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Planning a camping trip in Beaver Creek, OH? We’ve got the tips you need!


Kaitlyn Harris


Jan 21, 2021

Beaver Creek, OH is a city that is known for its welcoming community and vast land to see and explore. Located near Dayton, OH, Beaver Creek, OH is a great place to visit (or live) that can give you that small town experience you long for while still enabling you to enjoy the big city life feel of the neighboring cities. There are so many great things to see and do in Beaver Creek, OH that choosing what to do is sometimes the most difficult part. There are just so many fantastic ways to spend a day in Beaver Creek, OH that a person could spend a weekend here and not get through them all. However, with all the great things and activities Beaver Creek, OH offers to its residents and visitors, sometimes the best and simplest things to do are often the activities you can do outdoors. And luckily for anyone living or visiting Beaver Creek, OH, there’s certainly a lot of land to enjoy!

With so much land that it has to offer, it is no wonder that Beaver Creek, OH is a sought out camping destination by so many. Whether you’re new to the camping experience or you’re a pro by now, Beaver Creek has plenty of campsite options to suit any campers’ wants and needs. Not to mention that a lot of Beaver Creek’s campsites offer access to other activities like kayaking and hiking. Beaver Creek has so many different types of campsites that choosing one based on your interests won’t be a problem. Whether you’re looking to hike your way up a mountain or just want to relax in a hammock, there’s a campsite waiting for you! Beaver Creek, OH is a great place to camp, but knowing where to get started when trying to find a campsite can be challenging. So if you’re interested in finding that perfect campsite to spend your weekend, here’s a guide to camping in Beaver Creek, OH to help get you started on your next camping adventure! 

Step 1: Picking a Campsite

Before we can discuss some places to camp in Beaver Creek, OH, we first need to discuss types of campsites to camp at. It is easy to just pick a campsite at random, but you’re sure to have a better (and more enjoyable) time camping if you choose a site based on you and your family’s interests and expectations for the trip. Deciding where to camp is easier once you know what you are looking for in a campsite. 

Do you want  to simply take your family away for the weekend for a few relaxing days spent outside among nature? Or do you want a family, fun-packed trip with available hiking trails nearby? Or, you might find yourself searching for a campsite that has a lake nearby to enjoy with friends during the summer. Finding a campsite is easy once you have a list of what it is you’re hoping to do on your trip. Similarly, preparing and packing for your camping trip is made that much easier once you have a destination in mind. Here are three campsites in Beaver Creek, OH that you might consider based on the type of camping trip you’re looking for. 

1. Grandpa’s Farm Campgrounds and RV Park

A great, family friendly place with lots of activities for everyone to enjoy

Kids playing in an outdoor pool
Enjoy beautiful walking trails and cool off in the pool at Grandpa’s Farm Campgrounds and RV Park. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

4244 IN-227 N | Richmond, IN |

Time from Beaver Creek, OH: Approximately 1 hour 

Only an hour drive away from Beaver Creek, OH, Grandpa's Farm Campgrounds and RV Park is the perfect weekend spot for your next camping trip if you’re looking for something family oriented with a lot of things to do. From fun and scenic hiking and walking trails, a game room, events happening year round, and even a public pool, Grandpa’s Farm Campgrounds and RV Park has something everyone in your family will love and want to participate in. There are even bike rentals on site and a huge playground for the kids to enjoy!

“It was perfect. We wanted a kid friendly place for a family getaway, and Grandpa's farm was exactly what we wanted. There was plenty to do and we never heard "I'm bored" from any of the kids. The owners live onsite and were friendly and accommodating, always visible and willing to help. We will definitely be back.” – Yelp Review 

2. Morgan’s Riverside Campground and Cabins

Perfect, quiet getaway for anyone who wants to just sit and enjoy nature

People sitting by a tent outside at an isolated campsite
Enjoy the serene outdoors at Morgan’s Riverside Campground and Cabins. Photo courtesy of Yelp.

6262 Gilmour Rd. | Morrow, OH |

Time from Beaver Creek, OH: Approximately 35 minutes 

Morgan’s Riverside Campground and Cabins is the perfect getaway if you want to enjoy what nature has to offer with the option of being close to civilization. With campsites that are spread throughout the site, you’ll feel as if you’re alone without actually being alone. Morgan’s Riverside Campground and Cabins offers cabin rentals as well as campsite rentals, has on site concessions, enforced quiet hours so you can enjoy peaceful nights, and offers plenty of walking and biking trails to enjoy. If you’re feeling adventurous there are canoe rentals on site and the river is a great place to kayak. A quick drive from Beaver Creek, OH this is a great place to check out! 

