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The Booming Town of Greenville Welcomes New Businesses

Discover what's new in Greenville, Ohio.

January 22, 2018


Emma Holt


Jan 22, 2019

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‍Downtown Greenville is nestled in the heart of a rural community that continually supports new businesses and entrepreneurs. The distinctive shopping district has a little bit of everything- from cozy boutiques, bike shops, jewelers, cosmetics, to something for the little ones such as candy, toys, and clothing. Greenville’s atmosphere is every shoppers’ dream come true.

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Kathy’s Cookies and Pies

Kathy Jarrett, the owner of Kathy’s Cookies and Pies, was inspired to open the new bakery thanks to memories she’s shared baking with her grandmother. The family owned and run bakery had a very successful opening at the end of November and Kathy’s craftsmanship, attention to details, and dedication to giving every customer her very best are certainly some of the many reasons why. She also uses only the best ingredients available to her- real butter and farm fresh eggs from her very own flock.  In addition to cookies and pies, Kathy makes buckeyes, brownies, and even welcomes special requests. Visit Kathy’s Cookies and Pies at 316 S. Broadway Street.

Kathy’s intricate cut outs

iSelect Cellular Solutions

Have a new phone, tablet, or game system that you need some assistance working or that need a repair? Ryan Wintrow and Trevor Brumbaugh are your guys! The young duo ran a successful tech business in 2014 but wanted to shift their focus to repairs instead of selling products. Visit the savvy, affordable, and experienced entrepreneurs on 109 E. 3rd Street if you have a cracked screen or a software bug. The best part is, they can have you on your way in an hour or two!

 iselect cellular solutions

With so much to do in this small, charming community, one visit will have you hooked. HER Realtors can help you find exactly what you’re looking for so you never have to part with this cultural downtown district again.

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