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190 E. Broad St. Pataskala, Ohio 43062
(740) 927-7400
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Cristal Thomas


Jan 21, 2021

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Pataskala is a cozy city in the Licking County area of Ohio and is about twenty miles east of Columbus. It’s the perfect place for those who love a balance between a small town and nearby bustling urban life. It’s even more perfect for foodies and those who love to get out of their eating comfort zones.

Pataskala offers a wide variety of cuisines that you couldn’t imagine being in central Ohio. No matter what types of meals or restaurant vibes you tend to enjoy, the city is guaranteed to offer something you’ll never forget. Whether you like eccentric restaurants, foreign cuisines, or delectable comfort foods, there’s a Pataskala restaurant out there for you. 

Rusty’s Wharf

The yummiest local seafood spot

Interior of seafood restaurant with fish nets, framed paintings, and other fishermen decor on the walls
The interior of Rusty’s Wharf is decorated with exciting and eclectic decor items inspired by the local culture. Image courtesy of Yelp.com Review.

7256 Hazelton-Etna Rd SW | Pataskala, OH 43062 | (740) 927-2799 | rustyswharfpataskala.com

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Fans of eclectic decor and delicious seafood will enjoy every second of their dining experience at Rusty’s Wharf. The local-inspired fishermen decorations makes the seafood comfort dishes taste that much better. If you’re craving something yummy and fried, consider one of the seafood basket meals such as the popcorn shrimp, calamari, or fish options. 

You can also grab a burger or artisan chicken sandwich if you’re not in the mood for sea-inspired grub. Whether you’re dining in or picking up from their convenient pick-up window, Rusty’s Wharf can make for an amazing lunch or dinner stop.

“I tried the fish and chips and the wings and both blew me away. My wife ordered a burger and she was blown away as well.”- Yelp Review

Super Wok

410 E Broad St | Pataskala, OH 43062 | (740) 964-6925 | superwokpataskala.com/

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Can you ever go wrong with Chinese takeout? Chinese food is always a perfect go-to if you’re craving deliciously-flavored comfort food classics, and Super Wok offers the most classic favorite dishes for an affordable price.

Their extensive menu allows diners to select any traditional dish they can imagine, spanning from Kung Pao chicken and vegetable fried rice to Moo Shu pork and wonton soup. Lovers of meats, vegetables, and delectable sauces will have no problem finding a favorite on Super Wok’s menu. 

“We usually get take-out from here at least once a month. Everything we have tried has always been delicious.”- Tripadvisor Review

Ziggy's Bar & Grill, Inc.

510 E Broad St | Pataskala, OH 43062 | (740) 927-0013 | ziggyspataskala.com/

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If you’re looking for an exciting sports bar to watch your favorite teams play while chowing down on delicious grub, look no further than Ziggy’s Bar and Grill. With eighteen large-screen televisions broadcasting games, Ziggy’s is the best place to spend your football Sundays. 

Whether you’re trying to order mozz sticks, jalapeno poppers, or sriracha fries for a starter, you’ll find the perfect dish to accompany their thirteen wing flavor options. Don’t forget to grab cake bites or funnel cake fries for that sweet tooth as well. 

“We all had versions of their cheeseburgers, and fries. The patties had a nice charred flavor, the rolls were fresh and chewy, the toppings were fresh and tasty.”- Yelp Review

Puerto Vallarta

100 Emswiler Way | Pataskala, OH 43062 | (740) 927-0143 | puertovallartaohio.com/

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Don’t worry about travelling down south if you’re searching for authentic Mexican food. Luckily Puerto Vallarta can deliver those irresistible comfort foods and flavors right to you in the midwest. 

You can choose from their comprehensive menu of classic Mexican dishes, such as flautas, arroz con pollo, and fajitas. Check out their non-meat dishes like the spinach enchilada and vegetarian burrito supremo if you have dietary restrictions. No matter your food preferences, you can find your next favorite dish on their menu. 

