friends and family to stay when visiting. This year, KOA is now offering a pool pass to anyone interested. Head over to the website to learn more!

17. Shop at A.D. Farrow Co.

outside the A.D. Farrow Co.
Even the outside of A.D. Farrow Co. is impressive. Image courtesy of SFA Chapter 45.

What is A.D. Farrow Co.? It is just America’s oldest Harley Davidson dealer! Even if you aren’t a biker it’s a cool place to go and take your picture at. If nothing else, it can become a talking point at parties or family gatherings.

18. Great Place to Start a Small Business

chalk board sign that says "thank you for shopping local"
Bring your greatest business ideas to Sunbury. Image courtesy of www.burkesports.com.

Since Sunbury continues to grow every day, considering starting your own business here. Sunbury's website has information on business and development. The government in Sunbury is always willing to bring new attractions to the town.

19. Get Fit

inside burg crossfit sunbury
Come to Burg Crossfit Sunbury to experience a full body workout. Image courtesy of Yelp.

A downside for some of those living in Sunbury is the weather. Sunbury experiences, rain, snow, sleet, and even hail. So if the weather is bad and you can visit one of their many parks, visit their gyms! There are a few gyms located in Sunbury and many others nearby. Check out the best ones according to Yelp.

20. Unemployment and Job Growth

four young professionals looking at the same computer
Begin your professional career in Sunbury. Image courtesy of Security Industry Association.

If you are a young professional you may want to consider moving to Sunbury. Sunbury’s unemployment rate is 3.6% which is .1% lower than the United States average. Although it may not seem like it, that .1% makes a little bit of a difference. The future job growth for Sunbury is 35.75%. Over 2% higher than the national average.

21. Local Churches for Each Religion

Saint John Neumann Catholic Church in sunbury
Saint John Neumann Catholic Church in Sunbury. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

There are several different religions the people of Sunbury belong too. Because the town has diversity in their religious background, there are many different churches in Sunbury for every denomination. No matter your religion, you can find the church for you.

22. Sunbury Will Care for You

doctor talking to patient
Find a great doctor close to home. Image courtesy of TCL.edu.

Sunbury is not home to a hospital, but they do have family practices and pediatrics nearby. Whether you need a wellness check or urgent care, their doctors have some great reviews. Here are just a few of the great reviews on Healthgrades.

23. Retire in Sunbury

courtyard of an assisted living facility in sunbury
Assisted living facility in Sunbury, Ohio. Image courtesy of www.innatwalnuttrail.com.

For people who have lived in Sunbury for the majority of their life, there is no reason to leave once you retire. In Niche’s Best Places to Retire in Ohio, Sunbury was voted 56. For residents who need it, there are four assisted living facilities nearby. For other retirees who are comfortable living on their own, there are retired communities scattered around the town.

24. Get the Perks of the Big City

aerial view of Columbus from afar
Sunbury let’s you live close enough to the hustle and bustle, but far enough that you can have a personal life in the suburbs. Image courtesy of The Columbus Dispatch.

Sunbury has all the perks of being a small town. But every once in a while we all enjoy a trip to the big city. The average commute time is 25.8 minutes, so you live close enough but far away. Sunbury is the perfect suburb of Columbus to live in.  

25. Live in Sunbury!

sunbury history sign
Historical marker located in the town square. Image courtesy of Sunbury, OH.

Overall, Sunbury is a great place to live in. “Sunbury is a wonderful small town with that hometown feel. The community is wonderful at coming together to help one another. The school system is like no other! The school system is truly interested in helping every student reach their goals and milestones regardless of obstacles.” - Niche Review

We hope that these 25 reasons are enough to make you move, stay, or visit Sunbury. We can promise you will love this small town. If you are interested in renting or owning a home in Sunbury visit HER, REALTORS® to check out listings in Sunbury.

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August 19, 2020
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