25 Things to Do in New Richmond, OH

New Richmond, Ohio is a village with a lot of good times to offer.


Stacey Fleurime


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Clermont Sun

New Richmond, Ohio is a village that is a few miles south of Cincinnati. It sits along the Ohio River, giving its residents great scenery and outdoor space. It is a small village, but there is still plenty to do when you are there. Be sure to check out all the things you need to know for a move to New Richmond!

1. The Collective

The Collective is a store that has a curated selection of handcrafted local goods. They feature the works of local artists and some regional ones in their gorgeous storefront space. This place brings art shows to a local storefront and gives great opportunities to local artists. You will get to see amazing art and make great purchases. Check out more information here.

A colorfully designed bike.
This decorative bike is one of many cool pieces you can find in there! Image courtesy of Yelp

2. Ross Gowdy House

The Ross Gowdy House is a historic home in New Richmond. It’s a Greek Revival style house that was built back in 1853. It has housed three different mayors for the town throughout the decades. It was placed into the National Register of Historic Places in the 1970s, and is now used for tours. 

A brick house.
Experience New Richmond history. Image courtesy of New Richmond UGRR Tour.

3. Susanna’s Guest House

Susanna’s Guest House is a romantic guest house in the middle of New Richmond. It’s a place where travelers can stop by to have a place to rest. The rooms there provide air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and free parking. The house is also situated near different restaurants and cafes. 

4. Wholy Beans Coffee

Wholy Beans Coffee Company was founded in 2018. It started out as a roastery, but has since grown to include a coffee truck and a coffee shop. The owners had a vision to create a social enterprise through their love of sharing coffee. This coffee company loves to serve their community. They let 10 percent of their profits go towards helping people and the environment!

Seats inside a coffee shop.
This is a comfortable spot to enjoy your coffee fix. Image courtesy of Wholy Beans Coffee

5. Front Street Café

Front Street Café is a quaint café and bistro located along the Ohio river. The place was built to have people from New Richmond and neighboring towns sit together for baked goods, coffee, and a nice chat! They serve delicious fresh brewed coffee along with beers, wine, and other beverages. They will serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner with some of the best hospitality you can experience! 

Pasta in a rectangle plate topped with parmesan.
This pasta is extra creamy. Image courtesy of Yelp

6. Dee’s Dairy Bar & Drive-in

Dee’s Dairy Bar is an old-fashioned food place that serves all kinds of treats that feature dairy. This place’s main attraction is their ice-cream. They serve creamy soft serve ice-cream with various flavors and toppings. They also serve foods such as chili, hot dogs, and burgers. When you go to Dee’s you’ll feel like you travelled back to the 1970s!

7. River Village Shoppe

The River Village Shoppe is an antique and vintage shop along the river. They have a rotating selection of home décor, artisan food items, and local art work. Many of their items are high quality and handmade. You can find clothes, furniture, and cookbooks there, and they are all sold at very affordable prices!

The inside of a shop filled with wooden shelves.
It would be fun to own some of these items. Image courtesy of Local 12

8. River Village Christmas

River Village Christmas is an annual celebration of the season that takes place in Richmond every year. They go all out to make sure that residents have a great time. The event includes a “Santa Paws” pet parade, wagon rides, and caroling. You will also find Santa and Mrs. Claus there! 

9. Skipper’s River Café

Skipper’s River Café is a great place to go to for a meal and drinks by the river. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. They accommodate the boaters that visit. They get to use their docks and gas for their boats. This restaurant offers a great view and gets even more lively during the night. You can even catch a few bands playing there on the weekends!

The inside of a boat themed restaurant by the river.
This casual décor makes for a comfortable atmosphere. Image courtesy of USA Restaurants

10. New Richmond Alpaca Farm

The New Richmond Alpaca Farm is a family owned farm that has been around for 175 years. A few decades after it was founded, the farm purchased their first alpaca and made them the farm’s focus. They offer private tours that can be taken with up to five people. You’ll get to see the alpacas up close, feed them, and take selfies with them! 

Three white colored alpacas next to three brown ones.
These alpacas are such unique and gorgeous creatures. Image courtesy of Cincinnati Magazine

11. Mr. Grimm’s Nostalgic Nook

Mr. Grimm’s Nostalgic Nook lives up to its name completely. Walking into this place will bring you intense nostalgia. They have dolls, stuffed animals, toys, and much more, all from previous decades! They have furbies, Beatles posters, and cabbage patch kids. You’ll have a blast walking through there and discovering items that you used to love. You can find something that reminds you of your childhood to take home, and so can your parents, and even your grandparents!

12. Faulkner Graphics & Gifts 

Faulkner Graphics & Gifts is a small store in Richmond’s historic district. They carry a wide array of things. They sell custom t-shirts, vinyl decals, and tote bags along with so much more. They have goat milk lotions, soaps, and body spray. You can also find some great artwork and jewelry there!

