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Catfish got your tongue?

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Mount Orab
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309 North High Street, Suite B Mount Orab, Ohio 45154
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Jessica Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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About a half hour commute away from Cincinnati is Mt. Orab, a natural oasis. This northern Ohio village is most known for its fishing spots and country-like hospitality. Between its modest commute to the city and peaceful living space, Mt. Orab warmly welcomes its newcomers.

View homes for sale in Mt. Orab, OH

If you’re considering moving to the area, here are a few highlights and places you should know in the village of Mt. Orab:

  • Fishing Lakes
  • Lake Manor Restaurant
  • Bardwell Winery
  • Ruby Lynn’s
  • Community Festivals

Fishing Lakes

Two kayak are parking beside the lake.

TJ’s Fishing Lake

A family-friendly fishing spot, many locals claim TJ’s to be a frequent memory in their childhood. Rest assured, decent-sized fish are available during the warmer months for patient, casual fishers to catch. With the “country charm” that Mt. Orab gives off, it’s no surprise that catfish are frequent catches in the area!

Grant Lake

At the southwest corner of Mt. Orab is Grant Lake, one of the village’s most defining landmarks. Grant is about 181 acres large and a common fishing and kayaking spot. Visitors and locals note Grant Lake’s quiet atmosphere, which means less noise to startle the fish and more peace for those searching for an oasis-like feel. Spring turns into crappie season, which brings decent size fish to this local lake for fishing enthusiasts and families to enjoy. The lake is also home to the Grant Lake Wildlife Area--it’s not a fancy reserve, but it offers more fauna and flora for visitors to explore.

Lake Manor Restaurant

Restaurant interior.
Image courtesy of Wordpress

Lake Manor Restaurant is one of the most popular eateries right by Grant Lake. Their claim to fame is their extensive soup and salad bar, with their black bean soup as a crowd favorite. Even more generous, they include soup and salad bar access with every dinner entree! Labeled as a country restaurant, they offer country-style staples like crispy breaded catfish, country fried steak, and fried chicken. If that’s not your style, they also have typical diner foods like hot burgers and sandwiches. It’s a fitting place to take the family for a fishing trip meal, especially with their $5 kids meals.

Bardwell Winery

Wine bottles

Bardwell Winery is known for their handcrafted wines and friendly service. Customers are encouraged to sample and enjoy themselves like family in this quaint, cozy atmosphere. But Bardwell isn’t just a winery--it’s also a restaurant and craft beer seller! While you can buy a bottle or few for a friend’s party or home dinner, you can also eat in-house. For a romantic evening or just a classy night-out, you can come here to enjoy wine-tasting and gourmet meals.

Ruby Lynn’s

If you want more of a “bar” environment, Ruby Lynn’s is the place for you! Like a real late-night entertainment hotspot, they also host live music shows and pool tournaments for those looking to have a beer or few. Though some neighborhoods make nightlife difficult to find, Mt. Orab has Ruby Lynn’s welcoming folks until 2 am during their open days!

Community Festivals

With how much Mt. Orab flaunts its more down-to-earth and tight-knit community feel, it should be no surprise that they hold annual village festivals. The two most famous are:

Mt. Orab Christmas Parade

Christmas Festival
Image courtesy of The Village of Mt. Orab

Mt. Orab Christmas Parade is an annual tradition held every first Saturday evening after Thanksgiving. This village-wide parade features about 50 floats and entries from local organizations. Though the parade is the main event, Mt. Orab Christmas Parade also includes an evening of lighted decor, music, and holiday characters along with the floats.


Naturally, the other largest festival in Mt. Orab is SummerFest. Even more impressive, it’s the Brown County SummerFest. It’s a larger than Mt. Orab Christmas Parade because of all the others travelling from within Brown County and outside Mt. Orab to attend the festival. The festival also lasts a whole weekend as opposed to the one day Mt. Orab Christmas Parade celebration.

Summer Fest
Image courtesy of The Village of Mt. Orab

SummerFest is full of vendors, activities, and other entertainment, featuring local food, music, and other businesses from around Brown County. So, not only can you attend to have fun and support your community, but you can also meet other locals who love their home as much as you hope to.

Whether it’s the country charm or reasonable commute, Mt. Orab offers a cozy, peaceful community.

View homes for sale in Mt. Orab, OH

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March 12, 2018
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