Wooster Knows How to Please Every Taste Bud

If you live in Wooster, attend the College of Wooster or are just visiting, then you have to check out these amazing eats!

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Emma Holt


Jan 21, 2021

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If you’ve never been to Wooster then you’re seriously missing out. Lucky for you though, we’ve put together a list of amazing restaurants you have to hit on your way through. Whether you’re looking for a date night dinner, casual work get together, or a quick bite during your lunch break, Wooster’s got you covered! Who knows, you may be so satisfied that you won’t want to leave the homey, historic area!  

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City Square Steakhouse

Hand-cut, house-made steaks are City Square Steakhouse’s specialties. Is your mouth watering yet? The juicy steaks and burgers, fresh seafood and vegetarian entrées are just an order away. Book a private event and treat coworkers or friends to a delicious meal.

The perfect steak

Spoon Market

Spoon Market features an all-day breakfast, because who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? Not only do they serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and bakery items, but Spoon Market also has an actual market where you can buy cheese and meats! Their unique selection of authentic foods and ingredients is something you have to check out!

Great sandwiches

Basil Asian Bistro

Basil Asian Bistro offers a menu inspired by Pacific and Southeastern Asian cuisine. Their menu also features gourmet foods such as spicy Szechuan and Pad Thai as well as traditional dishes like General Tso’s chicken. Although they don’t serve any Italian dishes, the Coconut Spaghetti is a favorite among customers!

Unique dishes

Omahoma Bob’s BBQ

Omahoma Bob will serve you the best Texas Style Dry Rub BBQ your tastebuds can take! The meats are prepared in a low, slow cook to give you perfection. This joint is the finest barbeque in town with a touch of southern charm in their comfort food.

Messy, delicious bbq

Broken Rocks Cafe & Bakery

The smell of freshly baked bread is a hard one to forget. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it. Broken Rocks has everything from sandwiches, pasta, steak, pizza, and of course desserts! There’s no way you’ll leave without taking home some bread from their artisan bakery.

Looks lovely

Wooster’s historic downtown has plenty to offer when it comes to food so don’t miss out on the best eats! If you're a student at The College of Wooster then you've got it made! Say hello to freshman fifteen!! 

View homes for sale in Wooster, OH

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August 29, 2017
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