Golf Courses in Beaver Creek, OH That Will Make You Wanna Get Out On the Green

From a Jack Nicklaus country club to family-owned courses, Beaver Creek is close to loads of great Ohio golf courses!

A fine golf course in Beaver Creek


Kyle Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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What about a golf course draws you to it? Are you a fan of golfing at an old, prestigious course with an exclusive member list and a long list of scotch at the bar? Or are you in for a round at the closest public course that has 18? Or, like many of us, do you find yourself landing somewhere in between these two extremes? 

Fortunately, living in Beaver Creek, there are a wide array of golf courses to choose from! All within a 30-minute drive, there are courses for every person where you can call in a tee time day of and have a great round on the course, as well as a few country clubs where you must apply for the opportunity to become a member. No matter where you like to golf, there is a course for you near Beaver Creek! Read on four 8 of our favorite golf courses in Beaver Creek that will make you want to get out on the green. 

Beavercreek Golf Club

Get in a great round at Beaver Creek’s prime Golf Club

Get out on the course at Beaver Creek! The fairway awaits. Image courtesy of Beaver Creek Golf Club.

2800 New Germany Trebein Road | Beavercreek |

Availability: Public

Par: 72

Beavercreek Golf Club is a beautiful public course that maintains itself as if it were private. Beavercreek’s 18-hole course is an excellent course for every golfer, with a variety of tee lengths for golfers of different skill levels, and a course that is the perfect mixture of forgiving and challenging. 

There are multiple water hazards in play that have taken the ball of many a golfer in their time and will take many more this season. When you go to Beavercreek it is important to keep your ball on the fairway as best you can, even if it means clubbing down on the drive. The thick rough makes it a pain to get back on track. 

Beavercreek Golf Club is only a few miles from Beaver Creek proper and is a fantastic couse to make your home. The course is exciting enough that you’ll want to come back and challenge it again! Beavercreek Golf Club is an affordable round of golf, with regular rates of $26 during the week and $31 on the weekends. 

Cassel Hills Golf Club

Prepare for two distinct 9-hole courses at Cassel Hills Golf Club

Take a moment to enjoy the beauty at Cassel Hills. A moment, or a few! Image courtesy of Cassel Hills.

1234 Main St | Beaver Creek |

Availability: Public

Par: 71

Located about 25 minutes from Beaver Creek, Cassel Hills Golf Club is an excellent place to get in a few rounds during this golf season. Cassel Hills has a beautiful 18-hole course, each set of nine having its own distinct features. Just when you start feeling like you’ve got the hang of this relatively flat course — the second nine hits you with impressively hilly holes that make you reconsider your strategies. 

Alongside the switches in elevation, both nines of Cassel Hills have immense greens, which can lead to some lengthy putts. In the mid-’90s, the club hired Craig Schreiner, a young architect, to renovate its greens and other areas around the course. Schreiner is a pretty big deal in the golf scene, as he’s gone on to renovate the Firestone Country Club in Akron, which is possibly the most famous course in all of Ohio. He has left his mark at Cassel Hills as having the best greens in all of Miami Valley. 

The course is no longer perfect for power players crushing drives 250+. To master Cassel Hills, you have to place the ball in the right part of the fairway to set up your next shot — otherwise, you might squeeze on the green and be left with a 30-foot putt! The rates at Cassel Hills are very affordable, paying $20 for 18 and $13 for a golf cart. 

Dayton Community Golf Course

Conquer the fairway at this excellent golf course

Dayton Community Golf Course is beautiful at every hour of the day. 

2917 Berkley St | Dayton |

Availability: Public

Dales Course and Hills Course Par: 71

This golf course is located about 30 minutes from Beaver Creek, Ohio. With two 18-hole courses on its grounds, Dayton’s community golf course is a fantastic place to get in a few rounds. Each of their two courses offers a different golfing experience for you to switch it up each time you go. The Hills Course has a variety of interesting features along its 18-hole length, from trees around the greens to water hazards, hills, and bunkers. The Dales Course has similar hazards but is a bit shorter than the Hills Course (and has fewer hills!) which make it a bit easier to play, but these two courses are of similar difficulty. 

There are many great stories of families golfing at this course for multiple generations, or parents teaching their kids how to golf on the range. The staff is pleasant and helpful, and the people on the course are always kind! At Dayton Community Golf Course, the rates are $25 to ride and $11 to walk.

Country Club of the North

Enjoy one of Jack Nicklaus’ own courses just outside of Beaver Creek, OH

This course is unerringly beautiful. If you ever have the chance to play a round here — take it! Image courtesy of Country Club of the North.

1 Club N Dr | Xenia |

Availability: Private

Par: 72

Country Club of the North is about 15 minutes from Beaver Creek, and it is one of the best-maintained private courses in all of Ohio! Designed by Jack Nicklaus, this course has everything a golf course could need and much more. He spent a lot of time designing it to be the perfect course, and it shows in every hole. This country club is surrounded by a beautiful forest that makes every hole look exceptionally good all year round. Lakes and streams serve as water hazards or course decorations, depending on where you hit that tee shot.  

