8 Best Restaurants in New Richmond, Ohio

New Richmond, Ohio is a small town with several great restaurants in store for you.


Stacey Fleurime


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of RoadTrippers

New Richmond, Ohio is a small town that has a good amount to offer when it comes to restaurants. There are many great restaurants in the area that serve different kinds of foods. They have food from different cultures as well as great American food. Some of these restaurants also have great outdoor seating areas so you can enjoy your food outdoors. You can get takeout or eat inside at most New Richmond restaurants. Here are the best restaurants you can find in New Richmond!

Wholy Beans Café

Stopping by a great coffee shop is the perfect way to start your day. 
The inside of a coffee shop.
This is a comfortable spot to enjoy your coffee fix. Image courtesy of Wholy Beans Coffee.

206 Front St | New Richmond | wholybeanscoffee.com

Wholy Beans Coffee Company was founded in 2018. It started out as a roastery, but has since grown to include a coffee truck and a coffee shop. The owners had a vision to create a social enterprise through their love of sharing coffee. This coffee company loves to serve their community. They let 10 percent of their profits go towards helping people and the environment!

This coffee shop offers products that are ethically sourced, so you can enjoy anything they serve without any guilt. They also make sure to roast their coffee in small batches every day so that every cup of coffee they serve is the freshest possible. Aside from coffee, they also offer specialty food, drinks, and treats. 

“I was skeptical that it'd be a frugal coffee place that over-extracts their beans and results in a weak coffee. BOY was I wrong.  Their dark roast was so robust and rich and really hit the spot.  The people beside me had breakfast sandwiches and were really bragging about them.  I can tell these folks care about the quality of their coffee and food. Well done!” -- Yelp Review

Front Street Café

The food options sold at this restaurant will leave you wanting more. 
Creamy pasta topped with shaved parmesan.
This pasta is extra creamy. Image courtesy of Yelp

120 Front St | New Richmond | frontstcafe.com

Front Street Café is a quaint café and bistro located along the Ohio river. The place was built to have people from New Richmond and neighboring towns sit together for baked goods, coffee, and a nice chat! And it certainly is a good destination for anyone who wants to relax and chat with friends or family. They serve delicious fresh brewed coffee along with beers, wine, and other beverages. They will serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner with some of the best hospitality you can experience! 

The fare this restaurant serves has been changed throughout the years. They serve amazing dinner entrees made by their in-house chef, have a fully stocked bar that serves beer, wines, and spirits, and a stage for their outdoor performances. On some nights, you’ll get to see a great show along with your meal when you visit. They even have an outdoor grill that they use for barbecues during the summertime!

Stop by to enjoy ribeye steaks, seafood specials, and sandwiches. They also have desserts like Opera Cream cake that are made special by the chef. 

“Excellent food. Terrific eggs Benedict. The view is awesome, the staff is attentive, and New Richmond is like a step back in time - a simpler time when everyone in town knew each other and took care of each other. The vibe here is that strong. The food is made with quality ingredients, the menu has a wide variety. This was well worth the 20-mile drive for a lovely lunch. We will definitely visit again.” -- Yelp Review

Skipper’s River Café

This casual restaurant will give you a comfortable experience. 
The inside of a boat themed restaurant.
This casual décor makes for a comfortable atmosphere. Image courtesy of USA Restaurants

395 Susanna Way | New Richmond | skippersrivercafe.com

Skipper’s River Café is a great place to go to for a meal and drinks by the river. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. They accommodate the boaters that visit by allowing them to use their docks and gas for their boats. This restaurant offers a great view and gets even more lively during the night. The staff makes sure that their customers always have a great time. You can even catch a few bands playing there on the weekends! 

They have great appetizers, burgers, wraps, and salads. Their appetizers include pretzel sticks, jalapeno poppers, and loaded potato skins. You can also get wings and mozzarella sticks. Their drink menu offers many options for you to choose from. You can order tropical smoothies like pina coladas and mango daquiris, various wines and beers, and creative mixed drinks like Skipper’s Rum Runner and Key West Bahama Mama. 

“This is a must do if you are close to New Richmond, passing through or just want to enjoy a drink or food on the River. The bartenders and staff were top notch, drinks were cold and the food- delicious!  On the weekends they have live bands, a dock and gas for boaters. This place is a home-town rocking, place to visit.” -- Yelp Review

Buck’s Riverside Grill

This restaurant by the river has great food and amazing river views. 

Half a sandwich piled with toppings.
This sandwich will make for a filling lunch. Image courtesy of Yelp

109 S Main St | New Richmond | steinbrewco.com

Buck’s Riverside Grill is a restaurant in New Richmond that sells many types of food. They have a very extensive menu that has options for everyone. They sell breakfast, lunch, dinner, and plenty of great drinks. Their menu includes just about every food that you can think of. You can get burgers, crab cakes, and even pasta. They have different kinds of burgers, paninis, and wraps. You will have a really fun time visiting this place for a meal!

This restaurant even operates with the DORA program. DORA stands for “designated outdoor refreshment area.” It is an area of New Richmond that consists of a few blocks that allows patrons to purchase drinks and walk around the streets with them. You just have to make sure to stay within the designated outdoor areas with your drinks. And this takes place every day between noon and 10pm! 

