Stay Busy With 25 Things To Do in Marion, Ohio

From beautiful trails to historical museums, Marion is full of things to do and explore.

Sunset ove the Marion Palace


Kyle Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Marion Palace.

Marion, Ohio is a small city in north-central Ohio, just a short drive from Columbus. Marion is a charming city with a lot to do. Whether you are looking to move to Marion or are just visiting, you will not be bored during your stay!

Marion is the perfect distance from Ohio’s capital. It is close enough that you can drive in to explore the city, but far enough away that Marion has developed its own personality and culture. Read on for our top 25 things to do in Marion, Ohio!

Harding Memorial

966-870 Delaware Avenue | Marion |

A circular monument of white marble, reminiscent of a Greek temple awaits in Marion, Ohio for you to explore! The Harding Memorial commemorates President Harding, born in Blooming Grove, Ohio. This memorial is beautiful to look at and explore, and the grounds surrounding it are well-maintained and excellent for a summer picnic, going on a walk, or visiting and learning about a bit of our country’s history.

Warren G. Harding Presidential Sites

380 Mount Vernon Avenue | Marion |

President Harding’s memory in Marion does not end with his memorial! His home and a newly-finished Presidential Library and Museum are more places to visit and explore. The Harding Home has been open to the public for almost a century now, and is located next to the Library and Museum, making it an easy and exciting trip to visit both. 

Marion Tallgrass Trail

With a paved road and gravel in other sections, walking the Marion Tallgrass Trail is perfect for those who are looking to take a walk through nature! Image courtesy of AllTrails.

2093 Holland Road | Marion |

The Marion Tallgrass Trail is an amazing, walkable and bikeable trail that stretches for almost 13 miles from the eastern and western trailhead sites. This is one of the many rails-to-trails projects across the country which turns old, abandoned railroads into beautiful trails. There are loads of points where you can get on the trail in between the eastern and western ends, making it the perfect place for some casual hiking as the weather warms.

Marion Palace Theatre

276 West Center Street | Marion |

Discover an amazing show at the Marion Palace Theatre! This historical building has stood for over 90 years, and with generous love and support from this community, it is still a beautiful landmark of the arts in Marion, Ohio. This is an amazing stop in your exploration of Marion and a great place to go with friends and family.

Wyandot Popcorn Museum

This is but one of their popcorn antiques! There are vehicles, carts, stands, and everything in between at the Wyandot Popcorn Museum. Image courtesy of Visit Marion Ohio.

169 East Church Street | Marion |

The Wyandot Popcorn Museum represents the largest collection of restored popcorn antiques in the world. This is, certainly, a pretty niche boast, but let us assure you that it is an impressive collection! There are popcorn machines from every year and every profession, including a Motel TT Cretors Popcorn truck and a horse-drawn Cretors Model T Popcorn Wagon that used to travel with the Ringling Bros. Barnum, and Bailey Circus.  

Veterans Memorial Park

Enjoy well-maintained grounds perfect for strolling around to visit the different points of interest in this beautiful Marion park. Image courtesy of Visit Marion Ohio.

61-145 McKinley Park Boulevard | Marion |

The Veterans Memorial park is a great green space in Marion, Ohio. It is excellently-manicured and a great place to picnic and explore a part of our country's history. There is a lot of green space around Marion, Ohio, and as the weather warms up it is a great place to sit out in the sun, or shade!

Granite Revolving Ball

This is the closest you will come to seeing something out of a science fiction film in Marion, Ohio! Image courtesy of Trip Advisor.

620 Delaware Avenue | Marion |

Sitting in the Marion Cemetery is quite the tombstone — a two-and-a-half ton granite ball sitting atop a massive pedestal, surrounded by smaller granite spheres commemorates an old relative of the Merchant family. But that’s not all — the ball moves! Very slowly, mind you, but it revolves around its plinth. Every time you see this ball you can rest assured knowing that it has moved just a little bit from the time you saw it last. 