“The portions are large and the price is great for what you get. My burrito filled the entire plate and was stuffed with peppers, onions, lettuce, rice, chicken, and more smothered in cheese sauce all for $12!”- Yelp Review

Nutcracker Family Restaurant

Americana inspired restaurant and dishes

Vintage red diner booth with condiments on the table and nutcracker toys shelved around the booth
Nutcracker Family restaurant is the quintessential vintage-style diner. Image courtesy of Yelp.com Review.

63 E Broad St | Pataskala, OH 43062 | (740) 964-0056 | nutcrackerfamilyrestaurant.com/

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If you’re excited about the idea of going back in time while enjoying a delectable meal, visiting the Nutcracker Family restaurant needs to be added to your to-do list. The ‘50s style diner was originally an ice cream parlor but it now offers much more to its patrons. Whether you’re deciding between their all-day breakfast menu, hardy sandwich platters, or classic American dinner dishes, you’ll be thrilled by any of what their menu offers. 

“A quaint family owned restaurant with good service and reasonably priced menu. I ordered the  Johnny Marzetti and it was very tasty.”Yelp Review

Hot Head Burritos

480 E Broad St | Pataskala, OH 43062 | (740) 927-3578 | hotheadburritos.com/pataskala-oh

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For those who prefer fast-casual restaurants, be prepared to make Hot Head Burritos your new local favorite. You can customize your dream burrito, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, or burrito bowls with their delicious ingredient options. 

Consider the sweet habanero chicken or veggie filling if you prefer a more mild flavor. Try the pork verde or jalapeno ranch steak if you’re trying to add some spice to your meal. You can even get your burrito or bowl toasted if you like a little crunch and warmth with your food. 

“Options/variety is on their side due to the multiple amounts of sauces and meats available. Great prices and fast service. Never had a bad experience at this one in Pataskala.”- Tripadvisor Review

Massey's Pizza

440 E Broad St | Pataskala, OH 43062 | (740) 927-0786 | masseyspizza.com/

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Whether you’re seeking a dine-in pizza experience or just want your favorite comfort food delivered to you, Massey’s Pizza can satisfy whatever you’re craving. The restaurant’s pizza recipe has been a staple in central Ohio since 1949 and is a must-try for those who visit Pataskala or call the city their home. 

Lovers of unique specialty pizzas will enjoy choosing from options such as the Godfather deep dish, bacon cheddar cheeseburger, or spicy chorizo fajita pizzas. Stromboli, subs, and wings are some of the non-pizza dishes to choose from if you’re wanting to eat something else. 

“The food is always good and every salad I have ever had is fresh. I am always treated well by the employees when I come in to pick up the food.”- Tripadvisor Review

Cumberland Trail Bar and Grill

8244 Columbia Rd SW | Pataskala, OH 43062 | (614) 689-1180 | ctbarandgrill.com/

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If you enjoy restaurants that have a balance of upscale and casual vibes with high-quality food, you’ll find yourself dining at the Cumberland Trail Bar and Grill sooner than later. With a pool table and dart games, you’ll also be just as entertained as your taste buds will be delighted. 

Choose from the yummiest bar food classics such as mac and cheese bites, potato skins, and loaded fries if you’re trying to snack on your guilty pleasures. You can also select from burgers, sandwiches, and pizza if you’re trying to grab a great meal. 

“I attended a surprise anniversary party here over the weekend.  The food was top notch and the staff were nothing short of wonderful.”- Yelp Review

Olde Towne Cafe and Inn LLC

The coziest comfort food cafe in Pataskala

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich on a plate with french fries on a plate behind it
A classic comfort meal of grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup served in the cafe. Image courtesy of Yelp.com Review.

