4 Delectable and Original Upper Arlington Coffee Shops

Life is better with coffee, but only good coffee. Check out these mouthwatering cafes to get the best brews in Upper Arlington.

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Michael Calhoun


Jan 21, 2021

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My world lives and breathes on coffee. I’ve been drinking it for years, and everyone knows that it can completely turn your day around from disaster to delight. There’s nothing wrong with getting a great cup of coffee from Starbucks or your local diner, there’s great coffee to be had everywhere and sometimes you just crave any cup of joe. What can make your day really special though is getting out of the house purely to spend some time in a specialty coffee shop. With beautiful interiors, friendly service, and, of course, delicious coffee, these 4 locations are HER’s picks for the aficionados and the layman in Upper Arlington!

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The List

  1. Crimson Cup Coffee Shop
  2. Colin’s Coffee
  3. Chocolate Cafe
  4. Coffee Connections

Crimson Cup Coffee Shop

A staple of the community, this establishment is a rock solid business intent on giving the best coffee experience money can buy.

Crimson Cup Coffee building with windows that read "Crimson Cup"
Image courtesy of Crimson Cup Coffee

Crimson Cup Coffee has one of those heartwarming success stories that makes you really want to support their business. Built around the principles of fair trade and responsible sourcing of their beans, Crimson Cup has established partnerships and friendships with small growers in countries across the world, like Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Peru. Crimson Cup travels directly to these farmers and makes sure that they not only buy their delicious beans, but set up programs that assist them and their communities in their Friend2Farmer program. Awesome, right? Their commitment to using coffee to better the world doesn’t stop there though: they also created the Innovation Lab, a space for all kinds of people, from professionals to those who are just curious, to learn about the science and politics of coffee, from its creation, distribution, and preparation. They offer classes that range from learning what it takes to brew a cup of coffee, to learning how growers across the world actually grow and cultivate the coffee beans. On top of all that though, what you can expect out of them is a fantastic cup of coffee sourced from amazing places by kind-hearted people. A slam dunk for sure!

Colin’s Coffee

Let yourself be dazzled by the friendliness of this hometown hero.

blue Colin's Coffee sign on building
Image courtesy of Upper Arlington High School Band

Credit ,


As the self-proclaimed “only independent independent coffee shop” in Upper Arlington, it’s clear to see that Colin’s Coffee takes great pride in its community and strives to be a force for good within the Upper Arlington area. One look at their facebook page tells you that they’re actively engaged in charity, the owner is involved with local organizations like radio stations, and people are going out of their way to say how nice and friendly the staff are. They host events like food drives, talks with local politicians, specials for days like Mother’s Day on a regular basis. Taking an active role in the community can be tough for businesses when finances and bottom lines are constantly looming over the horizon, but at Colin’s Coffee it seems to be part of their blood. And they’re consistently getting high reviews from ranking websites like Yelp, offering simple foods to go along with the caffeine that titillates the taste buds without wrecking your wallet. Definitely check out Collin’s for some friendly service, and the satisfaction that you’re supporting your community.

Chocolate Cafe

The new kids on the block have some tricks up their sleeve.

assorted chocolate truffles
Image courtesy of Chocolate Cafe

Compared to the other cafes on this list, Chocolate Cafe is a baby. Founded in 2007, they offer a bit of an elegant twist to the tried and true aesthetic of traditional coffee shops. Serving coffee, gourmet desserts, casual food, as well as spirited drinks, their menu truly has a range that can cater to anyone’s tastes, and every purchase is made to order as part of their commitment to fresh, tasty food and drinks. Some highlights from their specialties menu were the Brie BLT, which sounds absolutely delicious, and the pumpkin martini, which I believe should be served all year round instead of just in the fall, so good for you Chocolate Cafe. And of course, if you stop by, make sure to get a taste of their famous drink named after the cafe itself, the Chocolate Cafe, made from espresso vodka. What a treat! The coffee menu has all the drinks you know and love, and with some gourmet chocolates on the side I can confidently say that this place will become one of your favorites in no time.

Coffee Connections

A cool open space to meet some of the change makers.

seating outside of Coffee Connections building
Image courtesy of Coffee Connections

Ok, so don’t be mad, but I fibbed a little: this location isn’t in Upper Arlington. Gasp! I’m sorry, it’s in Hilliard, which is super close by, but after hearing about this place I needed to include it in this list, and you’ll see why. Founded in 2013 by the Greniers, a family relocating from Royersford, PA, this location is brand-spanking-new to the Columbus area, but they have been making big waves with their community engagement. With a supreme focus on creating a space where all kinds of people can come together and collaborate to serve their city and foster personal and community growth, Coffee Connections has been working around the clock to host dozens, if not hundreds, of events for the community in the time that they’ve been servicing the Hilliard area. From events like creative writing workshops, to open mics, to making spirit jewelry and cleaning up the local parks, this space has really made a serious effort to getting all kinds of people together in one space and giving them a home base where they can connect and share ideas, as well as provide some well-deserved entertainment to each other. If you live in or around the Upper Arlington Area, definitely consider a short drive to Hilliard to check out this awesome space run by some really amazing people.

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June 20, 2018
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