8 Pizza Places in Marion, OH that Will Satisfy All Your Pizza Cravings

Dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Marion, Ohio has all you need for a well balanced pizza diet


Kyle Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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Marion, Ohio has a plethora of delicious pizzerias, from takeout places perfect for a movie night, to places you can sit down and have a meal. There are chains and family-owned pizzerias that each add their own flair to the scene, giving you many options when deciding where to order from. It is always great when each pizzeria does their pizza a little differently so you can pick out which one is your favorite, balancing the taste, the cost, and the service. From our review or from your own taste-testing of these pizzerias, you can figure out which one is your favorite!

Maybe Paynes Pizza will impress you so much that your search ends there. Or, perhaps, you find yourself moving all about the city trying each and every pizzeria before coming to any conclusions. A pizza journey though Marion? That sounds like a lot of fun. Each of these pizzerias make their pizza in their own, unique way, and we’d wager that one of them is just right for you. Read on for our 8 favorite pizza places in Marion, Ohio to satisfy all your pizza cravings. 

Paynes Pizza & More

Pizza and more await at this fantastic Marion pizzeria

Paynes Pizza supplies big pizzas loaded with toppings perfect for any occasion. This Marion, OH pizzeria is a great choice any day of the week! Image courtesy of Yelp.

1624 Marion-Mt Gilead Rd | Marion | paynespizza.com

Paynes Pizza has been in business in Marion, OH for a number of years and they have provided classic pizzeria pizza since day one. Their crust is crispy, their cheese mix is amazing, and their toppings are always applied generously. The staff at Paynes Pizza pride themselves on being quick workers, keeping your turnaround time low even when the lines are long and people are piling in. 

As the name suggests, they are more than meets the eye. Their pizzas are great, but they are only one part of their menu. Paynes Pizza also makes subs, salads, soups, and wings and they are all delicious. Their wings, especially, are amazing. They are rubbed in a flavorful sauce and come at a very affordable price, serving as the perfect companion to a large pizza. To top it off, Paynes caters! Give them a call for their catering rates and what they can provide if you’ve got a big event in the future. 

“The pizza was amazing fresh toppings and a very generous amount too. The chicken sub was delicious as well!   If you haven't tried this pizza shop I highly recommend it!! If I'm ever in the area again I'll definitely have Paynes Pizza!!” -- Yelp Review

Cruisers Pizza Subs and Suds

Pizza, subs, breakfast, and more await at this Marion pizzeria

2827 Marion-Marysville Rd | Marion | facebook.com/cruiserspizza123

Cruisers Pizza is a great pizza place and a great restaurant located in Marion, OH. The owners have made pizza there for many years, and they, along with the staff, know how to cook up a perfect pizza every time! Over the years they’ve expanded their menu, first with their subs. They have a lot of sub options, making it the perfect place to try out new subs if you want to. They are a great place to take out or dine in, and the depth of their menu makes it a great place to go if anyone isn’t in the mood for pizza. Which, we know, would be crazy.

Cruisers Pizza serves breakfast, too! The expanded their hours and created a breakfast menu a few years ago, and they have some excellent entrees in the morning as well. Overall, Cruisers is an excellent place to keep on your radar for the next time you want to order takeout pizza and much more!

“They have just recently added a breakfast menu. We stopped out for our second visit as the first was GREAT. This one was no different! We have been going to Cruisers for pizza for over a year, they make an excellent pie!” -- Yelp Review

Genova’s Pizza

Delicious, affordable pizza at this Marion pizzeria

698 Richmond Ave | Marion | facebook.com/Genovaspizza

Genova’s Pizzeria is one of the very best in Marion. Their pizza is consistent and sold at a great price, ranking them high on the cost-to-quality scale. Living in Marion you have a pleasant choice of figuring out which pizzeria will become your go-to for all those pizza nights to come. Genova’s is primarily a take-out restaurant. How does their crust, sauce, cheese mix, and toppings hold up to the other pizzerias in town? 

The affordability of Genova’s makes it a really good option for regular orders. Other pizzerias in town have specials that pop up on occasion, but, as great as they are, they limit you to ordering that specific thing and force you into compromise if you aren’t lucky. Genova’s is always affordable even without the specials. You can always shop around! Maybe one week another pizzeria is making you an offer you can’t refuse with one of their specials and another week there isn’t anything catching your eye. The staff at Genova’s will always be ready to serve you with a smile!

“After reading the reviews on Yelp, I chose Genova. I am very glad I did. The pizza was great and the delivery was outstanding. The staff was very helpful. This is my first choice for pizza in the area. THANK YOU GENOVA!” -- Yelp Review

Donatos Pizza

Grab a slice at this fantastic pizzeria

Pizza is available with many toppings. Which will you choose? Image courtesy of Yelp.

