The 5 Best Pizza Places in Candlewood Lake, Ohio

Prepare to indulge in some of the tastiest and cheesiest pizza this city has to offer!

A margherita pizza.


Stacey Fleurime


Jan 21, 2021

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Pizza is a very popular meal that is beloved by many people throughout the world, and especially throughout the U.S. It's a go-to meal for many people when they have large gatherings or when they simply don’t feel like making dinner. Around three billion pizzas are sold in this country every year, and that is for very good reason. It is difficult to resist the crispy baked dough covered in hot tomato sauce, the gooey melted cheese, and the many delicious toppings thrown on top. Pizza is very indulgent and also a very convenient meal since most people do not make it on their own. Most of us rely on nearby pizza places to give us our fix, and it is good to know what options are in your area. 

Candlewood Lake, Ohio is a small lake community with a vacation-like atmosphere all year round. But no matter how great a city is, your life there will not be complete without access to great pizza. Just about everyone has the urge to enjoy a pizza once in a while, some exponentially more than others, but the need is still there. Fortunately, there are plenty of great pizza places in the Candlewood Lake area, so you don’t ever have to go without it. Since Candlewood Lake is tiny, it is mostly served by the communities nearby. They offer plenty of great options for when you're in need of a pizza. Here are the 5 best places to get pizza in and around Candlewood Lake!

Warrior Pizza & Ice Cream

A pizza place that offers creamy desserts!

A white sauce pizza topped with bacon.
This chicken, bacon, ranch pizza will surely satisfy your need for something extra creamy. Image courtesy of Facebook.

3392 Park Ave | Ontario |

Warrior Pizza & Ice-cream offers delicious pizza that you can order from a drive through. They have been accommodating busy families on the run since 1960. You can quickly order a pizza, retrieve it right in your car, and then get going. This place is perfect for anyone who likes to make food runs without having to exit their vehicle. You also have the option to dine-in or order online if you prefer. There is even an outdoor seating area so you can enjoy the outdoors while you eat. 

Warrior pizza uses the freshest of ingredients, so you can be sure that you’ll receive a high quality meal when you eat there. Their pizza has won a few awards, and if you try it, you’ll understand why. They make their dough from scratch daily, and they do the same with their sauce, which is a family recipe. They offer a variety of options, like regular and premium toppings, along with specialty pizzas. Their specialty pizzas include options like hot Mexican, BBQ Chicken, and Vegetarian. They also have gourmet pizzas that come in unique flavors like lasagna pizza and garlic cheese bread pizza. These delicious foods come with great prices!

Ice-cream desserts are in abundance at Warrior. You don’t often find that at a pizza place. You can get soft serve ice-cream in a cone, specialty sundaes with flavors like hot apple dumpling and strawberry shortcake, and different flavors of milkshakes. You’ll be more than satisfied when you get to have ice-cream after your meal. It's an awesome way to finish up a pizza dinner!

“This is my favorite pizza in town. They have great sub sandwiches too! Get there early so you can find a place to sit, or you'll be out of luck. The food is always fresh and delicious. They also have wonderful ice cream, including awesome sherbet flavors, the best turtle sundae around, root beer floats and old fashioned hard dip ice cream. We order out, eat in, stop by after school...we just love The Warrior!” -- Yelp Review

Papa’s Gondola

This family owned restaurant has gained loyal fans both near and far. 

A cheesy pepperoni pizza sliced into squares.
These pieces are bound to go fast! Image courtesy of Zomato

3080 Park Ave | Ontario 

Papa Gondola is a popular family-owned Italian restaurant. It has been in the area for a long time, and has attracted many fans from far away places. It is open for five days a week and only for four hours each day, but its customers certainly make those four hours count. The place is always packed. Many customers even line up outside before Papa Gondola even opens! That is how eager people are to enjoy this amazing Italian place. 

Everything on the menu is freshly made. You won’t find previously frozen and reheated food here! This restaurant takes pride in their homemade creations. You can order pasta topped with delicious sauces, crispy breads, and pizza. Of all things they have on their menu, the lasagna is the most popular. Some customers say it is the best lasagna they’ve ever had! 

This restaurant’s décor will take you back in time. For long term residents of the area, the décor brings them fun memories of the past. You’ll feel like you hopped on a time machine back to the 70s! Papa Gondola sticks with the old-fashioned theme for their registers as they will only accept cash. There also happens to be a small wine list alongside the average drink options for a restaurant that serves pizza. 

“A flashback from the past ! The place hasn't changed since High School 36 years ago lol But the food is still amazing. Yes the sauce is sweet but addicting! I should go there more often, If you go ..go early it's a small place and the tables fill up pretty quick. I recommend any thing on the menu ! The Lasagna is the most popular but when they sell out they sell out ! They have great pizza too!” -- Yelp Review

Philomena’s Pizzeria

This place will provide you with your fill of toppings. 

