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Perks of Living in Bellbrook, Ohio

Naturally Beautiful and full of charm, this Dayton suburb is ready to welcome you home.


Jessica Reyes


Jan 22, 2019

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This lovely neighborhood is just far enough away from metropolitan Dayton, OH that it can flaunt more natural greenery with its local parks. Even with the city so close, you can’t help but love the natural, small-town vibe! In fact, you might already want to start searching for a home for sale in Bellbrook.

Here are just some of the perks of living here:

  1. Sugarcreek Metropark
  2. Bellbrook Historical Museum
  3. McIntosh’s Pub & Grub
  4. Sugarcreek Bird Farm
  5. Blueberry Cafe
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Sugarcreek Metropark


Bellbrook has a few large parks, but Sugarcreek Metropark is top tier. Sugarcreek Metropark is a part of Bellbrook, but it’s so close to the Dayton metropolitan area that it’s considered one of the parks associated with the Five Rivers Metroparks. Once farmland, Sugarcreek Metropark now flaunts 550-year-old oak trees, a tallgrass prairie, and woodlands. Additionally, hikers could visit the Sugar Creek. Fun fact, it’s an actual creek, not just a name! There are multiple trails to choose from, but we suggest the Osage Orange Trail start. Not only is it popular for owl sightings and the Osage Orange tree tunnel, but it’s also home to the Three Sisters, the oldest trees in the park.

Bellbrook Historical Museum

old house

In 1965, Evelyn Brock donated an old building to Bellbrook for use as a museum that focuses on Bellbrook’s history. Since then, the town has raised enough money so that Bellbrook Historical Museum could display artifacts and pictures from Bellbrook’s founding to its present. It houses several donated items from Bellbrook residents. The museum also has a fundraiser that builds a brick road from its donations. Every brick is $50 and engraved with the donator’s name so that Bellbrook can remember their generosity. Don’t forget to follow the yellow brick road!

McIntosh’s Pub & Grub


If you want a place to watch the game or are just in the mood for a couple drinks with good bar food, go to McIntosh’s Pub & Grub. It’s a town favorite where customers come to enjoy their pizza, mac and cheese bites, and beer--just to name a few. They proudly serve Ron’s Pizza, a pizzeria from Dayton, OH.

Sugarcreek Bird Farm


You may have heard of breeders for dogs, cats, and rodents, but Sugarcreek Bird Farm breeds and raises over 30 different kinds of birds. They also sell all the necessary items for birds like feed, toys, and cage accessories. If you’re a bird owner, they also provide helpful classes for taking care of your birds such as toy-making and nutritional classes. Even if you’re not a bird owner, don’t worry! It may seem like just an oversized bird shop, but it’s actually also an aviary. During the spring and fall-like weather days, the birds are brought outside and are able to interact with customers in the outdoors. Keep in mind that the farm is only open on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Blueberry Cafe


For a breakfast and brunch hotspot, Blueberry Cafe is the place to go. They offer a variety of sandwiches, salads, and homestyle dishes like biscuits and gravy, but where they shine the most is with their breakfast dishes. Their omelets, pancakes, french toast, and especially their muffins have customers coming back for more. Be sure to ask the Muffin Man what muffins he has in store for you when you visit!

If that’s not enough, feel free to research even more about local parks and top-rated eateries. There are also plenty of community events to discover in case you were even thinking of being bored. Check the HER website to see if your perfect home is for sale in Bellbrook.

View homes for sale in Canal BellBrook, OH

February 8, 2018


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