Our 9 Favorite Hair Salons in Wooster, Ohio

Wooster has a lot of hair salons that provide excellent care for you and your hair

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4146 Burbank Road, Suite A Wooster, Ohio 44691
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Jan 21, 2021

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Preparing for a new style, or just refreshing the style you are most comfortable with? Wooster, Ohio has a tremendous quantity of hair salons to choose from, all of them providing excellent hairdressing services. The number of fantastic salons open up the opportunity for you to find the perfect place to go for your hairdressing needs, since no two people are looking for exactly the same thing when going to the hair salon. 

It is important not to understate the challenge in figuring out the hairstyle you want. There are so many options for cuts and colors and highlights, it is easy to get overwhelmed and worry about what will happen if you don’t like your new look. If you are in that position, we recommend finding a hair salon where you can talk it out with the hairstylists there. Although there are a ton of options, they know how to turn your hair into a stunning style. It’s their job! One important variable in finding your salon is the cost. Many salons price based on your interests, so once you know what you are planning to get you can call for quotes and more details about your prospective haircut. 

At a more expensive salon, you are paying a premium for the care they give you and the plethora of other services they offer. One is not better than the other. It all depends on what you are looking for in your hair cutting experience. If you are getting a quick, simple cut, going to Cost Cutters is a great middle ground where you aren’t paying for a full salon experience but you know your hairstylist could do your cut in their sleep. 

A mid-level cut is also very confidently done at Cost Cutters, but once you are getting a complicated hairstyle with a lot of different steps, you are going to pay a lot no matter where you go. For those complicated styles, finding a top-tier hair salon is a good bet. 

Also, if you want to treat yourself, do it! There’s nothing stopping you from spending a day getting a relaxing haircut and massage at a salon and spa combo! 

Within reasonable driving distance in and around Wooster, there are a lot of amazing hair salons. Each salon does things a bit differently, so if you are trying to figure out which salon is the best fit for you we recommend deciding what exactly you are looking for. Every salon on this list will give you an amazing haircut and style, but one might go above and beyond in your mind, and that’s the one you want to find! Read on for our nine favorite hair salons in Wooster, Ohio! 

Bespoke Hair Salon and Barbering

Find a beautiful hairstyle at Bespoke Hair Salon

228 S Market St | Wooster | bespokehairsalon.com

Bespoke Hair Salon and Barbering is an excellent choice for getting your hair done in Wooster, Ohio. Their studio has five stylists who all have their specialties, giving them coverage in both men's and women’s hairstyles, lash extensions, and eyebrow styling. You can be certain that when you book an appointment at Bespoke, you will be cared for exquisitely from the moment you step in their doors. They use a variety of premium products when styling, dying and working with your hair in order to leave with a style that you love. 

The stylists at Bespoke are always happy to work with you to figure out what you want. Getting a hairstyle that you can look at and love every day is what they are all about, and we absolutely recommend going to Bespoke for a luxurious experience at an amazing Wooster hair salon. 

Studio 83

Excellent styling at a reasonable price

4146 Burbank Rd | Wooster | facebook.com/studioeightythree

Studio 83 offers a ton of hairstyling options for men and women, as well as offering manicures, pedicures, and other products. They have an extremely talented team of stylists that you can work with in order to leave with the look you’ve been dreaming of. Studio 83 has a lot to offer, and that can be overwhelming if you don’t have an idea going into your appointment. We recommend figuring out the general styling you want and working with your stylist on the finer details rather than going in with no knowledge of what you want your hair to look like. In order for them to give you the best hairstyle, a little direction goes a long way. 

CLOW9 Hair Studio

Premier hairstyles await at CLOW9 Hair Studio in Wooster

133 N Market St | Wooster | clow9-hair-studio.site

CLOW9 Hair Studio provides an excellent experience every time, with each stylist bringing their own charm and personality to your haircut. Everyone there is a professional of the highest order and is willing to work with you to figure out exactly what you are looking for in your new hairstyle. 

At CLOW9, the stylists work to give you a hairstyle that compliments you and your personality. We recommend coming with a picture or an idea of what you want your hair to look like, but if you are not sure, your stylist can work with you to find the style you’ve been looking for. From the first time you talk to your stylist, it is evident that they know a thing or two about cutting hair, and are always willing to use their expertise to plan out a great new hairstyle. 

Cost Cutters

For an affordable, quality cut

3939 Burbank Rd | Wooster | costcutters.com

Cost Cutters Hair Salon is a great place to get a hairstyle from an exceptional stylist at a great price. Cost Cutters is less expensive than a cut at one of the premium salons on this list, as they do not provide the full experience that the other salons do. That is not to say you will be dissatisfied with your haircut! On the contrary, Cost Cutters provide amazing haircuts at their lower price point. Their talented stylists will give you the perfect haircut every time, and we recommend going to Cost Cutters for a great, affordable haircut. 

