Moving to Candlewood Lake? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

So you have decided to move to a community-based area in Ohio! A very nice choice and with that in mind we will tell you all about the area.



Jan 21, 2021

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Candlewood Lake is one of the many great places to move to in Ohio! The area is located close to both Columbus and Cleveland. You get to have the suburb feeling with the commotion of the city nearby, which is very convenient. 

Here’s what you should know when moving to Candlewood Lake:

  • History of Candlewood Lake
  • Facts and figures about Candlewood Lake
  • Local favorite things to do around Candlewood Lake
  • And more!

History of Candlewood Lake

Back in the 1970s, a private developer decided to start the construction of Candlewood Lake. After several years of preparation, it was completed. 

There was an issue with money though throughout the process so a committee made of landowners, now known as Candlewood Lake Association was created so that the land could be bought and can continue to develop. 

Now we know the place as an area full of recreation vehicle parks, lodges, and pools. After thirty years of success, we see Candlewood Lake as a tight-knit community comprised of 500 homes and 3,000 lots. 

Candlewood by the numbers 

Learn about Leipsics Economy, Demographics, and What it’s Really Like to Live Here

Here is where we will get into the specifics of the numbers and demographics of Candlewood Lake. This should hopefully give you a sense of whether or not this area would be a perfect fit for you! So let us get started. 


The current population of Candlewood Lake is 630 citizens. The medium income of a household is 101,182. 

The most common jobs in the area are office and administrative support occupations, education instruction and library occupations, and business and financial operations occupations. 

The highest-paying jobs in the area are management, business, science, and art occupations, total, and sales and office occupations. 


The racial demographics in Candlewood Lake are 100% white. 

The median age of a person living in Candlewood is 34.5 years. 58.41% of the population is female and 41.59% is male. 

The average male salary is $65,641 and the average female earns $48,688. 

The average family size is 3.22 individuals.


With the beautiful scenery and 140 acres of land, there are plenty of people who choose to live in the area, and for good reason.

The local government of the area consists of a board of trustees, they are setting priorities and making plans. They create a budget, rules, regulations, and policies. 

Board officers in the group include the Board President (elected from board of directors), Vice-President (acts in place of President if necessary), Secretary (writes and maintains the book full of minutes of meetings), and Treasurer (keeps accounts of properties and business transactions). 

Your senate representation of the state of Ohio is Sherrod Brown (Democrat) and Rob Portman (Republican).


An important factor in choosing where to move, the weather you can expect to experience. 

Best places weather index rated the overall experience a 6.8/10. June, August, and September are the most comfortable months out of the year. January and February are the least comfortable. 

174 out of 365 days of the year are expected to be sunny. You can also expect about 40.9 inches of rain and 33.2 inches of snow. 

The hottest days will most likely be in July and average around 83.2°. 

You will get to experience all of the seasons! 

Get to know Candlewood Lake like a local

This is the fun part of the article! We will tell you all about the amazing places and attractions you will have to visit when staying in Candlewood Lake. Be sure to take note of some of these great places!

The Village Gathering Place

30 S Main St. | Mt. Gilead |

Do you have an event to plan for? Well, consider looking into working with The Village Gathering Place. 

The inside vibes of the place are described as “Chic,” this is a versatile look that can work with many different events. 

All 2,000 square feet is used to provide space for events such as baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers, graduation parties, anniversaries, reunions, corporate meetings, private events, and even pop-up shops. 

There are a number of beautiful photos and a video showing the interior of the building on their website so you can get a feel of what you would be getting into. 

The maximum number of people allowed is less than 50 people, and if you do not like the decorations there you are free to bring your own! 

“This venue is worth every penny!! We received numerous comments on how beautiful this place is and how well it's kept. I can't tell you how wonderful our hostess, Lindsey, was for us. She made everything clear and accessible to us and we were able to enjoy our sons grad party right along with our guests. This is definitely a great place for any type of smaller event!!” -Google review

Paul Revere Family Restaurant 

57 OH-97 | Mansfield |

We figured for the first restaurant featured in this to highlight a classic homey place where it is described as food “mom cooked for you.” 

This restaurant offers some tasty food, in fact, they serve breakfast all day long. 

We are going to start off by looking at their breakfast menu. Their “George Washington,” sounded yummy; two eggs, 6 oz. center-cut sirloin steak with home fries and toast. 

Moving onto the starter and salad menu you have the opportunity to order a delicious appetizer like chicken quesadillas, or breaded cheese sticks. 

Let’s then move to a heavier course like a sandwich, specifically their patty melt burger; a third pound of ground beef smothered with sautéed onions and Swiss cheese on grilled rye bread. End with a dessert like homemade apple pie, or hot apple tarts!