Marion Cemetery and Monuments

There is a lot to admire at the Marion Cemetery. Image courtesy of Historic Marion Cemetery.

620 Delaware Avenue | Marion |

The historic Marion Cemetery is a bit of a bleak place to take a trip, but it is pretty. It has been around for well over a century, and since then a variety of beautiful monuments populated it, and from the trees surrounding it and the landscaping in it the Marion Cemetery is teeming with wildlife. And, perhaps, the most famous tombstone in this cemetery will draw your interest — the Revolving Ball

Heritage Hall

169 East Church Street | Marion |

Located in the same complex as the Popcorn Museum, Marion’s Heritage Hall houses many historical relics from Marion greats. Notable among them are Jim Thorpe, Rod Sterling, Mary Ellen Withrow, and Warren G. Harding. There is something exciting about learning what the most famous people from your town are, and Heritage Hall has that covered!

Lawrence Orchards

They even have a recipe book! The recipes here are delicious, and they always come out best when using fresh apples from the orchard. Image courtesy of Lawrence Orchards.

2634 Smeltzer Road | Marion |

Lawrence Orchards are a family-run small business in Marion Ohio that produces the freshest and most delectable apples in the whole county. They are opening up for the season in June and will be open all Summer long! They have a farmers market where they sell their apples and other locally grown fruits, jellies, honey, maple, and more. A trip to Lawrence Orchards, just South of Marion, Ohio, is a must this Summer.

Huber Machinery Museum

This is one of the pieces on display — an old tractor from his time. Image courtesy of Visit Marion Ohio.

220 East Fairground Street | Marion |

The Huber Machinery Museum celebrates and recognizes the genius of Marion’s greatest inventor — Edward Huber. Created just before the turn of the century, the Huber Machinery Museum has on display many of Huber’s inventions, designs, and prototypes. If you visit you can learn about his inventions and how his legacy lives on through his family and through organizations created in his time. 

Bluefusion Fun Center

1340 Mount Vernon Avenue | Marion |

Bluefusion is a bowling and arcade combo that’s perfect for the whole family! That being said, you are never too old to have a great night with some friends at a bowling and arcade combo center. 

Buckeye Telephone Museum

581 Bellefontaine Avenue | Marion |

Ever heard of a switchboard? That, and much more are on display at the Buckeye Telephone Museum. Many old telephones and the technology associated with them are on display here, lovingly cared for by a group of volunteers. There is a rich history behind what made telephones into what they are today, and there is no better place to learn about it than the Buckeye Telephone Museum. 

Brickyard on Main

While one of their main events are weddings, they do other events too! They can be business events or large-scale gatherings. Image courtesy of Brickyard on Main.

135 Main Street | Marion |

Brickyard on Main is a modern venue in Marion, Ohio that is perfect for weddings, events, and more! With stunning indoor and outdoor areas, Brickyard on Main is a great venue for any time of the year. The staff there are pleasant and very good at what they do, working with you to take the stress off of the planning however they can. 

Paradise Park Miniature Golf

2777 Marion-Waldo Road | Marion |

When’s the last time you’ve been mini golfing? This fun activity is perfect for springtime and it’s a great way to spend some time with people outdoors. Paradise Park does not disappoint! Their course is fun and pleasantly challenging, and the staff is very nice. Swing by Paradise Park Miniature Golf for a relaxing time on the greens. 

Lincoln Park Family Aquatic Center

879 North Prospect Street | Marion |

With summer right around the corner, the Lincoln Park Family Aquatic Center is here to provide a great pool to relax and bask in the sun. Trips to the community pool is a great time to take in the sun without overheating, and their staff ensure that it is always a tidy and safe space to relax. Summer swim is also a great activity for kids to participate in, and there are a lot of swim teams in Marion whose registration is opening up soon!

