Upper Arlington, OH: 25 Fun Things To Do + Date Night Ideas 2022

Experience the fun that is Upper Arlington today and check out the top 25 things to do in the area!

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Sara Nuss


Jan 21, 2021

Main image courtesy of Columbus Florist. 

Are you looking to move sometime soon to an area of Ohio, but not sure where to go or what there is to do? We firmly think that you should consider moving to Upper Arlington, Ohio where it is very close to the Columbus metropolitan area. Because it’s  so close to Columbus, you’re sure to enjoy  the exciting things that Upper Arlington has to offer, we know that this is a place that you will definitely want to experience and take by yourself.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Upper Arlington offers many different landmarks and historical buildings for you to come see, along with parks, farmer’s markets, mini golf, and many different event venues to see lots of fun shows in. If you’re thinking about moving to the beautiful and breathtaking area that is Upper Arlington, Ohio, then check out all of the fun things to do there to really enhance your experience living there.

1. Visit North Market

Farmer’s markets are joyous for everyone, so come check out North Market today!

North Market
Come visit North Market, a farmer’s market in Upper Arlington where everything is fresh! Image courtesy of Wikipedia

If you’re looking for somewhere to get the freshest fruits and vegetables around, then you need to come and check out North Market today! North Market is a farmer’s market located in Upper Arlington where all of the fruits and vegetables are as fresh as they can be.

This market is over 145 years old with lots of thought into expanding it into a multiple-story establishment. If you’re looking for a beautiful farm market to get the freshest fruits and vegetables around, then check out North Market today!

“Didn't have any expectations before coming here. Was blown away by the vast restaurant selection. They have so many different types of food, both ready to eat and market style for take home or make yourself. Food is very affordable with most meals I saw ~$10 or less.” - Yelp Review

2. NinjaCiti

Let the kids go wild with and let their imagination go wild by acting like a ninja!

Come to NinjaCiti where you and your kids can enjoy some fun moments acting like a crazy ninja! Image courtesy of Yelp

Do you have kids of your own and you want to move to a place to keep them thoroughly entertained during their summer break, or even for birthday parties? Why not check out NinjaCiti today! NijaCiti is a fun place to go for both kids and adults, and for all athletes alike who want to live like a ninja, even if it’s only for a couple hours.

There are many different ninja courses to take, a rock wall, a parkour area, and much more. If you’re looking for something to do, or you want to have your kids get all of their energy out, then check out NinjaCiti today!

“This is our second time here and we absolutely love it!!  There is so much to do and they have a side of the gym with obstacles that are lower and a little more accessible for kids.” - Yelp Review 

3. Gates of Hell

Do you love art as much as the next person? Make sure to check out this public art display!

Gates of Hell
If you love art, make sure to stop by Gates of Hell, a public art display in Upper Arlington, Ohio! Image courtesy of Yelp

Do you love art as much as we do? If so, then you need to come to Gates of Hell, a free public art display where it almost looks like there’s a portal going somewhere! Gates of Hell has been graffitied over multiple different times by many different street artists, both inside and out.

Some people may find it difficult to spot, but it’s behind a Tim Horton’s, and you just walk down a ramp and take a u-turn and you’re right there! Why not come check out this amazing public land spot in Upper Arlington today!

4. Indian Run Falls

Everyone loves nature, so come check out a nature park that you will find breathtaking!

Indian Run Falls
If you love being outdoors, then make sure to check out Indian Run Falls very close to Upper Arlington! Image courtesy of Visit Dublin, Ohio. 

Do you love spending your time outdoors and want to find the best place to do so? We recommend that you come and experience Indian Run Falls for all of the beauty that it is. Indian Run Falls is full of waterfalls and streams to gaze at, along with nature trails, observation platforms, and even a bridge.

If you come to see and visit Indian Run Falls, make sure to stay on the trails and it is advised not to jump into the water where the waterfall is, as many people have gotten injured over the years from doing so. Stay safe and enjoy the beauty of nature at Indian Run Falls today!

5. Dueling Axes

Ready to chuck an axe across the room and see how good you do hitting the bullseye? Check this place out today!

