Pizza Places around Parma, Ohio you Need to Visit

There’s nothing better than a hot slice of pizza fresh from the oven. Find the best slices around Parma, Ohio by checking out some of these pizzerias!

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7470 Broadview Rd, Parma, OH 44134
(440) 305-6795
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Jan 21, 2021

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Pizza may just be the most popular carb-based dish around, and for good reason! Not only is pizza a delicious meal when baked in the traditional sense, you can also customize it to fit your own taste buds! Whether that means adding some sausage, bacon, peppers, onions, or whatever other topping, it can be prepared however you would like. On top of that, there are many different styles of pizza available like deep dish, New York, thin crust, and many more. With pizza being so customizable to the individual, it’s no wonder that the dish has become so popular!

Whenever you’re in a new area, it can be hard to find great places to eat without trying them out. However, trying a new restaurant out that you’ve never been to before can result in a bland meal or an abused wallet. Especially when it comes to pizza, it is important to find a restaurant that does it right! Luckily for you, we have assembled a list of some of the best pizzerias around the area of Parma, Ohio. If you happen to be in the area, try out any of these restaurants for a great experience at a reasonable price. The list of pizzerias includes:

  • Casamel’s Pizza
  • Fratello’s Pizza
  • Jet’s Pizza
  • Rocky’s Pizza & Restaurant
  • P.Jay’s Pizza
  • Marsella’s Pizza
  • Romeo’s Pizza

Casamel’s Pizza

An image showing the customizability of Casamel's pizza.
Casamel’s Pizza makes pizza by the order with whatever toppings you would like. You can even customize it per half as seen in the picture above! Image courtesy of

5589 Broadview Rd | Parma |

When trying to find a great pizzeria, it is important to look at how long the restaurant has been perfecting their craft. At Casamel’s Pizza, they have been refining their pizza for over 30 years so you know it’s going to be good! They have a variety of specialty pizzas including chicken primavera, Hawaiian, BBQ chicken, meat lovers, and many more. If you do not like any of their preset specialty pizzas, simply customize your own! No matter how you like your pizza, Casamel’s Pizza can accommodate. 

When ordering pizza for a party or event, it is always nice to have some accompanying dishes to compliment the delicious pizza pies. Casamel’s has you covered in this regard with their wings, calzones, subs, pastas, chicken, and salads. They also have a wide variety of appetizers including breadsticks, onion rings, and even delicious cinnamon bites. Assemble the perfect party platter of foods with the help of Casamel’s Pizza!

“I must say, it was very delicious. My order took about 10 minutes to make. Cheese tasted very authentic and actually cheesy. The crust was crispy and delicious. The flavor was excellent and the service provided was warm and welcoming. Definitely recommend it.” - Google Review

Fratello’s Pizza

An image of the topping-heavy pizza's served at Fratellos.
Fratello’s Pizza is a great pizzeria to go to in the area of Parma. They even do catering if you happen to be throwing an event in the area which pizza can only make better! Image courtesy of

7021 W 130th St | Parma Heights |

If you’re looking for a more lowkey pizzeria, Fratello’s is the perfect place for you. From the classic red-leather booths to the authentic Italian pizza, Fratello’s Pizza is like a blast from the past. Even better, their pizza comes at a price you simply can not beat! For example, their full sheet pizza (contains 40 slices!) comes at a measly price of $27.99. That is a mere 70 cents per slice! If you’re the kind of person who loves to load their pizza with toppings, Fratello’s encourages it! They have just about every topping you can imagine to accommodate any style of pizza.

Fratello’s also specializes in catering events with more than just pizza. If you happen to be planning an event like a graduation party, you can order sheets of pizza, trays of chicken parmesan, baked ziti, rigatoni, salads, and so much more. All they need is a 24 hour notice and you can consider the food for your event covered! 

“The pizza at this place is amazing. I order at least 2 times monthly because I work right across the street and they always demonstrate great service and provide great food. I just tried a BLT and it was delicious… Great place to grab a bite and very speedy.” - Google Review

Jet’s Pizza

A pizza meme posted on Jet's pizza's Facebook page.
Jet’s Pizza has an in-house made ranch that they are well known for. Ranch is the perfect dipping sauce for a pizza, whether that’s a small or big dip! Image courtesy of

5344 Pearl Rd | Parma |

One of the most popular ways to eat pizza is by dipping it in ranch dressing. There is just something about the combination of the two flavors that work so well together. At Jet’s Pizza, they realize just how popular this flavor combination is and have worked to create their own in-house ranch that works perfectly with their pizza. If you prefer another dipping sauce like marinara, they also make that from scratch as well! If you’re the kind of person who needs to dip their pizza in a yummy sauce, Jet’s Pizza is the perfect pizzeria for you.

Another awesome feature to Jet’s Pizza is their option to flavorize your crust. The crust of a pizza is an important part, but can sometimes be bland due to it only being the dough. At Jet’s Pizza, they allow you to flavorize your crust with butter, romano, poppy seed, garlic, or cajun! By flavorizing your crust, it makes getting to the last couple bites of a slice of pizza exciting rather than boring. It also works as a great way to tie together flavors depending on the toppings you decided to go for.