A store with different wall art pieces hung.
The artwork on these walls can improve the look of any space. Image courtesy of Faulkner Graphics Gifts

13. Rivertown Market IGA

Rivertown Market is a local supermarket that serves New Richmond residents. It’s a relatively small shop with great options for food. There is a deli inside that sells fresh meats and cheeses rather than prepackaged items. They also offer many food items in small quantities. You won’t be left with more than what you need. This market is also much cheaper than the most popular grocery stores. 

14. Buck’s Riverside Grill

Buck’s Riverside Grill is a restaurant in New Richmond that sells many types of food. They have a very extensive menu that has options for everyone. They sell breakfast, lunch, dinner, and plenty of great drinks. Their menu includes just about every food that you can think of. You can get burgers, crab cakes, and even pasta. You will have a really fun time visiting this place for a meal. 

A thick burger with toppings on sandwich bread.
This sandwich will make for a filling lunch. Image courtesy of Yelp

15. J & H Clasgens Co. 

J & H Clasgens Co. is a yarn mill that creates and distributes yarn. It was established back in 1862 by the Clasgens family, and it is still run by their descendants. This mill specializes in the production of yarn, and their yarn is made 100% out of wool. You can find them in a variety of colors and sizes. 

16. Green Kayak Grill & Pub

Green Kayak Pub & Grill is a restaurant that serves the New Richmond area. It has a fun vibe to it and caters to people who want to have a good night out. It is a sports focused bar that plays the local games on multiple large screens. They serve great food as well, though the biggest draw is the fun time they offer. You can even see a live music show when you check this place out!

A stage inside of a restaurant.
This pub is built for a good time. Image courtesy of Yelp

17. Queen City Inkslingers

Queen city Inkslingers is a shop that sells casual clothing and merchandise. They sell hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, and hats. If you want good quality casual clothing, this is a great place to stop. You will be satisfied with the looks and the prices of the items you purchase. 

18. Sunset Beach Bar & Grille

Sunset Beach Bar & Grille is a beach themed bar right along the Ohio river. They have a unique model of operating where you get to fix your own food! They offer steaks, fish, ribs, and kabobs along with other items. They even have an outdoor menu that includes steaks, salads, and vegetables. 

Soft pretzels with cheesy sauce.
These pretzels will surely hit the spot after a day of fun. Image courtesy of Yelp

19. Gold Star Chili

Gold Star Chili is a restaurant that serves Cincinnati’s famous style of chili. It is one of the few restaurants in the area that serves Cincinnati style chili. This restaurant was founded back in 1964 by a trio of brothers who wanted to make their own unique version of Cincinnati style chili. They are committed to high quality food and ingredients and it reflects well in their food. You will love this style of chili when you try it from this restaurant!

Crinkle cut fries topped with chili and cheese.
This chili is the right amount of cheesy. Image courtesy of Yelp

20. Plum Street Park

Plum Street Park is a neighborhood park that offers space for different outdoor activities. There is a basketball park, a skate park, and a park for small kids complete with a slide and swing set. There is also a merry go round and a jungle gym in the kids park. Many New Richmond residents frequent this park to have some down time with their kids. There are shady trees to sit under, and park benches to sit on. It’s a great place to spend a nice chunk of time outdoors. 

21. Eastside Boutique

The Eastside Boutique is a small shop that offers one of a kind, homemade items. It is the perfect place to pick up unique gifts that can’t be found anywhere else. Everything you find will be very high quality since they are made with the utmost care. They also have craft events set up for people to attend, some of which are for children. And if you’re there during the month of December, you can attend some of their Christmas events!

22. Ameristop Food Mart

Ameristop Food Mart is a grocery store that serves New Richmond. It serves many of the things you would find at an average grocery and convenience store. There are plenty of fresh foods, canned foods, and snacks. It is a small building perfect for you to make a quick stop. And not only is the place convenient, but the prices are really low. 

23. Rapid Signs

Rapid Signs is a sign making company that anyone can visit for their services. They are very skilled in sign creation and can cater to anyone’s custom needs. They will do everything from design to installation. If you need a sign for an event, storefront, or your house, or even if you want to check out a sign factory, this is the place to go!

24. Augusta Boat Ramp

The Amish Country Byway is 160 miles of road that takes you on the most scenic route through Ohio’s Amish Country. On the route, you will drive past different homes and small resorts. You can stop in one of the Amish restaurants along the road or even pick up fresh produce like meats and cheeses from one of the roadside stands. You’ll get to experience a quiet country lifestyle among people who live the simple life. 

A boat dock on a river.
This spot by the river is a great place to relax. Image courtesy of Clermont Sun

25. Hausserman Park

Hausserman Park is a park in New Richmond that sits right on the Ohio River. It is located right in the business district near restaurants, shops, and other businesses. This park doesn’t have too much to offer in terms of amenities. It was intended to just be a place where people can relax. There are several parks benched throughout so people can sit and enjoy the great view of the river. . 

New Richmond, Ohio is a small town with many great businesses inside it. It is not difficult to find fun things to do when all these awesome venues are right there in the neighborhood! 

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