Dueling Axes
Come experience Dueling Axes, a fun interactive event where you can throw axes at a target and drink some beer! Image courtesy of Yelp

Are you wanting to do something crazy and fun? Come bring a group of friends or family members with you and experience Dueling Axes today! Dueling Axes is a fun little venue that includes axe throwing, hanging out with people you love, drinking beer, and eating some good food.

It seriously doesn’t get any better than this. We know you want to let loose on a Friday night, so why not experience Dueling Axes with some good people today!

“This place is awesome! I've been meaning to go for years now to try ax throwing, and finally my company went as a team building activity this month. I was skeptical about whether I'd really enjoy it or not, but it turned out to be a blast!” - Yelp Review 

6. German Village

Learn about the history of this area by throwing yourself right in the middle of this landmark!

German Village
Throw yourself in the middle of German Village, a unique and historical town right by Upper Arlington! Image courtesy of Trekaroo

If you want to explore a whole new area right by Upper Arlington, then you need to come and experience German Village today! German Village is known for its beautiful brick houses, German pubs, art galleries, coffee shops, bookshops, and so much more it’s hard to count them all.

They also feature the Actors’ Theatre Columbus, where they stage outdoor plays of Shakespeare And  much more in Schiller’s Park. With so many fun things to do in the area, you definitely need to come to German Village today!

7. Miner 49er

Indoor mini golf with cocktails? You better count yourself in!

Miner 49er
Come to Miner 49er, a blacklight indoor mini golf experience that also offers cocktails to the grown ups! Image courtesy of Columbus Family Adventures.

Are you looking for something that is fun for both adults and kids? Whether you want to enjoy a fun family night out, or even just a night out with friends, why not check out Miner 49er in Upper Arlington! Miner 49er is a blacklight indoor mini golf course with a mining/old west theme to it that is super unique and it makes for a fun indoor mini golf experience. Miner 49er also offers lots of different cocktails and food as well for more fun for both kids and adults. Come check out Miner 49er today!

“Perfect fun for a winter day when being outside isn't possible. We had a great day date here. Great staff, well-kept facility, and the pricing was spot on. There's a bar with beer and wine.” - Yelp Review 

8. Pins Mechanical Company

Get a strike, a double, or turkey when coming to bowl here with friends and family!

Pins Mechanical
Come bowling for a fun Friday or Saturday night activity with friends and family at Pins Mechanical Company. 

There’s nothing more fun than bowling, are we right? If you’re looking for some fun and easy entertainment on a Friday or Saturday night, then you need to check out Pins Mechanical Company! This bowling alley provides a hip and modern feel to bowling with the atmosphere it’s in, with also providing lots of kinds of beer on tap too.

Beer and bowling makes for a fun night, so check out Pins Mechanical Company today!

“The prices are pretty reasonable. I think it was $6/bowler/game. We ended up playing two games. My kids loved reading the board above our bowling alley as it posts funny comments after each bowling turn. I think the skidmark comment was our kids' favorite.” - Yelp Review 

9. Ohio State Fair

Be a part of a tradition that happens every year and check out the Ohio State Fair today!

Ohio State Fair
Come check out the Ohio state fair every year for a full day of fun right in Columbus, outside of Upper Arlington! Image courtesy of Daily Advocate. 

If you want to be a part of a tradition in Ohio that has been around for the last 170 years, then you need to make your way to the Ohio state fair that can be a highlight of anyone’s year!

Usually taking place the end of July into August, the Ohio state fair is held in Columbus, which is right outside Upper Arlington it has everything from food, carnival games, amusement park rides, and so much more. Stop by this yearly event that everyone looks forward to every year and make some new memories at the Ohio state fair!

“Wow! Can't believe I've never reviewed the Ohio State Fair before! This is a summer staple for me! I actually have been going for 10 years straight with one of my good friends.” - Yelp Review 

10. Field of Corn Sculpture

Enjoy a little bit of art with this publicly funded art sculpture!

Field of Corn
Check out the Field of Corn sculpture located in Dublin, Ohio that is a very unique art piece to take in! Image courtesy of Ohio Magazine. 