El Campesino Restaurant

1834 Marion Waldo Road | Marion |

El Campesino is a family-run restaurant that delivers authentic Mexican food to the Marion area. If you are a fan of Mexican cuisine, this place should be on your radar. You don’t want to miss it! They have two locations open in Marion, which should attest to their delectable food! They are a bar and grill with a great drink menu to complement their food. 

A Taste of Memphis BBQ

A Taste of Memphis has a casual dining atmosphere perfect for a casual meal or take out. Image courtesy of Yelp.

138 South Main Street | Marion |

It is a bit rare for BBQ to make it this far North, but the staff of Memphis BBQ know exactly what they are doing. Their menu is filled with excellently created BBQ that has lots of flavor just like you would get down South. They serve big portions, their menu has all the staples, and the service is always friendly. 

Marion Brewing Company

They keep a lot of beers on tap, which will you choose first? Their full menu is available on their website, or you can go and ask their advice. Image courtesy of Marion Brewing Company.

151 South Main Street | Marion |

Marion Brewing Co is a local brewery with a lot of style. Since opening, they have brewed a great variety of delicious beers, keeping some on tap and having some seasonal brews as well. One of the best things about Marion Brewing Company is the people — they are super friendly and their passion for brewing beer shows in the way they describe what they have on tap and help you decide what to try. 

Shamrock Vineyard

The Shamrock Vineyard is located on a beautiful property set in the Ohio countryside. When the weather is nice, you can bring your own picnic and have it with a tasting or a bottle of your favorite wine! Image courtesy of Visit Marion Ohio.

111 Country Road 25 | Marion |

Shamrock Vineyard is a winery with a lot of history. They are the first successful vineyard to grow grapes in Central Ohio, and since their first harvest in 1971, multiple generations of the Quilter family have cared for this vineyard and are dedicated to creating fantastic wine from their own grapes as well as grapes imported from all over the world. 

Dragonfly Vineyard

There are a lot of fun activities at the Dragonfly Vineyard and Wine Cellar. Image courtesy of Dragonfly Vineyard.

215 Market Street West | Marion |

The Dragonfly Vineyard is another amazing winery in Central Ohio. They have a large selection of wines available for purchase and tasting, and they have perfected their recipes over many years. Their 4-acre winery is on a beautiful estate, and they have seating next to their grapevines. Doing a wine tasting here is always a lot of fun. They also host a lot of wine-related events, so check their calendar to find one you love!

OK Cafe Marion

734 East Center Street | Marion |

The OK Cafe delivers excellent dinner food with a fine selection of drinks to go along with it. This is a great place to go for a casual dinner with friends and family, and you can be confident that they will deliver excellent service each time you go!

Remnant Tea and Coffee

Remnant has a cozy interior with great decorations and lots of tables, chairs, and sofas where you can sit! Image courtesy of Remnant Tea and Coffee.

123 West Church Street | Marion |

Remnant Tea and Coffee is an amazing family-owned cafe in Marion, Ohio. They have an excellent breakfast and brunch menu with fantastic coffee drinks of many makes and flavors. You will not be disappointed going to Remnant, and you’ll be supporting a small business as well! It’s a win-win. 

Blooming Blessings Tea and Treasure

Their whole house is set up for each space to be its own site to sit, drink some tea, and enjoy your company. Image courtesy of Blooming Blessings.

288 East Church Street | Marion |

Blooming Blessings Tea and Treasure is a tea house in Marion, Ohio! They host tea parties where you can go with friends and family, drink exceptional tea and eat classic snacks along with it. The rooms are homey and relaxing, the service is exceptional, and everyone working there is pleasant and a tea enthusiast. 

Green Acres Golf Course

Grab your clubs and test your game at Green Acres. Image courtesy of Marion Star.

3594 Gooding Road | Marion |

Green Acres is a 18-hole golf course in Marion, Ohio. It is well-maintained and, fortunately, not too difficult! It is a lot of fun to play, and is one of the best courses in Marion. 

What Do You Want to Do in Marion, Ohio?

Marion is a rich area with a lot to see. Where will you start? Let us know in the comments!

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