Moving to Baltimore, OH? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Baltimore is a vibrant small town with a great sense of community — what more could you ask for?

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Jan 21, 2021

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Sometimes, it can be difficult to choose between the calmer and tight-knit atmosphere of a small town and the hustle and bustle of a big city. When you move to Baltimore, you can get the best of both worlds. 

Baltimore is a lovely small town just outside the edges of Columbus, one of Ohio’s biggest cities. Enjoy day-to-day life in a relaxing small town, and then drive just 30 minutes into the city when you’re looking for some excitement. 

But don’t get it twisted — Baltimore may be much smaller than Columbus, but it still has lots to offer within the town limits. Residents love their friendly local community, and enjoy their town full of shops and restaurants with staff that will treat you like family.

Here’s what you should know about moving to Baltimore:

  • History of Baltimore
  • Facts and figures about Baltimore
  • Local favorite things to do in Baltimore
  • And more!

History of Baltimore

Before Moving to Baltimore, Get to Know the History of Your New Home

Though it seems like a typical Ohio small town today, the village of Baltimore has a surprising and interesting history. At its inception, it wasn’t called Baltimore at all, but things quickly changed after the town’s establishment.

All the way back in the first decade of the 19th century, Swiss pioneer families started arriving in the Baltimore area, settling in what is now the west end of town. In 1825, they dedicated their village as Basil, which was actually a misspelling of the Swiss city of Basel. 

That same year — in fact, just a day earlier — Virginian pioneers settled in what is now the east end of town, and dedicated their village as New Market. Just like Basil, this town was named after another by the same name in Shenandoah Valley. 

The establishment of these two villages, so close together in time and space but separated by the Pawpaw Creek Valley, created the perfect environment for a “twin city” feud. Three years later, in the northern areas of town, Rome City was dedicated. 

The earliest appearance of the name Baltimore was in a New Market post office which began operations in 1829, but the roots of Baltimore as we know it began growing when New Market was incorporated — why, we don’t know — under that name in 1833.

Over a century later, the twin cities, as well as Rome City, consolidated. This caused a now-notorious controversy over the future name of the new settlement. In fact, it is a Baltimore legend that “Baseball,” a combination of the words “Basel” and “Baltimore,” was in the running to be the new name of the town before it was thrown out by a circuit judge. In the end, “Baltimore” remained the name of the city. 

Much of Baltimore’s success and longevity is thanks to the Ohio & Erie Canal, which began “ditching its silver ribbon” towards Baltimore in the year 1825. The canal created transportation and trade opportunities throughout the region.

Not all of Baltimore’s important history reaches all the way back to the previous two centuries. The town is still building on its history today. In 2011, Baltimore became a qualified Tree City USA. This National Arbor Day Foundation program helps communities to manage and expand their public trees, especially in urban and suburban areas.

Baltimore became a Tree City USA by meeting four criteria:

  • Maintaining a tree board or department
  • Having a community tree ordinance
  • Spending at least $2 per capita on urban forestry
  • Celebrating Arbor Day

Baltimore is clearly a town with a long, interesting history — and a green thumb!

Baltimore by the Numbers

Learn About Baltimore’s Economy, Demographics, and What It’s Really Like to Live Here

Before you move to any town, it’s good to get a sense for the community. Baltimore is no exception. We’re sure you have many questions — What are the people like? What about the economy? And most importantly, should I pack a winter coat?

We have the answers to all those questions and more, right here.

The People

Baltimore is no bustling big city — at around 3,000 inhabitants total and a population density of approximately 1,500 people per square mile, this town has the perfect small town feel. You will definitely get to know your neighbors and get on a first-name basis with the staff at your favorite restaurants and shops!

The median age in Baltimore in 2010 was 37 years old — around 27% of residents were under the age of 18; 7.5% were between 18 and 24; another 27% were between 25 and 44; 25% between 45 and 64; and 13% 65 and older. 

Families with children make up over one-third of all households in the area — Baltimore is a great place to move to if you’re looking to raise kids of your own. Children in the area attend Liberty Union High School, which has a 98% graduation rate. 

Local Economy

Baltimore’s economy is strong, with an unemployment rate of just 4.6% — more than one percentage point below the national unemployment rate of 6%. In the past year, as national unemployment levels have risen due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Baltimore has seen positive job growth!

Taxes are lower than the national average, in both sales tax and income tax categories. This helps to keep the cost of living lower than the national average. Median household income is around $43,000 per year, and the median home price is about $209,600.

Many Baltimore residents hold jobs in finance and insurance, health care, administrative support, retail trade, construction, and manufacturing, among other fields. Those who choose to live in Baltimore also open themselves up to job opportunities in the city of Columbus, which can be just 30 minutes away by car.  

Weather and Climate

Best Places gave Baltimore a 7.1 out of 10 rating on their comfort index, which means the climate of Baltimore is more comfortable than most places in Ohio. In the summertime, highs can get up to around 85 degrees, and winter lows can drop to about 20 degrees.

