25 Reasons Why You Should Move to Pataskala!

This post discusses why someone would and should move to Pataskala.

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Haley Wisniewski


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Maronda Homes.

Ohio offers its residents many benefits such as low cost of living, excellent schools, great jobs, and countless ways to have fun. Ohio has also been consistently ranked one of the best states for businesses by Livability

Pataskala is a small town 20 miles east of Columbus and is located in Licking County. This town has long been a hidden suburban gem of the Columbus area. Pataskala was ranked in the top 20 of Niche’s 2020 Suburbs with the Lowest Cost of Living in the Columbus Area. Come check out the affordable housing options for Pataskala by HER, REALTORS®

HER, REALTORS® offers a variety of affordable, cost-effective housing options in Pataskala, Ohio. Image courtesy of HER, REALTORS®.

1. Cost of Living is Highly Affordable

Pataskala’s cost of living is extremely affordable. Housing expenses are 11 percent lower than the national average and utility costs are 22 percent lower than that of the national average. 

Healthcare per visit including dentist, optometrist, and general physician is 8 percent lower than the national average. Again, Pataskala was ranked in the top 20 lowest cost of living around Columbus!

Pataskala Police are now working from new headquarters located behind City Hall. Image courtesy of Newark Advocate

2. Pataskala is One of the Safest Cities in Ohio

Living in Pataskala is beyond a safe choice! Pataskala was ranked #12 on BackgroundChecks’ Top 50 Safest Cities in Ohio. With a violent crime rate of only 20 percent and the chance of being affected by property crime at just 1.5 percent, this small town is very safe. 

The extremely low crime rates coupled with affordability makes Pataskala a great place to live!

Lynd's Fruit Farm offers a variety of specialty items. Image courtesy of Explore Licking County.

3. Lynd Fruit Farm and Corn Maze

Lynd Fruit Farm is a family owned farm that sells fresh-grown produce. Some of Lynd’s speciality items include jams, fruits, applesauce, ciders, and more. The farm also offers school tours, grades K through third. These tours offer interactive programs where kids will be able to “grow” their own felt board apple tree and learn about the orchard helpers, aka ladybugs, bees, and dogs. 

When the air is crisp and the apples are hanging in the Fall air, enjoy the Apple-Mania corn maze. This corn maze is an 8-acre scavenger hunt that allows you to search for different clue stations. Or, you can enjoy a wagon ride through the beautiful orchard to pick apples! Whatever fall activity you think you and your family might enjoy, Lynd’s Fruit Farm has it all!

4. The Best Central Ohio Haunted Houses

Find real haunted houses, attractions, and paranormal activity in Pataskala, OH. Some featured frights include the Golden Lamb Inn which is said to be haunted by a ghost named Sarah. Sarah was said to be the niece of the hotel’s manager and can now be found moving pictures and other objects in the inn. 

Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres Farm is one haunt that is sure to scare the socks right off of you! This haunted attraction is said to be Pataskala’s most extreme haunted house! Check it out and many more haunted attractions if you dare!

Apple picking is an amazing Fall tradition at Lynd’s Fruit Farm. Image courtesy of The Scioto Post.

5. Pataskala is ripe with Apple Orchards

As mentioned before, Lynd’s Fruit Farm should be on every Ohioan’s radar. Apart from being a well renowned fruit farm, Lynd’s has a great selection of apples and prices that are amazing! With a “you pick” mindset, visitors to the farm are allowed to pick as many apples as they would like. After picking apples, you can visit the market for some fresh made apple cider and other goodies.  

6. RV Camping 

Do you enjoy camping? Do you enjoy traveling in an R.V. to see amazing views? Pataskala has many R.V. parks that give their visitors individual campsites as well as access to nearby scenery and sights.

The museum offers a unique look into the history of Western Licking County. Image courtesy of Newark Advocate

7. Mead Needham Museum

Located on South Main Street of Downtown Pataskala, the Mead Needham Museum is overseen by a local, non-profit group. The museum offers a variety of artwork from both past and present, amateur and professional artists. The pieces of art gives an insight into the heritage and history of the Western Licking County area. 

The family owned golf-course combines beauty and golf in a perfect matrimony. Image courtesy of Broadview Golf.

8. Broadview Golf Course

Broadview Golf Course is located in the heart of Pataskala! The course is a design from local Ohio architect, Jack Kidwell. The nine-hole layout features manicured greens and fairways that is perfect for anyone who loves golf. This family owned golf-course takes great pride in its consistent maintenance of the course. The layout appeals to many different skill levels! Whether it’s for business or fun, golf outings are fun for both families and pros. 

9. Lots of Local Eateries

A big reason why one chooses where to live is partially based around food. If there are no good spots to eat, that would be a catastrophe. Lucky for you Pataskala has an abundance of local food chains as well as hometown favorites. If you’re looking for something to cure a sweet tooth, check out Nancy’s Nutcracker Sweets with a 50s diner vibe, where their milkshakes are sure to cure your sweet cravings! 

Craving something late at night? Pataskala has no shortage of delicious pizza options. From homegrown Hornet’s Nest Pizza to savory Donato’s, there’s always pizza a few feet away! Come check out other dining options that might suit your fancy!

Kids enjoy the pool on a hot summer day. Image courtesy of Newark Advocate

10. Beechwood Trails Pool and Park

One of the best cheap options if you’re looking for something to do in Pataskala, is the Beechwood Trails Pool & Park. It includes hiking trails as well as a swimming pool that features a sliding and diving board. There is also a cafe that serves great food after a long day! Beechwood is a great place to spend time with family and friends!