“Breakfast, Sunday morning. Few things bring me more joy. This morning, I was meeting my best friend and this was our choice for a new spot. Plenty of seating, plenty of parking, and plenty of great features to choose from on the extensive menu. The staff is very friendly and gives the perfect amount of attention.” -Yelp review


194 S Main St. | Mt. Gilead |

Now let us dive into one of America’s favorite dishes, pizza of course! Well Pizzaburg is a great place to order that cheesy cuisine you might be craving. 

Taking a look at their menu they have all the classics you need from a pizza shop. Subs, salads, strombolis, and pizza. The grilled chicken club sub sounds great, it is grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo! 

If you want an appetizer maybe try their garlic bread or breadsticks, then of course dive into a specialty pizza. The buffalo chicken pizza is such a delicious creation, combining all of the ingredients we love like ranch/bleu cheese, chicken, hot sauce, and cheese! 

If you are not stuffed then order a dessert like funnel cake sticks!

“This pizza shop is local to us and my fiancé and I get it at least once a week! Their prices are very fair and what you get is just amazing and delicious. I highly recommend the BLT sub, the amount of bacon on that thing is crazy, it's only 6 bucks! The pepperoni pizza is also to die for. My fiancé and I moved into our new home a couple of years ago and Pizzaburg was the first dinner we had on our dining room floor with paper plates and Pepsi in a solo cup! We have been hooked ever since :)” -Yelp review

The End Zone Bar and Grill

11 N S Main St. | Mt. Gilead |

A family friendly sports bar everyone can have a good time at! They have three different menus, a food, drink, and breakfast menu. 

Get the Bavarian pretzel bites as an appetizer! Then your choice of a main course like wings, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, fish, chicken, and hot dogs. They even offer vegan options for those who cannot consume meat.

Their Endzone burger caught our eye, they use a house-made steak burger with their signature seasonings, then topped with american cheese, mozzarella cheese, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, grilled pineapple, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo. 

Enjoy a signature cocktail like their liquid peanut butter cup, screwball peanut butter whiskey, godiva chocolate liquor, creme de cacao topped with whipped cream, and hershey's syrup. 

“This is our go to anytime I'm in Mt Gilead for work. Their boneless chicken bites are my son's favorite. I really liked the jumbo dog covered in pulled pork. You also can't beat the ability to grab an adult beverage with your take out. Great local restaurant!” -Yelp review

Now for some attractions

This is where we will get to see some of the many amazing places to visit around Candlewood Lake! Some great family spots or even a place to take your date to! No matter what, we think you will enjoy our picks!

Ohio Bird Sanctuary 

3774 Orweiler Rd. | Mansfield |

Aren’t birds one of the coolest creatures on the planet? They can do what so many of us wish we could--fly! Well along with the fact that they are crucial animals in our ecosystem, they can be so very interesting to learn about! 

The sanctuary was founded in 1988 and it started out as three enclosures to house educational birds as well as conditioning them on how to fly. Ten years later four flight cages were made to condition recovering raptors to eventually release them. 

The rehabilitation of native birds is so important to protect the species we know and love. Some of those featured in the sanctuary are hawks, owls, falcons, eagles, osprey, and even vultures. Non-avian animals such as Netherland dwarf rabbits, and the eastern box turtle are also in the sanctuary! 

Differs from the typical zoo considering these animals shown are much smaller, but absolutely just as interesting. The more information you learn the cooler you are going to look when you can point out birds to family and friends and tell them all about the species! 

So go take a trip to learn about some cool birds. Surely something your kids may love to do! 

“Love this place, this is my 4th time since may going here. Actually, this time I took a exchange student with me from Ukraine. What a beautiful memory it will make her and I did buy a owl charm for her to keep. This time, I bought a membership through Groupon. I can't wait to go back! Also the student really loves it!”- Yelp review

Mt. Gilead State Park

4119 OH-95 | Mt. Gilead |

A walk in nature will surely clear the mind. So why not take a visit to a state park? 

The park is located between Columbus and Mansfield. In this park you will find wildlife, wildflowers, and woodland hikers can take a stroll on. There is even a lake for paddling or fishing. 

The gazebo located at the park is a spot where weddings and family reunions can be held. 

If the weather is nice, consider visiting the park for some relaxation! Appreciate the beauty that mother nature created. 

“I have been coming here since I was a kid. Some of my funnest memories were made below the old dam. This year I was surprised to see that was gone and a new one in its place. It needed it, but a part of me was certainly sad to see it so different. The park seems to have come a long way in the past few years, and I am happy to see it getting so much love from the county and residents. I look forward to being back again next year on our annual road trip back home.”- Yelp review

Home sweet home? 

We hope that Candlewood Lake appeals to your inner soul because it truly is such a nice area located with so many amazing restaurants and attractions. Many places in Ohio are great and this is definitely one of them. 

Discover your dream home in German Village, OH.

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August 23, 2021
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