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Greenville is a small town with a really long history.

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Jan 21, 2021

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Greenville is a city in Darke County Ohio. It is a small city with a population of about 13,000 people. It is the location of the historic Fort Greene Ville army fort. It is a little, quaint place a few miles northwest of Dayton. This city is filled with historic landmarks. Greenville has 80 different buildings included in the National Register of Historic Places. There exist plenty of small businesses that have been passed down through generations of family members. Even though it is a small place, this city can definitely show you a good time! They host the nine day long Great Darke County Fair every year, and there is so much to do besides that. Whether you are in Greenville for a short visit, or for a permanent stay, you can have a great time.

Here’s what you should know about moving to Greenville:

  • History of Greenville 
  • Facts and figures about Greenville
  • Local favorite things to do in Greenville
  • And more! 
Two statues next to a fountain.
This fountain is a lovely aesthetic choice. Image courtesy of City of Greenville

History of Greenville

Before Moving to Greenville, Get to Know the History of Your New Home

Greenville, Ohio began as an army fort known as Fort Greene Ville. It was built in 1793 during the Northwest Indian War. It was named after Revolutionary war hero Nathaniel Greene, who was known as George Washington’s best officer. The army abandoned the post in 1796, but it was used again during the battle of 1812. The city of Greeneville was officially established in 1808. 

In 1793, Nathaniel Greene’s friend General Anthony Wayne requested Forte Green be built. Wayne had fought alongside Greene during the American Revolution. Native Americans had previously occupied the land. There were frequent battles between the Native Americans and the European settlers in the area. Many tribal leaders went to Greenville seeking a peace treaty. The tribal leaders and the settlers ended up creating The Treaty of Greenville. It kept things peaceful for a while, but European settlers continued to move into land reserved for the Native Americans, violating their treaty. This led to more warfare. 

The City of Greenville was established in 1808. By the year 1840 Greenville had a population of about 800. At the time, the town had four churches, one newspaper, one flour mill, and sixteen stores. Over the next three decades the town grew to have over 3,000 residents. It then grew to have five newspapers and six churches. Many of the residents at the time came from Germany. The primary businesses in the town sold wagons, lumber, or machinery. It was the main metropolitan center in Darke County during the 20th century. It also continues to be the largest city in Darke County. 

An old-style court house.
You’ll find amazing architecture like this throughout the city. Image Courtesy of Instagram

Greenville by the Numbers

Learn About Greenville’s Economy, Demographics, and What It’s Really Like to Live Here

Greenville Population

Greenville has a population of about 13,000. The median age of a Greenville resident is 45, a few years more than the median age for the state of Ohio. They have on average 2.1 people per household. 42% of households are made up of married couples. 20% are married with children while 26% have children and are single. 

Greenville’s Demographics

About 94% of Greenville’s residents are white. Around 2% of the population identifies as Hispanic. Around 1.4% are black, 1.1% are Asian, and 0.5% are Native American. Greenville’s cost of living is about 25% lower than the average cost of the U.S. as a whole. The median home price in Greenville is $109,000. The city is extremely affordable for residents. 

Greenville’s Schooling

Greenville has a total of seven schools. There are five public schools and two private schools for residents to send their kids to. The district spends about $2,000 less on each student than the U.S. average. There is a teacher for every 13 students. There are about 670 students for every librarian. 

Things to do in Greenville

Greenville is a small town with some great things to offer anyone who stays there. You will have a lot of peace and quiet in Greenville, but there are a few fun shops and restaurants nearby. There are museums and historic landmarks to see as well. You can find plenty of things to do in Greenville. There are antique stores and mill tours, and decent scenery when you’re driving around. You can easily go out and have a good time, and then head home for lots of quiet relaxation. 

Three bucks relax in grass by the road.
You might spot these creatures relaxing in a field. Image courtesy of Instagram

Get to Know Greeneville Like a Local

Where People Shop, Dine, and Hang Out in Greenville

Greenville is a smaller city that knows how to celebrate. There are a few different festivals that take place there every year. One is the Annie Oakley Festival. Annie Oakley was a skilled sharpshooter in the 1860s who travelled the world in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, and Greenville celebrates her every year. They even have a festival that lasts nine days that takes place every year! Some years ago, Disney chose Greenville to host the Disney Hometown parade. You definitely won’t lack revelry in this city! Here are a few places you should stop by if you end up in Greenville! 

The Merchant House

This bar looks like a cozy kitchen.
A cozy bar with brick walls and a wooden ceiling.
The atmosphere is so comforting. Image courtesy of Yelp.