“Camp sites are nice and spread out. There's a playground and the kayaking and canoeing is available when the water is low enough. Owner and staff were very helpful and accommodating. We are looking forward to coming back!” – Yelp Review  

3. Beaver Creek State Park Campground

A great place to camp for both families and those who want to camp with friends

A group of hikers posing in the woods for a picture
Whether you’re camping with friends or family, the Beaver Creek State Park Campgrounds have something for everyone! Photo courtesy of Facebook. 

12021 Echo Dell Rd. |  East Liverpool, OH |

Time from Beaver Creek, OH: Approximately 3 hours

While Beaver Creek State Park Campground might be a bit of a drive, it’s worth it to experience all Beaver Creek’s state park has to offer. From beautiful hiking and biking trails, a gorgeous lake you can swim or kayak in, festivals throughout the year, disc golf, various playgrounds, and even guided tours, Beaver Creek State Park Campgrounds has something for everyone to experience and love. Whether you’re a family with young ones interested in exploring the nature center on site, or you’re a little older and are looking to camp with friends for the weekend, Beaver Creek State Park Campgrounds has so much to offer that anyone can find something exciting here!

“I was so impressed with this park and campground. The staff was so thoughtful and available for help or direction. The park was well groomed and clean. We went on a hike with the naturalist to "call the owls" and she was so knowledgeable.” – Facebook Review

Step 2: Preparing For Your Trip

As with anything in life, preparation is key when getting ready to go camping. But how exactly do you prepare for a camping trip? There are many ways one can prepare for a trip, from buying bug spray in bulk to deciding what road trip snacks you’re planning to bring. But where do you start? The first step in preparing for your trip is to decide where it is you’re going. Once you’ve decided where it is you want to camp, the next step is to decide what to bring. Deciding what to bring camping can be a challenging and difficult task whether you’re new to camping or you’re a certified first ranger. What you’ll need to pack will depend heavily on where it is you’ll be camping and what you’ll be doing. However, there are a few basics you should always have on hand when camping. Here’s a list of the basics to help get you started:

  • First aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Water/reusable bottle
  • Maps
  • Flashlight 
  • Trashbags 
  • Extra socks
  • Soap/hand sanitizer
  • Extra batteries 
  • Jacket
  • Fire starter
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Hiking shoes
  • Water shoes

While this list is just a few of the basics you might want to consider bringing on your next camping adventure, there are certainly other items you’ll probably need to bring as well. However, your camping packing list will vary greatly depending on the kind of campsite you choose and how you’ll be camping. If you’re going to be staying in an RV, you won’t need to pack kitchen supplies to cook over a fire. However, if you’re camping the old fashioned way you’ll not only need to add kitchen accessories to your list, but also a tent and a tarp in case it rains. A few extra blankets also never hurt anyone! If you’re staying completely outdoors, then your toiletries might look a little different than if you were to stay in a cabin as well. Just remember when packing to include the essentials based on your type of camping experience. And always remember to leave the campsite how you found it when you leave! 

As well as packing for your trip, there are other ways you might need to prepare for your trip. For instance, consider researching the campsite you will be staying at. Knowing everything (or at least a good bit) the campsite has to offer before you go can help prevent you from missing out on something you would’ve loved to do while there. Knowing the surrounding area of your campsite might also be especially helpful before you go. Also, checking out what restaurants are nearby might be nice if you want to go out for breakfast one morning. It’s worth knowing the locations and numbers of the local police and hospitals is never a bad idea either. Any information you can find about your trip and where you’re going to be camping will probably prove helpful on your outdoor adventure! 

Step 3: Remember to Have Fun! 

Camping is a fun experience, so don’t let the planning of the trip exhaust you from enjoying the actual trip itself. Planning a camping trip might require a lot of research and a lot of planning, but the actual camping part itself doesn’t need to be stressful! Ohio is home to some amazing scenery and Beaver Creek, OH is no different. Beaver Creek, OH is a great place to camp because of the vast land the city offers and the beautiful bodies of water that you can enjoy. Beaver Creek, OH is also a great place to camp because there are so many campsite options in and around the area so you’re sure to find the perfect spot for the camping experience you want. 

With so much land to explore, feel free to bring your mountain bike to explore off the traditional paths and make your own trail as you go. Or, bring a hammock and relax under the sun during the day or the stars at night and just enjoy nature. There’s no one right way to go camping and however you define the term camping is completely up to you. Just remember to have fun with it. Explore all that Beaver Creek, OH has to offer and you’re sure to enjoy a camping experience like no other! As long as you’re having fun then you’re doing camping right! And with so many ways and places to camp in Beaver Creek, OH you’re sure to have a fun camping experience you’re guaranteed to remember! 

If you have a favorite place that you like to go camping in or near Beaver Creek, OH, then leave us a comment down below and tell us all about it!

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