There’s nothing better than gazing at some inventive and creative art pieces and one of the most unique ones is right outside of Upper Arlington in Dublin, Ohio, the Field of Corn sculpture. You heard it, it’s literally an empty field filled with 109 sculpted concrete ears of corn.

This art piece was a publicly funded art piece that is dedicated to Sam Frantz, who invented lots of hybrid corn species, but it is also dedicated to Dublin’s agriculture heritage. Come check these amazing sculptures for yourself today!

11. Bicentennial Park

Take the dog for a stroll, or get a good workout in coming to see this park!

Bicentennial Park
Check out Bicentennial Park, a beautiful area in Columbus to just walk around in and take in the view! Image courtesy of Yelp.

Are you looking for a fun new place to get out and go running in or just a place to take your mind off of things for a while? Either way, we think that you need to check out Bicentennial Park today!

Bicentennial Park is a 4.66 acre park located in downtown Columbus that offers magnificent views of the city, along with a scenic route to go running, or walking with loved ones. Come and experience this beautiful park today with a view to remember!

12. 16-Bit Bar + Arcade

Enjoy playing some classic arcade and pinball games at this joint!

16-Bit Bar
Come and play some fun arcade and pinball games at 16-Bit Bar + Arcade today! Image courtesy of Columbus Family Adventures.

Do you want to have fun while playing some retro arcade or pinball games? Why not come to 16-Bit Bar + Arcade today for some of the most fun you’ll ever have in Upper Arlington!

Come and check out all of the fun games they have, such as The Terminator, Asteroids, Super Mario Bros., Dig Dug, and so much more. Stop by 16-Bit Bar + Arcade today!

“They're still making a vast menu of mixed drinks, still powering a wild variety of video games -- creating one of the most "you decide" entertainment spots in the city, with a culture that won't let you stand on the sidelines. Once you're here -- dive in, try something new, and put yourself fully in a new world.” - Yelp Review 

13. Ten Pin Alley

Bowling and American-comfort food make for a memorable night!

Ten Pin Alley
Come to Ten Pin Alley for a fun bowling experience, along with some tasty food options too! Image courtesy of Brunswick Bowling. 

If you just love bowling alleys, then you need to make your way to Ten Pin Alley today! Ten Pin Alley is a fun bowling alley that is super modern, and filled with blacklights to make for a unique experience that everyone will love.

They also sell some delicious American comfort food dishes that you will thoroughly enjoy diving into while you bowl with family and friends too!

“Such a fun little gem. Even if you don't like bowling they have good food, great service,  and other things to do such as games, and laser tag.” - Yelp Review 

14. Worthington Farmers Market

Who doesn’t love more fresh fruits and vegetables? Come to this delightful farmers market today!

Worthington Farmers Market
Come get some fresh fruits and vegetables at Worthington Farmers Market today! Image courtesy of Girl About Columbus.

If you want to experience a fun and beautiful farmers market full of delicious goodies to eat later, then you need to come and experience Worthington Farmers Market today!

This farmers market is only open on Saturday’s from 8am to 12pm, so make sure to hustle over and experience how it feels to be in a beautiful setting surrounded by some good stuff, like what they sell at Worthingtons!

“I look forward to Saturdays because of this market. This is probably one of my favorite parts about being in Columbus.” - Yelp Review 

15. Columbus Coffee Festival

Enjoy some of the best coffee you’ll ever have at this festival held every year!

Columbus Coffee Festival
Do you love coffee as much as we do? Make sure to come to Columbus Coffee Festival in Columbus this year! Image courtesy of Columbus Underground. 

Calling all coffee lovers! Make sure if you’re in Upper Arlington to check out the annual Columbus Coffee Festival to get your caffeine on! The Columbus Coffee Festival is known for all of its local coffee vendors that come and provide many different coffee samples for any avid coffee drinker.

Tickets vary from $15-$50 and it is worth every penny, so make sure to check it out!

“I loved how there were also so many extra activities. From petting kittens to poetry to axe throwing and more, there was no shortage of things to do. There were also food trucks and tasty desserts for purchase in between coffee samples.” - Yelp Review

16. Columbus Museum of Art

A museum opened in 1878 with all different kinds of art is a great way to spend an afternoon!