“I love Jet's pizza! They have never disappointed me. If you like deep dish pizza, this is the place to go. It’s one of my regular places to order... Delivery service has always been positive for me. Great customer service!” - Google Review

Rocky’s Pizza & Restaurant

An image of a classic Italian-style pizza that can be found at Rocky's pizza.
Rocky’s Pizza & Restaurant is a classic italian-style restaurant with more than just pizza. From seafood to pasta, they have all the classic italian dishes and, most importantly, great pizza! 

6168 Broadview Rd | Cleveland |

If you’re looking for truly authentic Italian pizza, Rocky’s is the place to go. The restaurant is run by two cousins Larry Medvin and Fred Antonucci. Larry’s grandmother noted down her traditional family recipes, and they were then implemented by Larry into the restaurant. This includes the red sauce, eggplant parmigiana, lasagna, and meatballs. With a multi-generation red sauce, you know that their pizza is going to taste delicious and deliver an authentic Italian experience. 

To add to the authentic feel, the restaurant itself is stylized in a traditional Italian style, checkered tablecloths and all. Their motto is ‘Come in as friends, leave as family,’ which is exactly the type of wholesome message you can expect to get from Rocky’s. To experience true Italian cuisine along with the friendly culture of Parma, head on down to Rocky’s Pizza & Restaurant!

“This is such a wonderful hidden gem. The pizza was excellent. Very tasty, nothing like the chain restaurants. Prices are very reasonable also. I will definitely be back again soon. Check it out if you're in the area.” - Google Review

PJay’s Pizza

An image of the Valentine's day special available at PJay's pizza.
PJay’s Pizza is a classic pizzeria specializing in pizza and wings. If you happen to be visiting around Valentine’s day, try out their heart shaped pie for the special someone in your life! Image courtesy of

5859 Ridge Rd | Parma |

Another authentic family-owned Italian restaurant, PJay’s pizza strives for excellence through fresh ingredients and hand-made pizza. Opened all the way back in 1974, PJays pizza recipe was created by the Mastrioanani family nearly five decades ago. Today, the restaurant has shifted ownership to another family, but the recipe remains the same. Having an authentic recipe that has been refined over decades of experience leads to a delicious pizza that makes PJay’s a fan favorite within the area. 

You can order pies from anywhere from a small 9-inch pie, all the way up to a full sheet which includes 40 pieces of pizza! Having such large pizzas available to order means that you’ll have no problem with having enough food. If anything, you may need to take the rest home with you!

“I've been going to this place since the 90s. It's a hidden gem in Parma. Very good pizza. I love their "pepperoni power" pizza. They are generous with the toppings. But my main reason for frequenting this establishment is for their seafood pizza.” - Google Review

Marsella’s Pizza

An image of pizza being cooked with a 'family-style' feel as you can find at Marsella's pizza.
For that ‘family-style’ pizza restaurant feel, head on down to Marsella’s Pizza. They have just about every topping for pizza you can imagine, meaning you can order it exactly how you like!

7425 York Rd | Parma |

If you are looking for a pizza place that won’t disappoint, try out Marsella’s Pizza located just southeast of Parma. They use quality ingredients and create all of their pies from scratch, which adds up to a refreshingly yummy pizza you can enjoy. They have nearly 20 different toppings available to create whatever kind of custom pie you desire. Even better, they have specialty pizzas like Hawaiian, stromboli pizza, and buffalo chicken to switch things up!

If you happen to be ordering for your family and have a family member who doesn’t like pizza, Marsella’s has you covered! They have a wide variety of other dishes available including ribs, salads, wings, chicken, and seafood dinners. With such an extensive list of foods, there is something for everyone at Marsella’s Pizza!

“First time having them. Got wings and a pizza with split toppings and some wings. It was awesome honestly. Expensive taste but it isn't expensive at all. Thankfully I just moved in less than a mile away! Oh yeah!” - Google Review

Romeo’s Pizza

An image showing Romeo's classic pepperoni pizza.
Just because Romeo’s Pizza is a franchise, does not mean they don’t have great pizza. As one of the top rated pizzerias in Parma, they let the pizza speak for itself! Image courtesy of

7452 Ridge Rd | Parma |

Whenever you think of franchise-based restaurants, people typically associate that with lower quality food that cuts corners in the name of profit. However, Romeo’s Pizza does not fit that description. As with many pizzerias included on this list, Romeos uses fresh ingredients to ensure their product is of the highest quality. Namely, their sauce is made from tomatoes harvested directly from California at the peak time for tomato ripeness. This leads to a deliciously sweet sauce that has plenty of customers coming back for more. 

Better yet, Romeo’s Pizza has perhaps the greatest variety of pizza styles available on this list. They have New York White, Italiano deep dish, and even thin crust meaning that no matter what style you prefer, they have you covered. To go even deeper, they also have cauliflower crust pizzas available if you’re looking to cut out some of the calories! No matter what style, flavor, or type of pizza you prefer, Romeo’s Pizza is able to provide a pizza perfect for you. 

“I love good pizza and eat lots of it. Romeo's pizza has a nice crust, fantastic sauce and flavourful toppings.” - Google Review

A conclusory image showing a woman enjoying a warm slice of pizza.
Pizza is widely regarded as one of the best carb-centric dishes around. Try out any of these pizzerias in Parma, Ohio for a delicious combination of cheese, dough, and sauce!

Don’t let the fact that you happen to find yourself in a new area ruin your dinner. Instead, try out any of these top rated pizzerias for a meal that you know you’ll enjoy. From deep-dish to thin crust, you can find any style of pizza you desire around Parma, Ohio with these excellent eateries!

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