Can't Miss Cleveland Suburb : Parma, Ohio

Parma Ohio is the largest suburb right outside Cleveland so that means it has tons to offer anyone who lives there.

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7470 Broadview Rd, Parma, OH 44134
(440) 305-6795
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Amber Kanoza


Jan 21, 2021

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Parma is a wonderful town full of culture and fun for anyone who resides there. There is a Polish and an Ukrainian District, a fabulous mall, and lots of family-friendly things to do like the science center, and different historical artifacts to check out! Are you looking for a home in Parma, Oh? Find out more about this great Cleveland suburb!

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Ukrainian and Polish Neighborhoods

Courtesy of FiveThirtyEight

Parma has a proud Polish and Ukrainian heritage and dedicated certain areas of the city to celebrate that. This city has one of the largest Ukrainian communities in the Ohio area. The first Ukrainians arrived in 1881, and then more came over during the world wars. As time went on, they brought more of their culture to the Parma area such as churches and restaurants. Now anyone can come to that area and enjoy a wonderful piece of history.

The Polish neighborhood was voted number one by Channel 5’s Building Better Neighborhoods. It is a safe and fun place to be. There are countless restaurants, churches, and businesses that celebrate the Polish culture in Parma. For example, They celebrate Polish holidays like Paczki Day, which happens the Thursday before Lent. It is their version of “Fat Tuesday”. By the way, Paczki is a really cool version of a Polish donut. By the looks of it in the pictures, Paczki looks like it tastes amazing!     

Make Believe Family Fun Center

Courtesy of Parma Chamber of Commerce

This is the hotspot for families all around the Parma area. It is truly a great place for kids of all ages because they can accommodate to everyone. The picture above was taken on “Mellow Monday”. That is when they minimize the lights and the sensory elements so that children with special needs can truly enjoy the experience without being overloaded and stressed out.

Make Believe Family Fun Center has everything from a ropes course, arcade games, bumper cars, laser tag and mini bowling. They offer lots of food options and even have adult beverages for the big kids in attendance. You can also schedule birthday parties and events. Check out the website for different deals and promotions.  

Union House Bar and Restaurant

Courtesy of CleveScence

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Union House Bar and Restaurant is the go-to place for sports events in Parma. They offer special deals during Browns and Ohio State games, along with a fish fry every Friday all year round. There are weekly specials and Saturday Night bands. Ever since this hotspot opened in 2002, this is the ultimate place to chill and get a drink. By the way, they make homemade pierogies, so now you have to check it out.

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Utility Aggregation Program

This has been an initiative from the city of Parma since 2000. The legislation was passed that gave residents of Parma a discounted rate of electricity. There is also a similar program for natural gas. For more information on accessing these programs, go here.  

Parma is a family-friendly place with tons of opportunity for growth and happiness. The city of Parma is working to improve the lives of its residents every day. You can be a part of this thriving city, contact a HER agent today to find your next home!  

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March 15, 2018
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