Columbus Museum of Art
Looking for a fun art gallery to go to? Why not check out the Columbus Museum of Art today! Image courtesy of The Business Journals.

There’s nothing more fun than going to an art gallery as a great way to spend an afternoon. If you’re looking for the best one to check out near Upper Arlington, then you have to go to the Columbus Museum of Art today!

The Columbus Museum of Art a sculpture garden, folk art, photography, modern art, and so much more. There’s so much to experience when you come here, so make sure to check the Columbus Museum of Art out today!

“Lovely museum!!! Was in town for a tournament and had the pleasure of walking through this gallery. The Monets and Pissarios were fantastic. Wiley was a highlight.” - Yelp Review 

17. Hollywood Casino Columbus

Ready to gamble and hopefully win big? Check out this notable casino today!

Hollywood Casino
Casinos are always full of excitement, so make sure to check out Hollywood Casino Columbus! Image courtesy of Visit Dublin, Ohio. 

Do you love taking a gamble (yes, literally) and betting money to see if you can win big at the casino? If you’re feeling lucky tonight, then you need to stop by Hollywood Casino Columbus today for a fun night out playing the slot machines, or betting your wad on the game tables.

They even feature a stage for bands to perform on and even a tasty steakhouse whenever you’re hungry. Come check out Hollywood Casino Columbus today!

“We had an absolute blast. Played slots, video blackjack, sat in the bar area, and chatted with some workers and got an impromptu craps lesson. Walked in with $20 left with $39, I'm not a gambler and had the best time. Loved it!” - Yelp Review

18. Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

Want to go ziplining? Make sure to get geared up and ready to go at this fun place!

Hocking Hills Canopy Tour
Are you looking for a thrill zip lining through the forest? Come and experience Hocking Hills Canopy Tours today! Image courtesy of Hocking Hills Canopy Tours.

We got a question for you that we’re confident you can answer quickly. Do you love ziplining? We hope that you said yes, because we found the perfect place for you to go ziplining at and that’s Hocking Hills Canopy Tours.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours offers a breathtaking experience of seeing Hocking Hills State Park with a view you’ll never forget. If you want to go ziplining with family or friends, come check out Hocking Hills Canopy Tours today!

“The X tour was great! It took about 2 and a half hours to get through the whole thing and there is a lot of variety on the different zip lines. They take you through trees, planes, high zips, low, over water, and even through a cave!” - Yelp Review 

19. Whetstone Park of Roses

Love roses? Come experience a garden full of them right outside of Upper Arlington!

If you love roses, then Whetstone Park of Roses is the place for you! Image courtesy of Wedding Spot. 

There is nothing more beautiful than gazing at a field full of flowers and taking in nature’s beauty. If this is something that you want to experience for yourself, then make sure to check out Whetstone Park of Roses today!

Whetstone Park of Roses is a garden full of beautiful pink, red roses that can make a beautiful date night, or an enchanting wedding celebration. Consider having your wedding here, or even just stopping to pay a visit to Whetstone Park of Roses!

“I love and adore the Park of Roses. It's so peaceful. I like to set up my hammock on nice days and read a book. I love all the different hybrids of roses; the colors are just beautiful. The rest of the garden is wonderful too.” - Yelp Review 

20. The Nest Theatre

Who doesn’t love live concerts or comedy shows? Come and experience one at this reputable place today!

The Nest Theatre
Live performances and comedy shows are always great, so make sure to check out The Nest Theatre today! Image courtesy of Columbus Underground

If you want to get a good laugh in after a long week of work, or want to experience fun laid-back live performances by music artists on a Friday night, then make sure to check out The Nest Theatre!

The Nest Theatre is most well-known for its comedy shows, and they even feature live literature, experimental theatre, sketch revues, and much more. Come check out The Nest Theatre today for an entertaining night filled with laughs!

“The Nest is so fun, such a great date night or place to take friends to show them something unique about Columbus. It's not too expensive and it is hilarious. I highly recommend!” - Yelp Review 

21. Vertical Adventures

Partake in rock climbing as a new way of working out and testing your stamina and muscles!