Baltimore is sunny 175 days of the year on average, and has precipitation 127 days of the year — a good mix! The town gets an average of 41 inches of rain per year, just slightly above the national average of 38 inches. It also snows about 21 inches per year. 

Get to Know Baltimore Like a Local

Where People Shop, Dine, and Hang Out in Baltimore

When you visit or move to Baltimore, you’re gonna want to check out the best restaurants and stores in town — the ones where all the locals visit, where regulars have been shopping and eating for decades. Luckily for you, we have a great list of places to start.

Cristy’s Pizza

The best veggie, meat-lover’s, and gluten-free pizza in town

1001 S Main St | Baltimore |

Cristy’s Pizza has been serving the Baltimore area for three decades, and it is no surprise that they have become a local favorite. They dedicate themselves to finding high-quality ingredients for high-quality pizza. Whether you order delivery, take-out, or dine-in, Cristy’s will go the extra mile to provide you with a great experience.

There’s something at Cristy’s Pizza for everyone, even those who don’t like pizza at all. Cristy’s serves great salads, subs, and calzones in addition to their great pizza. To finish off your meal, try one of their tasty desserts — brownies, Oreo cheesecake, or a giant chocolate chip cookie!

“Potentially the best pizza EVER! Cristy's classic is fantastic. Delivery is always prompt, as well.” — Yelp Review

Schaffner’s Drive In

This soft-serve legend is the perfect sweet treat for summer

601 W Market St | Baltimore |

Established in 1959 under the name Tastee Freez, Schaffner’s Drive In has been serving the Baltimore community for over six decades. The current owner, Ed Schaffner, took over the business from his parents in the 1990s. 

The store always serves vanilla and chocolate soft-serve ice cream, and will rotate other specialty flavors throughout the season — like mocha, peanut butter, and orange pineapple, and more! If you’re feeling really hungry, you can get some tasty, hot food to complement your cold, sweet soft-serve. 

In 2021, the owners of Schaffner’s Drive In decided to demolish much of the old building, replacing it with a new space that will be able to serve more customers. The new building will be open year-round, instead of just during the summer months as it has been in the past. Baltimore locals took to social media to express their bittersweet feelings — knowing that they’d miss the Schaffner’s building that they had made memories in and had grown to love, but excited for the future of the business.

“Best soft serve ice cream anywhere! Variety of new flavors every so often and so many choices. We love our hometown place that is very community oriented.” — Yelp Review

Bumblebee on Basil

Hand-crafted, vintage, antique, and repurposed furniture that will look perfect in your home

100 S Basil St | Baltimore |

If you’re planning to move to Baltimore, Bumblebee on Basil is a must on your to-do list. Previously known as Second Chance Artisan Market, this shop will help you furnish your new home with the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind artisan pieces around. 

Every piece of furniture is hand-crafted, vintage, antique, or repurposed — none of those Ikea dressers that you’ve seen in a million houses before! The store also sells unique decorative accessories to add an extra-special flair to your home.

Bumblebee on Basil hosts many painting parties, run by Paint Parties For Fun. These fun events teach you how to create adorable seasonal paintings alongside your friends and family. 

“Great place with great vibes. The shop has a unique antique atmosphere and the owner is pretty awesome too. I fell in love with all the pieces, and you just can't beat the prices. Definitely visiting again very very soon.” — Google Review

Liberty Tree Coffee and Tea

Your next favorite coffee shop, serving up the best hot and iced drinks in town

201 W Market St | Baltimore |

Since Liberty Tree Coffee and Tea started under new ownership in 2017, it has quickly become a staple of the community. The coffee shop is managed and staffed completely by volunteers from Together Ministries in Thornville, Ohio. 

The mission of Together Ministries is to bring the people of Baltimore together and create a strong connection between their church and the community. Their space is open to all people of all beliefs and backgrounds.

When it comes to their menu, if you can dream it, Liberty Tree can probably make it. They serve drip coffee, cafe lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, and more. Their specialties, like the S’mores Mocha or Frozen Raspberry Truffle drinks, are a perfect treat for any season. Their tea selection is extensive, and ranges from matcha green tea to blood orange herbal tea. And if your stomach is grumbling for more than just a drink, add a delicious pastry to your order. 

“This place is awesome. It's a beautiful coffee shop and the staff is super friendly. The food and drinks are delicious… this is the perfect spot to have a hot drink and relax on a fall day” — Yelp Review

Baltimore, Ohio is a small town with a big heart. Its small population means that the community within is tight-knit and knows each other like family. There are many great restaurants and stores to visit for a quick treat or a shopping spree — and when you’re looking to shake things up, Columbus is just a short drive away. 

If you’ve chosen to move to Baltimore, you’ve made a great choice. Baltimore is all around a perfect place to live!

What are you most excited about in Baltimore? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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