25 Reasons to Move to Lithopolis, OH

We don’t just have one or two reasons to move to Lithopolis, OH but 25 reasons why a move here is a great idea!

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Bridget Houlihan


Jan 21, 2021

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Main image courtesy of House Beautiful.

If you’re ever dreamed about living in a smaller town with a slower pace of life, then perhaps you should consider a move to Lithopolis, OH. This village is located in Fairfield and Franklin counties, and is only around 2.02 square miles. The city was originally named Centerville and was platted in 1815. The name of the town was changed to Lithopolis, which translated from the Greek means “city of stone,” due to the large amounts of stone found in the area.

Moving to another location is a big deal, and there are a lot of things to consider before you make that decision. If you’re thinking about a change of pace, we have 25 reasons you should move to Lithopolis, OH. 

Close to Columbus, OH

One of the best reasons you should move to Lithopolis, OH is that you get the best of both worlds

If you like the fast pace of the city, but don’t necessarily want to deal with that everyday, you may want to consider moving a little further out. Columbus, OH has so much to offer residents, and it’s a great place to work, enjoy culture, and have all kinds of world class experiences. But if you’d like a little more space, or just some time away from the hustle and bustle, then perhaps a move to Lithopolis is a good idea.

This village is only 18 miles southeast of Columbus, a trip that shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes. 

Lithopolis is a safe place to live

Lithopolis is a great place to live and raise a family if you want

The crime rate in Lithopolis is low, making this a great place to live if you want to feel safe and even raise a family. Its rates for both violent crime and property damage are well below the Columbus and Ohio numbers. The community is small, but it is tight, and people definitely feel comfortable going about their daily activities or going out in the evenings. 

The cost of living in Lithopolis is low

There’s a good chance you can own your own home in Lithopolis

The cost of living is low in Lithopolis and the village ranks high on the livability scale. This means that many people enjoy a high quality of life and are happy where they live. The cost of living in Lithopolis, OH is lower than the national average, coming in at 97.9 out of 100. The average cost of a home in this area is $292,700, which is just around the national median price of a home. The population of this village at the last census was 1,916, so this is considered a smaller community. But that means there’s more chance to get out and build stronger connections with your neighbors!

Educational opportunities

There are good educational opportunities in Lithopolis

If you’re thinking of moving to Lithopolis to raise a family, you’ll be happy to know that the school system is considered very good. The Lithopolis public schools spend around $14,171 on each student, and the student to teacher ratio is 21:1. Because it is so close to Columbus, many students who graduate from high school in Lithopolis choose to pursue higher education at the Ohio State University. 

A cargo-only international airport is close by

Live near a one of a kind airport

Did you know that Lithopolis is close to one of the largest cargo-focused international airports in the world? In fact, it is one of the only airports in the world that focuses solely on cargo! The Rickenbacker International Airport is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to move cargo to destinations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The Lithopolis Honeyfest

Show your support for the honey bee!

Lithopolis honey fest items
The Lithopolis Honeyfest is definitely a big deal! Image courtesy of Facebook

One of the biggest festivals held in the Lithopolis area is the Lithopolis Honeyfest. Every year in early September on the weekend after Labor Day, the village pays homage to the humble, but incredibly important honey bee. This family-friendly festival is designed to bring awareness to the bees, and educate people on how to protect them. It also includes:

  • Bee beards
  • Bee keepers
  • Honey tasting
  • Honey extracting
  • Hive inspection
  • The American Honey Queen
  • Foods made with honey
  • Art
  • Live music

The Wagnalls Memorial Library

Come for the architecture, stay for the books

150 E. Columbus St. | wagnallslibrary.org

One of the most treasured, and most recognizable, reasons to move to Lithopolis is for the Wagnalls Memorial Library. This beautiful Tudor-Gothic building is something you don’t easily forget! The library was gifted to the community by Mabel Wagnalls-Jones in 1925 and has been a beloved place for residents to read, learn, and feel like a part of the community. This building comes complete with tower rooms, reading rooms, and plenty of connections to notable people in the early 20th century!