Southwest Licking School District’s elementary school. Image courtesy of Newark Advocate

11. Pataskala's Personalized Education

The mission of the Pataskala school districts is to provide students with a sense of establishment, responsibility and citizenship that promotes lifelong knowledge for its students. The city of Pataskala has two school districts, Licking Heights School District and Southwest Licking School District. Both of these districts are located inside the City Limits. 

The school districts promote school pride and offer its students a variety of varsity sports. The district’s dedication to provide academic excellence helps its students, and hopefully your children, to excel in every aspect of life. 

Columbus, Ohio is home to many jobs and is only a 30 minute commute from Pataskala. Image courtesy of NationsOnline

12. Easy Commute to Columbus 

Pataskala is a small town 20 miles east of the hustle and bustle of Downtown Columbus. As a bedroom community of the Columbus metropolitan area, Pataskala offers a 30 minute commute to the city. If you’re looking for a small town with a big city next door, Pataskala is the perfect place for you!

A quaint neighborhood in Pataskala. Image courtesy of Apartments.com.

13. Hometown Feel

A review of Pataskala from Niche offers a fresh, real view of the town. Pataskala offers a genuine, small-town experience where everyone feels like family! It is a great place to raise a family and gives that close-nit feel of security and pride. 

14. Abundance of Jobs

Jobs are beyond abundant in and around the town of Pataskala! Distribution centers are with-in a 15 minute walking distance all around Pataskala. The town is continuously growing and thriving. Recent job growth is very positive with the unemployment rate at only 3.9 percent. Future job growth in the next 10 years is predicted to be 32.7 percent

This aerial view of OSU shows the beautiful layout of the campus. Image courtesy of OSU

15. Ohio State University

The highest ranked public university in Ohio, Ohio State University is home to the Wexner Medical center and world-class graduate and undergraduate programs. This university is only a 30 minute commute from Pataskala and could be the perfect fit for someone looking to go back and finish school or add another degree to their resume. 

The Cleveland Browns are among many sports teams in Ohio. Image courtesy of Dawgs by Nature

16. Sports

If you are a sports fan, Ohio has no shortage of professional sports teams that you can enjoy. Some of the major teams you can watch include the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cincinnati Reds and more!

Pataskala is the perfect place to raise a family. Image courtesy of CNBC.

17. Family Friendly

The city of Pataskala is beyond family friendly. As this article has shown, Pataskala has school districts that personalize your child’s education, activities such as picking apples or corn mazes that are extremely family friendly, and a close-knit community that make neighbors feel like family. 

18. Thomas J. Evans Foundation Park

The Thomas J. Evans Foundation Park is the city’s largest active park. The park encompasses 78 acres and includes a 1.4 mile walking trail that encircles the park. These hand curated trails are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy nature or get healthier. 

There is no shortage of family friendly festivals in Pataskala. Image courtesy of Newark Advocate

19. A Variety of Events and Festivals Year Round

This midwestern town holds many events year round that are all family friendly! Some popular community events include the annual Easter egg hunt, 4th of July parade, and the main street Christmas displays. The annual Pataskala Street Fair, which is held in August, attracts both tourists and residents. Pataskala offers a family friendly atmosphere that is great for everyone!

Danny’s Midway Bar is a perfect place to grab a drink after a long day. Image courtesy of USA Restaurants

20. Exciting Nightlife

In a small town like Pataskala, there are only a few bars. Nonetheless, the two bars that are the most well known, Danny’s Midway Bar and Marty’s Cock N’ Bull Saloon, are a hotspot for locals. They are great places to hang out with friends, drink, and play a few rounds of pool. 

21. Urban Zombie Hunt

The Urban Zombie Hunt is a unique paintball experience where the participants shoot but do not get shot at.This paintball course plays off of the well-known Coronavirus pandemic. The paintball adventure walks you through a facility where you will be carrying what looks and feels like a real military gun. This is a very interactive zombie hunt where the actors will be able to grab you. So shoot them before they get you!

First Presbyterian Church of Pataskala plays a huge part in the community. Image courtesy of Landmark Hunter

22. Religion

Faith and religion play a huge role in the community of Pataskala. There are many churches and different religious denominations that could be the perfect fit for you! 

Volunteer work displays the community’s need to help everybody. Image courtesy of Newton Daily News

23. Volunteer Work

Pataskala also has a ton of volunteer and non-profit opportunities. For example, the Christian Pickerington PCMA food pantry provides food assistance once a month to all eligible residents in the local school district. If you enjoy helping others, Pataskala has plenty of ways to achieve that goal.

This image features a typical beach day at Alum State Park Beach. Image courtesy of Amble Field

24. Beaches, Lakes, and Places to Swim

There’s something about being around water and a beach that calms most people! Alum State Park Beach, Fairfield Beach, and Buckeye Beach Park are a few of the beaches and popular swimming spots around and near Pataskala. These destinations offer a refreshing way to cool off after a long summer day!

Hazelwood offers many unique shops in one finite place. Image courtesy of Tolson Enterprises

25. Unique Places to Shop

East Pointe shopping center is just a 15 minute commute to Columbus and has all your shopping needs plus a food court.  Stoneridge Plaza is a shopping center that has a variety of stores and even includes a food court and movie theater. Other shopping centers include the usual Target and Sam’s Club. 

Pataskala is a great place to live! The affordable cost of living coupled with the family friendly atmosphere makes this town a great place to raise a family or to start a life of your own. The easy commute to Columbus makes Pataskala a great town for business professionals who want to live in a small town but still have easy access to the hustle and bustle of city life. Check out HER, REALTORS® for all of your Pataskala real estate needs and questions. 

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August 14, 2020
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