A Cut Above Hair Design

Wooster’s finest hair salon

323 East North St | Wooster | acutabovewooster.com

A Cut Above takes your hair seriously. Before the style, they sit down with you to talk about your hair, how you’ve felt about it in the past, and what you are looking for in your next style. They are open to talking with people who’ve held the same hairstyle for years and are looking to continue it as well as those who are looking to make radical changes to their own hair. Each stylist will get to know you before cutting your hair and offer advice as to where you might want to go with your new style. 

The experience of going to A Cut Above in Wooster is amazing. The staff at A Cut Above are all in on giving you the best possible experience and making sure that you leave feeling confident and happy. From their relaxing decor to their bright smiles, from the moment you step in you are treated with the utmost kindness and respect, and you will always leave with a beautiful hairstyle when you book an appointment. 

Sheer Professionals Hair

A salon run by excellent people providing excellent haircuts

2912 Cleveland Rd | Wooster | sheerprofessionals.com

Sheer Professionals offers excellent and affordable haircuts and hairstyles to their customers, and have been working hard since they opened to make every haircut count. They offer many services for men and women, and will always take great care of you during your haircut or hair styling process. Alongside their excellent work in the salon, they give back to the community with what they do best — hairdressing. They have a wig bank, participate in Locks of Love, and hold many fundraisers for excellent causes throughout the year. 

The people at Sheer Professionals are all amazing to talk to and get to know, and we recommend keeping this high on your list if you are looking for great and affordable hairstyling in Wooster, Ohio. They understand how easy it is to be worried and anxious about your new hairstyle, and they will always make sure they are doing everything in their power to give you the best haircut that they possibly can. 

Impressions Hair Salon and Spa

Top of the line care awaits at this Wooster hair salon

5225 Cleveland Road | Wooster | impressionshairsalonandspa.com

Impressions Hair Salon and Spa combines two excellent activities — getting your hair done and relaxing at a spa. The staff at this Wooster hair salon is 100% committed to giving you first-class treatment during the entirety of your time together. They know that they can help you feel great about yourself, great about your hair, and relaxed during the process while you are getting your hair and nails done. They are all about leaving you feeling at the top of your game when you exit their salon, with perfect hair, perfect nails, and a perfect smile. 

The stylists here are incredibly talented and are a tight-knit team and they make you feel right at home during your styling. There are a lot of options for amazing hair care in Wooster! Each of these salons plies their trade in their own way, but you will not be disappointed going to any one of the salons on this list, and Impressions Hair Salon and Spa is no exception. 

Revamp! Salon and Day Spa

Luxuriate at Revamp, who offers hairdressing and spa services

2098 Portage Rd | Wooster | revampspa.com

The staff at Revamp do as the name implies — they help give you a new and improved appearance and find that perfect place for you so you feel comfortable with your new style. Revamp provides a tremendous amount of hair and body care, from hairdressing to facials to massages and pedicures. They open their shop to everyone of all ages, with a spectacular team of stylists and staff working their hardest to give you a perfect experience. With so many options, Revamp has something for everyone.

Alongside that, they have a big building with a lot of facilities, making this a great place for group events for special occasions or in preparation for special occasions. Birthdays, holidays, and bachelorette parties have all stopped in to prepare or celebrate the special occasion on the horizon. There are a lot of stylists at Revamp, and all of them are professionals who know how to make you feel amazing with your new hairstyle!

Identity Hair Studio

An affordable cut from a qualified stylist

A woman happy about her new hairstyle
Identity Hair Studio outputs a lot of amazing styles every day. They are always happy to work with you to figure out what style is best for you. 

4188 Cleveland Road | Wooster | business.com

Identity Hair Studio provides amazing haircuts at an affordable price. Their team of stylists is always ready to give cuts to men and women in their comfortable spaces. They only have a handful of seats available, so we recommend calling in advance and booking an appointment instead of walking in. Identity has decorated their salon with great taste, leaving a space where you can feel relaxed as a pleasant, respectful stylist gives you an amazing haircut. 

They will offer other services during your haircut, but they won’t pester you if you decline. Overall, Identity Hair Studio provides an amazing experience every time you go! Identity and Cost Cutters are the perfect places to try if you are getting a simpler haircut and hairstyle.

A Haircut on the Horizon

What are your plans for your next hairstyle? Let us know in the comments!

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