Here Is Your Guide on Moving To Logan, OH

Moving is a scary venture, so here are all of the essentials you’ll need to know for your move to Logan, OH.

a street lined with stores in logan, ohio


Brandie Lorenzen


Jan 21, 2021

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Are you feeling unsure of how to move to a new town? Or, maybe it’s the thought of moving from the city to the country that can be intimidating. Well, with HER Realty, you will not feel alone. Each agent you meet with at HER Realty, they will be able to relate because they have also been in that boat, believe it or not. So, as far as location goes, you want a place where you can feel at peace, and you won’t have to feel like life is moving at a rapid pace. Here is your self-help guide on moving to Logan, OH.

Logan, OH Has Lots of History

Towns with lots of history are your next best adventure.

Logan waterfall
Move to a town that has lots of history that you can never feel bored of learning over and over again. Image courtesy of City of Logan.

About a fifty-two minute drive outside of Columbus, OH, you’ll be able to experience the history that Logan, OH has all over town. It is named after Chief Logan of the Mingo Tribe, who lived in the area with his people during the European-American settlement. It was first established in 1816 by Ohio Governor Thomas Worthington in 1816, and became incorporated as a city in 1839. A fun fact that we did not know about Logan, OH: they were the first Ohio town to install a double roundabout -- the roundabouts were not open to traffic until mid-December 2013.

How Their Government Operates

Each part of Logan helps run the community smoothly.

Imagine being in the heart of Logan, OH. Image courtesy of Logan Town Center.

When you move to a new town, there are going to be moments when you think about the things that might be wrong with your town. At HER, REALTORS®, we never want you to feel like you need to leave a town because there is not enough support from local governments. Luckily for you, Logan, OH, is not like that at all. At the heart of it all, Logan, OH, is active in government issues and strives to be a welcoming community for all.

There are resident information links over on the City of Logan Ohio website that goes over and explains each department and how each one operates, what schools there are in the area, shops, places to eat, and even places to venture out to nearby places for a getaway.

Schools and Universities Near and Around Logan are Some of the Best

Logan, OH, has some of the best schools in the state.
A local college that is the only two-year school to offer on-campus housing. Image courtesy of Hocking College.

Each year, the Logan area schools are rated as best in the area, and the reason for that is the push for education within the community. Compared to other towns and counties, the percentage for Logan area residents with at least a high diploma is well over ninety percent. There is still an average percentage of a little under forty-one percent having at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Regardless of those stats, Hocking County schools, especially in the Logan area, still have the best ratings in regards to efficient school learning and planning for the students’ future. For a full list of schools, Great Schools has a breakdown of the area schools. Also, there is Hocking College, a two-year university that offers two-year degree programs.

You will find the best healthcare at the Hocking Valley Community Hospital, as well as the urgent care unit at Hocking Valley Community Hospital. For other emergency services, the Logan Police Department is run by the town and Chief Jerry Mellinger. The Logan Police Department can be reached at any time during the week. The Logan Fire Department is at your service and is here to protect you and all other citizens in Logan and the surrounding Hocking County area.

If you plan on building a home, add an addition onto your home, or want to open and build your own business, the Logan City Planning Commision will be there to assist you in any way. There is also a City of Logan Code of Ordinance manual that will help apply rules to zoning. For further information, visit the Zoning Department on the City of Logan Ohio webpage.

There are other services as well that the City of Logan provides. If you need help with taxes, especially income, the Income Tax Department will help satisfy any requirements that are needed when tax season comes around again. The federal short term interest rate for 2020 is seven percent. For water billing, you will be able to pay online by clicking on the Invoice Cloud link that is listed on the Water Billing Department tab on the City of Logan Ohio webpage. For miscellaneous links to other parts of Logan, OH, be sure to click on the drop down menu for more tab options.

Fun Shops, Amazing Restaurants, and So Much More!

Take a chance and find your next favorite activity, restaurant, or shop, in or around the Logan, OH, area.
Worthington Park in Logan, OH.
Come experience history up close and personal! This small park, called Worthington Park, was designated as a Farmers’ Market by Governor Thomas Worthington when he established Logan in 1816. Image courtesy of Logan Town Center.

Logan, OH, is filled with so much history, that it might take a while to get through an entire walking tour of the town. The only reason we say it will take a while is because the town has so much rich history, that you will personally want to stick around and ask the important questions, and maybe find out some trivia about each landmark. The Logan Town Center’s Historic Hike has your first full day, or even week, planned out with recommended historical homes and parks that will help tell the story of Logan, OH, and how it came to be. For more information on the Historic Hike, you can log onto the Logan Town Center website for a breakdown of all of the historical sites, parks, and even homes.

Let’s Talk About The Shops!

The local shops are some of the best we’ve seen in a while, and shopping local is always better!

Don’t go anywhere else to shop, shop local! Image courtesy of Sharff’s.

Although there are not many shops listed on Logan Town Center’s main website, there are still many shops around the area, especially local clothing stores like Sharff’s. Their focus is primarily on men and women’s fashion, but there are other areas of this store to explore, such as their home decor, accessories, footwear, and even a tux shop. Here at Sharff’s, you are more than an ordinary customer, you’re family.

Frazier’s Furniture Store has many pieces of new and gently used furniture pieces that are perfect for any room in your home. Whether you are new to town or you have been a resident all your life, Frazier’s Furniture Store has exactly what you are looking for! For more information on what sort of furniture they carry, take a look at their General Store gallery for updated inventory.

Don’t ever feel ashamed of shopping locally! There’s a big chance you might find a favorite store compared to department stores that might not sell the best quality clothing or furniture. For more shops near you, be sure to check out the Logan Town Center shops section of their website.