The hazards of this course create many situations where you can take a high-risk high-reward shot, getting better positioning while adding in the danger of falling into the bunker or out of play. This country club has an excellent practice facility that features a practice range, putting green, and a short game area. There is an in-house PGA professional that offers lessons and instruction if you want to learn from the best. 

And there’s more to this amazing country club outside of their 18-hole course. They have a fantastic clubhouse, which serves great food for lunch and dinner. Alongside that is a scenic lounge where you can enjoy an overlook of the golf course with a drink in hand, and a swimming pool! Unfortunately, you have to be a member to enjoy all of these excellent amenities. 

Dayton Country Club

Become a member of this premier course

555 Kramer Road | Dayton |

Availability: Private

Par: 70

Located only about 25 minutes from Beaver Creek, the Dayton Country Club is a great private golf course in the area. Designed by a renowned golf course architect, this course is all about creating a golfing experience that is pleasant and fair from hole 1 to hole 18. There are plenty of elevation changes to challenge you, as well as a variety of hole layouts to engage your long game, your short game, and everything in between. Golfing at the Dayton Country Club requires a membership, but along with access to their golf course, the country club offers many other amenities. 

The Dayton Country Club has two outdoor swimming pools that are open for the entirety of the summer season that has a bathhouse, concessions, and an outdoor bar. Inside the pool area is a sand volleyball court, making Dayton Country Club’s pool area out to be one of the best in all of the county. There are also six tennis courts and a racquet shop, as well as a on-club restaurant that is quite good. Last but not least, being a member of the Dayton Country Club opens up their pro shop, along with their in-house PGA players who will give lessons and advice to get you to the top of your game.

Fairway Golf Club 

Swing by for a round at this historic golf course

The Fairway Golf Club has seen a plethora of amazing golfers in its time. The staff and everyone on the course is always in a good mood. Image courtesy of Fairway Golf Club

2100 Nicholas Rd | Dayton |

Availability: Semi-Private

Par: 36

The Fairway Golf Club is a nine-hole golf course located about 25 minutes from Beaver Creek with an amazing story. All the way back in 1937, a group of Black men who were all caddies for courses around the area knew that most golf course doors were closed to them, and the only time they could play was on the “caddies day” on courses where they worked. 

The group of them decided to make their own course where everyone could play golf. Many Black communities at that time had never played the sport, and these men wanted to change that. Thus, the Fairway Golf Club was created. They wanted to create a larger interest in the game for men and women, creating programs and hosting tournaments where golfers of any skill level could perform. 

That spirit is kept alive today at the Fairway Golf Club. It is an amazing course that is run by  a talented and generous group of people. There is a membership required to golf at this course, but it is much different from a country club. The fee for the season is $75, and that locks in a spot for you to golf at this excellent location! 

Heatherwoode Golf Club

Head over to Springboro for an unbelievable round of golf

88 Heatherwoode Blvd | Springboro |

Availability: Public

Par: 71

Heatherwood Golf Club is an excellent course located in Springboro, OH, which is about 30 minutes away from Beaver Creek. What has made Heatherwoode the destination that it remains to this day is its views. It is located on an absolutely beautiful piece of land, with expertly maintained grasses and landscaping from the first day it opens until it closes for the year. The rates at Heatherwood are pricier with a walking rate of $65 and a riding rate of $75. 

This extra cost is worthwhile when you are looking to golf at a premier course that will challenge you without being impossible and immerse you into 18 holes of stellar golf any day of the week.  Alongside golfing at Heatherwood, you can enjoy live music at their clubhouse, bourbon and cigar tastings on Wednesdays, and a fully stocked pro shop and an excellent staff willing to help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

Locust Hills Golf Club

Enjoy a round at this beautiful club

A picture taken from a place you never want to be — the deep rough! Image courtesy of Locust Hills.

5575 N River Rd | Springfield

Availability: Public

Par: 72, 2 courses

Locust Hills is a family-owned and operated golf club in Springfield OH, just about 25 minutes away from Beaver Creek. Locust Hills Golf Club has been open since 1966, and over those 55 years the course has grown, the trees have matured, and it has evolved into the beautiful course that it is today. The Locust course is 4,631 yards from the forward tees and 6,575 yards from the back tees This course comes with a mixture of challenges in water hazards, bunkers, and doglegs, with a mixture of holes where precision is key, and others where power is key. 

The Maple Course is a wider, more spacious course with huge greens that is roughly the same length. On both courses, the four sets of tee boxes in each hole allows golfers from a wide variety of skill levels to enjoy the course. The rates at Locust Hill are very competitive, with an 18-hole course with a cart being $28.

Where Will You Go?

There are so many excellent courses around Beaver Creek! Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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