Vertical Adventures
If you love rock climbing as much as we do, then make sure to check out Vertical Adventures today! Image courtesy of American Buildings Company. 

Do you want to get a unique workout that is different from what you’ve usually been doing? If so, make sure to come and check out Vertical Adventures today for a fun rock climbing experience that you will never forget.

Vertical Adventures offers over 16,000 square footage of rock climbing experience for beginners, all the way up to expert rock climbers. What are you waiting for? Make sure to come and check out Vertical Adventures today!

“Staff is helpful and kind, the gym stays clean and fresh (even during covid chaos) and the routes are changing every week! They offer a lot of classes for the novice and the more experienced climber and they truly care about giving back to our Columbus community.” - Yelp Review 

22. Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse

Movies and beer? How can it get better than that!

Studio 35
Come to Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse today for a fun movie and craft beer experience today! Image courtesy of Eventective

Are you looking for a unique movie theater to go to to watch the latest movies coming out, or even throwback ones? Come to Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse today for a movie experience you’ll never forget!

Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse is a one-of-a-kind movie theater because they offer over forty different kinds of beer on tap that you can enjoy while watching the movie. Come check out Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse today!

“Everything was also very inexpensive in comparison to overpriced concessions sold at most theaters, so I was extremely happy. The theater was cute, cozy, extremely clean, and very comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.” - Yelp Review 

23. The Mall at Tuttle Crossing

Get all of your shopping done at one of the most reputable malls near Upper Arlington!

The Mall at Tuttle Crossing
Come experience a beautiful mall such as The Mall at Tuttle Crossing near Upper Arlington today! Image courtesy of Columbus Underground. 

Do you love shopping til you drop? If so, then you need to make your way to The Mall at Tuttle Crossing today! The Mall at Tuttle Crossing has lots of different shops that you can go to such as Bath and Body Works, Claire’s, PacSun, rue21, Zumiez, Sephora, Macy’s, and so much more.

What are you waiting for? Make sure to come and check out The Mall at Tuttle Crossing today!

“The area around the mall is very nice. Since it's a smaller mall it is not as busy and you can easily find parking. They recently added Scene 75 to it which has added traffic! The food court has a decent amount of food choices from your typical Asian to Chick-Fil-A.” - Yelp Review 

24. Middle West Spirits

Explore this amazing Ohio craft distillery and enjoy lots of whiskey, vodka, and gin today!

Middle West Spirits
Come check out Middle West Spirits, a Ohio craft distillery, for some fun weekend plans! Image courtesy of The Business Journals. 

If you’re looking for a great place to go and get some smooth whiskey, vodka, or gin? If so, then you need to go to Middle West Spirits today and try out their spirits with local ingredients to create a big, bold flavor.

Come here and enjoy a cocktail, or two with some tasty food for a dine in experience that you’ll never forget. Try out Middle West Spirits today!

“I love many of Middle West's products but I recently decided to try their bourbon cream and was blown away! This is easily drinkable straight but makes for a great cocktail mixer as well!” - Yelp Review

25. Pedal Wagon

Pedal your way through Columbus that you can enjoy with family and friends!

Pedal Wagon
Come board the Pedal Wagon and pedal your way towards bar crawls, and much more! Image courtesy of Pedal Wagon. 

Are you looking for a fun adventure through Columbus? If you are, then you need to come and rent a Pedal Wagon today and take many different routes towards bar crawls, tour the city’s historic districts, breweries, and much, much more.

This is a pedal-powered wagon that is perfect for big parties of people to enjoy yourself and have a good time. Come rent a pedal wagon today with your friends or family today!

“The pedal wagon was awesome!!! We got to meet new places and TOM (our guide) was awesome! Certainly one of the best experiences ever! We got to meet new breweries and he included everyone when he told jokes and when he talked he made everyone feel comfortable.” - Yelp Review 

There are so many fun and exciting things to do in Upper Arlington, Ohio. This area is so full of activities, shopping plazas, family-friendly activities, and so much more. If you’re moving to Upper Arlington, or just visiting the area, make sure to check out these top 25 thrilling things to do today!

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