Now, here is a starter list of restaurants

Come grab a bite once you are done searching for your forever home!

Come check some of the best food in Logan! And we do not mean the chain restaurants, we mean local, traditional restaurants that have been around for a while, and have watched locals grow up and have cherished serving the community for many generations, and many more to come!

M & M Family Diner

Come take a bite out of one of these delicious breakfast dishes today! Or, for lunch or dinner!

34 West Main Street, Logan, OH 43138 |

Get excited, this local family diner serves dishes from scratch, and they are proud to have served the community for as long as they have. M & M restaurant has a fun and interactive menu that lists the dishes for all day breakfast, and serving coffee and tea for ninety-nine cents until 11 a.m. They also have weekly specials listed on a dry erase board. Their menu lists dishes at extremely reasonable prices, and the best part is, they will stay open as long as you’d like if you have a large party, or they will remain open until you get to the restaurant. For an overview of their online menu, the best dish we’d recommend is the open face roast beef or roast turkey that is served on Texas Toast.

Hocking Hills Frozen Yogurt Company

Do you have a sweet tooth? Consider stopping here! They serve homemade frozen yogurt and even old fashioned glass bottle soda.
Frozen yogurt that’s served fresh, AND comes with an old fashioned soda? We definitely want it! Image courtesy of Explore Hocking Hills.

104 East Main Street, Logan, OH 43138 |

For the best snack choices, the best frozen yogurt, and soda, you’ll want to try out Hocking Hills’ Frozen Yogurt Company. Located smack-dab in the middle of the Logan Town Center, this local frozen yogurt stand will have you taking Instagram worthy photos of their delicious, and extremely pretty, frozen yogurt treats, and many other goodies that they serve. For further updates on Hocking Hills’ Frozen Yogurt Company, be sure to visit their Facebook page and give it a “like”!

Maya Burrito Co.

Eat fresh, authentic burrito bowls from Maya Burrito.
Maria North, owner of Maya Burrito Co., serves up only the freshest ingredients! Image courtesy of Maya Burrito Co.

12 East Main Street, Logan, OH 43138 |

If you fancy a taste of authentic Mexican food that is made fresh, and no added preservatives, you ought to stop by Maya Burrito. All recipes are rooted in the Mayan tradition, and so that means many of the dishes you try might not be like ordinary Mexican food. Ranging from burritos, to bowls, salads, and other delicious food items, Maya Burrito is one of those restaurants you have to pick over Chipotle because of their fresh ingredients and authentic recipes that have been past down through generations, and picked up from other locals.

Let’s Focus on Entertainment and Nightlife

These places are the right amount of fun for you and your whole family.

There is so much more to Hocking County besides Logan, OH. Image courtesy of Explore Hocking Hills.

There is so much to do, and depending on the season, some events will come and go quite fast, so here is our own breakdown of some fun events that happen around Hocking County, and also near Logan, OH. If finding a home near Logan, OH, interests you, be sure to check out HER, REALTORS®, the one stop shop for your housing needs.

Lily Fest

A three-day garden and arts festival that happens the second full weekend of July.
Lily Fest went virtual for the first time this year. Here’s to hoping for a fun Summer 2021! Image courtesy of Lily Fest.

During this pandemic, many businesses and festivals have experienced plenty of impact and have been left in the dust of figuring out how to hold their events without exposing large crowds. So, they all went online for the first time. Now, with 2020 coming to a close, and 2021 just around the corner, here is hoping for more to do outside with friends and family. For more information on the market and its artists’ and craftsmen, check out their Artist Market.

Hocking Hills Adventures

Come join us in the great outdoors this weekend!
Come out and play at Hocking Hills Adventure! Image courtesy of Hocking Hills Adventures.

No matter what part of the great outdoors you enjoy the most, or you like to sit back and watch friends have fun, there is so much to go around, and there is something for everyone! At Hocking Hills Adventure, you can expect to find two types of lodging in case you choose to stay here longer: cabins and a campsite. For us, we would pick the campsite, mainly because it connects us to nature and brings family and friends much closer as well.

Now, for the fun part. The campground has a lot going on, and so many activities to try out with everyone, and will get you making new friends for life. The Hocking Hills Adventure has go-karts for groups and local campers. No matter the age or skill level, the go-kart track has karts for everyone. For pricing, check the Fun Center tab on the Hocking Hills Canoeing website.

Are you more of a water person? You’ve picked the right time to scroll to this point! There are five different boating adventures you can try out with your friends and family. One of them is a kayaking adventure. This is perfect for beginners, and those that prefer relaxing in the water rather fight the rapids of a river. The kayaking adventure will take you on a breathtaking tour of the unique Hocking Hills landscape, and will also take you to the historic Hocking Canal right before you return to the canoe livery. You can browse the other boating adventures underneath River Trips on the Hocking Hills Canoeing website.

Housing is an actual thing you can afford

Don’t let a price tag scare you away, with HER Realty, you’ll be able to find what you are looking for that is in your budget.

Housing is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Image courtesy of Pexels.

Over the years, the housing market in Logan, OH, has vastly improved. Overall, the town is also a relatively safe place to live. The best neighborhoods to move to in Logan are Rockbridge, Cedar Grove, Haydenville, Scenic Drive, and City Center. 
Logan, OH, is a goldmine of wealthy history, and its history dates back to the first European-American settlements during the 1800s. With so much history, and many chances to shop locally, and to be able to get out more into the community, there’s a chance you will sign on a house immediately after one day of looking at homes. We understand that buying a home is a long process, and can often be strenuous. Let HER Realty take over the process and help you worry more about what shops and other activities are around the area let alone the price.

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