The Best Things to do Around Baltimore, Ohio

Let your inner child (and real children if you have them) roam free in Baltimore, Ohio.

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Jan 21, 2021

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Baltimore is a quaint town and a great place to raise a family. If you’re interested in living in Baltimore or know you’re going to be traveling there and are looking for some cool ways to spend your time, HER, REALTORS® has got ya covered with this guide.

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Schaffner’s Drive In

Schaffner's Drive in
Image from Facebook

During warmer months, make sure you stop by Schaffner’s Drive In, an old school ice cream shop that’s been one of the highest rated ice cream joints since they were established in the 50s. Walk inside to order soft serve (I hear the peanut butter flavor is a must-try), drinks, or hot food like a cheeseburger. They even have gluten-free and low-fat options so every stomach can get a taste. The Drive In has lovely patio seating and great food for low prices so you can enjoy a warm weather treat any time you want!

For other amazing eats, check out this article about all the top rated restaurants in Baltimore!

Ohio Glass Museum

Image result for ohio glass museum
It looks 1000% cooler on the inside! Image from visitfairfieldcountyoh

In this museum, Ohio’s history of glassmaking comes to life. Go on a tour of the exhibitions and check out their movie, “Born of Fire” to learn their story. Each display features unique glass creations from collectors and artists in the local, surrounding areas, and even out-of-state.

Also be sure to visit the “Glass Studio” where they perform glass blowing demonstrations during regular museum hours. Interested in getting a more hands-on experience with creating glass art? You can schedule a hot glass class to learn the craft, and even forge a piece of your own!

Victoria Opera House

Baltimore Town Hall and Victoria Opera House Plaque
Very old. Much historic. Image from Baltimore Ohio

Once upon a time, the Victoria Opera House was built to be the venue for silent films, vaudeville shows, lectures, and religious events. Although for a while it was closed down, in present day it’s once again a focal point for the community. It has been undergoing restoration processes since 2011. Plans for the future include having screen and stage productions, conferences, weddings, recitals, after school activities, art installations, and more.

Currently, the opera house hosts different events, like craft beer and wine tastings, or live music. You can check out the monthly activities on their website. Even if you don’t plan on going to one of the events, you should still drive by just to see the 3 story italianate structure.

Buckeye Lake State Park

Image result for buckeye lake state park
I’d want to live in that house! Image from State Parks

Buckeye Lake is Ohio's oldest state park. It has long been a popular vacation spot for families and today offers endless water-related recreational opportunities including swimming, skiing, boating, and fishing. It’s a great place to go on a picnic then explore the trails with your family or friends! During the winter, you can enjoy ice skating, cross country skiing, ice fishing, and ice boating.

Pigeon Roost Farm

Image result for Pigeon Roost Farm!
Image from Pigeon Roost Farm

During the fall season, Pigeon Roost Farm is a place you’re going to want to visit. They celebrate fall hard and host a ton of activities like wagon rides, face painting, and arts and crafts. Their biggest event, PumpkinFest, occurs during September through the end of October. It’s basically a month of good food and family fun just waiting to happen. Seriously, they have giant slides, mazes, forts, and fantastic displays of pumpkins. You’re going to want to take your kids to this, and if you don’t have kids, you’re going to want to take the kid in you to this!


Related image
A super fun indoor activity for rainy days. Image from sandandorsnow

Want to spend a few hours re-discovering why science is awesome? Visit COSI, a science center with more than 300 interactive exhibits. It’s only about a half hour drive from Baltimore, and well worth the trip. Their themed exhibition areas include Ocean, Space, Gadgets, Life, Progress, Big Science Park, and their new Innovation Showcase. Each exhibit makes learning and being creative fun for all age levels so this would be an especially great option if you have children to entertain.

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