“Buck's Riverside Grill was exactly what we were hoping for during our Sunday lunch out with the family.  Everyone enjoyed the sandwiches and waffle fries.  The Cuban Panini was delicious (according to my husband), I loved the Turkey Pesto Panini, and our kids enjoyed the Royale Burger topped with fried egg and bacon!  Beautiful view of the river, very reasonable prices, and friendly staff as well!  Can't wait to go back!” -- Yelp Review

Green Kayak Grill & Pub

This restaurant packs a lot of night time fun. 

A bar with a small stage inside.
This pub is built for a good time. Image courtesy of Yelp

200/204 Front St | New Richmond | greenkayak.com

Green Kayak Pub & Grill is a restaurant that serves the New Richmond area. It has a fun vibe to it and caters to people who want to have a good night out. It is a sports focused bar that plays the local games on multiple large screens. They serve great food as well, though the biggest draw is the fun time they offer. You can even see a live music show when you check this place out!

The restaurant sits between two vintage buildings from the 1850s, which makes it a historic site. Green Kayak is somewhat like an old river town saloon that breaks the mold. It is a family friendly place where you can watch sports on their multiple flat screens and play games including sand volleyball during the warm months. 

You can pull up to the restaurant in a kayak. You can also just watch all the boats and kayaks ride by as you enjoy the view. 

“This place is awesome!!! Everyone is very nice and the food is great!!! They have some great bands that sing in there as well as the owner. Definitely a place to take the family or for date night to go have a good time!! It is a beautiful building with lots of extras, like the patio out back, the sand volleyball,  and the game room with a huge jenga block set!!!! Highly recommend this place!”- Yelp Review

Sunset Beach Bar & Grille

This restaurant lets you grill your own food! 

Soft pretzels with cheese dip.
These pretzels will surely hit the spot after a day of fun. Image courtesy of Yelp

401 Front St | New Richmond | roadhogwillysbbq.com

Sunset Beach Bar & Grille is a beach themed bar right along the Ohio river. They have a unique model of operating where you get to fix your own food! They offer steaks, fish, ribs, and kabobs along with other items. They even have an outdoor menu that includes steaks, salads, and vegetables. They give you so much food, you likely won’t leave there hungry. 

They have an indoor menu and an outdoor menu. The indoor menu includes a variety of great sandwiches and burgers. They also have an awesome cod sandwich. They really prioritize good fish due to their location by the water. 

You get the option to grill your own food if you want, but it isn’t necessary. If you want, you can have one of the staff grill your food for you. This place is loads of fun through and through! 

“Fantastic! My daughter had a tournament in New Richmond so we had lunch here- what a find! The atmosphere felt like we were on vacation, service was exceptional (very thoughtful & attentive), and the food phenomenal! Two people tried the Cluck Cluck Chicken sandwich after the description referenced the Silver Spring House- it was delicious both fried and grilled! The kiddos enjoyed the jumbo jenga & corn hole. Highly recommend- we'll definitely be back!”- Yelp Review

Gold Star Chili

This Cincinnati style chili should not be missed. 

A bowl of Cincinnati chili topped with cheese over fries.
This chili is the right amount of cheesy. Image courtesy of Yelp

1048 Old US 52 | New Richmond | goldstarchili.com

Gold Star Chili is a restaurant that serves Cincinnati’s famous style of chili. It is one of the few restaurants in the area that serves Cincinnati style chili. This restaurant was founded back in 1964 by a trio of brothers who wanted to make their own unique version of Cincinnati style chili. They are committed to high quality food and ingredients and it reflects well in their food. You will love this style of chili when you try it from this restaurant!

This place has a few different restaurants throughout Ohio. They give people the opportunity to try Cincinnati's chili without actually being there. They even give to charities. They are currently participating in a coat drive and working to benefit a children’s theater. 

“Someone suggested this place while we were in town. So we thought we'd give it a try. Started out with bringing out some Awesome bread. Hubby ordered a spicy pasta with sausage. I can't remember the name of it. And I got the chicken alfredo. Both dishes were yummy with a nice sized portion. Had leftovers to take home too. The waitress was pleasant and took good care of us. We will be back if we're ever in the area again.”- Yelp Review

Dee’s Dairy Bar & Drive-in

This drive-in ice-cream shop is like no other. 

These soft serve sups are wonderfully silly. Image courtesy of Yelp.

620 Hamilton St | New Richmond

Dee’s Dairy Bar is an old-fashioned food place that serves all kinds of treats that feature dairy. This place’s main attraction is their ice-cream. They serve creamy soft serve ice-cream with various flavors and toppings. They also serve foods such as chili, hot dogs, and burgers. When you go to Dee’s you’ll feel like you traveled back to the 1970s!

The staff is friendly and will make sure that you and your guests have a great time. The unique ambiance already makes for a unique and fun experience on its own. You won’t regret checking out this place for some dessert after a great dinner!

“Took the kids here, Barbara couldn't have been sweeter. And the ice cream was very good. Super-cute idea to put candy eyes on the ice cream - adorable, I fell for it!  One of the cones we ordered came swirled in a pretty pattern, I think it was vanilla and maybe blueberry. Enjoyable!”- Yelp Review

New Richmond, Ohio may be a small town, but it has plenty of good things to offer in terms of restaurants. When you’re in town, you don’t want to deprive yourself by avoiding these places. Go out and have a good time enjoying the great meals and atmospheres these places offer!

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