A crispy sausage and green pepper pizza.
Sausage and peppers are always a great combination. Image courtesy of Yelp

720 County Rd | Mount Gilead

Philomena’s Pizzeria is a local spot that serves great pizza. It is very close to Candlewood lake and can easily become a resident’s go-to pizza spot. The people that keep this place running will make sure you want to come back. They have an awesome set-up, and the owner is known to be really friendly to customers. The staff is also very friendly and makes sure their customers are treated well. They will do what they can to make you feel comfortable. 

You can get different pizzas loaded with tons of toppings. The crust is really crispy and delicious. You can get appetizers like mozzarella sticks, garlic bread, and potato skins. There are even burgers and fries there along with sub sandwiches on the menu. You can get a meatball sandwich, a veggie sub, or a philly cheesesteak among others. For a burger, you get to build your own. 

There is a small convenience store inside where you can get bags of chips, canned foods, and condiments. There is also candy and chocolate available. You can easily grab a snack to enjoy later when you’re on your way out. They even have a “beer cave.” You can totally have a great time at Philomena’s while having drinks with your friends!

“We came here for the first time last night. We just moved to the area a year ago, we have stopped a few times for drinks or snacks but never for food. We got pizza, burgers, and mozzarella sticks. This was amazing. My 5-year-old said it was the best burger ever and wanted to go there every night for dinner. My 3-year old ate 3 plates of pizza(she's tiny and doesn't usually eat a lot). The owner was great and super friendly! Highly recommend this place for your everyday needs and dinner/lunch!” -- Yelp Review

The Purple Indian

This place offers really satisfying pizza. 

A sausage and bacon pizza with white sauce.
This pizza is so shiny, it glistens. Image courtesy of USA Restaurants.

508 W Marion Rd | Mount Gilead 

This pizza place serves up fresh, delicious pizza that is made right on site. The crust is homemade and the pizza is covered in this restaurant’s own homemade sauces that are known to be amazing. They buy fresh products for toppings and shred their own cheeses. They find value in feeding their customers the best ingredients they can find. The place is usually super busy, locals can’t get enough of it! It has been around for many years and continues to thrive in the area.  

Their pizza is made to be very satisfying. It is very indulgent. Be prepared to brush some sauce off your chin while you enjoy it! They serve thin crusted pizza that is known to be quite greasy in a good way! They are very generous with the cheese and toppings. They also serve subs and salads. This is a great place to go for an indulgent meal with your family, or after a long night out with your friends. Your taste buds are sure to be satisfied. 

This restaurant’s décor is very unassuming, you might not notice it right away when you drive by. The inside looks like it is from a past decade, and the atmosphere happens to be super comfortable. It is a very casual place. They serve the food on paper plates and give you paper cups to drink with. It is a great place to relax and satisfy your cravings. 

“Great pizza, subs, salads, and chicken. A Morrow County staple for many years. Great quality product- not too many pizza places make their own fresh crust on site and still shred their own cheese! Even when they are super busy (most weekend nights) they are still super efficient and friendly.” -- Yelp Review

Tubby’s Pizza

This pizza place is loved for its thin-crust pizza. 

A large cheese pizza cut into squares.
This pizza is incredibly tempting. Image courtesy of Yelp

112 N East St | St. Galion

Tubby’s Pizza is a beloved restaurant that has been around for many years. People nearby rave about this pizza, though it's not only them singing this restaurant’s praises. Many people travel from far distances just to have this pizza. The staff is friendly and accommodating. They will make sure you are taken care of. You also have to prepare to enter a very busy restaurant when you visit Tubby’s. It is very often loaded with customers excited for their next pizza fix!

The thin crust pizza at Tubby’s is extremely popular amongst its customers. People come from all over just to have more of this pizza. Many people claim that it is the best pizza in the area. It is crunchy, soft, and decadent. The sauce is really flavorful and it is something that helps this pizza stand out from others. There is a wide range of toppings and specialty pizzas to try, along with great subs and garlic bread, so you aren’t likely to get bored of this place!

Tubby’s opens its doors at 4 p.m. It's a great place to go for an afternoon or an evening meal. It also happens to be very affordable. You can get a really large pizza for just a small price. Get multiple large pizzas and you just might be having pizza for days. You’ll definitely get the most for your money when you order from Tubby’s Pizza. You are sure to have an enjoyable experience. 

“This is my favorite pizza in Galion, Ohio. I love the thin crust! We order it anytime we are visiting family in the area. Staff members are friendly and our orders have always been accurate. This is the best pizza in town!” -- Yelp Review

Pizza is a widely beloved meal that many people enjoy quite often. Just about all of us have some pizza on occasion. Candlewood Lake, Ohio has a few great pizza places nearby that are sure to satisfy your pizza cravings. You should never have to go without great pizza!

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