288 S Main St | Pataskala, OH 43062 | (740) 927-3064 | olde-towne-cafe-and-inn-llc.business.site/

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You can grab homey, cozy meals outside of your house with the help of Olde Towne Cafe and Inn. This little Pataskala gem also offers a bed and breakfast, but patrons can just stop by the cafe if they’re only looking for an amazing meal. Comfy cafe essentials such as the BLT, fried bologna sandwich, and patty melt are just some of the delectable sandwiches you can order. You can also come in and enjoy their brunch menu, endless coffee, or grab one of their homemade brownies if you’re looking for a little dessert. 

“Quaint place to dine for a good home cooked meal. Food was great with ample supply, with a very reasonable price.”- Restaurantji Review

Dragon Village

9317 Columbia Rd SW | Pataskala, OH 43062 | (740) 927-8666 

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Being one of the most locally loved Chinese restaurants in the city, visitors and citizens of Pataskala would be sorely missing out if they didn’t stop by Dragon Village. The restaurant is the perfect stop if you’re looking for casual dining or amazing takeout that’ll hit the spot. Nearly every traditional Chinese dish imaginable is included on their menu. Whether you’re looking for classic appetizers such as egg rolls, fried wontons, or crab rangoon, the comfort food of your dreams is available for choosing. You can even look over their other meal options that include sweet and sour flavored dishes, chow mein, and a variety of heartwarming soups. 

“I really like this place. The food is always delicious and the portions are huge. I would definitely recommend if you are in the area or live out this way and haven't tried it yet.”- Yelp Review

El Parral

113 Lois Ln | Pataskala, OH 43062 | (740) 927-0593 | elparralmexicanrest.com/

View homes for sale in 43062>

El Parral is an amazing Mexican food provider for those who live far away from the border. Whether you’re looking out for their everyday happy hour or delicious Mexican classic meals, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. Consider enjoying their all day breakfast menu that includes items like the breakfast burrito and huevos rancheros. You can also choose from their filling combination plates or favorite dishes such as taquitos and tortas. 

“It did not take long for my food to arrive and it tasted very good. The plate was plentiful and I even needed a take home box.”- Yelp Review

Capuano's Pizza House

24 S Twp Rd | Pataskala, OH 43062 | (740) 927-7681 | capuanospizza.com/

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With Capuano’s Pizza House being one of the first pizza shops in Pataskala, it’d be a crime to live in or stop by the city without grabbing some slices of their irresistible pizza. Their dough is made from their own secret recipe while they use fresh ingredients to build their pizzas. You can customize your own order or choose from their specialty options such as the Mexcian, BLT, and BBQ chicken pizzas. Don’t forget to grab cheese sticks, garlic bread, or spaghetti if you’re in need of delicious side dishes. 

“I liked the crust and they are known for their small pepperoni...Locals like to say it is the best pizza in the world.”- Tripadvisor Review

The Dairy Hut

A locally loved ice-cream spot

Two hands hold up three soft serve ice cream cones with chocolate and rainbow sprinkles
A few of the delectable soft-serve flavors from Dairy Hut.Image courtesy of https://www.dairy-hut.com/.

42 S Main St | Pataskala, OH 43062 | (740) 739-7878 | dairy-hut.com/

View homes for sale in 43062>

Though the Dairy Hut is only open from late spring to early fall, their delectable savory meals and ice cream desserts are well worth the wait. You can choose from your comfort food classics such as hot dogs, sandwiches, and nachos. Look over their extensive ice-cream selection with a wide array of flavors spanning from spiced apple pie sundaes and butterscotch shakes to pina colada soft serve and banana splits. No matter if you’re craving something salty or sweet, you can find whatever delights you on their menu. 

“This is a gem of a place. Friendly people wait on you, and really want you to enjoy your food. Prices are also reasonable for what you get.”- Tripadvisor Review

Pataskala can offer tourists and citizens the comfort and safety of a suburban small town coupled with the excitement of the nearby city of Columbus. Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants local to Pataskala that makes it more convenient and easier to find a filling, enjoyable meal within city limits. Whether you’re seeking a great carryout meal, some delicious grub to be delivered right at your door, or a memorable dining experience, rest assured that Pataskala has plenty to offer.

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January 13, 2021
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