HER Office Grand Opening in New Richmond, Ohio

HER Realtors just announced their new office opening in New Richmond, Ohio and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about it!


Andrew Hanin


Jan 21, 2021

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Let’s start off with the most urgent aspect of this news - The grand opening of the new office on April 24th at 2pm. Everyone is invited to come to the office which is at 128 A Front St, New Richmond, OH. 

The folks at the new HER office in New Richmond would love to celebrate with the community while maintaining social distance at their new location. 

HER Realtors also suggests that you visit the Steamboat Majestic which is located on the river right in front of the new office. 

Before you go to the event, let us tell you about who is running the show at the new HER Realtor office in New Richmond. 

Tricia Hudson

The new HER Realtor Office in New Richmond will be run by Tricia Hudson. When deciding who was going to be in charge at the New Richmond office, HER knew that they had to choose someone who has been and will continue to be a part of the New Richmond community.

That’s part of why they chose Tricia Hudson; Tricia has lived in New Richmond her whole life, and even began her real estate career in New Richmond. 

Beyond her roots in New Richmond, Tricia is incredibly qualified for the job. Tricia Hudson is the current Regional Vice President of the Mount Orab, West Chester, and Augusta, KY HER offices. So we think it’s safe to say that she has more than her share of experience in the real estate business, especially as a part of the HER Realtor family.  

Hudson is a part of much more than just her regular duties as the vice president of the aforementioned offices, she is also heavily involved in her local board and Realtor associations. 

Beyond her work at HER Realtors, she is also very involved with her church as she is a part of its fundraising committee, the church board, and security awareness. 

Tricia Hudson is the perfect pick to run the New Richmond office. She has a deep connection to the area, she’s incredibly qualified for the position, and she’s active in the community in meaningful ways. 

But no matter how amazing Hudson is, there’s no way she could run the New Richmond office all by herself. 

The Team

Let’s start off with Liz Earick-Dykes who worked with Tricia Hudson as the team lead at the Augusta, KY office. The Augusta, KY office opened in 2019 so they have about two years of experience working in the same place.

Together, Tricia Hudson and Liz Earick-Dykes have 30 years of combined experience in moving real estate. That is just impressive, and it’s no surprise that Liz Earick-Dykes was asked to join Hudson in starting up this office in New Richmond. 

Liz Earick-Dykes began being interested in real estate when she was only twenty years old and has been practicing real estate since 2013. Liz Earick-Dykes started buying and rehabilitating properties at that time. 

Liz Earick-Dykes said that she wants to, “continue to serve & share this community with others, as well as build the office with other agents and give them the opportunity to utilize the tools HER offers.” 

Liz Earick-Dykes has said that she’s very excited to be able to help serve people through the offices in Augusta, Kentucky, and New Richmond, Ohio.

Someone else involved with HER Realtors has made a statement about his faith in both Tricia Hudson and Liz Earick-Dykes’s ability to succeed in their new position at the New Richmond office. 

That person is Dan Young who is the Regional Vice President and Northern Kentucky Broker of Record for HER Realtors. Dan Young said that, “With the tools, technology, and support services HER offers, both Hudson and Earick-Dykes are well-positioned to assist consumers with their housing needs throughout the surrounding communities.” 

Why New Richmond?

New Richmond is an excellent place for the newest HER Realtor office for so many reasons, but let’s just start off with their location. 

New Richmond is right on the Ohio River which provides for some magical landscapes at the right time of year. 

New Richmond is also only about 20 miles away from Cincinnati, so it gives them flexibility in the circumference of the area that they’re serving. 

New Richmond is also a smaller city which allows HER Realtors to more easily integrate into the community.

Overall, the new HER Realtors office will no doubt be an exciting part of New Richmond.


A Promising Future in New Richmond

New Richmond is the perfect place for HER Realtors’s newest office. Image courtesy of wcpo.com.

From what we’ve told you, it’s hard to think that the new office in New Richmond will experience anything but success. The office is in the capable hands of Tricia Hudson and Liz Earick-Dykes. 

With a combined 30 years of experience in this business, and a history of working together effectively, they are destined for success.

One thing that a lot of companies and realtors that expand into a new city have to worry about is being accepted by the community there. Having Tricia Hudson as the driving force of this office immediately solves this hypothetical problem. 

Tricia has been in the community her whole life. Not only that, she’s been an active member of the community which goes a long way in a smaller town like New Richmond. 

If you can’t make it to the grand opening, still drop by the office, and on the way in or out, you could visit the Showboat Majestic which is right by the office. 

Showboat Majestic

 435 E Mehring Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202 | facebook.com/ShowboatMajestic

Take a relaxing ride on one of Showboat Majestic’s river boats. Image courtesy of Showboat Majestic’s  Facebook page

The Showboat Majestic is another new addition to New Richmond… sort of. The Showboat Majestic used to be in Cincinnati, but it’s travelled around since it gained new ownership. 

But now, it’s back in Ohio and it’s right by the HER office! This could be a fun spot to visit before or after you celebrate the opening of HER Realtors’ New Richmond office. 

We’re incredibly excited about HER Realtors’ arrival in New Richmond and you should be too! 

April 28, 2021
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