Das Kaffee Haus

Get a little taste of Germany in Ohio

Das Kaffee Haus in Lithopolis
Come to try the coffee, read, or catch up with friends. Image courtesy of Yelp.

45 E. Columbus St. | Lithopolis | daskaffeehaus.us

If you’re looking for a little touch of the Old World right here in Lithopolis, you’ve got to check out Das Kaffee Haus. This coffee house is designed to look and feel like something you would find in Germany, reflecting a fun vibrant atmosphere that’s more similar to a pub. Here you can get some of the best coffee alongside homemade German pastries for an experience unlike anything else in Lithopolis. 

“Prost! A little German coffeehouse in the heart of Lithopolis. I enjoyed the iced latte, the friendly service, and the outdoor seating to sip in the sunshine.” -Yelp Review

Harrison Farm

Visit goats, chickens, cows, and more at this working farm

5278 Berger Rd. | Groveport | harrisonfarm13.com

Just a short drive from Lithopolis is Harrison Farm, where you can learn about a real working farm. Here the owners want to share their knowledge of animal agriculture and how to tend and care for all kinds of creatures on a working farm. You can stop by for the afternoon, purchase products, or have an event hosted here. 

Murray’s Landing

Get out and have fun on the river! 

701 W. Washington St. | Nelsonville | https://www.facebook.com/people/Murrays-Landing

Grab your tube, canoe, or kayak and bring it down to Murray’s Landing! This is a great place on the Hocking River to bring or to rent a float so you can enjoy some time on the river. You can go on your own, or sign up for one of their guided tours. 

Rock Mill Covered Bridge

Take a step back in time and visit a covered bridge

1429 Rockmill Rd. NW | Lancaster | fairfieldcountyparks.org

Do you love seeing covered bridges? Then one of the best reasons to move to Lithopolis is having one of these fascinating structures so close to your home! The Rock Mill Covered Bridge was originally built in 1849. The current structure was built in 1901, and is one of the beautiful landmarks you can easily visit from Lithopolis. 

Visit a variety of churches

There are plenty of congregations to join

If you’re looking to join a new church, or perhaps are just interested in seeing the different styles of architecture, you’ll be happy to know there are a few churches in the area you can join. Whether you’re Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, or Evangelical Luthern, you’ll be able to find a congregation to feel a part of. 

Slate Run Metro Park

Go bird watching at this park

1375 State Rte. 674 North | Canal Winchester | metroparks.net

In nearby Canal Winchester, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful Slate Run Metro Park. There are grasslands, wetlands, forests, and meadows for you to enjoy the great outdoors and see all kinds of wildlife, including sandhill cranes.

Chestnut Ridge Metro Park

Identify trees at this popular Ohio park

8445 Winchester Rd. NW | Carroll | metroparks.net

Another close state park is the Chestnut Ridge Metro Park in Carroll. This park includes the first foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Here you can explore 486 acres full of beautiful trees such as the black oak, sugar maples, and American beech. 

Rockmill Brewery

A taste of Belgium beers right here in Ohio

5705 Lithopolis Rd. NW | Lancaster | rockmillbrewery.com

If you’re a fan of local brews, you’ll definitely need to visit the Rockmill Brewery, which is known for their Belgian style farmhouse ales. This brewery uses the clear Hocking headwaters to craft brews that mimic the the quality of beers found in Wallonia, Belgium!

“GREAT venue!  LOVED the atmosphere and the EXCELLENT service.  Can't wait for the weather to turn with more consistent clear skies and warm breezes so we can go back and enjoy their outdoor spaces.” -Yelp Review

Loose Rail Brewing

A fun place to relax and enjoy a brew

37 W Waterloo St. | Canal Winchester | looserailbrewing.com

Another local brewery that is a must-visit is the Loose Rail Brewery. Named for the area that housed the 1880s power substation for the interurban railroad, this brewery has everything from cream ales, shandy, lager, IPAs, and amber ales. 