1181 Mt Vernon Ave | Marion | donatos.com

Donatos is one of the best chain pizzas you can get in Ohio. It does not have the care and quaint feel of a family-run pizzeria, but they make up for it with great service and quality pizza! An excellent, traditional pizzeria, Donatos is a great place to get takeout for all manner of occasions. Before you know it, Donato’s might become your go-to pizzeria for movie nights and hangouts with your friends. Their pizza is affordable and filling. It does not have the unique charm that some of the Columbus pizzerias featured later in this article do, but this is a pizza you could order every week. 

“One pizza was split into halves. One 1/2 had pepperoni and banana peppers while the other half had cheese. The other pizza was their "Works" which had pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Both pizzas were very flavorful and not too greasy.  We enjoyed them immensely. Now, we know that this is a good place to have pizza in Marion.” -- Yelp Review

Neighbor’s Pizza

Family owned and operated pizzeria in Marion, Ohio

712 Richmond Avenue | Marion | facebook.com/neighborsmarion

Neighbor’s Pizza is a relatively new pizzeria on the Marion pizza scene and they’ve made a great first impression! Their pizza is affordable and cooked to perfection, with a thick, crispy crust and a flavorful sauce mix. They offer loads of interesting and fun pizza toppings as well as a killer plain pizza. Neighbor’s pizza is a family-owned pizza place and it shows in their passion to make great pizza and also provide excellent service. The staff there is friendly and the owners work there too. Every time you dine in or take out from Neighbor’s Pizza they will treat you well! 

“A lot of small, locally-owned pizza joints come and go in this town. This is one that is going to be around for a while. Great pizza at a low price.  A great bonus is the owners are very friendly.   This has become my family's go-to pizza place. Keep up the great work!” -- Yelp Review

Pizza Brothers

Ever had a foldover? If not, you must swing by this Marion Pizzeria!

Their personal pizzas are the perfect size for a late lunch or dinner! With a menu as extensive as the one at Pizza Brothers, everyone might want their own pie! Image courtesy of Facebook.

617 Delaware Ave | Marion | pizzabrothersinc.com

One of Marion’s own pizzerias is Pizza Brothers. They are, perhaps, the best pizza in Marion (up to you to decide!) with an extensive pizza menu with loads of toppings and their very own foldover pizzas. Their foldovers are similar to a calzone, but have a fantastic flavor profile and texture that makes them unique compared to other calzones and strombolis. 

If you haven’t tasted the quality pizza made at Pizza Brothers, we recommend you put it number one on your list. Alongside their pizzas and foldovers, Pizza Brothers supplies a great menu of sandwiches and salads, which can be a great companion to big pizza nights. The sandwiches and salads alongside their foldover pizza can create an entirely different and equally delicious meal. 

There are not a lot of independently owned pizzerias in Marion, so seeing Pizza Brothers do so well by creating and perfecting their own type of pizza is awesome. We love it there and hope you try it out soon!

“Always good pizza. Hot and fresh with good service. Been ordering from here for many years

Love the foldovers!” -- Yelp Review

Harvest Pizzeria and Adriatico’s Pizza

These two pizzerias are located in Columbus, which is about an hour away. Now, that’s a fair distance to go to get pizza but these two pizzerias are so good we felt we had to include them on this list. For those days where you want to celebrate something with pizza that’s a cut above, read on for our two favorite pizzerias in Columbus, Ohio that are well-worth the drive. 

Harvest Pizzeria

Enjoy the freshest pizza on the market at this Columbus pizzeria

2885 N High St | Columbus | harvestpizzeria.com

Harvest pizzeria delivers unbelievable pizza in Columbus, Ohio. Since opening their first location, their drive and passion to create high-quality pizza and create an open, welcoming environment caught on and they now have four locations up and running in Ohio. The staff at harvest use the freshest ingredients they can to keep an interesting menu that will leave you wondering which choice is the right one for your meal. (Just a hint — there is no wrong choice!)

Next time you are planning a trip to Columbus we highly recommend you keep this on your radar. It is the perfect place to go for lunch or dinner, and alongside some of the best pizza out there, they have a fantastic collection of craft beers and cocktails to round out your meal. 

“Always a fan favorite! This place has never disappointed me. Perfect for the out of town guest that want a casual but excellent dinner or even a quick lunch. The pizza is one of the best around.” -- Yelp Review

Adriatico's Pizza

The best college pizza around awaits at Adriatico’s Pizza

The pizza at Adriatico’s is pizzeria pizza to the max. It is affordable and will bring back college memories! Image courtesy of Yelp.

1618 Neil Ave | Columbus | adriaticososu.com

Adriatico’s is a great place to stop in for a casual dinner when you are in Columbus. It’s located on Ohio State University’s campus, which sets it out from the other pizzerias in the area. The atmosphere in the restaurant is amazing, with excellent service and a staff that’s happy to help you find the perfect pizza. They have a tremendous menu full of pizza toppings to let you create your favorite pizza wherever you go. 

“Our salad was fresh, the pizza was amazing, and my mother from New Jersey approved. We bought a large pie for an awesome price and ate nearly all of it. Our service was great!” -- Yelp Review


There are so many pizzerias in Marion, OH! Did one catch your eye, or are you planning on sampling a pie from each before making your decision? Let us know in the comments!

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