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Best restaurants in London, Ohio

Looking for a place to eat after a long day of house hunting? Look no further because we’ve rounded up the five top restaurants to choose from!

May 11, 2018


Marissa Perino


Jan 22, 2019

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Named after the British capital but nestled quietly in America’s midwest, London, Ohio is a quaint town, perfect for new couples or for raising a family.  As you shop for houses, visit for the weekend or start to explore your new neighborhood, you’ll sure be hungry, so be sure to check out the area’s restaurants for some delicious food!

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Cappy’s Pizza

pepperoni pizza in a box

A staple in London since the 1970s, Cappy’s is a small family-owned Italian restaurant known for its pizza. This restaurant offers a typical Italian menu, including pizza, calzones, and subs. Favorites include “Cappy’s Favorite,” which is their delicious pizza topped with a double order of mozzarella cheese and a double order of pepperoni and “Cappy’s Special,” which includes one pizza plus eight wings.

Los Mariachis

close up of a delicious chicken burrito

For a change in cuisine, look into the Mexican restaurant, Los Mariachis. The restaurant offers great appetizer choices, along with dinner combos and options for vegetarian dishes. Be sure to try the fajitas and take a look at the drink menu, which features plenty of margarita and daiquiri choices. Make sure to make it to Los Mariachis for happy hour to try one!


close up of a pepperoni pizza from Donato's
Courtesy of Groupon

Despite the appeal of a family-owned pizzeria like Cappy’s, Donato’s infamous midwest, square-cut pizza is certainly a meal you won’t want to miss. Luckily, London has a location where you can order deliveries if you decide to stay in.

Historic Red Brick Tavern

Street view of Historic Red Brick Tavern
Courtesy of Historic Red Brick Tavern

In the spirit of its British name, the local tavern boasts a broad selection of beer and hearty pub food. Located off of Route 40, the Red Brick Tavern is the perfect place to stop in for a family meal or a casual night with friends. The best way to learn more about its historic past is by visiting the Old English Manor in person, thereby joining the ranks of six United States presidents who have visited since its construction.

London Coffee Peddler

Street view of London Coffee Peddler
Courtesy of London Coffee Peddler Facebook

Last but not least, if you are looking for a quick pick-me-up while you are busy house-hunting or exploring the city, you can stop by London Coffee Peddler.  Some reviewers have labeled it as “The Best Cup of Joe,” and the shop also offers daily specials--including broccoli-cheese soup and grilled cheese--and a variety of sandwiches.This quaint and cozy location is perfect for a stop year round, whether it’s a steaming mug in the winter or a refreshing iced tea in the summer months!

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