“Excellent beer, live music and great service! We didn't eat here but the menu looks delicious! Highly recommend!” -Yelp Review

Groveport Parks

Take a stroll in a local park close to Lithopolis

If you love spending time outdoors, then you’ll want to visit both the Groveport Blacklick Park and the Groveport Heritage Park. Both are well maintained parks that offer a nice place to spend time outdoors. Whether you want to take the dog for a park, let the kids play, or just enjoy some quiet time on a bench, these parks are definitely worth the visit. 

El Pedregal Mexican Restaurant

One of the best culinary reasons to move to Lithopolis

44 E. Columbus St. | Lithopolis | pedregalrestaurant.com

When you think of delicious cuisine to try in Lithopolis, Mexican might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But you’ve seriously got to try this family owned Mexican restaurant! With plenty of experience making their native cuisine, the owners want to bring all the flavors of Mexico to Ohio. Try all your favorites, and don’t forget to have one of the house margaritas!

“Highly recommend this restaurant. They have amazing food. It's a great place to sit and eat and relax on the patio and have some drinks.” -Yelp Review

Backcountry BBQ

All your BBQ faves made right in Lithopolis

11435 Lithopolis Rd. NW | Lithopolis | backcountrybarbecue.net

Who says you can’t get amazing BBQ as far north as Ohio? Whoever said that hasn’t tried Backcountry BBQ, which offers 100% hardwood-smoked pit barbeque. Make sure you try their brisket, pulled pork, or ribs paired with their popular mac n’ cheese for the full BBQ experience!

“I stopped by today for the first time and it did not disappoint!  The pork was so tender!!  Smoked just right!  The smoked mac n cheese was great too.” -Yelp Review

Visit the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

This world class zoo is a must-see when you live in Lithopolis

4850 Powell Rd. | Columbus | columbuszoo.org

If you love seeing and learning about all kinds of species of animals, you’re going to love how close the Columbus Zoo is to Lithopolis. It’s super easy to take a drive into the big city and take in all the sights of the zoo. Take a tour or explore the zoo on your own time and get up close and personal with wild animals!

Take a trip to Columbus’ Short North

A little bit of culture that’s close to home

Because Columbus is so close to Lithopolis, we have a feeling you’ll want to visit it pretty often. One of the best spots to go to is the Short North section of the city. This area is super vibrant and home to some of the best shopping, eating, nightlife, and culture you can experience in CBus!

Magic Mountain Fun Center

It’s game on at this fun place to spend the day

5890 Scarborough Blvd. | Columbus | magicmountainfuncenter.com

If you’re looking for a place that is non-stop fun, then Magic Mountain Fun Center should be high on your list! At this center, you can expect to enjoy adventure golf, go karts, batting cages, a playland, and even an arcade! Bring the kids and make it a day long excursion from Lithopolis.

Homestead Springs Golf Course

Pack your clubs and tees for great day of golf

5888 London-Lancaster Rd. | Groveport | homesteadsprings.com

If you or someone in your family loves to golf, make sure you visit the Homestead Springs Golf Course in nearby Groveport. This course has been around for 50 years, and is a family-run 18 hole public golf course. Become a member or just enjoy a day of golf at your leisure!

Day trips around Ohio are easy

Lithopolis is close to so many fun places in Ohio

One of the best reasons to move to Lithopolis is that because it’s so centrally located, it’s easy to take day trips all over the area. Whether you want to go to Columbus, Groveport, Canal Winchester, Lancaster, or even Zanesville, it’s super easy to do so. 

Enjoy life in a smaller village!

A great reason to move to Lithopolis is for the sense of community

Sometimes it’s good to just slow down and enjoy life at a more pleasant pace. A smaller village like Lithopolis can offer you that and more!

Those are our top 25 reasons to move to Lithopolis, OH! Is there one we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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