406 S Broadway St | Greenville |

The merchant house is heavily focused on customer satisfaction. It was opened by a family and friend group back in 2016. Their team has over 50 years of experience combined. They bring unique and delicious foods to the community. They also serve local craft beer and cocktails. This restaurant has been voted best casual dining by Ohio Magazine in 2017, 2019, and 2020. It is beloved by visitors and locals alike!

The owners make sure that most of their offerings are locally sourced, including the meats and produce. They have unique food offerings such as salmon bruschetta and chicken mac n’ cheese waffles. They like to add fun twists to classic recipes. Go there to enjoy a comfortable good time with fun food choices. 

“The Merchant House has quickly become a staple in the area. Rotating variety of beers on tap and a rotating menu to keep it fresh. The food is always amazing. The owners and staff always make you feel like family.” -- Yelp Review

Rapid Fired Pizza

This pizza place has the most varied topping options in the area. 
A peperoni, onion, and green pepper pizza next to a cheese pizza.
This pizza was baked to perfection. Image courtesy of Yelp

1487 Wagner Ave | Greenville |

Rapid Fired Pizza was established by multiple experienced restaurateurs who desire to make it the best it can be. It offers a ton of different topping options, so you can get just about whatever you would like. The popular “create your own” option comes with the possibility of 35 toppings and eight sauces! They even offer craft salads and “no dough” pizza for customers who would like other options. The pizzas are also cooked right in front of you in just 180 seconds. 

There are some awesome pizza creations on the menu to choose from as well. You can get a “taco” pizza which includes taco sauce and ground beef, a “mac daddy” pizza with mac n’ cheese and bacon, and buffalo chicken pizza. Their “no dough” pizza crust options are really unique ones such as spinach “crust” and parmesan “crust.” Those breadless options will likely be tempting to even the strongest bread lovers. They even offer online ordering and delivery!

“I have nothing but good things to say even when the line was to the door it only took me 22 minutes to get through the line. My pizza was delicious. I put all the toppings that I wanted on it. The staff were very nice. I will definitely go to this place on a regular basis. Being able to get a pizza with everything I want without any extra charge was awesome!” -- Yelp Review

Historical Bear’s Mill

This relic of older times has some awesome treats. 
A wooden interior with a few shelves full of sales items.
These items are similar to what’s in a grocery store, but better! Image courtesy of Ohio Stock Photography.

6450 Arcanum Bears mill Rd | Greenville |

Bear’s Mill is one of the few water-powered mills still in operation in Ohio today. Inside the mill, grain is carried from floor to floor through the water power of the mill. Bear’s Mill grinds grains into flours and meals similarly to how old world millers had done it. The grain is passed through millstones for a healthy and minimally processed product. You can learn about this interesting process when you take one of their historic tours, and then get to buy the products at the end. It will be a much different experience than buying grocery store items. You are sure to notice the difference in quality!

The Mill Market carries different flours and meals along with gourmet food items and coffee. They even sell clothing, jewelry, and home goods! You’ll even find exhibits that display the artwork of artists all throughout the Ohio Valley. You’ll have an excellent time at this historic location. You’ll get to witness a part of the past and leave with a few high quality items. 

“Bear's Mill is a historic working mill and one of the very few water powered mills in Ohio.  Yes, you can buy flour, corn meal, grits, and others that were ground right there at the mill.  It's three floors and you can climb all three for the self-guided tour.” -- Yelp Review

Garst Museum 

This museum is an adventure to walk through. 
Old artifacts, a rocking chair and treasure chest, in a museum.
This is a relic of a historic time. Image courtesy of Tripadvisor

6608 Longshore St | Greenville |

The Garst Museum is run by the Darke County Historical Society. The society is dedicated to preserving the history of the county. They aim to educate the public about their history. Some of the popular exhibits include Annie Oakley, Lowell Thomas, the Treaty of Greenville, and Ohio Native Americans. These exhibits highlight some of Greenville’s most significant historical events. There are over 20,000 visitors that visit this great museum each year. It even offers beneficial educational programs for young students. 

Admission prices are very affordable for all that the museum has to offer. It is the perfect group outing for a family. There is even a museum store that offers cool trinkets from books about airplanes and dinosaurs to small stuffed animals. You can leave this museum with some great souvenirs!

“Really neat artifacts at this museum.  There is a large Annie Oakley section, an American War memorabilia section, some mastodon bones found from the area, and a lot of Native American remnants displayed at the museum.  We really enjoyed this as a family.” -- Yelp Review

A very large fountain with about six spouts spraying water towards the center.
This is a beautiful sight to see. Image courtesy of Photographer Select

Greenville, Ohio is a great place for a peaceful life. There is enough to do for you to have a good time, and also plenty of space to unwind. If you like a slow paced town that offers a bit of fun, Greenville is sure to work for you!

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